Bellyriding Cosmetics Collecter

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Jamie goes job hunting and finds a questionable job that soon turns into her lifelong passion

— Chapter One —

Jamie’s family had moved to Brazil only a few years earlier. Her parents thought it would be good to see someplace that wasn’t part of the United States. Jamie’s Mother, Silvia had recently become ill. Her father had been in the United States Marines and in his aging years he had had worse and worse pain due to his war injuries. Jamie’s older sister, Becca had recently had a big falling out with the family due to the fact that she started talking to one of her old ex-boyfriends again back in the United States. She had gotten so upset that the family disapproved and she loved him so much that she moved back to the United States and presumably in with the same ex-boyfriend. They had since lost touch with her.


That put the sole responsibility for the family’s well being squarely on Jamie’s shoulders. She had always been pretty resourceful, but this being a strange place, and not knowing the people very well, she didn’t know where to go or who to talk to about getting a job. Her Mother’s illness was related to her smoking habits and her lungs had become very weak. Silvia had no one to blame but herself, but Jamie still loved her parents dearly. She wished she could do something for them. Her Father, George, felt like a lot less of a man recently, because he couldn’t support the family.

It was this that lead him to start asking around town to the few business contacts he had made, to see if there was anything that perhaps Jamie could do. It had been weeks and a lot of their savings had gone before they decided the situation had become desperate. They didn’t have any money, and soon it became clear that they probably wouldn’t have even enough money to live unless Jamie found some way to get some money, and quick.

So it all came back to Jamie finding some sort of work. The problem was she spoke the language well but not as well as a native. She had no skills, being 18 years old. She was pretty enough to be a model but she was short and she didn’t have a portfolio or any experience. Her height limited her to bikini and lingerie modeling and no runway work anyway, so that was out. She really had nothing going for her, other than the vague hope that some rich man might take pity on her and her destitute family. That’s when Jamie sat down and had the talk with her Father, “Dad, look, I know you’ve been looking for good jobs for me, but at this point, I don’t think we should be picky. I don’t care what I do.”

“Are you sure honey? I mean there are a lot of… strange jobs out there.” “Yes… why?” “Well, I dismissed it as soon as I heard it…” “No, what is it?” “Well, there is a small cosmetic company here in town, owned by that Julio guy you met a few months ago at that dinner we went to… The guy with the red jacket?” Jamie remembered him, “Oh, right. Well, perfect! I like makeup!” “Yeah, and they have an office nearby.” “Great! I won’t need a car then. What do they need?” “Well, see, here’s the thing, they have some strange formula…” Jamie wrinkled her nose, “Oh?”

He paused and looked at her and smiled, “Look, never mind. It’s a bad idea.” “What’s a bad idea?” “I don’t want to talk about it.” “No, Dad… what is it?” “I said forget it! I mean it. Forget I even said it. I’ll find something else, okay?” Jamie had never heard her Dad get upset with her about anything so trivial. Her curiosity was piqued. She recalled that there was a good chance that her Mother had his number in the family phone book. So she knew how to get in touch with Julio even if her Father didn’t want her to. So she let her father leave and then she headed over to the phone book her Mother had next to the phone. She found Julio’s number in it, and made the call.

— Chapter Two —


Julio’s office was beautiful. Jamie felt a little ashamed of how she was dressed – with just a tank top, a mini skirt and some flip flops. It was always hot in Brazil so she wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear either, but she thought dressing a little sexy might help her odds. She felt her nipples stiffen in the air conditioned office. Julio smiled and greeted her when she walked in, “Welcome, Jamie, I trust you found the office okay?” “Yes, and wow, what a beautiful place, Julio!” “Thank you. The cosmetic industry is a pretty lucrative one. Women will pay almost anything for any special formula that we can concoct to take a few years off their faces.” Jamie nodded, “And what formula is that?” Julio laughed, “If I told you, you could just go home and do it yourself! We couldn’t have that now!”

Jamie smiled – Julio seemed like a nice man and vaguely trustworthy. Or at least he was as trustworthy as any filthy rich business man could be. He certainly had some skeletons in his closet, but nothing Jamie thought could be terribly bad. Jamie said, “Julio, I don’t mean to cut to the chase, but like I said on the phone, my parents need help. We have no money right now. I heard you have a job for me. I’d do anything to help my parents out.”

“The job I had open is closed, but another one just opened up too. Anything, huh?” Jamie didn’t like the way he said that but she sighed, “Yeah, I’d probably do just about anything, at this point.” “Well, I’ll tell you what. I have another office nearby where the actual formula is cultivated and processed, as a matter of fact that facility has an open position for someone like you. How about we make a deal?” “What sort of deal?” “If I take you on, you have to work for me for at least a week. But I’ll pay you well, depending on how you work. Better than any other job you could probably get.” “Okay, wow – that sounds great! So what’s the hitch?”

“Well… why don’t we talk about it later?” “No, I need to know what it is now. Please tell me.” “Okay, well… I’ll need you to sign some paperwork before I tell you. You know… for confidentiality reasons.” “Oh, of course, sure.” Julio excused himself from the room and came back several minutes later with some paperwork and handed it to Jamie. Jamie did her best to read the documents, but she quickly realized the limits of her Portuguese reading ability when it came to legal documents. She decided to cross and uncross her legs a few times, as Julio watched her. Maybe he’d catch a whiff of her light brown pubic hair beneath her mini skirt, and offer her an even better position, so that she wouldn’t have to read this scary looking legal document. She knew that her nipples were probably very noticeable, even without looking down at her thin tank top.

She sighed and in a defeated voice she realized that her flirting wasn’t helping at all, “Whatever.” She signed the document in her pretty cursiv. Julio smiled, took the documents from her and said, “One sec, I’ll make you a copy.” He left and a few minutes later returned with a small stack of warm photocopies, direct from the copier. She thanked him and said, “Okay, so what’s the job?” “It’s physical labor, don’t get me wrong.” “Physical how?” Jamie couldn’t figure out why her Father would frown on physical labor – especially because he was always trying to get her to get out of the house and do something active. “Well, have you ever heard about something called belly riding?” “Uh… no?”

“Once upon a time there was a married couple. The man was definitely not an honest fellow and definitely unfaithful to his wife of many years. She found out about his infidelity, and in a fit of anger, she decided to take the family stallion as her lover. You see, Jamie – the woman had sex with the stallion to tell her husband that she didn’t need him.” “Uhh…?” She had no idea what this had to do with anything but it was an awkward conversation and she felt suddenly very uncomfortable wearing next to nothing.


“These days many women still belly ride, but do so much more recreationally. In Brazil it is quite common, although not really spoken of. It used to be a public event every year at Carnival, but it has been outlawed over the years. A number of years ago, one of my cosmetic researchers was experimenting with different fluids from different animals. Everything from tears, and blood, to oils and semen. He found out that semen is actually very good for the skin. But the question quickly became how could we get enough of it to justify the expense necessary to put it through the three P’s of processing, pasteurization and packaging. The pasteurization is to remove any bacteria.”

Jamie could see where this was going, “So don’t tell me… you want me to jerk off a horse… or something…?” He winked at her, “Or something. We found after several months of testing that belly riders are better at extracting the volumes of semen needed than almost anything we could contrive of in terms of artificial masturbation. It also turns out that the amount of semen per volume of fluid went up dramatically during intercourse with the women than anything artificial we could devise. And we found that horses were better than dogs or humans because of the volumes involved.”

Jamie shook her head and laughed, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” “No. Once we realized that the additional vaginal lubricant as an ingrediant made the cosmetic much more viscous and better for applying, we were sold on belly riding as a method. We de-hydrate the fluids a little before pasteurization to make it more of a syrup than a liquid. We just add in a drop of lavendar oil to improve the smell and voila. An ounce of horse semen when refined is worth more than gold. Women will pay anything for this stuff.” Jamie laughed again, “If they only knew!”

Julio nodded, “Indeed, which is why I had to get you to sign those documents. We sell it under different names and we market it differently in different regions. In China we don’t at all hide what it is, so there we actually have a drawing of a woman and a horse right on the label. She’s just standing beside the horse in the drawing, but I think it’s well known what the ingredients are. We even market it as edible there. Their culture doesn’t frown in it’s use like western cultures do and some women there drink a spoon full every night as an aphrodisiac. They also pay more knowing how it was extracted. They wouldn’t pay as much if it were just extracted by masturbation techniques. I’ve been told that a few top rated chefs in Paris use it as a food additive as well for their sauces. So yeah, it is in high demand. So for your part in all of this, we’d essentially like for you to use your body to extract our primary ingredients.”

Jamie shook her head realizing why her Father didn’t want to discuss this. In a serious tone she said, “You know there’s no way I could do that, right? I’m not losing my virginity to a horse!” “Hmm… that’s too bad. But I understand. Look, don’t think of the door as closed. If for some reason you change your mind, just give me a call.” Jamie laughed again and stood up, smoothing out her skirt and putting our her hand to shake his farewell, “Thanks, Julio, but no thanks. Good luck filling your position.” He graciously thanked her and showed her to the door.

— Chapter Three —


The next few days drug on and soon it became clear that the family bank account was so low, that Jamie could only go shopping once more for food before they completely ran out of money. Jamie was extremely upset, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. There just weren’t any jobs for her. Her Father came home empty every day, plus she felt terrible that he even left the house. His pain was definitely debilitating, so every time he left the house looking for a job for her it was like torture. Jamie’s bed ridden Mother couldn’t hardly move herself because her breathing was so irregular. Jamie stayed up late at night trying to think of what she could do to make money.

Strangely her mind kept going back to her meeting with Julio. She’d eventually come to the same conclusion each time she thought about it – what a pervert. After several more days the food in the house was beginning to run dry, and it was clear, that their savings were gone. Jamie went into the fridge to find something to eat and sighed. Jamie’s Father walked into the room and saw her standing with the refrigerator open and asked Jamie to come into the bedroom where Silvia was. Jamie closed the refrigerator and followed him into the bedroom. Silvia’s Father asked her to sit down on the small chair there, “What’s up, Dad?” “Well, your Mother and I were thinking… we really need you to find a job, and right away.” “I know, Dad, trust me.” “No, I mean, we need it to happen today.” “Okay, well I’ll make some more calls or something, but I just don’t think it’ll work.”

Her Father shook his head, “No, look, you’re right, that won’t work. We realized that a while ago but we were hoping it wouldn’t come to this. We’ve already lined something up for you.” “Oh?! What?” “Do you remember the other day when I told you about Julio’s company?” Jamie blushed a little, wondering if somehow her Father had found out that she had visited him, “Yeah, I remember.” “Well, we’ve decided that we’re going to have you take the job.” Jamie’s eyes opened wide, “Wait, what?” “Yes, I’m sorry, but we have to go with the only option we have at the moment.” Jamie wondered if her Father was going to tell her what the job was or not, if he didn’t know that she visited the office, so she decided to play coy, “Oh, okay. I see. Well… when do I start?”

Her Father sighed and said, “Tomorrow morning. I’ll give you the directions.” Jamie stood up and looked at her Mother who looked very frail and tired laying in bed, and then she looked back at her Father, expecting one or the other of them to tell her that she was bound for a week of servitude under the belly of a horse. Neither of them so much as said a word to her about what the job was, so she baited them, “I’m just glad I can do something for you two.” Her Father nodded, “I’ll call Julio right now.”

Her Mother raised her hand as if to beckon her closer but instead said, “We love you and thank you for doing this for us.” Jamie frowned, wondering why her family wouldn’t tell her that she was essentially being sold for her body and that the next week of her life would be spent fucking a horse. But despite her shock that her family wouldn’t let her in on this important peice of information that she already had not another word was spoken for the rest of the night. Jamie was furious.

— Chapter Four —


The next morning, the alarm went off early in Jamie’s room. She put on a skirt and a thin stretchy tee-shirt, again not wearing a bra or underwear because of the heat. She ate a light breakfast and put on her makeup. She had no idea what was in store for her today. Her parents weren’t up yet, but Jamie found her Father’s directions on the table. They were to a little part of town that Jamie was unfamiliar with. She grabbed her purse and left the house, her brain spinning about what was going to happen to her.

Jamie was extremely upset that her Father wouldn’t tell her what was going to happen to her. It’s not like she wouldn’t find out or something. It’s the kind of thing a girl would like to know, as a matter of fact. Yes, a girl would like to know that her pussy was expected to take a huge horse dick when she got to her new job. The thought of losing her virginity to an animal repulsed her. She wasn’t a pervert, and she didn’t like this idea at all. Who was her Father to put her into this position. Jamie wondered if her Mother knew too.

Jamie shook her head angrily as she continued her walk. No, she’d go through with today, because her family needed the money, one way or another. But she’d be righteously indignant about the whole thing, and she’d give her Father a peice of her mind when she got home. Maybe she’d even cry to make him feel bad about what he was doing to his little girl. His Mother would surely side with her, and she’s be treated like a princess at home. She could put up with anything for a week anyway, even some creepy guy like Julio’s perverted business. She could spend the evenings looking for another job and get paid in the mean time. But she didn’t have to like it, and she didn’t have to let her Family get away with putting her into this position guilt free.

When she arrived at the address she saw how big the building was. It was slightly industrial, but had beautiful manicured lawns with large shaded areas of trees all around it. It looked gorgeous. Jamie was impressed, but that didn’t change her mood. She walked up to the front door and let herself in where a receptionist was waiting. Jamie gave the receptionist her name, and said she was a new recruit. She explained that Julio asked her to come down and work. Jamie didn’t want to say for what position, but thankfully the receptionist smiled and knew exactly who she was, “Ah yes, please take a seat. I’ll call Beto. I’m not sure if he’s in yet.”

She made a call and said, “Oh, Beto, yes, Jamie is here to see you. … Okay, great.” She hung up the phone and smiled, “He’ll be right here.” Jamie thanked her and looked around the lobby. There were small awards and bright posters with their latest advertising campaign. Surely this receptionist knew that inside that tiny jar was the contents of a horse’s testicles, but she smiled prettily as if she were the receptionist for the most straight and narrow company on earth. Jamie smiled and asked, “Do you use the face cream?” The receptionist looked up, “Excuse me?” “Do you use the company’s face cream?” “Oh, yes, I’ve tried it, and we get free samples every once in a while, but it’s too pricey for me to buy.”

Jamie was slightly put off but asked, “Does it actually work?” “You tell me?” Jamie looked at the pretty receptionist, and sure enough her skin was flawless and tight, “I guess it does.” Jamie couldn’t tell if her skin was naturally that nice or not, but it surely hadn’t hurt anything, that’s for sure. The door to the back opened up and an extremely handsome Brazilian man, only a few years older than Jamie walked out, spotted Jamie and held out his hand, “Jamie?” Jamie swallowed hard, a little shocked at how good looking Beto was. She said in a timid voice, “Yes.”


“It’s so nice to meet you, please come with me. I’ll get you all set up.” He took her through a maze of small hallways lined with offices. He briefly gave her the tour of where the refining of the fluids happened, and the packaging area, as they walked. Jamie barely had time to look through the small windows in the office doors as they walked brusquely through the hallway until they reached the back of the building. Beto opened the door and Jamie was presented with a gorgeous garden that stretched out several hundred yards behind the building. It was covered with trees and ivy covered walls that hid little passageways. It was even better landscaped than the front of the building. To the side, as they walked out there was a medium sized building that was set apart from the main building that looked like a stable. It was a quaint little building.

Jamie smiled, “This is really pretty out here.” “Yeah, it used to just be a small farm house with this barn out back, but the company bulldozed down the house and put this building here. They kept the rest of the land and just improved on it to make it look nicer. It’s turned into a really nice spot for our staff.” Jamie was waiting for her opportunity to be disgusted by Beto and whatever he had in store for her, but he seemed totally professional and nice. Plus he was so gorgeous looking that she was having trouble hating him.

They walked down to the barn and in through the doors, where a few women were brushing and feeding some of the horses, which was no doubt part of a morning ritual. Beto smiled, “This will be where you get saddled and unsaddled. If you need to eat anything, I will help get it for you, or these ladies will if I have to attend to other business.” Jamie winced, trying to figure out what Beto’s role in all this was, “You’re my chaperon right? What exactly does that mean?”

His eyes widened, “Oh, I had just assumed you knew everything about this already, because you knew Julio.” “Uh, no, I just heard about the horses and the belly riding and the face cream. That’s pretty much it.” “Oh, okay, well, I’m here to help you in whatever way you see fit and make sure you don’t get into any trouble. I’m here to escort you around the property and off of it, if you need help. And most importantly, I’m here to collect the semen that you help create.” Jamie wished Beto weren’t so handsome, she really wanted to hate him.

“So you’re just going to… hang out with me all day?” “If you like, or just when you need me. It’s completely up to you.” Jamie really didn’t like the idea of having sex with a horse while such an amazingly good looking guy was watching. It was bad enough to be locked in a cell all day with a horse cock up her, but now she was going to have to be seen too? Things were just getting worse and worse. Beto added, “Although for the first few days, it’s mandatory that I stay with you at all times.” “Why?” “Have you ever belly rode before?” “Uh, no. Actually… I’m kind of a virgin.” “Whoa… really?”

“That’s not a problem is it?” “It’s not a problem for me. Have you broken your hymen yet?” Jamie didn’t like this question but it was a legitimate one, “Yes… I have… a toy.” “Ahh… I see. Well, this is one hell of a way to lose your virginity, Jamie.” “Tell me about it.” “Right, okay, anyway, that’s good to know. Horses can be quite dangerous and until you familiarize yourself with how to ride them, I can’t let you wander around unattended.”


Jamie thought that all sounded very sensible, “Okay.” “Great, are you ready? We have a great starter stallion for you?” “Starter stallion?” “Yeah, he’s not that big, he’s extremely gentle and he’s very well trained. Now why don’t you take off your clothes, and come with me?” “Do I need to take off everything?” “What do you mean?” “I mean, can I just take off my skirt?” “Oh… well… I suppose so, it won’t hurt anything, I guess.” Jamie nodded, not really wanting to run around completely naked if she could help it. No one needed to see her breasts, she decided. She unzipped her skirt and slid it over her bottom. It was so strange to be standing there, bottomless in front of Beto. The other two women who were grooming horses didn’t even look up at her. Beto took her skirt and her purse and her flip flops and put them into a cabinet, “This will be your cabinet. Now come with me.”

She followed him past the two women who only glanced at her, but definitely didn’t start at her partial nudity, even a little bit. Outside, near the back of the barn was a stallion, saddled with an array of leather straps that coalesced into a sling under it’s large torso. He was a big animal, but certainly not the largest horse in the world. Maybe Beto was right – she needed a starter horse. He gave her the directions on how to situate herself under the stallion. It was awkward figuring out how to make it work and she felt like it just wasn’t going to work until she finally got situated. He said, “Okay, so now we’re going to tie your limbs to the horse to make it easier on you.”

“Wait, can I not do this part too? I mean… I don’t need to be tied up, right?” “I’m sorry, but yes, this actually is a requirement. I have to insist. Especially for a new belly rider, it’s important that you not pull away or get your head caught in between the horse’s front legs. You are more a danger to yourself at this point. So consider it a safety measure.” She sighed and didn’t say a word as Beto went around and strapped her ankles and her wrists to the horse’s side. Her legs splayed apart in a way that made her feel extremely vulnerable. She caught Beto stealing glimpses at her pubic region, which made her feel good. At least Beto thought she was attractive, even if she was about to have sex with a horse and probably ruining any chance she ever may have had with him. Although, maybe he didn’t care about belly riding. Surely he had been exposed to it enough that it wasn’t as big a deal to him as it would be to most men, she thought.

Beto began to massage the horse’s sheath and soon the horse’s penis began to distend and drop. Beto gently massaged the horse’s penis, in a way that began to turn Jamie on. She didn’t want to have sex with the horse, but watching a man massage a horse’s dick was a sight she hadn’t expected to enjoy as much as she did. She instinctively moved her hips, as she cursed herself internally. She didn’t want Beto to know that watching him excited her. She feared he might see that she was getting wet too, from his vantage point, being so close to her open pussy, as he was. “Here you go,” Beto said as the horse’s penis gently grazed Jamie’s light-brown pubic hair. She stiffened. She had somehow lost sight of reality in all of this. Suddenly she became very aware of her surroundings and that yes, she was, in fact, about to have intercourse with an animal.

She held her breath as Beto began to press the horse’s member against her sex. She could tell it was huge. It was at least three times thicker than the dildo she kept under her bed. She knew she was totally unprepared for this as Beto pressed harder against her. She moved her hips gracefully, trying to let the horse enter her. She just wanted to get it over with. She could have sex with the horse, and go home. She was looking forward to chewing her Father out. That thought was suddenly forced out of her brain as her eyes widened. The horse’s penis has managed to work it’s way just past the edge of her vaginal lips and was now pushing it’s way into her, “OH! Whoa! He’s in me!” “Yup, you okay?” Jamie felt overwhelmed, like she was drowning, but she grit her teeth and bared down trying to take as much as she could, “Just keep going.”

Beto pushed the thick horse penis further and further into Jamie’s body. She wished it would end, but it kept going, as inch after inch slid slowly into her, “Oh my God! How much further?” “An inch or two until he’s seated in you? I’m not sure, exactly.” Jamie struggled to keep her composure. She knew her pussy was engorged with blood but she was extremely uncomfortable. Nothing even close to that big had ever been in her body before. She had never wanted anything that big in her either, especially the first time she had sex. This huge penis was an unwelcome guest as far as she was concerned. Yet, she knew her vagina was naturally lubricating anyway. She couldn’t blame herself for getting wet – anything to make this terrible experience more comfortable.


Finally Jamie yelled out, “OKAY OKAY! He’s in! Ow… I can feel him against my cervix.” “Okay, perfect. You’ll get used to the discomfort after a while. All belly riders do.” Jamie felt like saying it was probably because they had lost all their senses and they had gotten so distended over the years that they could probably fit two horse cocks in them at once – the sluts. She was not one of them. She never wanted to have an distended pussy, and she didn’t want to get used to the discomfort.

Jamie looked around, suddenly very suspicious, “Wait, am I the only belly rider?” “Oh heavens, no. Definitely not. We have three others.” “Where are they?” “One is already out walking around somewhere, and the other two are most likely still at home.” “Oh, I thought we were supposed to start early.” “You are, and technically they are too. The problem is in the sperm extraction process you women tend to suck up quite a bit of the horse semen into your uterus.”

This was the gory detail that Jamie didn’t want to hear, but she also wanted to know what she was getting herself into, “Why is that a problem?” “Well, every ounce is money, so they try to keep their uteruses full of semen all night long, so that when they get to work, they won’t have wasted any more than necessary. Two of the women really only get unsaddled to get under a new horse and to use the restroom. They actually belly ride, even when they are at home.”

Jamie was trying to pay attention but the sensation of seven or eight inches of horse penis in her vagina was incredibly distracting. The horse’s breath and each time it stepped sent subtle shocks through her loins. She sort of forgot what they were talking about so she simply said, “Mhmm?” “Well, anyway, when women have sex with horses they tend to orgasm rather hard, which aids in impregnation.” “Huh,” Jamie’s ears perked up, “impregnation? What are you talking about?” “I know it’s not possible to get pregnant from a horse, but your body will try anyway.”

“No way, I’m not going to try to do any such thing. That’s gross.” Beto frowned, “I see you don’t like the idea of belly riding?” “No, this is just a job for me.” “Why would you take this job then?” “I had no other options. Look, maybe the other girls have perverted ideas about having horse babies, but not me. This is just a job. Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.” Beto nodded, “I see. Well, as you know, you are paid by the amount you extract. So think of it as 50 reis every time you extract semen. So you can expect to extract around 400 reis every day if you work hard. Or maybe more!”

Jamie did the math in her head… that would be the equivalent of a pretty well paid business man’s salary if she worked all day five days a week. She could manage to have sex with a horse once an hour for that. That would definitely get her family out of poverty, that’s for sure, “And the company still makes a profit off of that?” “Oh yes, a huge profit. They make closer to 20,000 reis per cup of semen. So ever ejaculation you extract is about 3/4ths of a cup. If you do it eight times a day, you can make up wards of 120,000 reis for the company. Julio said it best – if he puts the right packaging on it, he can sell horse semen for more than gold.” “Wow.” Jamie was sincerely impressed. No wonder Julio could afford such nice offices.


Jamie was somewhat flustered. She really didn’t want to be such an active participant in this perversion, but that’s the only way she could afford to pay for groceries and to keep the lights on in their home – let alone her parent’s medicines. No, this was her duty, even if her Father deserved a slap in the face for signing her up for this without so much as a hint about what it was that she was going to be doing all day. She sighed deeply, “Okay, show me what to do.”

“Well, first of all, you have to understand that for this to work, you need to be aroused.” “Why?” “Because your vagina will help extract the semen, by gently massaging the horse’s sensitive penis. If you trust me, I’ll show you.” She sighed again, frustrated and embarrassed by the fact that such a handsome guy was paying such careful attention to her nether regions while she was coupled to an animal of all things, “Fine.”

He showed her how she needed to move her hips to have the maximum effect on the horse by lifting her hips high in the air, “But if you want to give yourself pleasure, you’ll rotate your hips and wiggle them from side to side, and then alternate by lifting your hips to give your G spot the most pressure. It’s a bit tricky, but you’ll figure it out in no time.” Julie tried it several times before realizing that this was a hell of a workout as she used her leg muscles to lift her butt off the sling, giving the horse a different angle and better access to her insides as she did so. She could imagine doing this once or twice but eight times a day? Or more?

“Good, you’ve got it. Now there are two other things that are critical for you to know. The first is, when you know the horse is close to orgasmic, you need to let me know, so I can get the plastic bowl we’ll use to contain whatever you manage to extract. That’s the easy part, the hard part is learning how to control your stallion while you are belly riding. Some women pick it up quick in a few hours, others take days or weeks to figure it out.”

“I’ll do it in hours.” Beto laughed, “Hah! Okay, well, we’ll see about that.” He began to show her the straps that were positioned by her hand that could guide the horse. He untied the stallion from his lead and gave Jamie some room to practice. Jamie’s head was swimming with sensations. It was extremely awkward being upside down, as her pretty hair dangled to the ground. She’d have to remember to tie it up tomorrow, she thought. Looking at the world upside down, as her breasts bounced around in her tight tee-shirt was bad enough. But the huge penis in her was a very strange sensation.

He guided Jamie and the stallion towards a small grove of trees right next to the barn. He instructed her to navigate around them. She wanted to move her hips to guide the horse, but all that did was move it’s huge penis back and forth in her. She really had to guide entirely with her fingers on the reigns and the gentle tightening of her legs to indicate to the horse that she wanted it to walk. It wasn’t as easy as it first sounded. Although she didn’t think she could ever respect belly riders, she was becoming more impressed by how nimble, strong and determined they must be as each moment passed.


She also had an incredible sensation boiling up inside of her. Slowly her vulva was getting more and more aroused. Especially when Beto would give her gentle but firm instructions on remembering to keep her hips moving at all times, even as she navigated the horse around. Keeping everything in her mind all at once proved a little much for her. She couldn’t help but feel her body soften under the intense pleasure of the huge horse penis. She suddenly stiffened and totally unwillingly she came. Her body clenched hard and spasmed. She breathed heavily several times, trying to catch her breath. She had never orgasmed totally unintentionally before, it was a new and unwelcome trick her body had played on her.

She blushed hard as her pussy and anus pulsated involuntarily. Beto apparently hadn’t noticed her orgasm, or at least he hadn’t said anything. She eyed him for several more seconds, to see if he’d saying anything, and point out how much of a hypocrite she was or something else that she’d totally deserve. But he said nothing, other than to watch out for the tree that she was guiding the stallion towards. She couldn’t believe how difficult it was to keep the horse moving and steer it properly, while she was having her orgasm. How women got used to this, she would never know.

Sure, she thought, it may have been a pleasurable orgasm, but she could pleasure herself too. She certainly didn’t need a stallion to keep her company. Being bottomless with a hot guy standing nearby was enough to get her off anyway, so she blamed her orgasm on those factors. Attributing her orgasm to “normal” factors was easier than the alternative. She just couldn’t let herself enjoy this.

“How are you feeling now?” Jamie wondered if he was referring to her arousal but tried to play cool, “Oh, I’m fine, why?” “Because, you’re getting quite good at steering the stallion. You should be proud. Honestly, I think most women could learn it as fast as you do, but they’d rather be lead around. Independence is important for belly riders who want to hold down jobs, and have a somewhat normal life.” “I’d hardly call this normal.” “No, but I mean, if you wanted to attend a party, as a belly rider, it’s nice to be able to navigate through crowds.” “I think I’d rather die than be seen in public like this.”

Beto smiled, in a somewhat upset way, “You never know, it’s too early to make up your mind. Anyway, I think it’s about time you got your first semen sample. Don’t you?” Jamie couldn’t disagree more, but this was her job, after all, “Yeah, let’s get this over with.” “Okay, I need you to really raise up your hips, much harder than you have been, and increase your tempo. Try to do as much as you can to give the horse as much friction as you can with your vaginal lips. So concentrate on squeezing and sliding up and down his penis.”

“Okay, okay, I got it.” She wasn’t actually sure if she did get it, being this her first time and all, and she really didn’t think she was at all proficient at steering the horse from underneath it, but she needed to get this over with. She did as she was told and she stopped the horse before starting to work her hips up and down. Beto smiled, “Perfect, keep it up.” She sighed and resigned herself to what she was doing. She kept her pace up, for a full minute before she looked over at Beto, slightly frustrated, “What am I doing wrong?”


Beto laughed, “Nothing, you’re doing great, keep it up.” “How long?” “Depends on the horse and the situation. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes half an hour.” “Half an hour?!” She knew she was going to get a workout, but this was going to kill her. Beto nodded, “Sometimes. Don’t give up.” She nodded, and continued to work her hips up and down. At some point she began to feel her vulva begin to flush and feel hot. She knew she was beginning to get extremely aroused again. She shuddered and tried to put that thought out of her brain.

Suddenly the horse’s shaft began to inflate inside of her. She got excited, “Beto, he’s growing!” “Ah, yes, he’s getting closer. Look at his testicles too. They’re lifting. That means he’s getting ready to deliver the contents of his prostate into you.” Jamie winced and in a sarcastic tone she said, “Lucky me.” The horse interrupted her distaste with a sudden jerk followed by a hard thrust into her, “OW!” She was suddenly scared. It was easy to forget that she was having sex with 1000 pounds of muscle. She was entirely at it’s mercy, and it didn’t feel like being gentle with her, she now realized.

It was this sudden surge of strength that tipped Jamie over the edge. Suddenly the pain she was enduring wasn’t as painful. Even though it was much worse, and more intense, she now appreciated the power within this beast, “Eesh… he’s so strong!” Beto laughed, “And he’s our most tame horse!” She couldn’t believe that. She felt like her life was in danger as the horse thrusted violently into her. Still, she couldn’t help but be amazed at the sensations. She had never felt anything like this. She also suddenly felt very dirty, fucking a horse in front of one of the most attractive men she had ever met.

Her body, finally free of her virginity began to shudder and shake. She tried to fight the feeling inside of her, but it seemed like the more she fought it the more intense the sensation became. The horse made a loud whinny sound and thrusted harder and harder. To her amazement the horse decided that she would make a fine mate and decided in that moment to unleash a torrent of semen deep inside of her unwilling body. Rope after rope of hot horse ejaculate erupted out of the flaring horse penis and into her wet hole.

She didn’t think her body could take any more of this abuse as every thrust worked more of the horse’s hot cumm into her. Until finally she felt her pussy begin to pulsate hard as a climax overtook her. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Why was she having an orgasm? She knew perfectly well that she wasn’t having sex with a man. Why was her body reacting in this way? But she couldn’t help it. She whined and shook as her body lapped up the horse’s juices, sucking them deep into her uterus. She could feel her cervix tapping the head of the horse’s penis with each pulsation her body made.

Her anus and pussy convulsed, lewdly. Beto smiled, “Good job!” He had a small plastic bowl, about four inches across with a taped lip on one side that stuck out like a funnel. He walked to the side of Jamie and stuck the bowl under her ass, with the funnel touching her anus, as if it were trying to gain entry. She couldn’t help it but her anus was still pulsating and it felt like she was trying to milk the edge of the bowl with her butt. It just served to make her orgasm harder, as a sudden warm flash of liquid erupted from her labia. She knew she was cumming in waves, and with each wave a small amount of semen drooled out of her and into the bowl.


She was incredibly embarrassed but she had a hard time containing herself. She had been lifting her hips so hard that her shirt had ridden up to the point where it was rolled up under her back and only served to cover her breasts. It was uncomfortable and hot. As her disgust with her situation returned, Beto stood up and showed her the small bowl filled only a small part of the way with white fluids, “See? Here you are!”

“Hmm… I thought it would be more.” Beto laughed, “Well, Jamie, I think it was a lot more. It just so happens that most of it is deep in your uterus.” “Ew! No way! Really? But I didn’t even enjoy that.” She partially lied – she had had a great orgasm, but she sure didn’t want to have that orgasm. Beto nodded, “I’m sure. Let’s get him to orgasm once more just to make sure. If there’s a lot more the second time, we know where the first load ended up. I’ll be right back. I need to deposit this. Enjoy yourself out here.”

— Chapter Five —

Beto had taken a while to return, and Jamie took that time to reflect on what had happened. She had had lost her virginity to a horse, and she had orgasmed twice. The horse had ejaculated into her, and she assumed she still had somewhere around 1/2 a cup of it’s semen in her womb, where it’s semen was no doubt swimming around inside of her looking to impregnate her. And there she laid, dumbfounded, bottomless, with semen still slowly oozing out of her. She was traumatized.

She was somewhat aroused still too. She felt like she could even cumm again, but how sick would that be? No, she’d give the stallion a few minutes to recover and then she’d start again. She laid as still as she could, having as litle fun as she could, in defiance of Beto, Julio, her Father and anyone else who would wish her to lower herself to this level. Although, sitting there, uncomfortably in her tee-shirt that was rolled up she made the decision that she would have to remove her shirt next time she belly rode. It was a nice idea – to stay bottomless only, but her shirt was sweaty and was uncomfortable.

Beto finally returned and smiled, “Good, now let’s just try it once more for today, and then you can call it an early day. I don’t want to put too much pressure on you the first day.” “No, I mean… I have to work for my family. That’s the whole reason I’m here.” “I can pay you for a full day’s worth of work, for the first few days of your training. It’s one of the perks of being a chaperon. I get to make those sorts of decisions for the first few days, and I’m the one who measures out how much sperm you’ve collected.” “Oh, okay… great. Well, I only plan on working here a week. That was the original agreement. But that’s really sweet of you.”


Jamie suddenly realized that Beto was in many ways her new boss and it might be a good idea to get on his good side. Especially if it meant less time with a horse dick up inside of her. Beto said, “Go ahead and try again, whenever you’re ready.” Jamie nodded her head and began to lift her hips. Quickly she realized what a disgusting sound her vagina was now making. It was both making a loud squishing sound followed by an equally loud sucking sound.

She was deeply embarrassed by the sounds, “I’m so sorry, I can’t help it!” Beto’s eyebrows raised up, “Sorry about what?” “All the sounds. I know it’s gross.” Beto laughed, “You’re cute. No, they aren’t gross sounds, they’re perfectly natural for a belly rider. Trust me, I’ve heard much worse.” She smiled, genuinely. He was really nice. She continued to bob her butt up and down but she thought for a second and asked, “How long have you been doing this?” “About a year now. Once you’ve seen and heard Delilah have sex with a horse, nothing will embarrass you anymore. She puts all the other belly riders we have to shame. You’ll meet her.”

“How so?” “She has been a belly rider since she was your age, and now she’s almost thirty. So, yeah, almost ten years now. I was her chaperon for the last six months or so, since she was hired until today. I was glad to move on to you though.” “Why is she bad?” “She’s just got the filthiest mouth you’ve ever heard. I thought it was kinda sexy at first, actually. I used to go home and masturbate thinking about her. It’s just a bit much after a while. Some belly riders have class – she’s just not one of them.”

Jamie caught her breath when he said he used to masturbate thinking about Delilah, “Why did you used to masturbate thinking about her?” “Oh, she’s just got no inhibitions, that’s all. She’s so happy with life, and frankly, she’s just a lot of fun to watch.” She was trying to take mental notes of what Beto liked and didn’t like. She felt like a little school girl as she asked, “And am I fun to watch?”

“Are you kidding? You lost your virginity to a stallion in broad daylight. That’s got to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.” Jamie blushed, “Are you going to think about this… tonight?” Beto laughed and blushed a little himself, “I think you’ve just got sperm on your mind. Don’t you worry about what I do at night. Just focus on what you’re doing now.” Jamie felt flirty all of a sudden, so she complained, “But you said that me being turned on helps.”

Beto laughed, “Okay, I probably will think about you tonight.” “Probably?!” She pretended to be overly shocked. “Okay, okay, I definitely will. Now let’s drop it, okay?” Satisfied she smiled and resumed the humping of her hips, “Okay. Sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me.” She blushed thinking about how exposed she was. “About eight inches of horse penis and 1/2 a cup of horse semen, by the looks of what’s sticking to your pubic hair.” “Ew! Really?”


“Yes, really, it’s all over your pussy lips and your pubic hair, actually. And your butt, too,” he added. She was disturbed, “Oh, gross!” Beto smiled, “Don’t worry, all belly riders look like that after an hour or two of riding. You better get used to it. You’re pussy is going to look like that every day.” “And you don’t mind?” “No, I mean it’s messy, but no, I think it’s really sexy, actually.”

She let out a small moan when she heard that and closed her eyes. How could this beautiful man looking at her filthy sperm coated vulva think she was still sexy? She wanted to do anything to please him. She shoved her hips up hard against the stallion, if he liked watching her have sex with a stallion, that’s exactly what she was going to do, and she’d do it with a smile on her face. She worked her hips harder and harder.

Several minutes passed, and she was sure Beto was still staring at her, she felt her pussy begin to tense. She wanted to hold off a few minutes longer, but she didn’t have to. The horse began to tense. Each pulsation lifted her butt off of the saddle. She was still amazed at how incredibly strong this animal was as her eyes opened. The squishing and sucking sounds intensified as the thick member assaulted her vulnerable pussy. She instinctively both faught to get away and faught to lift her butt up to give the animal the most pleasure she could.

She told herself she wasn’t enjoying this. But she was definitely enjoying the fact that Beto was enjoying this. The horse began to ejacult into her again. She arched her back and with a loud and embarrassing moan that escaped her lips she came at the same time. The two – horse and girl were orgasmic together. Unified by their lust, they were really and truly coupled, as her pussy sucked hard at the thick shaft. Wave after wave of semen lapped at the entrance to her uterus. Beto reached under her with a clean bowl and suddenly Jamie was rewarded for her hard work by another, but much larger hot flash of ejaculate that squirt out of her from around the union of her sex and the stallion’s huge penis.

Beto laughed, “Wow! Yes! Quite a bit more semen this time. You should be proud!” Jamie blushed hard. She knew Beto was thinking the same thing she was. She definitely did suck up that 1/2 of a cup of semen into her uterus the first time. Jamie was no different than those other sluts – her body betrayed her and telegraphed to the extremely observant Beto that she loved horse dick. No matter how much she fought the idea, it wasn’t even her decision to make. Her body had made up her mind for her.

— Chapter Six —


Beto let Jamie go soon after, and paid her 400 reis in cash. It was easily enough to go shopping. Even though Jamie was exhausted, she knew she had to go to the store. With semen oozing out of her sloppy pussy, down from under her short skirt and down her legs, she tried to shop in the most demure way she could manage. She was sure no one would probably notice – how many people really inspected the legs of gorgeous women as they walked by? The more she thought about it, the more she knew she was deluding herself. She was walking around the store, picking things up for her family, while half of a cup of semen lazily drooled out of her filthy hole.

Several people gave her looks, but she shrugged it off, trying to imagine they were just being lecherous people and that they weren’t thinking anything terrible about her. With two bags of groceries under her arms she walked the rest of the way back to her house. She opened the door and put the food down. Her Father stood up from the couch, slowly, “Back so soon?” She had been practicing what mood she wanted to be in for the entire walk, so with the sassiest and most annoyed tone she could muster she said, “Yes, Dad.”

He lifted his eyebrows as if he expected her to hit him or yell at him. But instead she slowly put the groceries away, not saying a word. He probed, “You okay?” “Yes, I’m fine, Dad. No thanks to you!” “What do you mean?” “What do I mean? Are you serious?” “You’re upset about the whole horse thing, aren’t you?” “You think?! Did you tell Mom?” “Uh, no, I didn’t mention it to her.” “I think we should talk to Mom!” Jamie slammed the refrigerator and walked into her parent’s bedroom, her Father in tow.

Her Mother sat up in bed, looking miserable, and irritated by all the noise. “Mom, you have to hear what Dad signed me up for.” “What’s that?” “Tell her, Dad.” “Well,” he swallowed, with a bit of guilt on his face, “I didn’t want to send you off to that job, but I figured it was our last resort. They make cosmetics out of horse semen, I guess.” “Oh, but tell her the best part, Dad?” His eyes narrowed inquisitively, “Which part?”

“Oh, the part where you signed me up to have sex with horses?” “I did WHAT?!” Jamie was confused, surely that’s what he and Julio had talked about. She decided he was playing coy in front of her Mother and he wasn’t going to get away with it, “You know what you did. You signed me up to be a belly rider. You know – fuck horses and extract their semen!” Silvia looked at her daughter, “What are you talking about?! Did… you…?” George looked at Silvia and then his Daughter and shook his head in disbelief, “What on earth are you talking about? I signed you up to work in the sales department.”

“No you didn’t… Don’t you dare lie to my face. I sure as hell didn’t sell any sperm today. All I did was have sex with a horse! Twice!” Her Father put his hands out as if to defend himself, “Wait, Julio and I definitely talked about a sales job for you. I specifically asked if there was anything weird or kinky about the job and he said no.” “Well, his definition of weird and kinky is definitely different than mine, look!” She reached under her skirt and probed her pussy for a second before removing it and showing her wet fingers to her parents, “Sperm. I’m not making this up. This is horse sperm, Dad.”


Silvia winced, “Why didn’t you just walk away when they said what the job was?” Jamie frowned, “Because I thought it’s what you guys wanted me to do.” He said, “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m going to call Julio right now and figure this out.” Maybe he wasn’t lying, Jamie thought as she fought a smile. Either way, maybe if she could switch to a sales role she could put all this belly riding stuff behind her, “Good!” He squinted before he walked out and asked sternly, “They didn’t rape you did they?” “No, they were perfectly nice, but still….”

Her Father nodded and stormed to the phone, while Jamie sat on her Mother’s bed, leaking more semen onto the comforter. Silvia hugged her daughter and said, “Everything will be okay.” Jamie smiled feeling her Mother’s warm arms around her shoulder. Meanwhile Jamie heard her Father’s angry tone from the next room, but soon it softened, and then he sounded slightly apologetic and then it sounded like he was talking business. Maybe he was getting to the bottom of this after all.

Her Father hung up and walked back into the bedroom, “I think we need to talk.” Jamie stood up with her hands on her hips somewhat defiantly and feeling victorious. Her Father asked, “Did you go to see Julio?” Jamie swallowed, forgetting that that small bit of information may come up. But it didn’t matter, either way, she was supposed to have a sales role, “Yeah, oh yeah, I forgot about that.” “Did he tell you that he had a job that closed and then another belly riding job opened up?” Jamie’s eyes opened wide, as she started piecing the puzzle pieces together, “Yes, but he never mentioned anything about sales, and you talked to him about a sales job, right?”

“Yes, the first time we talked. But when I called him back I just said that you and I had talked about the job, and we decided as much as we’d rather you have nothing to do with his company, we needed the money too badly. He thought I was talking about the job you had spoken to him about. He didn’t realize that you were going behind my back.” Jamie’s heart sunk, “Oh no.” “Well, I mean, that’s terrible that you had to have sex with a horse, honey, and it’s definitely not what I had in mind for you for a career choice, but there is a silver lining.”

Jamie couldn’t imagine what it was, but maybe her Father had pulled in a special favor from Julio and got her re-assigned to a lesser job or something, “Oh?” “Yes, I got you a 100% raise. So he said you should be bringing home around 800 reis a day now. All I had to do was to agree to let him breed you out to his stallions… for a month, instead of a week.” Silvia smiled and clapped, “Ooh! Wow! That’s a lot of money! You hear that, Jamie?” Jamie shook her head, “Wait, what? You signed me up to have sex with a horse for a month?!? Are you crazy? How is that a silver lining?”

Silvia said sternly, “That’s a lot of money, Jamie – you know we need it.” George nodded, “Right, and it’s only a month.” “But DAD…” “No buts! It’s just temporary. He said he set you up with his best chaperon too.” “I mean, Beto’s nice and all, but really? Why wouldn’t you at least ask me first?” Her Father looked red in the face, “Ask you? Like you asked me before going over there in the first place behind my back?” She shrunk at her Father’s voice. He might have had a bad back but he was scary when he got angry.


“Mom, please, don’t make me go back there… It’s so… degrading!” Silvia shook her head, “It’s just a little sex, Jamie. Stop complaining.” Jamie exploded. She couldn’t believe her Mother wasn’t taking her side, “Stop complaining?! MOM! I LOST MY VIRGINITY TO A HORSE!” “Lower your voice young lady. You can’t lose your virginity to a horse, only to a man. So you can quite saying that right now.” Jamie had no way to combat that crazy logic – she had definitely been inseminated by a horse. There was no doubt about it.

Silvia looked at her downtrodden daughter, “Look, I know that must be very scary for you, but it’s not like you’re having to do hard labor. Just do it for a month, and your Father can find you something else to do in the meantime, while you’re at work. Besides, you really should be punished for going behind your Father’s back. Maybe staying under a horse for a month will give you time to think about why you need to respect your Father.” Jamie stormed out of the room, even more pissed off than before. How dare her Family sign her up for a month of bestiality without her consent?!

— Chapter Seven —

The next day rolled around, and Jamie went to work like the previous morning. She wore a similar outfit – jean skirt with a tight tank top. Jamie cruised right past the secretary who recognized her and quickly let her into the building. Beto met her outside, in the back of the building where the horse was already standing there, ready to go. She shed her clothes off quickly, and in a bad mood she said, “Let’s just get this over with,” as she handed her purse, her skirt and her tank top.

Beto smiled, looking at her breasts giggle as she tied her pretty long hair up into a bun and got into the saddle, “Decided against the tee-shirt today, huh?” “It was uncomfortable. Don’t get any ideas.” Beto’s eyebrows lifted up as if he were somehow hurt by her comment. She felt bad as soon as she said it. Beto was gorgeous and she wanted him to like her, “I’m sorry, Beto, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just in a bad mood, that’s all.” “Why’s that?” “My Dad talked with Julio last night. I guess I’m staying here a lot longer than a week.” “How much longer?” “He signed me up for a month! A whole month! Can you believe that?”

Beto nodded, “I’m sorry for you, but I’m glad we’ll get to spend more time together.” Jamie smiled prettily. Her crush for Beto was growing by the minute. It was only made stronger by the fact that he was helping her engage in an erotic act with a horse. Before long she felt the horse deep inside of her and she was properly coupled with the stallion for the second time in two days.


The day moved relatively quickly. Jamie began to get better at practicing the movements of her hips. She was surprised to find she was having more fun than the previous day, even though she was dreading having sex with a horse for a month. The horse ejaculated in her twice, before Beto said, “I know you can probably go for longer today, but unfortunately I have to go.” “Go?” “Yeah, it’s actually my birthday today.” “Oh! Really?” “Yeah, I’m having a small party tonight.” “Oh!” Jamie bit her lip gently, dying for an invite. She wondered if her charms worked even while she was impaled on a horse, or not.

He smiled sensing her wish, “Would you like to come? Some of the other people from work are coming too.” “Oh! Really? Okay, well, sure, I suppose so!” Jamie was glad to know she might have something to talk about with the other people there. “Great, well, my party is starting pretty early. Come by at around 2. I gotta go and set some stuff up though. Iliza can collect your semen samples for you.” He pointed to one of the girls who was grooming one of the horses. Jamie couldn’t get used to this laid back lifestyle that the Brazilians had – where they could take a half day off work and no one seemed to care.

Normally she’d be thinking about her family, but they had really pissed her off the night before, and they were pretty much the last thing on her mind. Plus, if they doubled her rate, she could work half as hard to get back at them, she reasoned. “Okay, here’s where I live.” He pulled out a small photocopy of an invite, with the directions on it. He considered giving it to her, but reconsidered and held it up so she could see instead. He showed her the streets, and Jamie committed it to memory, “Great, well, I’ll see you then.”

He flashed his beautiful smile at her and turned, leaving Jamie alone to her own devices. She felt her heart pitter-pattering thinking about him. He was just so sexy. She waited until he was out of sight and then she started working her hips up and down hard. She needed to orgasm bad. She hovered near Iliza, as she worked her hips upwards. Suddenly she felt like what she really needed was a nice hard horse cock to ejaculate into her. She couldn’t even explain it to herself. She gave into her desire and wildly bucked her hips. Although she still stifled her moans as best she could. She still wasn’t at all comfortable with what was going on and she didn’t want to be like those other sluts who agreed to this on purpose, she was doing this for her family.

It didn’t take long before the horse began to buck and thrust into her. She felt it’s soft skin begin to inflate and thicken. It pulsed hard inside of her and she grunted as she felt her own orgasm impending. Several seconds later, the horse jabbed into her one last time before erupting a small stream of hot semen out of his body and into Jamie’s stretched hole. She bucked hard, but kept her head about her, “ILIZA! HE’S CUMMING!!!” Iliza dropped the brush she had and ran over to get a small bowl. She barely made it in time as the first small gush of semen began to squirt out from around the edges of Jamie’s vulva in gently pulses.

Iliza, smiled, “Whew, just barely made it.” Jamie huffed, as she continued to orgasm, “Sorry… I don’t know what hit me.” Iliza smiled, “No problem, but if you’re going to be one of ‘those girls’ we can work around that.” She was so embarrassed that her pussy and anus were convulsing. It was probably quite obvious that Jamie was cumming, but she was deeply embarrassed by that fact, “What do you mean?”


“Here, I’ll show you in a minute… It looks like this was your first time today, so this will probably be about it. One second, let me find our mobile bowl.” Iliza stood up with her small amount of collected semen and left with it into the building. A few minutes later when Jamie had finally calmed down from her orgasm Iliza came back out with a larger bowl than the one she had before, but it had a funny top with straps on it.

“Here… this is our mobile bowl. The other girls wear them too, so don’t worry.” “What is it?” “Think of it as the belly riding equivalent to the bed pan.” Iliza smirked as she began to fasten it under Jamie’s butt. It was made of plastic and had a funnel going down to a very thin meshed metal grate that lead to a bigger bowl. “The funnel traps the semen, the grate keeps any debris or bugs out and the bowl will hold the semen until you can get back to us. So if you ever wanted to take the horse home, you could come back and we could still get all the semen you collected over the night. It’s also nicer because you don’t have to hover around here, or have one of us with you at all times. Just make sure to come back here once a day, so we can make sure it’s still fresh and it doesn’t dry out too much.”

Iliza strapped it into place and Jamie swung her hips around several times and tried to look under her arm to see if the bowl was annoying to have strapped beneath her. Surprisingly it didn’t move much because of how it was strapped into place. Because it wasn’t attached to her, and just the saddle, it was relatively motionless compared to the wild movements of her pelvis.

Jamie blushed, “It’s a little weird, to be honest.” “What part?” “I mean, having a bowl that’s set up to catch all the semen that comes out of you? It’s kinda humiliating.” “Well, it’s either that or you kinda need to let us be right there, every time the horse orgasms. You chose which.” Jamie sighed, “Neither?” “Think about it this way, you have your freedom now. You can walk anywhere you want on the property, or even off the property. You can go home, or visit friends – whatever you want?” “Do I have to tell you that I’m leaving?” “Not unless you want to. You aren’t a slave! You just need to come back once a day for a minute or so.”

Jamie had an idea that it might be extremely erotic to show up to Beto’s birthday party wearing nothing but her birthday suit. Maybe she should even belly ride over to his house, “Hey are you going to Beto’s party tonight?” “Yeah, I think I’m going to take off right now, actually, because I have to run home first and change, but I’ll probably go. You can talk to one of the other girls who can get you ready or whatever else you need.” Jamie thought for a second, “Do you think other belly riders will be there?”

“Oh, you haven’t met any of the other girls have you?” “Not yet, no.” “They only show up here for a minute a day or so, so it’s not surprising. Yeah, they may show up. You never know with those girls.” Jamie nodded, “Well maybe I’ll see you there then.” Iliza said goodbye, turned on her heels and walked back into the building, leaving Jamie to fantasize.


— Chapter Eight —

Jamie’s pussy was spasming for the fourth time that day as a reaction to the horse’s ejaculation. Despite Jamie’s new found freedom she stayed only a few yars away from the stable. One of the other girls, Tabi, offered to unhook her and supply her with a new horse – since horses could only handle 4 or 5 orgasms a day before they slowed down. Jamie agreed, and Tabi and Jamie went through the process of untying Jamie and re-tying her to the new stallion. Tabi noticed the mobile bowl, “Oh! Whoops, I didn’t see that you had one of these earlier. I’ll have to get a new one, I guess.”

Jamie could sense that Tabi was slightly flustered – she seemed like she was the kind of person who could get overwhelmed by little things – like handling two belly riding horses, a belly rider, a shot, and two bowls. Jamie smiled, “You can just use the same bowl for now. I just got it a few hours ago.” Tabi smiled, with a breath of relief, “Oh, good idea!” Tabi unstrapped the mobile bowl with the funnel on top.

Jamie saw that the bowl was a little less than a third full. It was tough to estimate how big the bowl was since it was irregularly shaped, but she guessed it was filled with over two cups of semen already and probably had room for six cups total. The bowl was semi-transparent, so she could easily see the horse’s ejaculate in it, sloshing around. She moved her hips gently, thinking about the fact that all of that had been shot out of a horse’s dick into her, all of which was aimed at getting her pregnant. Tabi strapped the 1/3rd full bowl under the new horse which Jamie was finally getting comfortable with.

As Jamie rocked her hips thinking about that, she also noticed that this horse’s penis was bigger than the last one, and the horse seemed slightly less tame. Something about his demeanor frightened and excited Jamie a little. The first horse had been a big teddy bear. This horse was a devil. She was immediately aroused by this new and more skiddish beast. Tabi delivered the shot and brought the first horse back into the stable, as she waved, “Have fun!”

Jamie still wasn’t sure what fun meant under a stallion. Could she really walk around the propery like this? It was beautiful, but what if someone saw her? Not that any one of the cosmetic supply company employees would care, but the walls around the property weren’t that tall either. Others might see in. But her mind wasn’t as worried about that as it was that she was still thinking about Beto and his party. She couldn’t help but think how sexy it would be to show up at Beto’s party like this. She kinda liked that this horse had a bigger dick. It felt even more dirty as her pussy, which was filled up with sperm from another horse slipped up and down the horse’s ridgid shaft. She wanted to show off to Beto.


It was almost the perfect scenario. She could show up, and she wouldn’t know anyone. She’d just be the belly riding slut that showed up. Other than Beto and maybe Iliza, she knew no one there. She could blend in with the other belly riders. Hell, it was even expected of her. Surely with four belly riders hanging out, Beto’s friends wouldn’t be offended by her personally. She might even seem tame next to the other more experienced girls. Yes, she could play the role of the shy one. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she got more and more nervous about what she was planning on doing. Belly riding was technically illegal in Rio, but the other girls did it and they never got arrested, so it must be possible.

Plus Beto’s place was only eight blocks or so away – that was hardly anything. She finally sucked up the courage and coaxed the horse to the opening of the stable and said, “Tabi – I’m going to take the horse for a walk. I’ll be back in a while.” Tabi smiled and waved, “Take your time and have fun.” Jamie nodded, almost wishing Tabi would ask her where she was about to go and tell her not to. Tabi was the wrong sort of person to be looking for good advice from.

So with that she took a deep breath and squeezed her legs together to coax the horse forward. She had managed to figure out how to steer the day before, but it was like learning over again when she rounded the corner of the building and was presented with a set of fresh obstacles, and a new horse that didn’t respond in exactly the same way as her other horse had. No, she was still a novice and this was a troublesome way to travel for her. That and the fact that Jamie was very turned on by this new stallion for some reason.

She couldn’t get it out of her head that she was having sex with this beautiful stallion. He was right out of a movie with jet black shiny hair and a pretty long black main. The other stallion had been a brownish tan color, nice, and tame, but this one was black, strong and mean looking. He had a thicker penis, and a stronger physique. He looked like more of an alpha male. Jamie felt a strong attraction to him and as she walked she began to wriggle her hips. She actually did want to stop herself from having another orgasm, because she didn’t like how amazingly turned on she was all of a sudden. But her even her attempts at controlling herself still resulted in her moving her hips back and forth, from side to side, teasing the giant animal in the process.

She rounded the corner and walked out onto the sidewalk. She looked around in a bit of panic. What was she doing? She couldn’t believe she had talked herself into this. Yesterday she wouldn’t be caught dead doing this, and now, here she was, walking to a party eight blocks away, in broad daylight, in the middle of the city, while having sex with a horse. Because it was early afternoon, most of the cars were off the road, while people worked. However, Jamie did start seeing people. She wasn’t very familiar with this part of town, having only moved to the city a few years before and usually spending her time in other areas.

The area wasn’t that bad, although she had heard it could be a little rough. To her amazement it was actually lined with some of the prettier apartments she had seen since she moved there. They were older, but nicely kept up. The people, more amazingly, barely acknowledged her as her horse clip-clopped by. A few waved, and some rather lecherous men cat called after her. She still felt deeply embarrassed and ashamed, but she was also turned on by this whole affair. Could she really be allowed to walk through a city while having sex with no repercussions? This was some perverted dream come true!


She rocked her hips harder, making deep eye contact with anyone who was watching. People passed by and she felt herself getting more and more horny as she was further and further away from the safety of the stable. She knew her pussy was still dripping semen from the previous horse, but she still hadn’t felt this new horse ejaculate. She felt a strange but very primal desire to have this new horse’s ejaculate inside her.

She began to lift her hips wildly, right there in broad daylight. She practically tempted the onlookers to scoff at her, and some did, but most smiled or simply ignored her lascivious act. She was emboldened and humped harder for several more blocks, until finally the masculine horse began to act more aggressive as it walked. She noticed it’s huge penis was growing even bigger. It was already huge, but it was growing nearly beyond the limits of her pussy. She was worried he might injur her, but Jamie was too far gone now.

Even as the stallion stretched Jamie’s vulva to the limits she kept bucking and even said out loud, “Come on, please… give it to me!” She was barely paying attention to where she was going anymore as the horse halted in it’s tracks and began to thrust into her. Jamie was elated! She wanted this so badly. She had never been so aroused in her whole life. The stallion worked it’s huge cock into Jamie’s slippery hole. The loud liquid sounds coming out of her as the horse’s member worked back and forth inside her body were more than Jamie could bare.

She felt an orgasm approaching quickly, as the horse’s temper and speed increased. She could almost smell the masculine scent wafting off of the horse. She knew he was the king stallion and she wanted to let him sire her. She gave into him completely, and opened her legs as wide as she could for her new master, as it drove it’s huge penis as deep into her as her body could physically allow. Finally the stallion began to make a loud coughing sound as it thrusted and began to squirt a torrent of hot ejaculate deep up into Jamie.

Jamie grunted and thrust her hips upwards, trying as much as she could to give this stallion as much of her body as she could. It was intense, and a bit painful, but Jamie’s climax took over any sense of discomfort she may have had. She arched her back and shook hard. Her whole body spasmed. She was barely aware of a fairly large group of business men who had walked all around her and the stallion on the sidewalk. She saw their suits and was terribly embarrassed, but still she came. She couldn’t get enough of this giant animal’s penis.

Her butt and legs shook and her pussy and ass pulsated hard, until finally sperm overflowed her sex and began to dribble out of her. She felt it erupting out from around her labia, sticking to her, and the horse’s cock. She could feel it sticking between her butt cheeks as her anus continued to convulse. She knew the bowl beneath her got quite a bit of semen deposited into it. A few of the business men had stopped to watch while the others slowed down to let their friends enjoy the show. Being on display so openly was really erotic.


With a few last thrusts from the stallion, Jamie collapsed into the saddle, breathless. Her breasts shook as her chest heaved. Her mind raced. Five times a horse had ejaculated into her today. She had had sex with two horses. She had had an orgasm in front of a dozen business men. On top of it all, she was only half way to a party, where she intended to have sex with a horse in front of a group of complete strangers.

Yes, this had been the most interesting day of her life, by far. She was still amazingly embarrassed though, as she looked around. The business men hadn’t stopped looking at her, but they were still moving away. She decided she should keep walking. She was still extremely turned on, and felt like she could cumm again, but she had already humiliated and disgraced herself enough for one block.

She managed to walk the remaining few blocks relatively unnoticed. She finally saw the small house where Beto lived. There was certainly a party happening. Jamie had really no idea what time it was, but it looked like she was fashionably late. Perfect, she thought. Hopefully the other belly riders had already warmed up the crowd enough where she could slip in relatively easily. She began coaxing the horse towards the driveway where it opened up around the corner to the back of the house where the party was happening.

As soon as she rounded the corner, she realized how big the party was. There were probably close to 80 people there. But, to her horror, there wasn’t one other belly rider – or at least no other belly riders who were, like Jamie – under their stallions. Some of the guys stopped, slack-jawed and simply said things like, “WHOA!” and “Holy shit!” She spotted Beto almost immediately, as her cheeks flushed furiously. His eyes were huge. Jamie’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his face – it was quite clear that he hadn’t expected her to show up under a horse. And worse, Jamie was quite obviously in heat. Her pussy was slick and sticky from five loads of horse semen.

Jamie wanted to cry, but she tried to toughen up. It was too late. Even though the girls were all glaring at her with hostility, and the guys seemed to be lecherous, Jamie wasn’t there for them. She was there for Beto. He walked over quickly, “Jamie, what are you doing?” “You said I could come to your party. I thought you might like for me to come to your birthday – you know… in my birthday suit.” “Yes, I did want you to come… but… not like this!” “But… you said there were going to be other belly riders here.” “No I didn’t… Oh… no, I said other people from work. I meant more of the professional staff. I figured you were going to dress up. You know… like the rest of the people here.”

Jamie’s heart sank. No, she wouldn’t be the modest belly rider amongst the slutty ones. She was the one and only slutty belly rider at the party. Her pussy was full of semen and she had a thin sheen of sweat all over her body from just as many orgasms. She was a mess. But just when Jamie thought things could not get any worse, they did.


“Who the fuck is this?” A thin pretty girl, about the same age as Jamie stood with her hands on her hips. She wore a pretty thin sleeveless blouse and a skirt not unlike the one that Jamie had worn to work that day, and long since left behind. Jamie knew this girl was just as pretty as Jamie was, but clearly had a lot more class. Beto said, “Oh, this is Jamie, Jamie, this is my girlfriend, Dulce.” Jamie’s heart sank further. Beto had a girlfriend? Jamie swallowed, “It’s nice to meet you.” Dulce shook her head and in a very pissed off tone she said, “Yeah, right, charmed, I’m sure. Now why are you here?”

Jamie looked down, but looking down she realized that her nipples were visible, because she was still stark naked and the last thing she wanted to do was look at her own nipples in that moment. Her nudity was almost worse than the fact that she had a big horse dick in her. Beto said, “It’s okay, Dulce. Jamie’s new, and she’s still learning how to ride. I work with her. I invited her.” Dulce was clearly not prepared to fight with Beto on this, or at least not to his face, so she said, “Okay, I’ll be nice. But I’m thirsty, can you get me something to drink?”

Beto smiled, “Sure, be right back.” He smiled and nodded to Jamie and then wormed his way through the crowd and out of Jamie’s sight. Dulce took a step forward, and another girl, who was presumably one of Dulce’s friend took a step forward too at the same time. Jamie knew she was in trouble. She had absolutely no defenses. Dulce was hot, and probably charming and nice when Jamie wasn’t around. Beto was off fetching a drink for her too, so it was clear that he liked her. No, Jamie had nothing left to fall back on.

Dulce asked, “So what’s it like to fuck a horse all day?” Jamie didn’t know what to say, “I actually haven’t done it all day. At least not yet anyway. Yesterday was only a part day, and the day’s not over yet.” Dulce probed, “But let me get this straight, you’re going to fuck a horse all day long at some point, aren’t you?” “Probably.” Dulce laughed, “Gross. I mean, I knew that Beto worked with some dirty bitches, but wow – you really have got to be a gutter slut to think that fucking a horse at a party is okay.” Jamie said nothing but she felt tears welling up.

“Do you like it? Do you like being under there?” Jamie shrugged, trying not to say anything, lest her voice crack and Dulce find out that she was near tears. “I’m betting you do like it! What do you think, Karina?” The other girl, who was presumably Dulce’s friend looked Jamie over with disgust, “I’d say so. She’d probably fuck anything that would put it’s dick in her.” Dulce laughed again, “This poor horse didn’t even want to, did he? That’s why you had to tie yourself to it, didn’t you, Jamie? Even a horse won’t fuck you.”

Dulce and Karina both laughed at their torture. Jamie still said nothing, but bit her lip and furrowed her forehead, trying not to let on how upset she was. Dulce stopped and looked at Jamie in a weird way, “Oh my god, what is this!?” Jamie wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but Dulce squatted down, giving Jamie a view right up her skirt. Dulce was wearing black thong panties. Of course Jamie couldn’t even think of her as a slut, because Jamie hadn’t worn any panties for the better part of the summer.


Dulce reached under Jamie’s butt and touched the mobile bowl. “OH MY GOD!” Karina’s eyes were huge, “What the fuck is that?” Dulce started laughing like crazy, “Holy shit, is this all cumm?” Jamie tried to remain stoic. Dulce looked around as if she were totally confused, “That’s got to be… God… like… cups! Cups of sperm! Oh that is so nasty!” She stood up and started pointing it out to other people in the crowd, “Check out how much cumm is in that jar thing under her ass! She’s so gross.” People started looking, and indeed, their faces were not kind ones. They all thought she was about the most perverted and vile thing they had ever seen.

That’s when Beto returned and handed the drink to Dulce with a smile. Jamie really felt like crying, but she did everything she could to hold it in. She just wanted to get back at Dulce, some how. Beto sensed some tension between Dulce and Jamie, “Everything okay?” Dulce nodded, “Fine, I’m just checking out one of the infamous belly riders. She’s the first one I’ve seen up close. I think I’ve seen enough though.” She put her arm around Beto in a very protective sort of way as Beto shrugged, “Belly riders are really nice people, they’re just… really into horses.” “I can tell she is… look at all that cumm, Beto. Jesus!” “Well, Jamie is new at this and probably very spirited. It’s easy for new belly riders to get carried away. Besides, an experienced belly rider can get even more sperm deposited into them. Jamie’s still learning how to enjoy it. Right, Jamie?”

Jamie was at an impasse. She realized in that moment Dulce was just being a jealous bitch. So Jamie had two options. She could tell the truth – which is that she had been forced into this because her family was poor. That would give a ritch bitch like Dulce even more ammo. Or, Jamie could embellish the truth, which is that she really loved belly riding, and she couldn’t get enough horse sperm in her in a day. Jamie knew it was only half true. She really hated the idea of belly riding, but she had never been more aroused than she had been on the walk over to the party.

In that moment, Jamie decided it was high time she took a stand and owned up to her new job. Besides, this Dulce bitch needed to be put into her place. Jamie took a deep breath to try to swallow her tears and as she did so she very slowly lifted her butt up off the sling and gently raised it up so that very slowly it slid all the way to her depths. It made a gross squishing sound as Jamie said, “Yeah, two days ago I was a lot like you, Dulce. Happy with life, wearing the prettiest clothes, and basically fooling myself into thinking that I knew was life was all about. I won’t lie, yesterday was hell, learning how to get used to life while impaled on a horse’s ridged cock, and all.”

Beto cleared his throat, sensing the tension, “I see you found another stallion. Good. I had actually planned on this particular stallion to be mated with you. He and his brother are good strong males and will stud you out nicely, I think.” Jamie was inquisitive, “Oh, really? Why did you think he’d be a good match?” “He and his brother are a lot stronger, and more virile. Plus, I don’t know if noticed or not, but their penises are quite a bit more thick than the starter horse you had yesterday and this morning.”

Dulce swallowed an wrinkled her nose, obviously grossed out and liking Jamie a lot better when she kept quiet. Jamie smiled as she lifted her butt several more times trying to decide if she was really ready to have sex with the stallion so openly in front of such a large harsh audience of people, “Oh yes, I certainly did! I couldn’t help myself on the way over. I bet I’m a complete mess down there now.” Dulce shook her head in anger, “You could say that. You look disgusting. But I guess belly riders have no shame, do they?” Jamie felt a small victory in that she as getting Dulce to show what a bitch she was in front of Beto. Jamie answered, “I guess it’s worth grossing a few small-minded people out when it feels this good.”


Jamie looked at Beto who was nearly speechless as he waited for the cat fight to really begin. Jamie knew though, that Dulce was all bark and no bite, because Dulce and Jamie were the same type of girl. Or at least they were until yesterday. Jamie began to rock her hips more rhythmically, “Today, I got to try a new horse, and oh my god, Dulce, let me tell you, being in the middle of a sidewalk while twelve guys are watching you get inseminated. There’s nothing that compares to it.”

Jamie moaned and picked up the pace of her hips, “Not even the cutest skirt or the prettiest manicure. Having eight inches of horse cock thrusting back and forth inside of you, getting itself off, is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done in my life. Until you try to take 1000 pounds of sheer muscle you’re just a little girl. And when Beto is watching me cumm, it’s like I can feel him inside me too. I mean, I’m not a slut and I’d never sleep with a guy until I was married, but it’s fun to daydream. It’s like both the stallion and Beto are trying to get me pregnant at once. And all I can do is helplessly lay there and take it. Oh god! It’s the most sensuous thing I’ve ever felt.”

Jamie knew that a girl like Dulce had probably had sex with Beto and probably a boy or two more in her day. Yes, she knew she had called Dulce a slut, and she knew that Dulce was fuming thinking about her boyfriend watching Jamie cumm all day. Jamie had never talked like that before in her life. But it sure felt good, and she had gotten incredibly horny as she said it. Her hips were working up and down the thick slippery pole much quicker now, as she felt her pussy began to throb in that warm way it always did before she started to cumm. Her stomach began to tighten and she knew her butt was flexing hard. Her breasts giggled wildly with each movement of her hips as Beto tried to calm the situation, “Dulce, don’t be upset, Jamie is just in heat. That happens to belly riders quite often.”

Iliza suddenly walked up, wearing a cute little summer dress, that Jamie could easily see up from her vantage point. Iliza wore a pair of cute white panties and Jamie could make out the curves of her vulva. Jamie wished she were wearing Iliza’s outfit, instead a belly riding sling, but Iliza smiled from ear to ear when she saw Jamie, “Wow! Look at you! Second day belly riding and you’re already out and about in public! Now I see why you were asking about the other belly riders. I should have put two and two together. They would have worn clothes, probably – I should have said that. Oh well, I guess there’s no harm!” She smiled and gave a huge hug to Beto as she handed a small present to him. Jamie noticed a small connection between Beto and Iliza. Dulce asked who she was to Beto and beto said, “Iliza works with me as well. She’s my counterpart and she takes care of the horses for the belly riders.”

Dulce was not happy, it was clear. Jamie didn’t really notice until Dulce asked, but Iliza was stunning when she dressed up. In fact, Beto was checking her out. In that moment, Jamie realized, Beto wasn’t nearly as into Jamie as he was into Iliza. In fact, Iliza had more than a crush on Beto too, by her body language. Jamie felt so stupid. Of course other girls would be into Beto. She hated Dulce, but Iliza was nice and open minded. In fact, she kinda thought Beto and Iliza would make a great looking couple.

That was it – Jamie made up her mind, she was going to piss Dulce off to the point where Beto broke up with her, and went with Iliza. Jamie had only one weapon – jealousy. She had to make Dulce break down and piss Beto off in the process. She decided that was it. This horse had to orgasm inside of her, if it killed her and right then and there. She buckled down and moved her hips as hard upwards as she could, ramming the warm flesh against her cervix as hard as she could, over and over, hoping to entice the giant animal. Meanwhile Beto and Iliza chatted about Jamie, “Can you believe how much she’s accomplished in two days?” “Yeah, she navigated the horse over here on her own.”


Beto smiled, “She seems to have collected quite a bit of semen today.” Iliza nodded, “Yeah, I can tell the stallions like to stud her. She’s definitely a good mate for that black stallion. I bet his brother will like her too.” “By the looks of it… yeah… that’s about the fourth load of semen she’s had deposited in her today. Not including whatever’s still inside her.” Iliza nodded, “Right, so five so far. Not bad for a beginner!” “Yeah, I was worried that they wouldn’t like her as much as the other girls because she hasn’t done it before.” Iliza smiled, “Males are all the same… I think they just want to release the contents of their balls into anything that’s willing. She finally looks good and willing. Look at her hips move. She’ll stud nicely.” “Yup, she definitely looks like the kind of girl that you take into a big open field and spend hours trying to get her pregnant.” Iliza laughed but Dulce looked pissed at that comment.

Perfect, Jamie thought – Dulce was jealous, and Iliza looked charming. Jamie was suddenly very turned on by hearing them talk about her as if she weren’t there, and she was turned on by thinking about herself just being a hole that the horses released themselves into. She wanted them to relieve their tension into her. She wanted to feel their stress drain out of them in rope after rope of hot semen. Finally she got her wish, and the horse began to react. He danced around and began to swell up larger and larger inside of her. Dulce and Karina were obviously disgusted by her, but Jamie was only concentrating on how great this would feel.

She felt the horse begin to stamp his feet and then thrust hard. There she was, in the middle of a birthday party, with a horse thrusting itself hard into her body, while dozens of people watched, slack-jawed. She looked deep into Dulce’s eyes and then slowly and erotically closed them while licking her lips. Her breasts where shaking violently with each thrust. Her butt began to shake and quiver as her orgasm climbed closer and grew in intensity. Finally all at once the two – horse and Jamie – were climaxing. Jamie moaned loudly, “YES! OH GOD! YES! UHHHHH!” Her body wrythed and shook as the huge horse pummeled her small body with sharp blows with it’s ridged spasming penis. Ropes of sperm shot out of the stallion’s body and combined with the semen that had already been deposited there.

Dulce was clearly pissed off, and even more so listening to Jamie moan and before she could think of something smart to say the semen overwhelmed Jamie’s body. It drooled freely out of her exposed pussy lips, around the thick seal the horse’s cock made and down into the funnel, where it was collected in the semi-transparent jar. Beto said, “Good job, Jamie! Excellent!” Iliza smiled too, “Yes, she must feel quite good on their cocks. They seem to have taken to her quite quickly.” That was it for Dulce, “What the fuck, Beto?”

Beto was shocked that he was somehow being yelled at, “What’s wrong?” “Do you really just sit around and watch girls fuck horses all day and cumm?” “Yeah. I mean, that’s part of my job, for sure. I do other stu…” Dulce cut him off, “I don’t want to hear it Beto. Look, I can’t deal with this. It’s either this slut or me.” Jamie took her chance to be the better woman, even though she was still climaxing quite hard, and said, “Dulce… you have… nothing… to be worried… oh god… about. Beto… and I… are just… friends…!”

Dulce wasn’t convinced, even though Jamie was now more interested in getting Iliza and Beto to be a couple. Dulce looked at Beto and asked, “Well?” Beto shrugged, “I’m sorry you feel that way. But this is my job.” “Fine. Well have a good time with that fucking slut. Happy birthday and eat shit.” Dulce stormed off with Karina in tow. Beto was wide eyed and looked around. No one knew quite what to say. Iliza bit her lip gently, looking at him with a come hither look. Jamie took it on herself to play matchmaker, “Look Beto, she was a bitch. She couldn’t take a joke, and wasn’t okay with your job.” “Yeah, but she was… fun… sometimes.”


Jamie frowned, “I’m sorry, but there will be other girls.” Beto nodded. There was a long silence before Jamie changed the subject, “Wow, Iliza, you look amazing today. I love that dress. Iliza is beautiful, isn’t she, Beto?” He looked at her, and smiled, “Yeah, now that you mention it. You do look really pretty today. I like when you dress up a little.” Iliza smiled, “Thanks! Maybe if you took me out I’d wear stuff like this for you more often.”

And that was it – the two hit it off. Beto worked up the nerve to ask Iliza to dance. That was it for Jamie – she decided she had done enough for the day. She was exhausted, knowing her good deed for the day had been done. Jamie knew that this horse situation needed a lot more thinking and right now she wasn’t ready for a relationship, with Beto or anyone. She was curious what a life as a belly rider might be. She finally decided that she wasn’t just working as a belly rider – she was one. Jamie didn’t go back to the barn when the party was over, but instead went back to her house, through the busy streets of Rio. She was happy, but immune to the cat-calls. She was exhausted, but excited to show her parents that she was indeed, Rio’s newest belly rider – and proud.

— The End —

# # #

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