Bimbo Potion: Revenge, Ch. 06

Standard disclaimer applies: this story contains graphic depictions of sex and mind control, so if it’s illegal or immoral for you to be reading this, stop now! All characters are explicitly over eighteen, all situations are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to any real-life individuals or situations is entirely coincidental. Thanks for reading, and check out my profile for contact links!

On her way home from bimbofying Sam, pleased with how well it had gone, Amy stopped by the supermarket to grab a few essentials.


As she entered the store, she immediately noticed all of the delicious-looking men in sight and unconsciously arched her back to grab their attention with the greedy, bimbofied tits on display in her lowcut tank top. However, rather than indulging in the tempting arousal pulsing between her legs, which would inevitably lead to approaching one of the men and ensnaring him with the pheromones she was already dangerously close to producing, Amy made an effort to ignore her body’s ever-present urge to fill itself with cock, and instead grabbed a cart and began making her way around the aisles.

She noticed that as long as she could focus on the task at hand and keep her mind distracted from all of the sexy men around her, she was able to temporarily forget that she should obviously be having sex with all of them. She congratulated herself on successfully managing her arousal and pheromones, proud of showing once more just how much stronger she was than the potion. She just needed to stay focused and not stay in one place for too long and she’d be fine.

As she walked by the produce section, however, full of self-satisfaction, Amy impulsively pulled out the Bimbo Potion and let four drops fall into the water reservoir for the vegetable misting system, figuring that the drops would dilute significantly before affecting anyone, and that they would merely add a bit of a spark to the love lives of any women lucky enough to walk by in the next hour or so. Giggling to herself, Amy grabbed a couple of long, thick cucumbers and continued on her way.

Five minutes later, Tracy Wilson stopped by the vegetables to restock on kale, feeling slightly annoyed as the misters kicked on and bathed her in its fine vapor. As it did so, Tracy became aware of a pleasurable tingling sensation on her skin, which intensified as her pussy swelled and lubricated, sending unfamiliar waves of arousal through her body. The 28 year-old trophy wife had never felt a desire for sex herself, viewing it only as a means of getting what she wanted from men, and she found their base urges for the soft, curvy body nature had given her disgusting. She patiently put up with her husband’s vulgar rutting once a week, imagining herself vacationing at the beach as he groped her motionless body and drove himself to orgasm inside her, with the understanding that he would give her basically anything that she wanted in return. All of a sudden, however, Tracy was finding the idea of a hard cock thrusting itself into her tingly pussy oddly appealing. Her blouse was beginning to feel tight around her already full C-cup breasts, and the topmost button holding her top together began to strain under the pressure. Tracy herself was in an incredibly good mood for some reason, feeling uncharacteristically giggly, and she impulsively unfastened the top button of her blouse, revealing most of her lacy black bra along with a healthy amount of cleavage spilling out of it. She looked around to see if her actions had been noticed by any of the men in the store, who were beginning to tempt her increasingly hungry body. Seeing that none of the men had noticed, Tracy recalled that she had her own sexy man at home, one who was always eager to fill her up with his cock, so she headed toward the checkout, enjoying the novel feelings of arousal triggered by the men along the way, who were now openly gaping at her sexy body, not realizing that a large part of their powerful attraction to the busty slut walking by was due to the musky perfume that filled the air around her. Tracy passed a ridiculously well-endowed woman on her way out, whose brow seemed to be furrowed in concentration as her wide hips swayed sexily toward the exit, but Tracy paid her no attention, in a hurry herself to get home and impale herself on her soon-to-be delighted husband’s cock.

Amy managed to complete her shopping without incident, and headed back toward the front to pay. In line for the checkout, however, Amy noticed that the man behind her was becoming more and more focused on her body, and she wasn’t able to prevent her pussy from going into overdrive as a result of his obvious interest. The eyes of the young college kid manning the checkout never made it above her breasts as his nostrils flared, and the breathing of all the men around her got progressively heavier. There was nothing Amy wanted more than to give in to her slutty urges and start an orgy right there at the checkout counter, but, once again, Amy somehow found the strength to throw fifty bucks into the till, swipe her groceries back into her cart, and rush out of the store, even as her brainwashed pussy continued to fill the air around her with more and more of her irresistible scent.

She was so proud of herself for leaving without fucking anyone, that when the college kid returning carts in the parking lot wolf-whistled as she walked by, she was blindsided by her bimbo breasts’ overwhelming demands to be seen, reflexively pulled up her top, and winked as she jiggled her large tits at him. Unfortunately, Amy hadn’t accounted for how close he was to her, or how turned on she was, and as his eyes locked onto her chest and widened with undisguised lust, Amy’s emboldened tits redoubled the signals telling her needy pussy to prepare for sex, and, unprepared for the strength of her arousal, Amy found herself unconsciously moving toward his body as she walked by.

He continued to stare at her tits as they grew larger in his field of vision, and once they were almost close enough to reach out and touch, he began to feel a powerful desire to edge closer to her delightful body and do just that. The closer he got, the more he wanted her, and when he finally reached her side, he wrapped one hand around her waist and pulled her against him possessively as his other roughly groped and squeezed her fascinating breasts, and his own body began to prepare itself for sex as well.

Amy realized what had happened as soon as the young stud began to make his way over toward her, but with all of the sexual frustration that had built up inside her after the events in the store, she no longer had the strength to resist her bimbo urges. Her body molded into his as his inexperienced hands explored her heavy breasts, and she welcomed the throb of his erect masculinity against her needy pussy as he unconsciously ground his crotch against her. She grabbed his hand and pulled him back to her car, opened the back door, and pushed him down onto the seat. With her wide hips and enhanced bust, she didn’t have enough room in the backseat to mount him, but, still unable to resist her need for his cock, she bent over his lower body, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his thick dick. She wrapped his sensitive cockhead in the soft, slick embrace of her cocksucking lips, and teased him with her tongue as her young stud began to instinctively thrust into her mouth.

Unable to slow his pace due to the irresistible effects of Amy’s pheromones, the overwhelmed young man soon felt his cock thickening with pleasurable finality in her mouth. Amy, too overwhelmed with her intense need for cum to slow down herself, began to jack his slick cock with her hand as her tongue flicked around his glans, sending him over the edge and filling her mouth with the cum that she craved in burst after shuddering burst.

“Holy fuck that was hot,” the young man said as he put his softening dick back in his pants and slid out of her car.

Amy just winked at him again as she licked the remaining cum off her lips, loaded her groceries, and drove away satisfied.

At home, while she was putting her groceries away, Amy was surprised to hear a knock on her door. Looking through the peephole, she was embarrassed to see that it was her younger sister Jill, dropping in for a visit from the local community college. Like Amy had been before her accidents with the Bimbo Potion, Jill was mature, smart, level-headed, and definitely going places.

Amy didn’t want her sister to see what the potion had done to her, but the potion’s effects were permanent, and Jill would find out eventually, so Amy might as well get it over with.

On entering, as expected, Jill immediately noticed Amy’s curvy, bimbofied body. “Wow, what happened to you Amy?! Did you get implants? You look like a slut!”

“No, it was this silly bimbo potion! It makes you all sexy, and it, like, makes guys want to fuck you!”

Sitting down on the couch together, Amy quickly filled Jill in on the events of the past few days. Jill wasn’t sure she believed Amy’s story, but couldn’t think of any other explanation for either her big sister’s current appearance, which looked like something out of a horny teenager’s wet dream, or for the way her sister was talking and giggling like a vapid bimbo. It was a lot to take in.

“Could you go get me some water, Amy? I’m feeling a bit lightheaded.”

“Yuppers!” Amy said, her bra-less basketball-sized tits bouncing as she hopped up and headed to the kitchen.

When she came back with the glass of water a minute later, however, Amy was horrified to see that her sister had picked up the bimbo potion, opened it, and was curiously holding it under her cute little button nose, breathing in the potent fumes. Having failed to mention the potion’s addictive scent, Amy watched helplessly as the same look of wanton desire that she had been so eager to see on Sam’s face earlier that day crept over her little sister’s features as well, the expression of sinful eroticism looking uncomfortably out of place in the youthful innocence of her sister’s face. Inevitably, Jill gave in to the temptation to pull out the stopper and let one drop fall onto her outstretched palm.

Amy ran to stop her, but Amy’s body was designed for fucking, not for running, and she only succeeded in spilling the entire glass of water down the front of her shirt as she futilely jiggled across the room, knowing that it was too late. Her baby sister’s eyes had already begun to glaze over with pleasure from the tingling sensation in her palm as her cute, feminine body quickly absorbed the potent liquid.

“What do I do with it?” Jill asked distractedly, but then fell silent and unconsciously rubbed her palm across the skin of her chest as the potion began to exert its influence over her behavior.

“You’ve totally already done it,” Amy said, giggling in spite of herself as Jill moaned and her pupils dilated, face flushed with arousal.

“Amy, it feels so good!”

“No Jill! You gotta fight! You can, like, resist it like I did!” Amy shouted, but she knew that her own increasing tolerance to the potion was due to her familiarity with its effects after being dosed so many times, and that her little sister would likely be blindsided by the rush of pleasure the drug would flood her body with to tempt her into embracing her bimbofication. Further, Jill had inhaled the potion’s intoxicating fumes, and Amy recalled all to well how much the potion’s scent had made her want to swell into a horny bimbo herself.

She tried to will her baby sister to resist the potion’s changes, but Jill was female too, and therefore just as susceptible to the Bimbo Potion’s insidious effects as Amy had been. Jill’s cute, co-ed body was fully equipped for sex, and therefore she should be having it, according to the potion at least, and Jill was too turned on to argue. In pursuit of that goal the potion began to target her vulnerable sexual organs, rendered giddy and suggestible by the intense arousal the potion had triggered, and eager to accept the bimbo brainwashing that would heighten their own pleasure response even as it enslaved them to it. Coincidentally, at that very moment Sam was using her own bimbo-brainwashed sexual organs to score free cable across town.

Amy wished there was some way she could help her sister combat the effects as she herself had done somewhat successfully earlier that day. Maybe she’ll have a natural resistance to the potion like I do, Amy thought as she unconsciously pinched her large nipples, standing out proudly through the thin material of her drenched shirt, stiff with arousal as Amy vicariously watched her little sister give in to the pleasure that her own curvy body craved for itself.

Jill didn’t seem to be able to hear her pleas, and once Amy noticed that her sister was cupping and kneading her small breasts in concentration, she knew that Jill had fully embraced the potion’s promises of pleasure and was actively willing her tiny tits to grow into the large, sensual mounds that would demand male sexual attention. Sure enough, her breasts began to excitedly press out from her petite body seconds later, and as Amy watched her little sister’s tits start to swell, her own arousal continued to grow. Amy absent-mindedly pulled down her top to grope herself more roughly, tugging on her nipples as watching the potion force her little sister’s breasts to expand triggered her own massive tits’ need to grow even larger as well.

She watched as her sister’s narrow hips began to fill out, widening into a slight but noticeable flare, with an inviting curve that added an overt sex appeal to her cute youthfulness. Jill’s body was now practically designed for midriff-baring tops and tight jeans, and her mind was filling with an inclination toward form-fitting clothing as well, ensuring that her choice of outfits in the future would be quite pleasant to the eyes of the men around her.

Amy watched as her sister’s thighs squeezed together in pleasure, recognizing with dismay that the potion had begun its work on her tight young pussy, elevating her natural attractions to supernatural levels, and then she saw Jill’s eyes widen with a hint of a new, unfamiliar hunger as her eyelashes lengthened and her facial features softened.

Having only taken one drop of the potion, its effects soon faded, leaving Jill mostly unchanged but with an appealing air of subtle yet unmistakable sexuality about her. The potion had used its limited power efficiently, tweaking and emphasizing her natural attributes just enough that the thoughts of any guy looking at her would quickly drift toward the pleasures of the flesh.

“Omigod, I’m so sexy now!” Jill burst out once the drug had fully worn off, bouncing over to the mirror to stick out her new B-cups and to check out the pert backside filling out her leggings. “That was so cool! I’ll have no trouble getting a guy now!”

“Jill, you’re only 19! You’re too young to be getting guys! You gotta study so you can be all smart and stuff!”

“I can still study! I just want to try out some of the fun college ideas that keep popping in my head! Going out to parties, flirting with guys, flashing them my tits! And maybe more…” Jill said, her voice trailing off as appealing fantasies of an increasingly sexual nature imposed themselves on her young mind, causing a flush of arousal to creep into her cheeks. She continued in the slightly flirtatious voice that was now natural to her, “And somehow I know they’ll be drawn to me too, that I’ll be just as enticing and attractive to them as they are to me!” Jill licked her lips, her thoughts filling with visions of frat boys with hard muscles and even harder cocks.

“Jill, the potion makes you think sexy stuff! You gotta fight it!”

“My titties feel so nice and big now!” Jill said, ignoring her sister completely as she pulled down her top to play with her slightly enhanced breasts and larger, sensitive nipples. “They still want to grow though. Come on sis! Can’t I have one more drop? My titties want to be bigger!”

Amy knew the feeling, familiar with her own breasts’ constant begging for just one more little drop. Their shared genes had apparently reacted similarly to the Bimbo Potion, and it had infected her little sister’s perky tits with the same desire to grow that it had given her own. Jill, still overwhelmed by the pleasure and arousal that accompanied the potion’s effects, was eager to give in to her brainwashed tits’ sinister urge to bimbofy her further, especially since the heady scent of the Bimbo Potion was still lingering in her nostrils, making becoming a bimbo seem like that much more of a good idea. Amy briefly wondered how strong her sister’s pheromones would be after just one dose, but knew that Jill would likely have no problem attracting the male companionship her body was clearly already encouraging her to seek out.

Amy recalled what the potion had done to Val, Sam, and the other girls, how it had turned them into cock-hungry bimbo sluts. Determined to save her little sister from that same sexy fate, she quickly grabbed the potion off the table, resisting her own growing urge to give her swollen tits another compelling drop.

“No, Jill! I know your perky little titties want to get bigger, but I can’t, like, let you have any more!”

“That’s so hypocritical” You’ve clearly had more of the potion than I have, and that’s not fair.”

“You don’t get how dangerous the potion is, Jilly!” Amy exclaimed as she struggled to stuff her rebellious breasts back into her top with only one hand. “I didn’t want to be like this, but the potion made my body all sexy and made me think that cock is super yummy anyway! You don’t really want to become a bimbo – the potion just makes you think you do!”

Rather than convincing Jill, however, who was still fully caught up in the throes of her potion-induced craving to bimbofy herself, Amy’s pleas gave her a great idea, and Jill suddenly changed her voice to even more of a seductive purr. “Come on, Sis. I know you have the same need to feel these growing again that I do,” Jill wheedled as she walked over and began to gently caress Amy’s massive tits, causing her thick nipples to stiffen in arousal once more. As her slutty tits pressed themselves out into Jill’s hands, Amy knew that her sister was right, and her resolve began to crumble as Jill began to tug on her nipples, emulating the addictive sensation of feeling her tits pulling further and further away from her chest as they grew.

“Just give in to it, Amy. I’ll only need the potion for a second, and you don’t have to worry at all, because I’ll take care of everything. This is my choice – you won’t be responsible, and I promise that you’ll enjoy it too.” Jill smiled knowingly as she reached for the potion gripped loosely in Amy’s manicured fingers.

As her tits bombarded her with their irresistible need to grow again, Amy found herself inclined to agree with Jill: this was her decision, and Amy was absolved of all responsibility. Whatever happened next would be Jill’s fault, and there was nothing Amy could do to stop it. Her mind latched onto the idea, eager to feel the effects of the Bimbo Potion once more, guilt-free, and Amy couldn’t quite muster the willpower to resist as Jill slowly slid the bottle out of her hand.

“That’s it… good girl. Here, just smell it. You know how good it smells,” she said, holding the potion under Amy’s nose. Amy couldn’t resist taking a small, tentative sniff, even though she knew what the inevitable result would be, because the truth was that she wanted it to happen. She was so tired of fighting what her body wanted, and knew that even the slightest hint of the potion’s sweet scent would take the choice out of her hands entirely.

Predictably, once the potion’s musk was in her head, Amy suddenly realized that she wanted to smell it again, and leaned back in. She continued to calmly inhale the pleasant aroma, no longer caring that her desire to swell into a voluptuous bimbo was growing stronger with each addicting sniff. Jill leaned in to join her, and soon the two sisters shared an urgent, growing need to spread just a bit more of the sexy liquid on their vulnerable skin.

A few seconds later, once again thoroughly brainwashed by the potion’s intoxicating scent, Amy watched impassively as her little sister gave in to the potion’s irresistible temptation, and soon each of Jill’s small, needy breasts briefly sparkled with another drop of the Bimbo Potion before she began to excitedly rub the tingly drug into her skin.

Jealous, Amy watched Jill’s eyes cloud with bliss once more as her sister’s receptive body once again succumbed to the potion’s chemical onslaught and her tits resumed their out-of-control swelling, but then Jill whispered, “Don’t worry, Big Sis. I didn’t forget about you.”

Embracing the inevitable, Amy pulled her top down and eagerly stuck out her large, naked chest, leaving herself entirely in the hands of her enthralled younger sister, who was already beginning to bimbofy right before her eyes. Amy felt a small thrill run through her at giving in so easily, and at the excitement of not knowing how far her bimbo-brainwashed sister would go.

Jill immediately let one drop fall onto Amy’s left breast, the bead of liquid looking small but potent against the wide expanse of soft, gently curving skin, and this time, rather than fighting it as she had earlier that day, Amy welcomed the tingly euphoria that finally signaled the onset of her own exciting new changes. It was just too tempting to give in, everything felt too good, and regardless of whether Amy blamed it on the captivating scent of the bimbo potion floating around her head, or excused it as an act of contrition and solidarity with her helplessly enthralled sister, in the end Amy couldn’t help but allow herself to sink into the potion’s embrace yet again and urge it to have its way with her, to make her into the perfect, slutty bimbo that she once more realized she was destined to become. The potion, of course, didn’t care why Amy was suddenly so eager to be bimbofied, and now that the drug was inside of her, neither did Amy.

Shifting her gaze back to her sister, Amy saw the hunger in her eyes as the potion’s intoxicating influence filled Jill with a mischievous desire to let a few more drops fall onto her big sister’s already impressive rack. Amy felt herself starting to succumb to the potion’s effects as the first drop began to fill her body with a pleasant, distracting need to sensuously swell, and she could only watch helplessly as a second drop wiggled at the tip of the eyedropper and a playful grin spread across her sister’s increasingly seductive features. Amy was powerless to pull away as the second drop finally shook itself free, fell, and splattered against her massive right breast, which immediately began to tingle joyously as well, strengthening both her pleasure and her corresponding urge to swell with bouncy sexuality.

As she looked back at her sister, however, Amy felt an odd discomfort at the sight of the raw sexual hunger burning in Jill’s eyes that began to take away from Amy’s own mindless pleasure, so she encouraged the potion to begin affecting her thoughts, and suddenly realized that as sexy as her overpronounced hourglass figure had been before, it still wasn’t irresistible enough – she needed a body that would drive all men who saw it into an immediate sexual frenzy.

Meanwhile, the uncontrollable need in Jill’s eyes continued to smolder, and Amy noticed that there was now a third drop of potent Bimbo Potion dangling at the end of the eyedropper, as the drug continued to compel Jill to share her addictive bimbo transformation with her big sister. Amy drunkenly offered her tits up once again, even as they were finally overcome by the pulsing bimbo energy growing within them and began their own blissful expansion, delirious with pleasure and arousal and need and satisfaction all at once.

Just at that moment, however, the fire in Jill’s eyes died down slightly as she somehow regained a modicum of control over her actions, even though her own body continued to grow sluttier under the potion’s irresistible influence, and she was able to replace the stopper in the bottle, leaving Amy filled with longing and regret at only having received the two strong doses she now felt coursing powerfully through her veins, having its way with her entirely willing body.

“See, Amy? I’d never do anything to hurt you,” Jill whispered, leaning forward to taste her sister’s luscious lips as her own began to swell. Lost in pleasure and caught up in the erotic energy of the moment, Amy impulsively pulled her little sister’s body tight against her own, enjoying the feeling of their boobs growing against one another, slowly pushing them apart; two increasingly beautiful creatures lip-locked in an increasingly sexual embrace.

As Amy groped her sister’s increasingly curvy body as it continued to swell softly against her, she once again realized how silly she had been to try to prevent the two of them from becoming bimbos. It was what she and her sister were clearly destined to be, and it felt so good! Think of all the yummy sex they were going to get! It was good that she had helped her sister dose herself with the potion, and discover their shared purpose, which was to use their sexy, slutty bodies to coax men’s hard, throbbing cocks into spurting inside of them.

Jill finally broke the kiss, grabbing her own boobs as the potion once more catalyzed them into growth, and the cute, perky B-cups she had had for less than five minutes slowly expanded into heavy, majestic, attention-grabbing Ds. Amy watched with pride as her little sister’s body continued its erotic swelling, and then slid a hand down between her sister’s legs to help jumpstart the change she knew was coming next, nodding approvingly as Jill’s thickening thighs squeezed together in squirming heat around her hand.

Amy’s tits began to get in the way as her own compelling bimbo energy continued to pulse, forcing her massive breasts to fill out in mindless bliss against her sister’s own expanding assets, pushing the two of them farther apart the sluttier they became. Undaunted, Amy began to stroke and caress between her sister’s legs, causing Jill to gasp in pleasure as the stimulation increased her arousal, which in turn strengthened her unconscious pheromone production, and her reprogrammed pussy began to fill the air with her unique chemical compulsion searching for a susceptible male.

Amy was excited to feel her own intense tingle starting up between her legs as she encouraged the potion to begin its nefarious work on her own pussy. She felt an odd tightening sensation, unaware that her vagina was now ribbed for his pleasure, ensuring that his already-inevitable ejaculation would now come that much faster. She couldn’t feel it directly, but she could still tell that the even stronger pheromones her pussy was mindlessly manufacturing were mixing in the air with her little sister’s as the two of them effectively hotboxed her apartment with overwhelming sexual compulsion for any man lucky enough to be lured into their love nest.

She stuck her free hand between her legs to bimbofy her pussy as much as possible even as she continued to selflessly stimulate her sister, whose sensitive lips were still swelling against Amy’s fingers, plump and inviting, now hiding a tunnel of pleasure that would be impossible to pull out of. With a little help from the Bimbo Potion, her little sister had successfully grown into an irresistible cock-milking machine, and Amy had never been more proud of her.

She allowed her fingers to drift away from Jill’s puffy cameltoe to her sides, pulling their waists together as both of their torsos continued to expand with burgeoning sexuality. She felt the curve of her sister’s hips, which had been subtle and inviting a few moments ago, become overt and demanding as the potion forced them to widen into an exaggerated hourglass. Jill’s brief interlude as a petite co-ed bubbling with subtle sexuality had been short lived, and the drug quickly transformed her young, innocent body into that of a voluptuous, cock-hungry bimbo slut just like her big sister.

The potion did play up her cuteness, however, ensuring that Jill still had the button nose and the round, youthful facial features of a sweet girl next door, but now the angelic, wide-eyed innocence of her face was tempered by the sinful, overt sexuality of her body, which was now undeniably designed for carnal activity. Jill was still infused with that bubbly, energetic flirtatiousness that would attract men to her side, but, as they spent more time with their disarmingly cute companion, her body’s blatant, overwhelming sexuality and her enthusiastic encouragement of their inevitable sexual interest would take its toll, and they would soon find themselves unable to resist sticking their cocks deep inside her and urgently thrusting to a satisfying ejaculation.

Amy’s enthusiasm for her sister’s changes dimmed slightly when she saw Jill’s beautiful blue eyes widen in surprise and delight as her new, much more powerful mental changes began to wash over her. Amy had always been proud of her sister’s intelligence, and now that she realized just how much power over her sister cock would have, thanks to her own inability to resist the potion’s temptations, Amy once more began to feel a hint of regret. So, when the potion began to cloud her own mind even further, she gladly embraced the growing need for dick that distracted her from her worries, and her knees trembled and her mouth began to water at the thought of just how yummy cock was, and at just how much she needed it throbbing its way toward orgasm inside of her at all times.

Amy’s head began to clear as the double dose of Bimbo Potion finally burnt itself out inside her, and she once more realized that she did not, in fact, want to be a bimbo. She did, however, want to keep kissing her sister’s soft lips, and touching her curvy, jiggly new body, so that’s exactly what she did.

After a few more minutes of making out, Amy pulled her head far enough away to say, “Jill! You, like, made us even more bimbo-ey!” She tried to sound angry, but only succeeded in giggling as her sister nuzzled her with her cute little nose.

Amy felt like she should be mad at herself for allowing the potion to seduce her again – and turn her sister into a bimbo too, no less! – but Jill looked so happy and sexy in her haze of cute, jiggly horniness, her stunning face flushed with excitement and arousal as she pulled Amy back in for another delicate kiss that caused Jill’s young, oversexed neurons to fire with addictive sensual pleasure, that Amy couldn’t help but feel happy for her. And horny. Amy felt very horny. Between Jill’s bubbly enthusiasm and her own desire to get a nice cock into her tight, soaked pussy, Amy was far too distracted by thoughts of how good sex would feel right now to be mad at herself.

“Mmmm, I feel so good now!” Jill purred, still holding her big sister tight against her new body, lovely eyes wide with pleasure. “I really need a cock in my pussy though!” she realized as her euphoria was suddenly tempered by the constant sensation of emptiness the potion had filled her with, and she began to feel an even stronger urge to fulfill the sexual compulsions the potion had given her.

Amy, having encouraged the potion to elevate her own need for cock to the level of obsession, knew exactly what her sister meant, but she was also secure in the knowledge that her almost six cumulative doses of Bimbo Potion would ensure that she got to fuck any man she wanted.

“Me too! You made me, like, really want cock, Jilly, even more than I already did! Now I’ll always be trying to get my pussy pounded!” she said, looking forward to exactly that. Now Amy just had to be sure to keep resisting the potion’s mental changes, so that she would still be all smart and stuff, like Jill!

“Jill, your titties are so cute now!” Amy gushed, hefting her sister’s heavy new breasts and watching her wiggle with pleasure at the sensation.

“Hehe, thanks Sis! Yours are much sexier though, so big and jiggly!” Jill responded as she bounced her sister’s massive, beach ball-sized boobs in her hands, this time causing Amy to squirm with arousal. “I want my titties to be big and jiggly like yours are!”

“No Jilly! The potion, like, makes you want bad stuff! You gotta, like, be careful not to let the potion make your mind different! You gotta be like me and still be like smart and stuff!” Amy insisted, her voice full of concern for her sister.

“But Amy, I want the potion to change me! That’ll make sure that I’m ready for all of the sex that my bimbo body is gonna get me!”

“No Jill! You’re smart like me, and you gotta, like, be successful!”

“No Amy, you want to be successful. I just want to find a hot guy who will take care of me, and cum in my slutty pussy all day every day!”

With that, Amy finally realized that the potion had won: her little sister’s body had been permanently redesigned to constantly seek out sex, just like hers had been. With Jill’s new craving for cock, and the irresistible pheromones that the potion had compelled her body to produce, her sister’s future (and mouth, and pussy) was going to be filled with cock, whether Amy liked it or not.

She looked into her sister’s flushed, supernaturally alluring face with a new understanding and acceptance, and resolved to refocus her efforts on making sure her slutty bimbo sister got all the cock she wanted. In the meantime, however, their hands continued to explore and grope and titillate in their tight embrace until Jill just couldn’t wait any longer and pushed Amy away.

“Sis, this feels really good, but I need cock!”

“Me too!” Amy said, as her own her craving began to override all other concerns as well. “Let’s go find some! I’ll, like, teach you how to make a guy want to fuck you!”

Jim was walking down the sidewalk minding his own business when two stunning bombshells, basically the physical embodiments of every adolescent sexual fantasy he had ever had, bounded out of a nearby apartment building and headed directly for him. He could tell that trouble was in his near future, but as his eyes fixated on the curves of the bustier of the two girls, he suddenly found himself welcoming their approach in spite of himself, and his blood began to pump harder than it usually did at the mere sight of an attractive female body.

“Can I, like, use you to show my little sister something real quick? It’s super important!”, the more well-endowed of the two pleaded, eyes bright with flirtatious excitement as she came to a stop uncomfortably close to him. Jim suddenly noticed a pleasant musk filling the air, which somehow seemed custom-made to inflame his natural desire for the blatantly sexual body on display in her tiny skirt and tight tube top.

“Sure”, he responded without thinking as her intoxicating scent continued to go directly to his head and his dick began to harden, making him increasingly willing to do whatever it took to keep the two goddesses near him, especially once the older sister suddenly leaned her soft curves against him.

“Thanks! Like, see Jilly? Once they’ve seen your body and they’ve started thinking sexy thoughts about you, all you have to do is stand near them and your ferro-thingies will do the job for you!” he only half-heard the bustier siren say to her cute protegé, which would have confused him, but his nervous system was currently bombarding his mind with pleasure from feeling so much of her curvy body touching his. His arm reached around her waist and reflexively pulled her tight against him, his dick pressing eagerly against her hip as it throbbed down the leg of his pants. She giggled, a seductive and musical sound that somehow made him even harder. “Then, once he, like, grabs you and his cock is all hard and needy, you know that he’s going to go fuck you!” she said, giving his cock an affectionate squeeze.

“Thanks Sis! Let me try now!” the cute co-ed with the X-rated body responded, before she too sidled up and pressed her unexpectedly naughty schoolgirl curves against him. A new fragrant note began to make its way into the chemical cocktail attacking his

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