Bird Watcher

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At first, I thought he was my boyfriend.

I took my little brother to the park to see the “Ducks.”

“They’re geese.” They had a little duck pond there, so we took the tail end of a stale loaf of bread to break off pieces, and feed the geese. Just stopping by on their way South, in their wing formation. I’m sure the Ducks will be along soon, just like last year.

It was a nice day, still kinda hot, and a Saturday so no school. No wind, so when the tree started shaking, it caught my eye. It was just 1 tree shaking, and not for the wind, then 1 branch so I put my hand up to shade my eyes.

A couple glints blinked back, so I thought it might be my boyfriend. “Try not to fall in,” I warned Joey. Now, my boyfriend isn’t a creeper, but we like to play creepy games like Stalker. We got through all the regular sex progression, he ran around all the bases, and stopped at each one, long enough to enjoy it.

I guess, I don’t know, it’s scary but like horror movie scary. I know he’s not going to grab a kitchen knife out of the kitchen, to watch me “Sleep.” It’s scary, but safe, because I know I won’t get hurt. He couldn’t even get in my bedroom if he was some stranger, but speaking of which.

“Nice view, eh?” He had on a mask, and a boonie hat in the same camouflage. More like a hunter with big black binoculars instead of a sniper rifle, and no tree stand seat strapped to the trunk to sit on.

“Uh yeah, I’m a bird-watcher.”

“Right,” I jumped, skipped, and ran to plant my foot on the trunk. Catch the lowest branch to climb up. “Let me see, huh?” I looked back, but Joey ran out of bread, so he had the bag stuffed in a pocket, and he was walking over to the trashcans, bye the water fountain. He’s 12, so he’s fine. I warned him not to fall in mostly as a joke, because it wasn’t deep enough to come up to his knees if he waded in. Still deep enough to drown in, if he hit his head.

“Wow, you climb trees a lot?”

“Not really,” I brushed bark dust off my palms, and sat down. “Let me see those.” He handed me the binoculars, so I could zoom in on Joey, talking to some girls. Good, he likes girls, and he’s old enough to start talking to them. “Do they zoom in?” I tried the little teeter totter thing in the middle, but that just made them blurry.

“No, just focus. You ever been bird watching before?”

“Huh, look.” I handed his glasses back. “Cut the bullshit, you know, and I know that you’re not up here to watch the geese. If you wanted to, you could just walk right up to them, same as me. So, which is it, Boys or Girls?”

“How old are you?” He looked me up and down.

“Nineteen.” I got out my wallet. “Before you tell me how young I look, I know. Believe me, I’m in Gymnastics, and Cheerleading,” Figure skating in winter, when the ponds freeze over, and the boys are done playing Hockey on it. “So, staying competition weight also stunted my growth.”

“Well,” He put his arm out, still holding the branch, and rubbed my back. “You getting out some I.D?”

“Huh, no. With my address on it? I don’t want you following me home.” I have a boyfriend for that, but I finally dug all the way down to the rubbers in the bottom. “Huh, I don’t want to get pregnant either, so you better put this on.”

“Uh, here?”

“HEY!” My brother finally showed up with the girls. “Who’re you talking to?”

“Oh,” I finally recognized Vanessa, and Charli. Charline, but now she’s going by Charli. “Just a peeper, or you molest kids too? You never answered my question, is it boys, or girls?”

The girls giggled, and looked at each other, before they nodded, and held up their tops. “Uh, you better let me climb down.”

“Oh, we better take him back to the pipe shack.” Joey suggested brightly.

“Uh!” I just leaned back, when he let go to pack up the binoculars. Caught the branch on my knees, and looked down before I swung out. Kicked my feet, and half backflipped to the ground.

“What pipe shack?” Lucky there weren’t any more branches right under the one that stuck out level, and sideways.

“You know? We better show you, but they have all the pipes run out of a little shack over here.” Joey met me by the tree trunk, while the child hunter climbed down. “For the sprinklers, and fountains, and stuff.” They didn’t have the fountain turned on, because that would scare off the geese.

“Help me out here.” Vanessa got behind a tree, and took her top off, for her girlfriend to help her out of her training bra. Oh yeah, and they’re bisexual. Did I forget to mention that? Because they wouldn’t, every chance they got to remind you. They’re also in Jr. high, so yeah.

They just took off their training bras, and put their tops back on, but this park, and all the neighborhoods around it are like a haven for sexual predators. Not just pedos, either. The moms go out walking, and jogging around the path. With dogs, strollers, or workout buddies, ever since they started getting grabbed on the trail where it went over the creek, and behind some overgrown plants back there.

So, they stopped running, and walking alone. You could take your husband, or boyfriend to watch the sunset, if that was your idea of a hot date. My boyfriend and I would rather hide him in the bushes, to jump out, and grab me. Kicking and screaming, but not too hard. Not hard enough to get away…


“Mega” (Alias Anon)

“So Meghan,” Jonny suggested on the way, “Why don’t you and Amber give him something to look at?” We laughed, because we got the joke right away. Meghan as in Megan’s Law, and Amber as in Amber Alert?

“Yeah, Mega.” Amber, I guess she chose which was which, but Mega? I like that. She started pulling my top back off, so I helped her out of her’s.

“Huh!” The camoman sighed. “I heard that kids liked to play flasher, and streaking games here, but I didn’t know whether to believe it.”

Me, and Amber just started making out, and feeling up each other’s legs to get turned on. Also, to turn on the.

“Huh, Boys.”

“Let me guess, Saskatchewan?” There not from Canada, but they have family up in Canada they visit on summer. “It sounds like Saskatchewan from your accent.”

“Huh!” We both stopped kissing to look over, and hold our little boobies together. well, not as little as Autumn, she’s like a cheerleader, and a skater, so she’s really athletic, but her brother just turned around, and dropped his pants. Already sporting a stiffy, but he’s a 7th grader, so not a lot to show for it. A little hair on it, and the cutest little bubble butt.

“So, this what you want to see?” Autumn just rolled her eyes, and got her phone out. Behind him, he looked around. Back and forth between us, and him.

“You’re gay?”

“No, are you? I’m just a little bi-curious, but you’re not going to try anything rough.” He didn’t ask. “Not with all these girls around, they may not be big and strong like you, but there’s 4 of us, and 1 of you. Why don’t you take that jacket off?”

“Okay?” While he was looking down, I let Amber go, and waved to Autumn. Mimed a camera crank, like an old 8mm. Hopefully without the Snuff. She nodded, and looked back at her phone, to hold it up on the boy, and the man.

“You like sucking dick? Yeah, why don’t you get down here, and suck my dick.” Joey pulled his mask up, to cover his eyes like a blindfold, but it wasn’t like a Covid mask. More like a ninja mask on the bottom, with leaves, and twigs crisscrossed over it, to blend into the trees. “Huh, yeah. Suck it fairy. Show me how it’s done.” Jonny pulled out, and squeezed his scrotum. “Sick my balls, too.” He made the Okay sign, and pulled it tight, like a Brain. (Or the brain from that old restaurant movie “Waiting?”)

“Oomph, smup!” He let go so they dropped loose, hanging wet and glistening from his mouth.

“Now, suck me off.”

“Oom smup!”

“Huh, that’s so hot.”

“Yeah, he’s making me hot.” I stuck my thumbs in Amber’s waistbands, and we took a step back, to help each other out of our underwear. Tights, we know what kinds of guys hang out around the duck park, alone. Now, they’re coming down from Canada, but it’s not like security around the southern border.

It’s not like Canadians come to America to commit crimes, like sex tourism, tsking pictures of children, or dodge taxes on alcohol, and cigarettes. They just look like Americans, so the Border Patrol can’t pick them up for looking like Mexicans.

Yeah, Lesbian? Liberal SJW feminist agenda kinda comes with being a yankee lesbian, like boxer shorts.

Speaking of which. Autumn got her dress up to show her nice plain blue cotton panties, with gold piping. Pull them out to get her fingers in there with a nice flash of pubic hair.

“Huh!” Me, and Amber kicked our shoes off, and stood on our bottoms. Side by side to feel the wet spots, and start fingering. I leaned over to whisper, ‘would have thought she was a bic girl.’

‘yeah, I would have guessed she got waxed.’ well, it’s not like she was still on Senior Varsity Gymnastic team, or the Cheer Squad. If it weren’t for the Lockdown, she’d already be away at college, on her Scholarship.

Jonny pulled the hat off first, then the mask up to pump it. “Huh, yeah!” Aimed right at the sex tourist’s eyes, so he had to close them, and turn away.

Autumn held her phone up, and snapped a picture of his face, before it got covered in cum, while his eyes were closed.

“Uh, yeah!” Jonny humped, his cute little butt even clenched up, so dimples sucked in the sides, and sprayed him back and forth. Over his eyes, and nose, but it ran down like tears, and I may be gay, but I’m not narrow. Honestly, I prefer girls for Emotional reasons, because I can see a future with say Amber. Sex is sex, so I guess technically I’m bisexual, but I identify as gay, because I don’t want to date men. Get married, pregnant, have kids, and get stuck at home while he goes off to work.

You don’t have to be straight to appreciate that butt, though. “Lay down,” he pushed him. “Suck my nuts. Lick my ass.” He sat on his face, to teabag him, and rub his junk in the mass covering his eyes.

“HUH!” Amber trembled, so I held onto her, just in case her knees gave out. “Uh fuck, that’s so goddamned sexy! Uh, huh!” So close, but she pulled my fingers out, and got in front of me. So, I held her under the arms, and squeezed her perky little B cups. While she fingered it out herself. “HhuhH! Uhuhuh!”

Finally, Autumn put her phone down, and wiggled her slight hips out of her panties. Pulled her dress up over her body, and I looked over Amber’s shoulder. I never actually saw her naked before, because I’m gay, and she’s straight.

“Oh, my god!” Tanned all over too, and her pubes slicked out with sweat, so I could see every wave in the light auburn. It doesn’t curl, and they look like wings.

She posed, and turned on her toe. Spinning, and kicking for me? Maybe me, and Amber, but even when she twirled around, she swung her hair over her shoulder with a laugh. Teasing us, and skipped over to hop down naked on the camoman’s belly.

“I told you to put a rubber on, man.”

“Yeah,” her brother looked over his shoulder. “You want to fuck this?” Skooting up, so his balls, and softy smeared the sticky fluid all over his forehead. “Kiss my ass, buttfucker.”

“UHL! Lahlalugh!”

“He’s totally dominating him!” Amber finally caught her breath.

“Huh, yeah.” I let go, and bent over. “You’re not going to leave me all horny, and unsatisfied?”

“Oh, sorry.” She gave my cheeks a loving pat, and stepped back in her sandals to swish around through the leaves. Finger me from behind, and split my ass open to lube it with her tongue. Licking it, kissing my pucker deeply, then rubbing it with her thumb.

I just held onto my knees, but watched the muscles play in Autumn’s tummy. “Uhn!” Tried to crack my eyes, but Amber gently wiggled her thumbnail in.

“There’s a shocker!”

“Uh huh!” I couldn’t laugh, “Oh! Oh god!”

“Fuck, you’re hot and wet!” She pulled me up, and I reached back to hold her hips.

“UH AH AH!” Slapping her wrist, to nail me, front and back. “FUGH! FUCK ME, AUTUMN!”




“AUGH! AMBER AUGH! I’M CUMMING AMBER! Hold me up, I’m falling.”

I’m falling in love with Autumn. Of course that’s not her real name, but it’s not just a reference to the fall. Her favorite pornstar is Autumn Raby, and some day she hopes to get into body building. Power lifting, and maybe even go to the Olympics.

“AAAAAAAHN!” I blinked, but she leaned back. Her legs spread wide open, stuffed with cock, and rubber. Her abs flexing, and twitching. Even her pussy pulling tight around him. “Me too! Ah huh! Fuck uh yeah.” She started humping again. “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Cum in me. Cum in me man.”

“Uph, fuck!” Joey got off (So to speak, and turned around to watch)

“Huh!” Me, and Amber stopped, and stood next to each other. Rubbing each other’s tummies, though Amber was careful not to touch me with her thumb.


“Ah fuck. You American kids, huh. Fuck.”

“Right?” He flopped out, and the already bulging tip filled up with even more backed up in it until gravity took over.

“Huh, well it looks like you don’t get to fuck my butt afterall. Where’d you park?” Joey picked up the boony hat, to wipe the goey mess off his junk before pulling up his boxer briefs, and shorts.


“Get dressed, I’ll walk you to your car. There’s something we have to talk about anyway, without the girls around.”

He winked back at his sister, who grinned, and got her phone.

“What’s that?”

“You like glory holes?”

“Look, kid. I know you called me gay before, but that was just like pillow talk.”

“Oh, you’re one of those guys, that wants a relationship, and to teach me what it is to be a man?”

“No, what are you talking about?”

“Oh, come on. I’ll tell you on the way. You ever heard of NAMBLA?”

“You mean.”

“The North America Man/Boy Love Association.”

“You’re a member?”

He laughed, “No, the FBI broke that up, long ago. But it’s not like you can really delete anything off the internet. They still have old Angelfire Sites, and Tripod, if you know how to look.”

“Really? How old are you?”

“Twelve. But I know a guy. In fact, who did you hear about this place from?”

“Huh!” Amber handed me my boxer shorts. “We better get dressed, and go.” She found something to wipe her thumb off on, and my butt cheeks felt like. Well, I could use a wipe.

Jonny led the man back down the dirt road to the plumbing shed, while his sister followed them, to get a picture of his car, and license plates.

Yeah, they know a guy. Their dad works for the FBI, how do you think they got into childporn in the first place?

He doesn’t have jurisdiction in Saskatchewan, but he knows plenty of people he can call who do. They’ve got aunts, and uncles in the RCMP, too.

Yeah, we play sex games in the park, but it’s our park. Somebody has to keep it safe, if not for us, then think of the children.

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