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I just moved to a new neighborhood. It is known to be full of students of my university. One day while going to the store I encountered with this girl I ve seen before on campus. Red hair, blue eyes, small tits and a perfect shaped ass.We locked eyes in front of the store and I said “Hi”She smiled replying “Hi yourself”“You re jenny’s friend right? I saidI had no idea who Jenny was but it workedShe said “No, Jenny who?I replied “Sorry I must be mistaken”“Are you coming to the party” She added“Yes I would love to, where is it and whose is it” I saidMy eyes wondered on her body, no bra, I could see her nipples peekingShe then gave me the address and walked away, a few steps forward she turned around“It is my party, come alone” she said smiling and giving me a lustrous lookI went to the party an hour late, I got there and people were already wasted and dancing. Loud music and smell of weed. I see here from across the room and she came with open arms greeting me and telling me how the party is awesome and how much fun we gonna have.

We sat with eachother talking for about a minute when she stood and sat on my lap. I grabbed on her waist and started running my hand on her back. She looked at me and smiled and I kissed the back of her shoulder. She then opened her legs as she sat on my leg. I could feel the warmth of her pussy as she slowly started grinding on my leg.I took her to the next room and as I closed the door behind me she jumped and kissed me. I immediately grabbed her ass with a rough grip and started to squeeze. She turned around on her own free will and stuck her ass out while she reached for my cock with her hand, caressing it and moaning softly.

I pulled up her squirt and pulled out my cock, she spit on her hand and started jerking me off. She then led me to the small bed of that room and I laid down as she climbed on and started sucking my cock. She gave me the sloppiest blowjob ever, deepthroating my thick cock and caressing my balls. I was in ecstasy from the way she sucked. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and spat on my shaft and jumped on me rubbing her pussy on my cock. My cock was flat on my stomach as she pulled her panties to the side and put my shaft in between her pussy lips. She started moving and grinding.




ASAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!

reached for my cock and held it up. She leaned back as I positioned my cock to the entrance of her pussy. She moved her hips forward taking half of my cock inside of her. Her pink pussy lips looked delicious and she was tight.She started riding me, bouncing in a particular way. I didn’t take my eyes off of her pussy as she was there squatting on my cock. She started grabbing her tits and bouncing hard. She knew what she was doing I could tell. She would bounce hard and then slow and then hard and again slowly, giving me the chance to hold my load for some extra fun.

We stood and went to the desk; she jumped on and spread her legs inviting me to put my cock back as she was rubbing her clit. With no further invitation I just shoved my cock inside of her all the way, she moaned loudly and hugged me tightly. I started fucking her on that desk, her legs would hang on my waist and then fall of with every rough thrust.

We fucked for a good 15 minutes on that desk when I pulled out and she jumped off the desk and said “Come in my mouth I want to swallow”I grabbed my cock and jerked it for a second, and I cum in her mouth as she requested.We laid there for a second and made our way back to the party and chilled for the rest of the night.

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