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Bible College Jack and I

Let’s call him Jack. Jack and I knew each other for a few years before Bible College. He was 5,10, handsome, very personable asd always smiled. We ended up at the same Bible College because it was on the other side of the country for where we lived. Due to the fact that as to where it was on long weekends we were the only ones left at the college. Our first time alone we started talking about the showers. It was one big room with several shower heads sticking out of the walls. Jack once told me that he thought he might be Bi or gay. I asked him if he had any difficulties with some of the guys showering. He said he had to look away from some of them because of their athletic bodies and some of those had amazing dicks. I said that I couldn’t look at their penises either. It wasn’t the guy as a whole but the penises I think looks great. I like looking at them. He was shocked. I went further. When we’re alone like this I sleep naked and think about the hot girls and some of those dicks and jerk myself to sleep. He also agreed. I said that if I knew that he wouldn’t mind I would go naked now. Jack took off his clothes. Like this he said. He showed me his hard on. Yup I smiled and took mine off too. We layed on the bed playing with ourselves watching the other. You can touch mine I suggested he did. I sighed. That’s been awhile I said reached for his. We jerked each other off and cleaned up. In the nude we did homework and had lunch. I loved it.
He asked if I ever had been with any other guys. I lied and said no. He would be my third. He wanted to know what oral sex was like. Being 18 I immediately got hard. So right there in the guys lounge I gave him head. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. He loved it.
Through out our time at Bible College this happened all the time. By graduation we knew each other’s bodies quite well. We moved from just jerking each other off to having anal sex on my bed where he always came in my ass. I loved it. I loved having him on his stomach and me eating out his ass and licking his scrotum. I had him moaning with pleasure. One of the hottest things was no one knew. Girls would fall over for him while he wanted to suck my dick and do me up the ass
Eventually we moved away from each other and all that stopped. He married a pretty woman as did I. But if he would call for just one more romp that would be fine. Having his 6.5/7 inches in my hand, mouth and ass would be explosive.

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