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Bat in Heat

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I didn’t hear anything, until I heard a “BUMP” on my window, and looked up.

“What the,” by the time I got up, and went over there, he was standing on the window sill, but my reflection covered up much more than his elbows occasionally wiping the window. Green sleeves, I had to turn the latch, and push the bottom window up. “What the heck are you doing out there?”

A rope hung between his legs, and I looked up at the crotch sticking out, under a short jacket. Bright yellow plastic belt, but he swung out, and stuck his legs in. Dropping down to sit on the window sill, he had to duck over in the corner.

“Oh sorry, playing Batman.”

“Dressed like that?” Yellow cape hanging behind him.

“Oh yeah, Batman and Robin.”

“Oh,” I took his hand, “Come in, watch your head.” I stepped back, but I recognized him. Even in the cute little mask, it was Todd. “Who’s your Batman?” Feeling my doorknob, I pinched, and turned the lock.

“Oh,” he stuck his head back out, and turned to shout up. “Wayne?” I nodded, excitedly. (Names are changed, and duh.) “Kylie wants to play too.”

“Sh shush!” I pushed him out. ‘just tell him to meet me down in the alleyway, and leave the rope.’

“Oh, okay.” He climbed out, and kept climbing down. From the roof, it’s only a 3 storey building, but they don’t live on this side. I popped a button getting my shirt off, but then I looked over at a couple gentle taps.

Black boots, pointed toes standing on my window sill, and a blue lined cape hanging behind them.

“Hm,” I bit my lip, dropped my top, and pulled out my cat suit. Dropping it on the dresser, I dropped my pajama bottoms, and looked back in the mirror. In my underwear, and bra, he hadn’t moved a muscle.

“Huh, go ahead, and let me change. I’ll see you down there in a minute.”

I held the cat-suit up, and waited for him to climb down, but when it got to his crotch. It was too dark to see if he had a boner yet, but then his mouth appeared with a smile, dropped down, until the pointy little spikes disappeared below the sill.

“Huh!” I reached back to unhook my bra, then stepped into the spandex to pull it up, as quick as I can.

It was a Black Widow costume, from a couple years ago, so Civil War? I don’t remember honestly, it was my sisters, but she outgrew it, then I grew into it, and ever since we skipped Halloween this year (Because of Social Distancing, and Curfews, nobody was handing out candy. Also, the wrong kinds of Masks, unless you wanted to be Bane, I guess.)

It’s not that I didn’t want him to see me naked. I just didn’t want to show him too much, too soon. So, I didn’t bother with the Hourglass belt, and just pulled on my tatami moccasins. My brother outgrew them, and a short Ninja fad, but these have monkey toes so you can wear them with flip-flops, or climb down a knotted rope, and also flexible soles. So you don’t have to wear anything with them, but I zipped those up the backs. A toboggan hat long enough to pull down over my face, I just cut an eye slit in it to make it like a Balaclava, but I didn’t waste time going for a full ski-mask.

It was hot, and humid out there, I broke a sweat immediately, but I wasn’t planning on keeping this costume on all night.

“Hey, Selena.”

“Hey,” I looked back. “Bruce?” Shook my head. “You know what? I don’t have half the Catwoman costume, so why don’t we just pretend I’m somebody else.”

“A ninja?” Todd pointed out.

“Yeah uh!” I dropped down. “Sure, why don’t you guys give me a 1 minute head start?”

“Okay, 60 one thousand, fifty nine thousand…”

“Huh!” I just ran to the corner, and slowed down. We haven’t played this game in years, because honestly it’s a childish game, me, and Wayne are teenagers now, and I guess he got roped in by his little brother again, but he’s 12, and cute, and.

What am I thinking?

The boy wonder ran around the corner, followed by the caped crusader, but he stopped, and pointed down the alley. “I’ll go this way, youg.”

Todd turned around, and saw me, but he just ran past the trash bin, and back around the corner. So, Wayne threw his cape over 1 side, and ran down the alley where he turned.

I held in a giggle, and sneaked back out to the T intersection. Todd stopped and looked back. So I ducked down, and picked up a bottle. Threw it, and he whirled around when it bounced down the pavement.

“Huh huh HUH!” I jumped, and caught him. Grabbed his mouth, and covered it.

“WhDrYwDwng?” He tried to shake his head.

“Sh, you know it’s only a matter of time, before he catches onto my ploy.” I turned around, and backed up with my hostage. “I know you’ve got rope or something on you. Batcuffs?” he nodded. “Get them out, put them on.”

Honestly, I binge-watched all the Animated Series, and lots of other stuff too. They got me into superheros, and villains in the first place. It’s basically Hide&Seek only in costume, but ever since I saw his groin, in the top of my window.

It’s weird, he’s 12, and I’m only 13, but bad. It feels way worse than just naughty, it’s downright evil. Even thinking about molesting a little boy, but since I had a hand free, I waited for the plastic cuffs to lock with a muffled click.

Then, I grabbed his crotch, but then I let go, and tapped it with my fingers.

“SNH!” He stopped struggling, but then he stiffened, and took a deep breath. Through his nose.

‘huh, you wore a cup.’ He nodded, ‘smart.’

“Mwat,” he twisted his face away, ‘Why are you.’ I even let him turn around, and took his hands. He lowered his voice, and leaned in. ‘i thought you liked my brother?’

‘i do, he’s okay as a friend, but can you keep a secret?’ I leaned over, to his ear. ‘you’re way cuter, come on.’ I pulled the plastic chain between his wrists, knowing he could get out if he could reach the little tabs on the inside, but he wasn’t even trying to get away. ‘in here.’ I held the door, and helped him up. Without a little groping his bubble butt, but even at his age. He still climbs around, not many trees around to climb, but I really think he might be seriously practicing to be a crime fighter?

I carefully let the lid of the dumpster down, but this one goes to some office. I guess, they never have anything but paper in the recycling, but it’s all shredded in plastic bags. So, it’s pretty comfortable.

“Huh, I really like you too!”

‘sh!’ even Hushed, that was a little too loud, in this confined space, but I just yanked the zipper down, and pulled my arms out. ‘huh, i’m hot. for you, i’m in heat for you, just watching you climb around in the alley, and hoping you’d appear in my window one night. like tonight.’ The bags rustled in the dark, and my knee hit the bottom when I slipped between two of them. Accidentally, but then his cuff hit my arm, and he felt over. Butterflying his hands, when his fingers brushed my bare sweaty B cup, then cupped it in both hands, squeezing it gently.

“Huh!” I felt down his panting tummy, to the bottom of the vest, and then ran into that damned plastic cup. That made his crotch bulge out much bigger than it had to and honestly, what’s the deal with that outfit anyway? Long sleeves, that jacket vest thing, utility belt, and like a banana hammock sewn into the bottom, with bare legs. “Uh, how do you get this thing off?”

SCREAK! Light shone in, and we’re not talking about a lot of light here, but more than enough to throw the shadow of THE COWL on the back of the dumpster.

“Oh, what?” he shook his head, and his little brother let go of my tit, but I still had both hands in his crotch. I mean 2 fingers in each side, trying to rip through the seam to get into the tender morsels inside. “WHAT THE FUCK!” he threw the plastic up, so it slammed against the wall, then fell back down. “OW!” Right on his arms reaching for me, and I turned back in the corner when he grabbed my mask. that slipped off, but then he bent his elbows, and put his hands up to push the recycling bin open.

“About time you got here, I thought I was going to have to make do with the boy blunder.” Uh God. Really? So cheesy.”

“Well, bull your top up, you’re coming with me.”

I giggled, “It’ll be easier to come together if I take my costume off.” I pushed it down, and shimmied my hips out. which made the girls dance in front of his eyes, and his jaw dropped.

“Yeah, I think she wants to take us both on.” I heard a RIP! Looking back, it’s obvious that it velcros up the back. I was so busy fumbling around it, and honestly it’s such a leotard, duh. Where else is it going to come open, stupid? I already checked the front, and the bottom. So anyway, he kicked it off in the dumpster, and helped me pull the wetsuit down to the tops of my boots.

“Help me out here, Batman. What’s Selina Kyle got that I don’t? Oh yeah, I know all about her, I used to be in her gang, but she never told me how she got the bat-dick.”

I looked back, and shook my head. Wrong Robin, I looked back, and ran my hands up his sculpted abs (Foam) to the sculpted pecs (Hard plastic.)

“Is it the whip?” I shook my head. “I should have known, anyone who dresses like this must be into fetish.”

“Huh, yeah. Honestly, if you must know, it’s the outfit. Tight black pleather, all sweaty after a long chase across the rooftops, and.” He shrugged. “We kinda started getting into it.”

“Masks on, or masks off?”

“Oh, definitely masks on, but it wasn’t hard to find out her secret identity.”

“Huh, so that’s why she never told me who you where? She never found out?”

“They don’t call me the world’s greatest detective for nothing.”

“Guys, this is great and all, but my balls are about to explode. So, can we do this dialog some other time?”

“Yeah,” I turned around, and pushed him back. Up against the dumpster, I let go of his shoulders, and went right down to his little dick. “Huh, first cum first served right?” I had to reach back around my but, and switch hands, but he’s just the right height. He didn’t have to bend his knees at all, just “Hold still. Uh huh!”

I just held him pressed against the cold blue metal, and gripped the edge to hold on. Enjoy the neat sensation of an actual dick inside me, but he couldn’t hold it. He shook his face out of my breasts and gasped for breath. “Oh huh! Oh god, it’s so warm, and wet, and tight! NGH!” He started humping, and shaking. His knees gave out, so I had to hold him up, but then he relaxed.

With the cutest smile of satisfaction on his face, he blinked, and looked up. Slipped out soft, so I had to set him down gently. “It’s okay,” I patted his red hot cheek, and turned to kiss him. “You did great.” I stood up. Still standing in the legs of my wetsuit, I had to waddle to turn around, but he was still in full costume.

“Um,” I pointed, “You want to take some of that off? I mean that was a nice little appetizer, but I’m ready for the main course.” Where the hell do I come up with these lines from? I really need to work on my dialog.

“Yeah,” he finally pulled a rubber out of a pouch. “Just a sec.”

“Huh!” I leaned back to pull my wetsuit up, and one of the soggy boots off. “You carry rubbers in that thing?”

“Yeah, you never know when you might need one?”

“So who else have you been sneaking out to fuck at night?”

“You know, Selena Kyle, Pam Ivesly, Harley Quinn.”

“Uh!” It was dumb enough to ask, let alone jealous of him right after he let me fuck his little brother right in front of him, but big surprise that all that takes a while to take off. He had to take the hood off since that’s attached the the cape. His had a zipper up the back, probably because he’s big enough to buy the Adult costumes in the smallest size, and in the pants?

He’s not a 12 year old, any more. Who am I to complain, 2 dicks in 1 night? He didn’t have any trouble with the rubber falling off, let’s say that.

“Uh!” I wound up, curled up, and hugging my knees on the alley floor. His cape over both of us, taking me from behind, and it was so hot. In all the right ways, we worked up a sweat just like he said, and I was already mentally shopping for a black PV fetish suit.

He kept slowing down, and even stopping a few times to catch his breath. Then, he gripped my arms, right above the elbows, and plowed into me again, and again. To keep from cumming, and he pounded out orgasm after orgasm that way, but he could fuck me like this all night.

I always like the bad-guys better, and wouldn’t you know most of the best female characters are on the villain side too? Even the good girls, just in the Avengers, you’ve got Black Widow who’s a double agent, and her symbol is a warning that this spider is incredibly venomous. Known for killing her mates, and Scarlet Witch. I don’t even have to explain that, but she started out a badguy, and her power is literally fucking with Reality itself.



Just look her up, real quick. I know you’ve never heard of her, but if you’ve ever used the term Feminazi before? LOOK AT HER! There’s your fucking Feminazi. She’s basically Wonder Woman, if she had Captain Marvel’s powers, and was evil.

I never wanted to play the victim, but now I decided that I’m done playing the bad girl, too. I finally know what I want to be when I grow up, and my first crime was raping a little boy, while his brother watched.

“Huh!” He finally finished, and plopped out. “Huh!”

“Finally!” Todd put his boot on my shoulder. CA cute little elf boots, he never took off, but he pushed me over. “I thought you’d never finish.” He picked up my leg, and got down between them, wearing nothing but green elf boots, and a black Robin mask.

“Uh!” Then he was on top of me. Pecking away inside of me, but at least this time, he lasted a little longer. “Huh fuck. Yeah, fuck me.” He managed not to slip out, and what he lacked in size, he more than made up for with enthusiastic speed. I didn’t even say faster, faster, but after that marathon fuck under the cape, I was honestly exhausted, so I just held his flexing bubble butt, and let him peck away to his hearts content.

“Uh, huh!” He finally pushed up. On my tits, and held it in, all the way. “Yeah, take it. Yeah take it, you love it, huh?”

I just bit my lip, and nodded politely, but I couldn’t hold back the giggles. He’s just so adorable, and after what I did to him, he had to do something to prove he’s not a complete, and utter simp.

Not the little boy I thought he was all along. I didn’t believe it either, until a couple months later. When I’d skipped a couple periods, and went to the doctor (On a regular appointment) to find out the obvious.

Duh, I was pregnant. At 14, he was only 12, but I just assumed that ment. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, I just told you exactly what I thought:

He’s just a little boy, so that makes this rape.

How could I be so stupid? I’m not even a blonde! Well, I guess I’ll just tell his big brother that the rubber broke. He’s got a job, so he can actually afford to help me raise a little shit, but that means no more to spend on fetish wear, and bondage gear I guess.

Oh well. He does look pretty damned good in that Daredevil outfit.

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