Beverly Lust

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I’m just gonna keep the names the same, while I tell my side of the story…
The “Cheating” was all in my head, but a big part of the fantasy for me.

I guess you could say he molested me, but I didn’t see it that way. He molested his sister too, but I was more worried about jealousy than the Incest, because I hadn’t heard about that.

Just skipping past the first part (“Brotherly Lust,” if you want to read it,) he talked me into spending the night, showed us his prick, and then brought us a nudie mag. So we’d play Lesbians to make him beat off.


Then, he walked me home the next day to find out where I lived. I saw him hanging around outside, and watching the house, but he was the first boy that looked at me. The exact same way that dad (And sometimes other men) looked at mom.

I told her that I slept with Billie, and she forbade me to go over there ever again. We had a talk about homosexuals, and why I couldn’t trust them. Because they’re all child molesters, ironically enough. (Not really, that’s just a rumor. Honestly I have no idea where it came from.) I left out his part in it, so it was her that showed me the nudie mag. To take off my undies, and lick my pussy, but it wasn’t the first time I’d seen one of those.

My dad had them, Playboys so they didn’t even show bush, but they had letters, and articles where I could read about sex. Cheating, and having affairs, one night stands, but mostly from the Man’s point of view. It was a men’s magazine. (Mom had Daytime TV, so they did all the same things, or at least talked about it, but the women slept in their bras, and somehow managed to keep the covers up. With double sided tape, or safety pins, I assume.)

So, that’s how I found out what “Sleeping around” ment, and what grownups did when they slept together. Billie was pretty much the same age as me (7, or 8) but she was more sheltered, or she hadn’t gone through her dad’s stuff to find his stash. Randy did, but he was 11, and moving on to 7th grade, after that summer.

So, when I saw him outside, I thought he had a Club International under his shirt. (Or Hustler, OUI, one of those “Euro” mags his father collected, but not Penthouse.) Basically, that was way better because they had men it it, with full grown boners, and post-ejaculation drips. It turns out that he stole her diary, so I could read how she changed my name to Beverly (Because it sounds sort of like Brotherly) and giggled when I saw she named him Randy (Since that’s another word for Horny.)

Of course, mom didn’t say anything about fooling around with a boy, because that wouldn’t be homosexual. I was willing, and the first time we went off to the woods together, I pulled down my panties, and sat on his face. To get him hard, I thought about his little sister licking my puss, but I still couldn’t really get turned on by a boy either. Even one that’s 4 years older, barely even getting boners, and he didn’t have any hair on it either.


So, I guess I told myself he had a bigger, and stronger tongue. I didn’t care, because that gave me a boner to play with, so I bent over, and got it out of his pants. He pulled me back to lick the front, where I would start growing pubes eventually, but he snuffled my puss. Breathing in and out of his nose mostly, so that made me hot. His tongue got me wet, so that’s how I first got “Hot, and wet,” like the women in the letters to Playboy.

I sure as hell wasn’t 5’2″ Blonde and blue, 36C 24 36. I guess that was the ideal, the average centerfold stats, so that became the standard men judged women by. I was about 4′ even, 50lbs, 24 24 24 flat. (If I’d bothered to get out the tape, from my grandma’s sewing table, I wore Girl’s Medium everything.)

I saw how he pinched it, with 2 fingers so he had enough left over to stroke, but I could get my whole hand around it. “Uph!” He just stopped licking, and took a deep breath. Held it, and I felt it twitch in my fingers, but he still had dry orgasms for a while after that.

I don’t know how long, honestly. I didn’t keep track, or how often he came over to play sex with me, but whenever I saw him on my street. I told mom, or dad I was going over to “Anne’s” house. (Because that’s the first name I could think of, alphabetically) to go play sex with him out in the woods.

He tried to tell me what a blowjob was, and I played dumb. I figured he was a boy, so he liked you to play dumb. (Just watch an old episode of Three’s Company to see where that comes from.) I was the blonde, so the blonde played dumb, even if she wasn’t.

“What’s that?”


“Well, it’s like licking pussy, only you put it in your mouth, and suck it.”

“Oh,” I’d rather call that giving head, but I didn’t tell him that. I just nodded, and sucked him off, while he petted my head. He held his breath again, but he only brought his sister’s diary over that first time. To read how she felt about it, up to that point, so I didn’t know the part about him showing her his cum. Making her eat it, and letting her wonder, until she made him let her suck him off.

It wasn’t the incest. He hadn’t really heard of that either. She was just his sister, and not blonde, so he preferred me, because I was blonde. “Pretty,” is what we used to call it, back in the day, but I had read about how she was jealous of me. Because he thought I was prettier, and that made her pursue him sexually, to try and get him back.

She had no idea that he was sleeping around on her with me, but it didn’t take long for him to pop my cherry. So, the next time he came over, I was healed enough to do it, after we did oral sex to get both of us wet. I knew that I couldn’t get pregnant yet, because of my period. I hadn’t had it yet, but I was starting to get answers to my questions from “Mom,”

You ever feel… Not so fresh? I was starting to feel horny, missing him, and licking my fingers to stick inside me, and pretend it was his cock. He didn’t tell me he was ejaculating, he just stopped me before he sucked me off, took my virginity, and lay back to bounce on his lap.

I didn’t realize it the first couple of times, but I started getting a “Vaginal Discharge” after he came over, and I went home with a load inside me. Until it came out in my panties, and I took them out to find it in there. I just figured it was mucus, because it was thick, and slimy like snot. Also, it was the kind of thing that came out of there, like piss, so it was gross.


Then, I realized about the third or 4th time that it must have cum out of him. It only happened when we had sex, and I guess I read a letter from a man asking Playboy Advisor about finding semen in his wife’s panties, and why it turned him on that she was seeing another man on the side. So, I started sniffing it, and licking it out, even though that was what the man would do (If he was turned on by his wife getting filled with another man’s cum.) if I remember right, the Advisor suggested he talk to his wife about swinging, “seeing other people,” and other old fashioned ways of not saying “Cuckhold.”

So, that was his spunk, and he put it there to make me pregnant. Until I got my period, I started running straight home, holding it in with my PCM until I could get my panties down, and cover it with my fingers. In the bathroom, it made them wet, and slippery. If there’s another lube as sexy as fresh warm semen, I don’t know what it is. So, I finally got turned on, and started fingering it out. Finding my clit, and how not to rub it the wrong way. (It was incredibly sensitive until it grew bigger, and tougher from friction)

Before I got my period, and told him we couldn’t do it any more. Because then I’d get pregnant, and I’d have to tell my parents who I’d been doing it with. We went back to oral, and I learned how to suck him off, but then I started sprouting, and he didn’t like my pubic hairs.

I was delighted when he started getting hairy, and even twirled them around with my tongue. Especially on his ball bag, so I could roll them around in there with my tongue, but I didn’t realize why that was a turn-off for him. Of course, because he was a pedophile, and a child molester, so he just stopped coming around, and broke my heart.

I burned that bridge with his sister in 3rd grade, and she started hanging around with this 6th grader. A “Tomboy,” which only I seemed to know what that ment. A lesbian, and I know she thinks that I started that rumor about her being gay (Or actually Bisexual) but honestly I was afraid to admit that, because I found out by playing gay with her for her brother. Also how I found out I don’t have a bicurious bone in my body, so to speak.

She’s right about 1 thing, he’s a sick pervert, a pedophile, and child molester. They just didn’t want us about them. Or anything, the most advice we got was “Don’t talk to strangers,” and if anybody asks you to get in their car. Say “NO!” Run away, and tell an adult you trust. Maybe he’ll lie, and tell you he lost his puppy, so you’ll go with him to help him find it, and maybe he’ll say that your mommy, and daddy sent him to pick you up from school, but they never even hinted at it being something sexual, because “Not in front of the kids.”


Well, if you shelter us that much, and don’t tell us anything more than that, than it just makes us vulnerable to child molesters that aren’t strangers. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

So then, I had a dry spell, between getting my period in 4th grade, and growing enough boobies to really show in 6th. That’s when I noticed a grown man, hanging around my neighborhood, and watching us walk around after school. In his car, and he always parked somewhere differently, but I usually saw him on the bus when we passed bye.

Always after school, and always right there by a bus stop. So, he could watch the kids get off the bus, and walk home, but I never saw him follow any of us. He didn’t look like Stranger Danger, but he sure looked at us girls like. Well Randy used to look at me, when I was little.

It took me a while to figure out why: I forgot, you’re not supposed to go out alone, after dark. If you don’t have a big brother to lead you off to the woods, and molest you under a tree, then walk home with friends, or get your mother to pick you up from school…

So, the next time I saw his car, I got off at that bus stop, and the other kids just walked off together, leaving me alone. So, I walked down the street to his car, and knocked on the passenger window. He didn’t even have a boner, which made me doubt if he really was that kind of a stranger, but when he rolled down the window, I leaned down.

“Hey mister,” my blouse was unbuttoned as low as I dared to get away with on the bus, but sure enough, he looked down it at my bra. (28A) “I got off at the wrong stop, so you think you could give me a ride home?”


“Sure,” he didn’t even ask me where I lived. He just drove me straight to my street, and pulled up right in front of my house.

“Thanks, um. What are you doing later tonight, after dark?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have any plans, why?”

I bit my lip, and summoned the courage to say. “Well, I’m really fertile, and horny, so I’m going to sneak out tonight. Meet me at the park?” I rubbed his leg quickly, before I opened the door, and ran out.

My mother met me at the porch, and asked me “Who was that?” He drove off as soon as I shut the door, and he saw her looking at us, so he couldn’t give me a kiss goodbye.

“Oh, you know my friend Anne?” I nodded, “That’s Anne’s dad. We missed the bus, so he came, and gave us rides home.”


“Oh,” so she didn’t suspect that I was going to sneak out, on a school night, and start having an affair with a grown man. I decided that I can’t really “Cheat” unless I have a boyfriend to cheat on, but that’s a whole nother story…

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