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Bath Time with my Boys….


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I recently read a story on a site for Moms. A mom shared her story about watching her son develop when he went thru puberty …

It sent my mind to wondering back to those days when my two sons were growing up and watching them develop into young men. I’m an old granny now, but those memories have stayed with me to this day. My old man and I had 2 boys, Ronnie and Randy, they were almost 2 years apart. We lived in Florida and spent a lot of time boating, camping and swimming, being nude in front of each other was no big deal when the boys were small.

My old man was a firefighter and his shifts meant that on many nights the boys and I were home alone. Bath time was always fun as we all loved to take bubble baths together. We played all kinds of games and we were always laughing and giggling as we washed each others bodies.. When we got out of the tub I would dry them off , watching their little cocks wiggle as I rubbed their little package and help them into their PJs. They would stand on a stool in front of the sink and brush their teeth as I dressed and we’d all pile up in my bed together for the night..

When Ronnie, the oldest was about 11 or so, I noticed that he was starting to get pubic hair and his balls were dropping down and hanging more than little brother Randy. Over the next few months I noticed he was getting more hairy and his little cock was getting bigger.

One night a little later, Ronnie was sitting between my legs with his back toward me. I was soaping up his back when I slipped my hands around his waist and began to wash his stomach and then I slipped my hand down to wash between his legs as he and his brother goofed around with each other. To my shock and surprised his little cock was not so little, it was erect. My heart skipped a beat when I felt how much bigger he was now.

When we got out of the tub and I was drying them off, I really got a good look at his beautiful erect little cock, it was maybe 3 inches long. When I was drying off Randy, he exclaimed “Ronnie has a hairy pecker just like Dad” and laughed. I told him to pipe down and I explained to him that his brother was growing up. I told him it was natural and in a year or two he’d start to get a hairy pecker too. Then the little shit said ” Will I get to jerk off too like Ronnie does”? Ronnie spun around and said “you better shut your mouth”. I turned Ronnie around and held his face to my naked breast and told Randy to go to bed. I told him I needed to talk to Ronnie who was very upset with his brother.

As I held him close, I asked him how long he had been masturbating and he said sheepishly, for maybe a month. He then told me he did it every night after bath time. He told me how excited he got when we got all soaped up in the tub .He told me he waited until he thought Randy was asleep to jerk off.

I told him I understood that boys his age did it and it was nothing to be ashamed about. “Would you like to do it now, so Randy won’t know, it will be our secret” ? I took the towel away that he was holding in front and his cock was about half erect as he began to stroke it. I asked him if he shot cum yet and he said “just a little”. As he stroked his cock and it got harder, I reached over and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion and rubbed it on his cock. “Here honey, let Mommy do that for you” I said as I took his swollen cock in my hand. Slowly he started to thrust forward a little pumping my hand as I stroked him. ” Oh Mommy,” he whispered and as he trembled, he shot 3-4 big spurts of cum on my leg. “Oh sweetie, I thought you said you just squirted a little” I said. He looked up at me breathlessly and said ” Mommy I never shot near as much as that before”.

I helped him into his PJs and his cock still hung there half erect . Remember now, ” Don’t tell Randy or anybody, this is our little secret” I told him firmly. He looked up at me with his bright sparkling eyes and said ” Don’t worry Mommy, I’ll never tell.”

We continued to all take bubble baths together every night when the old man was at work. By the time my little boy Ronnie turned 13 he had a cock that was 5 inches long and by then Randy was starting to be a handful also, if you know what I mean….LOL.


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