Big Beach Bulges, Butts, and Boobs – Part 5

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fantasy adventure with us, and that you’ll watch for more stories – true or fantasy – yet to come! Thanks for reading and for your very generous encouragement.

With Richard’s rock-hard cock in my mouth, Adam deep inside of me from behind, and his large, heavy balls in my hand, I was in heaven! I soon came once more, moaning around Richie’s cock and tightening my grip on Adam’s swollen scrotum. Richie had to pull away again, too close to losing control, but Adam swore and drove into me, and I felt his cock begin to strain and pulse as he finally climaxed and filled me with cum.


It felt incredible, and with the reassurance of my husband’s intense and ongoing arousal, I was able to fully enjoy it. Adam’s already thick cock seemed to swell inside of me with each spurt, and I swear I could feel him flooding my pussy with his hot, milky semen, although I’m sure that’s not true – I certainly felt every powerful pulse of his cock, though! With his wet balls in my hand, I could feel them trying to draw up with each muscle spasm, but I held them tightly, stroking the rear of his bulging sack with my fingers, milking out every drop as he groaned and swore some more.

My orgasm ended before his, I think, but when he was done he went limp on top of me, resting his forehead against the base of my neck, his amazing cock still deep inside of me.

He tiredly muttered, “Jesus…”

I said, “You okay?”

“Holy fuck!”

“Is that a yes?”


“That was amazing!”

“For me too. I haven’t come like that in… well, a while, anyway.”

I laughed. “Felt like it! I think you flooded me.”


“Don’t be; we’re not, are we hon’?” I looked up at Richard where he stood in front of me. His cock was as big and hard as I’d ever seen it, stiffly upright and leaking cum, every vein standing out in relief like it only does when he wears a cock ring – which he wasn’t! I knew he was insanely aroused.

He shook his head no, whatever was going on in his head leaving him speechless, but I could see on his face what he wanted more than anything at that moment.

I looked back over my shoulder. “Adam, if you’re done, why don’t you let Richard have his turn?”

He looked up at my husband, his eyes flitting from Richard’s incredibly hard cock to his face and back. “Yeah? I think I left you a bit of a mess.”

“I know…” Richie’s voice sounded hoarse and strained.

“He’s always wanted to follow another man in me.”

Adam patted my ass. “Yeah, sloppy seconds, I can dig it. I enjoy a nice creamy pussy myself sometimes.” He slid slowly out of me, the sudden absence of his thick cock causing me to gasp at the sensation and leaving me feeling violated by the sudden vacancy.

I felt a small gush of cum escape and drip from my hard clit and little hood, but to my surprise, Adam pressed his hand over my cunt before more could escape. “C’mon, man, get in here before it all runs out!”

Richie moved quickly, his upright, slippery cock wagging in front of him. I felt him brush my calves and the back of my thighs as he positioned himself behind me, his cock touching my ass crack. When Adam said, “You ready?” Richie must have nodded or something, because he’d no sooner pulled his hand away than Richie drove his full length into me, taking me deeply in a single slippery, creamy, gooey thrust. We could even hear the wet squelch of cum being forced out of me!

I cried out and came yet again, almost at once as I felt my husband go balls-deep into my cum-filled sex, and I reached back and grabbed his ballsack as Adam’s cum that he forced out of me dripped down onto my wrist and hand. I wish I could say that he fucked me as Adam had, but the truth is that he only thrust into me a few times and came in less than half a minute, my orgasm barely ended, his over-excited state doing him in far sooner than he would have liked.

He swore and pushed deep, holding me on him as he spurted his load into me to mix with Adam’s. He was groaning and shaking with the intensity of it, and I loved the familiar sensation of his orgasm pumping deep inside of me, my pussy overflowing with its two big loads.

I felt bad for him, however; he’d looked forward to it for so long, maybe never really expecting it to happen, and when it finally had, it was over almost before it began. He’d groaned as he came, in pleasure I think, but maybe in frustration as well. Now, his orgasm spent, he continued to slide slowly in and out of me, his cock still stiff enough to glide easily in the massive cum-slick mess. It felt amazing to me, and I hoped it did to him as well.

As Richard continued to enjoy my creamy sex, Adam presented me with his cock to suck. It was streaked with cum, half-flaccid but still thick and heavy, and I sucked and licked up every trace of our combined juices as he remained semi-hard. About the time I got him cleaned up, Richie’s softening and shrinking penis slipped out of me in a gush of cum, and he knee-walked to where I could clean him as well.

He had much more cum on his dangly parts, a combination of his own and Adam’s, and as I enjoyed their viscous combination of musky, manly flavors, I could feel warm cum running down the inside of my thighs. It’s probably very slutty that I love that sensation, a man’s warm, creamy juices sliding down my legs, but I do.

When nobody could take anymore, they helped me to my feet, where I discovered that my knees were very shaky. I held onto Richard until I felt steadier, and he kissed me, tasting the slick on my lips as more cum ran down my legs.

Our only remaining voyeur wandered off. His slender little cock was again very upright as he walked by, but he could see that we were done and probably went in search of more action to watch and jerk off to.

We collected our stuff and made our way back to the beach, by which time the rivulets of cum on my legs were almost to my ankles. I thought of asking if Richie wanted to lick me clean, something else he often enjoys doing after himself and has fantasized about doing after another man, but was afraid he might find it humiliating, especially after how he’d come so prematurely inside of me.

I went in the ocean instead, and both of them joined me as we splashed around, rinsing away most of the sweat and bodily fluids. After we were rinsed off and cooled down, we went back to our towels on the beach, all of us still naked. I was enjoying admiring their bodies even in their less-aroused condition, and they both kept touching me, so I think they felt the same.

Not too long after we’d gotten back and begun to dry off, Adam announced that he needed to go to work. I’d assumed that he was a resort guest, like us, and I think Richie had too, so we were surprised.

I asked him, “You work here?”

He nodded. “Yeah, at the marina, about eight months out of the year, and then I’m a ski instructor in Breckenridge December through March. I work on maintaining the boats, but I also take snorkel and scuba tours out to the reef.”

“Oh. I think we figured you were a tourist, like us,” I said, and Richie nodded in agreement.

“Nope, I’m a local. Well, like I said, part of the year anyway. The winter months are busy here and they’ve asked me to stay year-round, but I gotta get my skiing in.”

We told him we were from Colorado – not terribly far from Breckenridge, actually – and laughed about the coincidence. I also thought about the possible future ramifications of it!

“We assumed most the local resort workers were black.”

He laughed. “Most are. Any of the very helpful local black guys approach you yet?”

“No, but it’s only our second day and we haven’t been out a lot. The driver that brought us over from the airport was very nice, offered to show us around.”

“Big, tall, bald guy, very dark?”

I nodded.

“That was Ramon, although he goes by Ray. He’d like to show himself into your pants, is what he’d like, but that’s true of most of the ‘helpful local guys’ around here.”

Richard laughed. “Like you, for instance?”

Adam smiled but shook his head. “Yes and no. Yes, I love to connect with beautiful women or adventurous couples like you guys, but no, I’m not the “big black cock” experience that a lot of women and couples come here looking for. They come ready to play and have their fantasy adventure come true, far from home and family. Safe to experiment here, cross off bucket list things. You know how it is.”

I shrugged. “I suppose. We had our fantasies, but I guess ours weren’t that specific. Do most of them succeed?”

“What, the couples?” When I nodded, he continued, “Sure, if they really want to. I think a lot of them chicken out, but there are plenty of horny local black guys that hang around looking to get laid; it’s like a service for the tourists, keeps ‘em coming, so the government and the resorts don’t discourage it. The guys get some white pussy and get some nice gifts and tips, the ladies get to play horny slut and get some big black cock, and hubby gets to watch his wife get laid, so it works for everyone.”

“And all of these guys are hung like the legends would have you believe?”

He laughed. “Not from what I’ve heard, no. Some, of course, enough that folks still have a lot of fun, I guess. Have you two met Pony yet?”

When we shook our heads no, he grinned. “You will if you hang out on the beach much. He works the beach, selling shell necklaces, bracelets, straw hats, coconut bras, that kind of stuff; touristy trinkets. He’s a character.”

“What kind of a name is ‘Pony’?”

“The earned kind; his real name is Luther. When you meet him, you’ll understand the ‘Pony’ part. It’s what you’re probably thinking.”

I stared at him, my curiosity piqued. “Seriously?”

He laughed again. “Oh yeah! You’ll know him when you see him, middle-aged guy, kind of scrawny, long dreads, very black. Unless it’s late and he’s sold most of his stuff, he’ll have both arms covered with bead and shell bracelets and anklets, about a hundred necklaces around his neck, and maybe a dozen hats on his head, stacked up. He always wears one of those gauzy native skirt-things, tie-dyed. A sarong, that’s it.”

“Sounds colorful.” Richie was just listening in, not saying much, but I could tell he was intrigued,

Adam nodded. “Yeah, local color. Nice enough guy, but his schtick is to start chatting you up like he’s trying to sell you something, then if you show any interest, he squats down in front of you to “show you his stuff” – and if you look up his skirt, he shows you his stuff, all right!”

We both laughed, and Richard said, “That works for him?”

Adam shrugged. “Often enough, I guess. He’s the guy the legends speak of – and yes, I’ve seen it. Him in that damn dress, it’s hard not to!”

I was very curious, although not terribly interested in doing more than satisfying my curiosity. “He’s pretty big, huh?”

He nodded. “Like your forearm, Rayne, fucking monster. Seriously hung, and that’s with it just dangling there. I’ve never seen it battle-ready. Fucker’s got a huge schlong, puts me and Richard to shame. ‘Horse’ might be a more accurate nickname than ‘Pony’.”

“Sounds scary.”

He laughed. “I’d think so if I was a woman! Hey, let me know if you want to take a trip out to the best scuba spots; I’ll get you set up, take you out.”

Richie said, “We’re not certified. Rayney was, but it’s lapsed.”

Adam nodded. “I can help you get certified and do a refresher for her if you like. I’m a PADI instructor; doesn’t take long if you work at it. Or we can just go snorkeling. I usually take out three or four couples at once for that, most the boat can manage; two for scuba. You ever try naked snorkeling?”

When we laughed, he said, “Seriously! One of our favorite types of excursions – mine, for sure. Fun group activity, you should try it, you just gotta be careful whose snorkel you put in your mouth.” We laughed again, and he said, “Let me know, okay?” He got our cottage number, kissed me again, and left, still naked, carrying his towel and Speedo.

We sat quietly for several minutes after he’d left, listening to the sound of the waves. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I touched Richie’s leg. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Mmm, yeah, I guess.” He paused, then looked at me sidelong. “Maybe not as much as you did…”


“No, it’s okay. You were supposed to enjoy it; that was the whole reason for doing it.”

“You looked like you were enjoying it too. You sure were hard!”

“Oh, I know, and I did. It may be the most erotic, sexiest, most exciting thing I’ve ever been a part of…”


He shrugged. “But nothing, I guess. You sure seemed to like his cock.”

“He’s a nice guy, and yes, he has a great cock, but so do you.”

“He’s bigger.”

“Thicker, yes, not any bigger. Besides, that’s your fixation, not mine.”

“Rayney, c’mon! How many times did he make you come?”

“I don’t know. Do you?” I was starting to get upset with him, but I knew he was hurting, maybe feeling some pangs of jealousy, so I tried not to show it.

“No, but it was a lot. Huge ones too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you come like that.”

“Oh, Richie, you do that to me too! That’s crazy.”

“I do?”

“Of course! Not every time, of course, but a lot; you’re busy doing what you’re doing instead of just watching so you maybe don’t realize it, but yeah, oh my God!”

“But you had a huge orgasm as soon as he put that big cock of his inside of you, like, instantly!”

I laughed. “Sort of like you did when you followed him and made your sloppy seconds’ fantasy come true?”

He groaned. “Fuck, don’t remind me. That was embarrassing; don’t laugh, okay?”

“No, Richie, I’m not laughing because you came so soon. Well, I am, I guess, but it was the same thing that happened to me! I was so damn horny and aroused already that I came as soon as he entered me. Isn’t that what happened to you?”

He paused, thinking about that as he looked at me. “That’s all it was?”

“Yes. I wanted it so bad, and it felt so good.”

“But you kept coming, again and again. You must have come ten times while he fucked you. Was that because his cock is so big?”

“Richard!” I’d snapped at him, and now he looked hurt. “Richie, I was enjoying it, like I’m supposed to; please don’t obsess about size, okay? You’re bigger than average, you know, and that’s just not the most important thing for me anyway.”

“But you like it.”

“Well, sure, to a point. It’s nice eye candy, and fun to look at and play with, but… Okay, here’s a test we’ll try next time we’re in Denver; let’s go to one of those adult stores and we can each pick out a toy for me. Bet I know what the result will be!”

He frowned. “What do you mean?”

“You’d pick something big – a big dildo, realistic-looking maybe, or black, maybe a big vibrating one, long and thick. I’d probably pick something that caught my eye as interesting, or pretty, or even just fun-looking. Maybe a glass one with colorful swirls or nubs on it, some fancy toy with special features like clit ticklers or two shafts, maybe something I could wear out in public, like my egg. Not some huge fake cock-thing, for sure.”

He didn’t say anything, thinking about it, so I said, “Am I right?”

He grudgingly admitted, “Probably. But you can’t deny that you got off on his big cock; I saw and heard you come again and again. You were loving it.”

“Richard, I’m not going to apologize for women’s physiology. You’d have done the same if you were capable, so if you’re jealous because I have multiple orgasms, I can’t help you.”

He frowned, thinking about it, then laughed. “True. I’m jealous of that too – fuck, I wish I could do that. He was a great lay, huh?”

I smiled at him. “Pretty fucking good, yes; you’re great.”

He snorted. “Great, sure, for a two-pump chump.”

“Oh, come on! You had at least five or six pumps before you came.” I laughed.


“Richard, stop. I was glad you enjoyed it that much after you fantasized about it and looked forward to it for so long. I’m glad you found it that exciting.”

“I would have liked to enjoy it longer, you know.”

“I know, sweetie. Felt pretty good though, huh?”

“Oh my God… yeah, it was amazing. Even just the look of your pussy, cum running out…”

“You’ve always loved that, hon’, seeing me all messy, licking me….” Talking about it had made him hard again, and I began to lightly stroke his upright shaft. “Next time, okay? Next time you’ll last longer.”

“Is there going to be a next time?”

“I hope so. What about you?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I think I’d like to try again.”

I laughed. “That’s the spirit! If you fall off the horse, you get right back on.”

“Mmm, yeah. Speaking of horses, you gonna watch for that ‘Pony’ guy?”

“I don’t know about that. I can guarantee you that nobody is going to shove something bigger than my forearm inside of me though.”

“He said it was as big as, not bigger.”

“That was limp, hon’. We have to assume that when it gets hard…”

He nodded. “Oh yeah, true, I guess. You never know, you might enjoy it.”

“No thanks. Besides, you were jealous of Adam and he was nowhere near that big.” Richard’s cock was straining against my fingers he was so hard, his mental images of me with Pony making him crazy, so I continued, “Now, I might enjoy playing with it. I have to admit that I’m curious and would like to see it, touch it, and make it hard.”


“Oh God yeah! I might even suck it if it will fit in my mouth.” He groaned with arousal, and I laughed. “Poor baby… you’re very hard.”

“I know.”

“Wanna go back to the room so I can fix that for you?”

“We could go back in the bushes again.”

“I was thinking that you might want me on top, on your face so you could do that other thing you’ve fantasized about doing after another man comes in me. A bed would work better.”

“But you went in the ocean…”

“That washed it all off of me, not out of me. You guys both came way deep inside of me; I’m sure you’ll find plenty still if you’re really interested.”

He blew out a big breath in a whoosh. “Fuck! Let’s go!” He stood and bent, grabbing our stuff from the ground. He hadn’t noticed the couple, the woman topless and both a few years older than us by all appearances, that was walking toward us. They noticed his rear-view and his balls hanging there, and they smiled.

When he turned, his big cock rigidly upright and waving in the breeze, he froze and they smiled at him. She said, “Very nice!” as the man’s eyes wandered over my body.

Richie stammered, “Uh, sorry; we were just leaving.”

She laughed. “That’s a shame, but it’s us that should apologize for intruding.”

I replied, “No problem, we really were just leaving.”

He smiled at me and held out a hand to help me to my feet, which I accepted and stood. “And it really is a shame. I’m Bill, by the way, and this is my wife, Jennifer. We were hoping to get better acquainted; perhaps this evening, over dinner?”

We introduced ourselves and accepted, making arrangements, and then headed up the beach, Richard’s huge erection still leading the way.

“Jennifer seemed to like your cock, lover.”

“Fuck. By the time I saw them, it was too late, so I tried to act cool.”

I laughed. “Hard to pull off with that monster sticking up like that, huh?”

“You’re enjoying my embarrassing moments far too much today, you know that?”

“Good thing you’re such a good sport.”

“Yes, it is. Do you really still have a lot of cum inside of you?”

I laughed. “Well, define ‘a lot’, but pretty sure, yup; you two were very productive. You’re pretty excited about that, huh?”

“God. You know how much I love your creamy pussy.”

“I do, yes; try not to have another, umm… sudden accident just thinking about it, okay?”

“Rayney, goddamn…”

I laughed. “I’m joking, but you do need that to go away soon so you can put your trunks back on before we get near the resort. I don’t want you showing off for all the horny women here… Maybe you should have let Jennifer suck it for you.”

“You’re not helping.”

“No, I know, but I am having fun.”


And we did have fun. Richie let me ride his face and discovered that I still had plenty of cum to share, then gave me a quick refill and did it all over again.

We met Pony, and I got to satisfy my curiosity – and soak my bikini bottom with my arousal – but I didn’t fuck him. He was interesting and funny, and his cock was beautiful, but much, much too big – with cum loads to match, as I discovered when I sucked and masturbated him. Huge cock and enormous balls with huge loads, lovely to look at and lovely to hold, but nope, not in this girl!

Bill and Jennifer were also a lot of fun. He wasn’t as well-endowed as my husband or Adam, but he was handsome, and a skilled and generous lover with amazing stamina, and Jennifer seemed to thoroughly enjoy Richard and his big cock. He blew her mind when he went down on her afterward – nobody had ever done that to her before – and later he had to talk me through the green-eyed monster of jealousy. My turn, my bad.

But it worked out, and we went naked snorkeling with some fun and horny people, partied with them that evening, and spent an entirely exciting and exhausting night with Adam, who has promised to get together with us this winter when he comes to Colorado. We’re looking forward to it, but those would all have to be topics for other stories because this one ends here.

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