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Bicycle and Mare

This is my Story of prostate milking and escalation.

I bought a bicylce last week and went for a Long trip of around 40 miles. And i heard from stories about woman having orgasm on a bike but apparently AS a male you can have one too. Trust me i was shocked when i found out. It was around the 20km mark when i felt that my seat was really hard and sitting on it was uncomfortable so i adjusted myself and basicly started to massage my pelvis.

I didnt know i was doing IT until out of nowhere i Had an really horny Rush of orgasm running through my body. For a Moment i stopped but AS you can Imagine i was forced to move Forward to get home so it was No use. It was really pushing in the right area and edging myself the shit out of me. I moant in agony and tryed to Not RUB forward and backward to get myself off but it didnt worked. When i had to stop at a street i stood up and my penis went rock solid. I thought to myself that its No use and that i would ejaculate in my pants before im Home.

So i decided to push it because it was really edging agony so i started to move myself deep into the seat and wiggled AS much AS i could …the tension was amazing and horrific at the same time i wanted to ejaculate so badly but how did this trip went from doing sport to jerking Off? Anyway i was so in agony that i stopped avoiding bumpy streets. Every bump was pushing the pelvis and massaging the prostate in the process. I could feel my tip starting to drip but it didnt finished me off. I tryed everything but i wasnt going to cum…it was awefull pleasure.

Then i moved Into a less crowded area with Farmland. And i dont know what happend to me there, because trust me im not a zoophile Person but i stopped infront of a field with horses. I actually wanted to finally jerk Off but Then i saw there was a smaller pony and i looked at its ass and Then i could not Look away. I got off the bike and Then i saw the Pussy…it felt like i Had a stroke but i Had an elecrifying feeling in my head followed By a Maximum of hornyness so i was not even thinking about it – i went straight over the fence to fuck it. I pulled out my penis and the Pony just stood there.

I grabed His tail to make the way free and for a Second i Had my brain Back i stoped but Then her Pussy winked….her fucking Pussy winked. And i immediatly pushed my Dick Into her warm vagina. Completly escalating i pushed AS deep and as fast AS i could. I was scared to get caught too so speed was key and i came in Seconds. I pumped the pussy full and Then i basicly run Back to my bicycle.

And Then i went Home…Not horny anymore but shocked what i just did. I lost complete control. After 1 hour of prostate miliking i fucked the next best thing i found. I was scared of myself. What If the mare wouldnt been there…would i have raped the next woman? ….worst part is my parents and my sister are planing a bicycle tour next week…

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