The butt has always been my favorite part of the female anatomy and there’s plenty of it in this story. It involves a man who has an affair with his sister-in-law, and includes pants-pooping, and later, anal sex. While I tried to moderate the explicitness as much as one can with these topics, if these things are not your cup of tea you might want to take a pass on this one. But if they are part of your fantasy as well, read on and enjoy!

I have a little thing for my sister-in-law. Ok, it’s more than a “little” thing. Her name is Isobel, after her great grandmother, but since Isobel is a bit dated as a name her family always used the nickname Belle. That’s how I’ve known her, and that’s the person I’ve had a crush on for ten years. What is it about sisters-in-law? From what I hear from my buddies it seems I’m not the only one. Maybe it’s familiarity. We see them all the time at family gatherings, birthdays, and holidays, so we know them really well. Or maybe it’s family resemblance. We fell for one sister, so there’s probably something about her sibling that we like as well. Or maybe it’s both of those things with the added temptation that it’s forbidden love. We want it and it’s so close, but always just out of reach.


Whatever it is, I have it, and I have it bad for Belle. Not that she ever encouraged it. Neither she nor her sister Joann, my wife, are the flirty type. They dress modestly and rarely display any sort of public affection. That being the case, I never got any flirtatious signals from Belle, and no overt affection beyond what one would expect from a sister-in-law. But there has been some of what I wanted to believe was passive flirting. A unnecessary touch on the arm. A hug that would last just a bit longer than it should have, a smile after I would catch a glance across the room. Maybe wishful thinking, but that was the extent of it and it was impossible to tell if there was some mutual attraction or if she was merely being nice to her sister’s husband.

Regardless, as the years went by I grew increasingly attracted to her. This attraction intensified after my wife had a couple kids and let her body go, becoming less interested in our marriage and more attached to the boys. Belle was single and kept herself in great shape, developing into a real knockout in her late 20s. She dated on and off, but never seemed to be able to find the right guy. I heard from Joann that this frustrated Belle to no end, but it was great for me because she kept herself as attractive as possible while on the dating scene, and she spent a fair amount of time at our house visiting her sister and nephews. I could related to her frustration too as sex with my wife became so rare that for all intents it was non-existent, and Belle’s visits often turned into fantasies of me being with her.

So it was tough to leave Bend, Oregon when my job took me and my family 3000 miles away to Savannah, Georgia. While I hated that I would not see Belle nearly as much, if at all, ultimately I figured it was for the best. I could focus on my own family, maybe try and rekindle some spark with Joann, and not have to be subject to the constant distraction and temptation from seeing Belle. Since she didn’t express anything much beyond familial affection toward me, I hoped that my “crush” would eventually fade and just be a passing memory.

But things didn’t work out that way. It started during our first holiday season in Savannah. My wife’s family, including her mom and dad, her brother Phil, and of course her sister Belle, came for a visit during Thanksgiving. We had a large house with two guest rooms and a pull-out sofa, so we had everyone stay with us. While we spent a lot of time with my wife’s family over the years, this was a completely new dynamic with everyone in the same place for several days and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The plan was that the family would visit for the holiday, then my wife and the two boys would go back to Bend with them for a few weeks, since I had to stay in Savannah for work. I would then join them for a family Christmas in Oregon and my family and I would return to Georgia after New Years.

The Thanksgiving visit went fine, and it was wonderful having Belle in the same house every day. While I was at work everyone else would hang out at the house or do some sightseeing but they would be there when I got home and we would have dinner together, play games, and watch movies. I could almost imagine what it would be like to have Belle as an everyday part of my life, and I certainly had no objection to that. I had known her for ten years, but now I was getting to see her first thing in the morning when she wasn’t all made up, and late in the evenings when her energy was low, or when she was in a bad mood after arguing with her dad. I felt I was getting to know her on a different level, and instead of that having a negative effect, the attraction only grew stronger. But Thanksgiving came and went, and a couple days later it was time for everyone to leave for the west coast, so I drove the family to the airport, said my goodbyes and off they went.

When I got back to the house I started to think about what I was going to do with all that free time in a suddenly empty house, and was already missing having Belle to interact with. I did have some cleaning up to do now that everyone was gone and I wandered over to the guest room where Belle stayed during their visit. I stood at the door, thinking about her occupying the space, doing normal everyday things. I imagined her dressing, putting on makeup, and getting ready for bed. I walked over the bed and sat on it, imagining her doing the same thing earlier that day. She slept here just last night, now I had no idea when I would see her again. I shook my head, trying to get back to reality. Joann asked me to strip all the beds and wash the sheets so she would have them ready for the next time we had visitors. There were chores to be done, and this was as good a place as any to start. I pulled the pillowcases off the two pillows on the bed. I could smell Belle’s shampoo on them, and I felt a twinge of emptiness, which surprised me. That made what happened next even more jarring.

I pulled the bed sheets back to discover the last thing I ever expected to find. A pair of panties. Her panties. Perfectly folded, sitting right in the middle of the bed. It was one of those moments where I had a flash of confusion. What were they doing there? I actually turned around to see if anyone was looking, playing some sort of nasty joke on me. Ok, maybe she just forgot to pack them, but then why would they be under the sheets? And if she just misplaced them while changing one day why would they be folded and seemingly placed in middle of the bed? I raced through a bunch of possible options but nothing seemed to fit. And from what I could see it looked like that was the only thing she had left behind. For a second I had thought that maybe she left them for me to find, but I quickly pushed that back as ludicrous. This was my sister-in-law for God’s sake, and she never gave me a flirtatious signal in ten years.

However it happened, she just left them behind. I found myself really wishing she left something else behind because seeing her underwear wasn’t going to do anything to help me forget she was gone. It was now several minutes since the discovery and I realized I was frozen, not sure what do to next. I couldn’t just leave them there forever though so I picked them up. I noticed myself being overly careful as I moved them, almost as if she would know I was touching her underwear. I detected a hint of perfume and a floral laundry detergent. I brought them up to my nose to get a better smell. This was surreal, here I was with Belle’s underwear up close and personal. The whole thing was driving me crazy. Now the question was what to do with them. I thought of keeping them, hiding them somewhere only I would know about. “No, no,” I said to myself, “that’s definitely creepy.” Throw them in the laundry and let my wife find them? Maybe. Just toss them in the trash like they were never there? I scoffed for even thinking it. In the end I decided to treat the situation as if she left a sock or an earing behind and just bring them back to her when I went back to Bend for Christmas. While that was probably not the smartest option, I had this compelling need to see her reaction when I gave them back. Needless to say, it was a long three weeks until Christmas.

But the time finally came, and I was in Bend for the long Christmas holiday. On my third day there it was time for a big family dinner at my in-laws, and I knew Belle would be there. I discreetly hid the panties in my coat pocket before leaving the hotel, making sure my wife didn’t see. The evening was fun, and I spent as much time around Belle as I possibly could. There was finally a point where we found ourselves alone in an out of the way room of the house and I decided to go for it and give her back her underwear. I wanted to be as discreet as possible to avoid any embarrassment in case it was just an innocent mistake.

“So, how’s it going?” I asked, trying to play it casual.

“It’s going,” she replied with a smile, “nice to have everyone together for the holiday.”

“Agreed.” I pulled the panties out of my jacket pocket. “Uh, so I found something you left behind on the Thanksgiving visit.” I reached out and handed the unmistakable item to her. I wasn’t prepared for what an oddly intimate act this was. We were alone, and I’m handing her a pair of her own underwear. She’ll realize I’ve had them all this time, carried them all the way from Savannah, and stuck them in my jacket pocket just to give them to her now. I had this sickening feeling I just made a super-creepy mistake. She looked at my hand and I’ll never forget the look on her face as she saw what I held. At first there was a twinge of disappointment. Then she looked up at me with what I could only describe as a quizzical expression. It lasted only a split second before her face changed to an embarrassed smile.

“Oops. Thanks, let me put those away,” she said. As she took the panties out of my hand she touched my arm with her other hand and walked out of the room.

The whole exchange was… weird. “Great job,” I thought to myself. “Good plan.”

I saw her several more times during that visit. The tension between us was certainly elevated, though I could not put my finger on what it was. It felt like something between nervousness and frustration. I caught her staring in my direction several times, and each time I glanced back she would quickly look away. What was going on? Did the panty thing creep her out? This feeling persisted during the few remaining days of our holiday visit. As we were leaving for the airport after the New Year, Belle seemed out of sorts. It may just have been that her sister and nephews were leaving again. I moved in to give her a hug as I usually did, and while she reciprocated it was strained. I was very worried that I had forever changed my relationship with her, as platonic as it was. It would be almost six months before I would find out for sure.

With work and life keeping everyone busy, it wasn’t until late May until I would see Belle again. She was done with her teaching for the summer and her first order of business once vacation started was to hop on a plane with her retired parents for a two week visit to our place in Savannah. Things were status quo between me and Joann, not bad, not good, and she was really looking forward to the company. Of course, I was secretly looking forward to more time with Belle, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The awkwardness of the Christmas break was muted, at least for me, so now I just anticipated seeing her again. I hoped it would be the same for her. The weather was already warming to summer heat and though I still had to work, the rest of the family had plans to spend the days in our pool or visiting local landmarks on day trips.

The gang arrived and it was great to see Belle in summer clothes. She’d obviously been taking care of herself. She always had fantastic legs and a perfect butt, and her shorts looked better than ever. But I was really blown away when I finally saw her in the pool the next weekend. Her ideal figure was really on display in her one-piece swimsuit. It was a modest cut, but it didn’t matter because she could make anything look good. In fact, if I didn’t know better I would have said she was deliberately torturing me as she would just stand in the shallow end of the pool, sunglasses on, skin glistening with sweat from the sun and water from the pool. I loved every minute of it, but it was a distraction and I had to be careful not to make myself too obvious.

One day about a week into the visit, the family came up with plans for an extended day trip to one of the theme parks in Florida. They would leave early in the morning and not get back until after dark. Since it was a weekday trip I would have to stay behind for work, but I wouldn’t be missing much between the hectic pace of the park and running around with the kids. And besides, between the grandparents and Aunt Belle, the kids would have more than enough extra attention without me there.

The day came and I was up at my usual early hour, leaving for work before most of them were even awake. Around 10AM that morning my wife called from her cell phone.

“Hey, just checking in,” she said. We’ve been on the road for a couple hours now, and we’re almost there.”

“Great,” I replied. “Have a fun day. I’ll try not to be too bored here at work.” She knew I was kidding but I loved to get in a dig all the same.

Joann continued matter-of-factly, “I also want to let you know that Belle didn’t come with us. She said she wasn’t feeling well this morning and didn’t want to spend all day in the sun around a bunch of people. So she’ll be there if you go home for lunch. Just a heads up. If you do go home, check on her, will you?”

I replied, just as matter-of-factly, “Not sure what my lunch plans are, but I’ll certainly see how she’s doing if I do decide to go home.”

We hung up and I thought about the situation. “Belle is back at my house, by herself? Damn right I’m going home for lunch. Heads up, huh? Interesting choice of words.” This would actually be the first time we’d be completely alone together, ever. I quickly realized how little that mattered though. It’s not like she knew how I felt about her, and while the awkwardness of Christmas hadn’t returned, she’s not feeling well and likely not up for an extended conversation. I would just check in and that would be that. All the same, the thought of being alone with her even for a few minutes got me slightly horny.

After a long morning I jumped in the car around 12:15 for the ten-minute drive back to the house. I went in the front door and all was quiet. “Maybe she’s sleeping,” I thought, so I quietly walked back to the guest room. I got to the door and knocked very quietly in case she was asleep. To my surprise, the door opened almost immediately.

“Joann said you might be coming by to check on me,” Belle said with a smile.

She didn’t look sick at all. In fact, she looked great. She was wearing a white v-neck tee shirt and perfect fitting jeans. She was barefoot but clearly had put makeup on and I could smell her perfume. Her shirt was loose enough that I could see the outline of her bra and the swell of her breasts at the base of the v-neck. Her hair was pulled back with a clip, a few strands hanging down over her face. She looked as sexy as I had ever seen her. I couldn’t help that nagging feeling that she was reading my mind and knew exactly the look that would drive me crazy.

After a few seconds of trying not to stare I remembered why I was there. “You feeling ok?” I asked.

“Yep. Come on in, I’m not contagious,” she smiled.

I walked a couple steps into the room and Belle turned around, facing away from me. I could see her perfect butt and legs filling out her jeans. Man, she looked good.

She started to say something, hesitated, then stammered, “I have a confession to make.” I said nothing, having no idea what that meant. She continued, “I’m not sick at all. I made that up so I had an excuse to stay home. I was hoping to find a way to get you to come back here so we could see each other, alone.”

I didn’t know what to do, but I couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t sound awkward or creepy. The silence was oppressive. She wasn’t looking at me and I was standing there like an idiot. The woman I had secretly fantasized about was standing in front of me, looking sexy as hell, saying she wanted to get me alone. Finally I said, almost in a whisper, “Well, here I am.”

She turned around, a slight blush in her cheeks and neck. She walked over to where I was standing, reached behind me, and pushed the door shut, her eyes locked on mine. “I’m glad,” she said, and put her hands on my shoulders. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’ve wanted to get you alone for a long time.” She locked her arms around my neck, and ever so gently touched her lips to my cheek.

Was this really happening? I had thought about this very thing so often that it had become routine. I had imagined every nuance of embracing Belle. And not just a sisterly hug, a real embrace. I imagined what she would feel like, smell like, sound like. But reality is not like fantasy. It’s much better. In reality there is the actual heat of her body, the warmth of her breath, the real smell of perfume and shampoo and linen. She just made a major move in a game I didn’t know we were playing. It was now or never, and I had to decide what to do next. I leaned in and put my hands on her waist. I moved my head and faced her, our eyes locked, noses almost touching. Our mouths opened in unison and we kissed. At first it was a bit tentative. Was she, like me, trying to adapt to the reality of what was happening? Soon enough though our feelings for each other began to unleash. Our tongues touched, and our mouths opened wider. I could hear her breathing getting more and more shallow, and along with the sounds of passionate kissing I could occasionally hear a slight, breathless moan. It seemed like we were both getting weak in the knees, holding each other up as we were making out, moving from lips to neck to ears, barely able to contain ourselves but desperately trying to maintain control.

This continued for at least ten minutes, the years of sequestered passion finally getting a release. I could tell neither one of us was holding back any longer. To my great pleasure, Belle was a “sloppy” kisser. She wasn’t worried about getting messy, her tongue exploring my lips, mouth, neck and ears. And she didn’t mind me doing the same thing. I opened my eyes and noticed her mouth and chin were covered in saliva. I expected I looked the same way. I loved sloppy kissing. I dated women in the past who were sloppy kissers, and definitely preferred that to keeping it neat. My wife Joann was a neat kisser, actively avoiding getting messy, though we did less and less of any type of kissing these days. Belle was not like her sister at all, at least in this regard, and from the way she used her lips and tongue, neatness was out of the question. My dick was rock hard and I started to imagine her panties getting wet. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out without tearing her clothes off and getting her to the bed that was just two feet away, but there was no way I was going to overplay this and ruin the spell. Something was going to have to give soon though.

She stopped suddenly and put her lips near my left ear. “I have a surprise for you I think you’ll like,” she said with a quiver in her voice. She gently grabbed my right wrist and moved my hand to her butt. That was a place on her body I stared at more often than I should have, and now she was encouraging me to touch it. She put both her arms back around my neck and we continued to make out as I squeezed her right butt-cheek. Her left hand again moved away from my neck, and she took my hand and re-positioned it directly onto the middle of her butt, and lower down near her legs. “Ok,” I thought, “that’s where she likes to be touched, fine with me.” And it was fine. Her jeans fit perfectly. Not loose, but not too tight, with just a little give in the seat that showed off her perfect ass. She may have thought this was a surprise, but I had imagined caressing that ass a lot more than she could know.

Then it happened. She leaned in toward me even more than she had been, sticking her butt out slightly. I could feel her breasts pressed into my chest. She reached down, unbuttoned her jeans and loosened the zipper an inch. Replacing her arms around my neck her lips left my mouth and she rested her chin on my shoulder. I started to feel a bulge form in her jeans right where my hand was. She was pooping her pants! I closed my eyes in disbelief. In many of my fantasies about Belle, she would poop her pants. It wasn’t generally a thing with me, in fact trying to fantasize about it with anyone else was pretty repulsive. But when I thought about it with Belle it was an incredible turn-on for some reason. This was a deep, dark secret, and one I was a bit ashamed of if I was honest with myself. How could she know? It seemed utterly impossible, but here it was, actually happening. With her mouth just an inch from my ear, I could hear a slight, but very feminine grunt while the load was growing in her jeans. “I like your surprise,” I barely whispered and kissed her neck. She shuttered at that and continued to fill her pants. In the silent room I could hear the squishy sounds as she pooped, and I could feel the warmth on the growing mound where my hand was. I didn’t want to make an even bigger mess of her backside, but I gently ran my hand over the bulge in her pants and over the rest of her butt. It was an unbelievable continuation of an impossible fantasy and I thought I was going to explode. She paused twice for a second or two, then each time continued to fill her pants. There was now a huge load of semi-soft poop filling out whatever slack was in her jeans. I could feel the pressure on her pants and leaning over her shoulder I could just barely get a view of her now very tight, bulging jeans.

She finally finished, and we stood there. The musky smell of her poopy jeans mixed with her perfume was overloading my senses.

“Was that what you wanted?” she said, her right cheek resting on my shoulder.

“Uh..” was all I could get out as I continued to lightly massage her butt.

She reached down and put her hand on the bulge that was throbbing in front of my jeans.

“Feels like it,” she said, and I could hear a smile on her face. She lifted her head and looked directly at me. “I’ve wanted that for a long time too,” she said. “But only with you. For some reason I knew that you’d understand, and enjoy it. I’m so happy I was right.”

“Yea, you seem to be able to read my mind,” I said as she started to gently rub my hard-on. My eyes opened wider and I said, “If you keep doing that I’m going to cum standing here.”

She pulled her hand away from my jeans. “Not yet,” she smiled. “We’re just getting started.” She pulled my hand away from her butt. Her right arm was still wrapped around my neck and her face was inches from mine. “Let me go get cleaned up. When I come back I want you to make love to me.”

I almost lost it at those words, but I held on, somehow. As she pulled away I could feel a big wet spot on the top of my underwear where I had leaked some cum. I also caught a glimpse of her unbuttoned pants, revealing the top of her clearly wet panties, hair visible through the thin white fabric. She moved around toward the door and opened it. As she walked out I got a full view of her loaded jeans, and it was a glorious sight. I could still see the toned round shape of her butt filling out the top of her jeans, but with a large bulge stretching the fabric at the bottom of them by her legs. I just stared, trying to burn the image into my brain. She glanced back and caught me staring.

She looked down at her bulging jeans, looked back at me, and gave me a wicked grin. “You like naughty girls, don’t you?” she said, and walked to the bathroom next door.

After a minute I could hear the shower running. I decided to pull my shoes and socks off and hop onto the bed, propping myself into a half-sitting position with couple pillows at the headboard. Now that I had a few minutes to consider the last half-hour, I had no idea what it all meant. Fantasy and reality don’t mix, but it was happening for me and I had no way to process it. As I thought it through I started to replay what just happened and my dick was rock hard again. I didn’t cum earlier, and without that release it didn’t take very much to get me back to full strength. In my reverie I didn’t notice the shower had stopped and suddenly the door to the bedroom opened again.

Belle came in, shut the door and locked it behind her. She stood there facing me wearing nothing but her v-neck tee shirt. It came down just below her hips, just barely hiding her pussy. The shirt was thin enough that I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were slightly erect, creating little bumps on the tee. There were wet spots where she didn’t fully dry off, and I could see some skin showing through on her shoulders and breasts. She was a vision of loveliness, and I could smell her fresh perfume from across the room.

“I know you liked my jeans,” she said, “but they are kind of a mess right now. I hope this is ok,” she teased.

“You look perfect,” I replied, and she gave me a big smile.

She walked over to the bed and climbed on at the foot of it, crawling over my legs and mid-section until her face was directly over mine. Her arms were holding her up with both hands flat on the bed on either side of my chest, and her knees propping up her pussy just inches from my throbbing dick. From that position I could see everything through the opening in her shirt. Her tight breasts hung down in full view, and from the way she straddled me I could even glimpse some hair between her legs. The perfume she wore that drove me crazy for years was taking on new intensity, the scent becoming stronger as she leaned forward. Her eyes closed and she kissed me. This was a long, deep kiss, different from our make out just a few minutes ago, and lasted for a solid minute. She stopped, pulled back a few inches and slowly opened her eyes.

“Just relax.” She sighed. “I’m going to take good care of you.”

She pulled her arms up off the bed, which required that she shift her weight back and move into a sitting position. As she moved her body up her shirt fell, covering her pussy, but now her naked bottom was sitting directly on my jean-covered penis. She reached down and grabbed the ends of my polo shirt, then pulled it up over my head. Tossing the shirt on the floor she ran both hands over my chest. Her hands were warm and very feminine. Her eyes followed her hands down to my waist, then she lowered her elbows down to the bed on either side of me. Her shirt covered breasts were now rubbing against my stomach, as she gently kissed my chest and torso, occasionally flicking her tongue across the skin. She gradually, painstakingly kissed and licked her way down my torso, crawling backward as she did. When she reached the top of my pants, she stopped and looked up at me. With her left elbow resting on the bed she moved her right hand onto my jeans and started gently rubbing my dick.

“How are you doing?” Her voice was throaty and wickedly sexy.

I could barely speak. “You’re making me crazy,” was all I could come up with.

A wry smile formed on her lips. “Easy, boy. Hold on.”

She was determined to make holding on as difficult as possible as she sat upright and pulled her shirt off, exposing her naked body. I thought I had imagined her perfect figure in my fantasies, but staring at it now in real life was better than anything I came up with. Her gorgeous face sat atop a neck that was longer than it looked when she had clothes on. Her arms were toned but not muscular, and they hung down to her soft, feminine hands resting on my stomach. Those arms also framed absolutely perfect breasts. They were round and firm, perfectly proportioned to her petite five-foot-five inch frame, with light pink nipples which were slightly erect. Her torso tapered into a flat stomach with a cute belly-button at the base. It just kept getting better from there. Her hips were round and sculpted and met her legs in a perfect triangle at her vagina. I’ve already mentioned her lust-worthy legs, and in this position, bent into a kneel and spread as she straddled me, they took on their full glory. I was having trouble taking it all in.

She again lowered herself on her elbows and unbuttoned my jeans. Slowly she pulled on the zipper and opened the fly. She yanked down on the sides of my jeans and they moved six inches down my legs, exposing the same amount of my bulging boxers. With both hands she lowered my boxer shorts revealing my glistening dick. She kissed the top of my shaft and flicked her tongue over the head. After a minute of fondling my dick with her tongue, she lowered her mouth slowly down onto it, tongue sliding over the base as her lips tightened until half my penis was in her mouth. She slowly slid up and down, her eyes fixed on mine until I was at the edge of exploding. I could hear her breathing getting very shallow and I let out a strained moan as I thought I was going to give out. She suddenly pulled up, letting my glistening cock fall forward, and she moved backward like she was on a mission.

She grabbed my jeans and boxers and started pulling down with some force. I raised my hips, allowing the clothing to move freely as she pulled down. She jumped off the back of the bed and yanked off the rest of my pants and underwear. This bought me more time, but amped up the anticipation, and I could tell she was just as worked up as I was. She quickly hopped back on the bed, straddled me again and wiggled her way up until we were face to face. She was breathing very hard now as she positioned her pussy on top of my dick, grabbed my face and started kissing me uncontrollably. I wrapped my right arm around her waist, pulled her close and started kneading her right breast, running my thumb over her erect nipple. She got the message and started stroking my dick with her pussy. We were both moaning loudly in between kisses and I could feel her other breast move across my chest as she rocked back and forth.

With a throaty moan she sat upright, raised herself slightly on her knees and inserted my dick into her pussy. Now it was my turn. I grabbed her ass with both hands and started rocking us back and forth. We were both breathing too hard to kiss now so she wrapped her arms around my neck and put her head on my shoulder as we passionately made love for the first time.

After just a few seconds of this I could hold out no longer and shot my load with a loud gasp. The waves of orgasm kept coming as I pushed myself into her as far as I could go.

At the same time she breathlessly forced out a raspy, “I can feel you coming!” She pulled her face off my shoulder and looked at me as she opened her mouth started panting even harder. She tilted her head back and let her orgasm wash over her, body shaking as she bounced on my still hard cock.

When it was over we lie there, my deflating dick still inside her. We were sweaty and panting. She looked at me and smiled, “Well, that was worth the wait.” We both laughed.

She repositioned her body next to mine and I held her silently for the next few minutes. I thought about where I was and what we had just done. It seemed too good to be true, despite the passion of the last hour. This was not going to last though, how could it? I was married to her sister, and she lived a million miles away. I tried to ignore all that for now, but I think the reality of our situation started coming back to her as well because she broke the silence with, “I suppose you need to get back to the office. And I still have a big mess to clean up before the others get back.”

I sighed. “Yea. I’m going to need a quick shower first, I can’t go back like this.”

“Great, I’ll join you. I’m pretty messy again too. But let’s use your bathroom, mine is not quite clean.”

We got out of bed and since no one was home we walked naked toward the master bathroom. As we passed by the guest bath I looked in to see Belle’s poopy jeans piled on the floor. I could smell them from the hallway and even after that crippling orgasm the odor and the memory of earlier put a twinge in my dick.

We made our way to the master shower, which is a big tiled enclosure with a showerhead on each side, built for two. It had been since before the boys were born that Joann and I had showered together, so we never used both sides of the shower in this house. The sensation of being with Belle now was both entirely unique but in an odd way very natural. We had just had earth-shattering sex, but seeing her naked body slick with water, and caressing every inch of her with soapy hands provided a new level of intimacy. We didn’t speak, letting our hands explore each other to the sounds of the rushing water. Her eyes were closed most of the time, she seemed lost in the experience. We stayed in there a long time, silently enjoying each other. I wished it would never end, but it had to, and I felt awful to be the one to have to break the silence.

“Belle?” I said, trying to avoid creating too much echo. “I have to cut this short. No one at the office has any idea where I am and I really should get back.” We both knew that with the family returning later, and the fact that we lived 3000 miles apart, this might be our last chance to be alone for a very long time, if ever.

Her eyes popped open with a shutter. “I understand,” she said a bit sadly. “I loved that we had this time together, thank you.”

“I loved it too,” I said. “I’ll see you when I get back tonight.”

I walked to my closet, threw on my clothes and headed for the door. I wasn’t sure I could concentrate on anything the rest of the afternoon, but I had to find a way to break the spell of this amazing afternoon at some point, so why prolong the agony. I knew for sure that I couldn’t look at Belle’s face again before I left, or I might not leave.

My extended “lunch” put me behind for the day, so it wasn’t until after 6 that I left the office. Part of it was that I didn’t know how I could just walk back into normal life in that house after what happened just a few hours earlier. Would everyone be home? Worse, would they still be gone, leaving Belle and I alone again? There was a sense of dread for whatever I would find, because whatever magic had occurred earlier in the day had ended, and some version of Belle reverting back to being my polite sister-in-law was waiting on the other side.

I got to the house and my wife’s SUV wasn’t in the driveway or the garage. They hadn’t gotten back yet. Not a big deal, they said they might not be back until after dark. But that meant Belle and I were going to be alone for some period of time, and it would be way too risky to try any funny business. This is going to be awkward. I walked in the door and Belle was in the kitchen, finishing up what looked like a nice meal. She was wearing perfect fitting yoga pants and a loose tank top. Her hair was pulled back, and she had makeup and perfume on. Was she crazy? Looking that way is not going to help anything when Joann and the gang walked in the door soon.

She looked up and gave me a big smile. “Get a lot of work done this afternoon?”

“A lot less than I needed to, thanks to you,” I joked.

Without missing a beat she came back, “Just trying to help.”

“Glad to see you smiling,” I said. “Have a nice afternoon?”

“In fact,” she replied, her smile growing slightly, “I got a call from my sister around five-thirty. She said the boys didn’t get enough of the theme park today, and they’re all exhausted, so they booked a room at one of the resorts and are going to spend the night. They’ll hit the park again in the morning and come back tomorrow afternoon. She called for you but I said you were still at the office so she’ll call back later to check in. And don’t worry, I pretended I was still pretty sick and said you’d be on your own for dinner.”

I was silent for several seconds, then said, “Wow, so that means…”

“Yep, just you and me shweetheart,” she said, doing a really bad Bogart.

“Funny,” I said, half to myself, “and I thought this day couldn’t possibly get any better.”

Belle had a big grin on her face. “Well, I fixed us something to eat. Sit down and I’ll get the food on the table.”

The table had plates, napkins, and silverware already in place, so I just watched her move about the kitchen. I had seen her doing those same things at family gatherings for years, but this was the first time I could really study her without the risk of being creepy. And because of our time together on this trip and our activities earlier, I saw her in a whole different light. She had stepped over the line of being a crazy fantasy to being a person I started to love. A person who had feelings and aspirations. A person who had to eat and sleep, and a person who laughed and cried. She was simply wonderful to watch and I began to think that I never really loved anyone before now. I shook my head slightly as I could see dinner was almost set, so I picked up the napkin that was sitting next to my plate. Under the napkin was another piece of fabric. My initial thought was another napkin accidentally got stuck to the first one, but when I saw the tiny bow in the front and the lace on the edges, I recognized that it was a pair of panties.

I looked at them, then looked up. Belle was watching me with a huge grin on her face. “I want you to keep them this time.”

“So,” I stammered, “the first time…?”

“Yes silly,” she said, “those were for you too. It should be no surprise that I’ve had feelings for you since the beginning. Watching you marry Joann was torture. I hoped what I felt was just a passing crush and tried to let it all go after the wedding. But the years passed and while I dated other guys, the feelings for you only got stronger. From how we interacted I thought you might have feelings for me as well. Joann and I talk, and I know things aren’t what they used to be between you two. It happens. Since you moved, I’ve felt a loneliness without you around, even if it was just seeing you during family visits. When we came here for Thanksgiving I decided to see if there was something between us, and left you that little ‘message’ in the bed. I figured you would either send a message back, or ignore it, then I would know. But you really didn’t do either, so I was confused. That’s why I decided to go for it this afternoon. I had to find out.”

Damn,” I said. “I stewed over those panties for weeks, but you did leave them for me. And I just gave them back! No wonder you were confused. I’m an idiot.”

“Men aren’t ones for subtlety, are they?” She winked at me. “Maybe I should have left a big Post-It note on them,” she said as she walked back to the kitchen. I could smell perfume on the panties as I moved them to the other side of the table.

Belle grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses. “I was wearing those under my jeans earlier by the way. They were quite the mess, both front and back, but all cleaned up now. I thought you could keep them as a souvenir.”

“I will treasure them,” I said, trying to sound dignified. “Actually, I have to figure out where I can keep them where prying eyes won’t find out.”

“Oh,” she said, “just keep them in the back of your sock drawer or something. Laundry is always sticking together. Easy enough to make like you had no idea where they came from. If she ever even notices.”

“I guess,” I mused. “In any case, you’re definitely not getting these back!”

She sat down and we nibbled at dinner, but we spent more time talking. We talked about work, Bend, and Savannah. We brought up family stories of the last ten years, highlighting times where we wanted to express our feelings for each other but didn’t dare take the risk. And we laughed, a lot.

After about 45 minutes she said, “You’ve barely eaten. Don’t you like my cooking?”

“Oh, it’s really great,” I said, “I’m just trying to savor this time we have together.”

She faked a motherly tone, “Well eat up. You’re going to need your strength for later.”

“Oh,” I said suggestively, “what do you have in mind?”

“Well…” She hesitated. “Since you ask, I wondered about something. There are things I’ve imagined doing only with you that I’ve never done with anyone else. What I did earlier while we were making out, for example. There’s something else I’ve never done… What do you think about anal sex?”

That was not at all the question I was expecting. I must have had a look of shock in my face because she raised her hand and quickly said, “Oh, I don’t need details, especially if it involves my sister, but I’m just wondering if you’ve ever done it.”

I tried to relax but it wasn’t easy. “Since you ask, no, I haven’t. I certainly have thought about it though. With one person in particular I might add.” I raised an eyebrow in her direction.

She blushed. Then, with what I could only describe as “bedroom eyes” she looked directly at me. Almost whispering she said, “I want you to do it to me. Tonight. I know this all seems so fast. But really this day has been ten years in the making. We’re just catching up.”

“You don’t have to sell me, my dear,” I said. “For me, this would just be one more dream come true.”

She seemed relieved, and decided to move things along. In a more hurried tone she said, “Shall we clean up the dishes?”

I handled the dishwasher while she put the food away. This evening was going to involve another first for both of us, and I wanted to make it an amazing experience she’d never forget. “You know,” I said, “considering what we have planned, we might want something to, you know, make things go a little easier.”

She didn’t face me, but said, “I’m glad you brought that up. I wasn’t sure how to insert that into the conversation.”

“Very funny,” I said. “I’ll run down to the drug store when we’re done. Won’t take 15 minutes. It’s still early, interested in a movie or something when I get back?” She looked over at me with fake exasperation. “Ok, ok,” I responded, “had to ask.”

It’s funny how the brain works. After we cleaned up dinner I ran to the store for lube, thinking about what the evening had in store, and excitedly anticipating the newness of it all. But as I drove back and turned into the driveway, the house in front of me represented normalcy and reality. I pulled into the garage and my only thought was that I’d need to dispose of my new purchase really well before my family gets back tomorrow. There’s no way I could explain what lube is doing anywhere in the house since Joann and I had never used it in our 10 years together. This was still running through my head when I walked in the garage entrance to the house to see lights dimmed and hear soft music playing. I immediately shifted to thinking about Belle and what was in front of me this evening. Tomorrow’s problems were suddenly gone. It’s funny how the brain works.

I walked into the living room where the music was coming from, but Belle wasn’t there. From there I could see into the kitchen and breakfast nook, but no sign of her. She’s not going to be in my office or the kids bonus room. I wondered, would she head to the master bedroom? I walked over, passing by the empty dining room and formal entry. I peeked in the bedroom, but it was empty and dark. I have to admit, I was a bit relieved. I’m not sure how I would have felt making love to Belle in the bed I shared with my wife. Her sister. It’s not that there’s a lot of love making that happens in that room, but the complexity of sharing it with Belle, then going back to it being the room I shared with my wife were too much for me to think through at the moment. So I turned and headed to the guest room.

As I approached I could see a soft light coming from the slightly open door. The smell of perfume confirmed Belle was in there, and my heart rate increased as I got to the entrance. I pushed the door open, and there she was lying on her side on the bed, head propped up on her right hand, elbow on the bed. Her eyes were bright and alert, but she said in an almost sleepy voice, “I heard you come in, where have you been?”

The vision of her lying there took away my breath, and my voice. Her hair was down to her shoulders and she had deep red lipstick on. She was wearing a white camisole that emphasized her bustline on top, tapered very tightly around her torso, and stopped just above her belly button at the base. She had white high cut panties on with what looked like very light pink lace around the edges. It wasn’t lingerie, but it was close. I realized I was standing there like a dope with a bag containing a bottle of lube hanging from my left hand.

“Oh, I was looking for you,” I muttered.

She slowly closed and opened her eyes, focusing on my face. Her voice had an almost guttural catch to it. “Well, looks like you found me,” she responded, slowly.

I started walking toward the bed. She shook her head, and with her free hand slowly wagged a finger at me. She smiled. “Give me the bag, close the door, and don’t even think of coming over here with all those clothes on.”

I was blowing it. I wanted to make this memorable for her, but while I was lurching through every step, she was pitch perfect. I needed to up my game, and fast. I’m not the dramatic type, but I needed to focus on her and what she needed. A good start would be by following the cues I was getting. I handed her the bag, then shut the door and sat down on the chair by the vanity to take off my shoes and socks. I stood up, pulled down my pants and yanked the shirt over my head. Standing there in my boxers, I had a thought.

From across the room I said in a very hushed tone, “You look absolutely unbelievable.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “Come in for a closer look.”

This time I shook my head. Then, reaching down, I put my hand in my underwear. Her reaction told me I had struck a note. She propped herself up even more and moved her eyes from my face to my crotch. My dick was already coming to attention from the vision on the bed, the bulge made that obvious, then I started rubbing it with long, slow strokes. Without seeming to realize it, she put her left index finger in her mouth as she stared at the motion in my boxers.

“Faster,” she whispered, maybe to me, maybe to herself. I complied. After a minute or so, the head of my dick started popping above the waistband as I masturbated. She just watched, occasionally flicking her tongue out to moisten her lips. I needed to pace myself, and with that gorgeous woman watching me masturbate I wasn’t going to make it very long continuing like this. I needed some breaks, but without losing the momentum between us. So I stopped, pulled my hand out of my shorts, and took my time dropping my boxers to the floor. That gave me the break I needed, as the top of my dick was already glistening. Her eyes widened very slightly at the emergence of my erect cock. Taking it slowly, I wrapped my hand around the top of my shaft and started pulling up and down, occasionally stopping at the top to run my thumb over the head. Doing this gave me a bit better control of my own temperature. I didn’t want to lower hers though, and from the looks of it I didn’t need to be concerned.

There was noticeable movement in Belle’s chest as her breathing grew deeper. She licked the finger that was touching her lip, then her left hand moved away and slowly made its way downward. It appeared to have a mind of its own as it followed the contour of her breast, moved passed the bottom hem of her camisole, and touched the top of her panties. Three fingers pierced the waistband, followed by her entire hand disappearing into her underwear. Her left leg raised up slightly, and the unmistakable movement in the bulge of her panties told me at least one finger had entered her vagina. She started moving faster, and while I was inclined to follow her pace, I knew had to keep it slow. I didn’t want to hit my peak too soon.

After what seemed like several minutes of this she was breathing rapidly, hand moving very fast under her panties, her eyes locked on my dick. She stopped suddenly and quickly pulled her hand out of her underwear, clearly trying to prevent an orgasm. With a glistening finger she motioned for me to come toward her. This time I agreed, thankful for another break, so I let go of my dick and walked over.

She was still lying on her side as I reached the bed. She put out her hand and gently touched my leg, a signal to stop where I was. I could still feel the wetness on her fingers. Her gaze never broke contact with my mid-section as she reached up and touched my balls, gently stroking one, then the other. The only light in the room was coming from the small lamp on the nightstand right by the headboard, so we both had great view of each other. She unconsciously licked her lips as she now ran her fingers up and down my shaft, barely touching it. This seemed like a good time to take a turn at giving some instructions.

“Take your top off.” I spoke gently, but I wasn’t asking. She looked up at my face. Without breaking her gaze, she sat up and crossed her arms as she grabbed the bottom of her camisole and pulled it up over her head. Her now freed breasts revealed very erect nipples and she touched one of them as her hand dropped and she lowered herself onto her right side, head on the pillow, facing me. She was at the edge of the bed, so I gently straddled her to climb in and lay down next to her, facing her back. She started to roll over, but I stopped her. “Just relax,” I said. “I’m going to take good care of you.”

I ran my fingers gently over her back, and she shuttered slightly, every nerve ending responding to the slightest stimulation. I reached over and flicked off the light on the nightstand. Reaching back down, I put my hand on her arm and gently guided her a bit more forward so her body was nearly face down. I slowly rubbed her arm as I lowered my face to her neck. Gently, I kissed the left side of her neck, licking her ear lobe as I got close. She let out a soft moan as she exposed more of her neck to my tongue and lips. I lowered my hand down her arm and gradually slipped it under her elbow, finding her left breast. I started squeezing, gently pulling on the nipple as my fingers found the erect mound. Continuing to kiss and lick her neck, I made my way across her upper back. Her breathing intensified and her skin started to moisten. As I continued working on her neck, back, and breast, I moved closer until my naked dick found the crack of her panty covered ass. I rocked slowly, using her butt to stroke my cock.

Her breathing got more and more shallow, and I could tell she was building again toward orgasm. Putting my hand back on her arm, I moved away slightly and guided her onto her back. Rolling over, I took her left breast into my mouth as I stroked the right one. An audible moan left her lips as her head tilted backward. As I sucked her breast, I stroked her nipple with my tongue. She put her hand on the back of my head and pressed down. This was clearly working wonders.

Eventually I dragged my left hand away from her breast and down toward her mid-section, my fingers stopping at the spot directly between her legs. I could feel that her panties were soaked as I rubbed her pussy through the material. She spread her legs, allowing all four fingers between them. Every breath she took now included a quiet moan, and I knew she was getting close. I stopped sucking and moved my body down on the bed, positioning my face right below her stomach. I climbed between her legs and propped myself up on my elbows. I reached over and with both hands pulled her panties down several inches, exposing her pussy. She reached down, holding her underwear as she pulled her legs through the openings. For a brief moment, I had a full view of her vagina and anus before she lowered her butt back on the bed.

She spread her legs wide now, a clear signal that I was on the right track. Lowering my head, I kissed and licked her entire “bikini area” before finding my way into her vagina with my tongue. She moaned as I entered, and I probed the space to find her clit. That was not difficult as it was swollen and slightly protruding at the top, giving me lots to work with. I moved my tongue back and forth along the base of her nub, flattening out when I reached the tip of it by her opening. I continued this motion as my hands found her ass and I forced my way underneath so I could squeeze her butt as I licked. She was moaning loudly now, and glancing up I could see she had both hands on her breasts, kneading them furiously. Suddenly her back arched, and I had to focus to keep my tongue in the right spot.

“Oh god, oh god!” She cried and she moved both hands to the bed to brace herself as her body stiffened with ecstasy. “Oh! Keep going,” she instructed, “Faster!”

I stroked with vigor now, using as much of my tongue as I could, spread across the surface of her clit. She writhed up and down uncontrollably before trying to push my head away. She was losing control. I locked my head in place and kept licking. She screamed, spasms shaking her body. After a few seconds the climax passed but she wiggled back and forth a few times before finally melting back onto the bed. I pulled my tongue out of her crease, and lay my head on the upper thigh of her still spread leg, feeling the warmth of her body and smelling the musk of her orgasm. After a few seconds of quiet she giggled once as she ran her fingers through my hair, and we lay collapsed in that position for several more minutes.

I was both relaxed and incredibly worked up as I hadn’t come yet. I know women have the amazing ability for multiple orgasms, but after the one I just witnessed I had no idea if Belle was going to be up for more right now, never mind whether she was still interested in me going in the back door. If not, I was going to have to take care of my little problem another way. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“I never felt anything like that,” she said. “Joann is a lucky woman.”

“Joann never felt anything like that either,” I replied. “She’s really not that into sex. I was just following your cues.”

“Mmm. You nailed it then. You seemed to know exactly what buttons to push.”

That made me feel good about myself. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” I replied.

After a pause she said, “Well, there’s one more button you can push, if you’re up for it.” I lifted my head off of her leg and looked up. She was holding the bottle of lube.

“Up for it? I never came down, if you get my drift.” I said, trying to hide my enthusiasm.

“Come here,” she said quietly.

I crawled my way from the base of the bed to the pillows by the headboard. She rolled on her side, and I rolled to face her. A few minutes ago my face was very wet from having it buried in her pussy, but she didn’t seem to care. She opened her mouth slightly, and I met her in a kiss. Lying together, we kissed for a long time, lips and tongues gently playing against each other. I was rapidly getting worked up, my dick throbbing again. She wasn’t getting there as quickly, but I could hear her breathing getting shallow and her kisses were more aggressive.

She pulled away, and slowly turned her body so her head was facing toward my feet. She crawled down along my right side until her head was at my midsection and her feet were near my face. She moved her left arm over my body, followed by her left leg. Now straddling me on all fours she gave my dick a few strokes with her hand, then lowered her mouth over the tip and started to suck. The sensation of her warm, wet mouth on my penis was exhilarating. My eyes had adapted to the faint light coming through the blinds and I could see that her pussy was right above my face. Grabbing her butt, I lowered her down. I started to insert my tongue into her vagina again, but she grunted, her mouth filled with my dick.

She pulled it out, and said, “No, sweetheart.” As she said this she pulled forward a few inches more, and lowered herself even further so her pussy was almost touching my chest. “Use the lube,” she instructed, and took my dick back into her mouth.

I saw where this was going now, and reached over to grab the bottle. I squirted a small amount onto my right index finger. With my left hand I massaged her ass, spreading the cheeks as I did so to find her hole. She followed my lead, spreading her legs even further to expose more of her backside. With my left hand I found her butthole, and with my right finger I started massaging it with the lube. She gave a slight moan as I stroked, spreading her legs and ass as far as they would go. I inserted my finger to the first bend and kept stroking, gradually feeling her muscles starting to relax. When I was able to get my finger all the way in I pulled it out, this time squirting lube on two fingers, and moved them back into position. Before long both fingers made their way in, the lube doing its job nicely.

Focusing on this process was incredibly erotic, but also took my attention away from the fact that Belle was giving me an amazing blowjob. I could feel my dick throbbing, and under normal circumstances I would have exploded in her mouth, but I was busy elsewhere. It’s funny how the brain works. After ten minutes of effort I had three fingers moving in and out easily, and her muscles seemed relaxed and ready. My dick was really throbbing now, so I loaded a large amount of lube on my fingers and gave her anus a nice coating.

I spoke, urgently, “It needs to happen now or you’re going to have a mouth full of cum.” She responded immediately, pulling my dick out of her mouth and getting on all fours, butt in the air. I pulled out from under her, got up on my knees, and lowered her ass to the right height. The break helped keep me from blowing too soon as I put some of the lube from my fingers onto the tip of my dick. I used my fingers to find her hole again, and gently started inserting my penis. The tip went in pretty easily, then things started to get tight. I grabbed some lube and used it to grease my cock. I pushed a little further.

“How ya doing,” I grunted.

“It feels amazing,” she panted. She turned her head and looked at me with a voracious look in her eyes, “I want this, keep going!”

That’s all I needed. I pushed again, and to my surprise my dick started moving in easier. A couple more strokes and I was almost in up to my base.

“I can feel you inside me,” she was almost growling, “oh my god.”

She lowered one hand to her pussy and started fingering herself. Seeing this put me into another gear and I started thrusting, slowly at first, but then more vigorously. Putting my hands on her lower back for balance I could feel she was sweating, her muscles tense. She threw her head back and a higher pitched yell I hadn’t yet heard came out with every breath. I could feel the fingers in her vagina working very rapidly as I stroked her butthole. I’m not sure who came first, but I’m positive that whoever it was sent the other one over the edge because we seemed to come in perfect unison. She moaned in ecstasy as I shot multiple loads into her ass.

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