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Bad Mother

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Single fall in love with the man of her dreams and started down a long road of incredible perversity and depravity

I’m not a good mom. Not by society’s standards at least. In fact, not by any standards, I think. I’m the worst. A truly terrible mother. If you want to know more read on but do so at your own peril. If you aren’t a nasty twisted perv then this tale probably isn’t for you….
I wasn’t always a bad mom though. I used to be the best. The most well meaning and kindest mother you’d ever have the miracle of meeting. But that was before. Before I met him. Before I fell in love with him. Before I let that love blind me. Before I let that love corrupt me and turn me into the twisted fuck I’ve now become.
This isn’t me growing a conscience. Not now, not after everything I’ve done. But it is a confession. A confession of all the depraved actions and choices I’ve made in the last few years. There is no going back. If there is a hell, I most certainly am well on my way there so there’s no point in holding back any more.
Now, I suppose I should start with myself. I’m currently in my mid twenties, I have black hair and dark eyes, a pale complexion with full kissable lips that are perfect for red or black lipstick (and for wrapping around a hard cock;)
Now, my body shape is average I’d say but my husband says I’m skinny and petite, but with him being over six feet tall, most woman are petite in comparison. My boobs aren’t big, a B cup at most even after all the milk they’ve produced after my pregnancies.
I like to take care of myself though, so for the most part I’m fit, I go for a short run every day and swim a lot on the weekends in our pool though in recent years I have joined a gym but have rarely gone, though my hubby doesn’t know that, you’ll understand why once you’ve read more.
Now, my eldest daughter isn’t my husband’s biological child. I had her long before I ever met him, when I was a stupid teenager being raised by my welfare mom, and full of urges and peer pressure I didn’t know how to manage which led me to getting myself involved with a bunch of assholes bitches who called me their friend but who didn’t really give a shit about me and were involved in some pretty shady shit that at the time I didn’t fully understand.
As a result, one night I let them drag me to a party at some college fraternity in which I ended up drugged out my mind and let some random jerk whose face I can’t even remember fill my belly with his baby making sauce.
To this day, I have no idea who the biological father of my child really is as the asshole never came forward to admit what he’d done to me but it doesn’t matter in my opinion.
At least, not anymore, because getting knocked up actually saved my life!
It woke me up to how stupid I was being and I got stuck back into my schooling, eventually managing to put my shit together so by the time I met my current hubby I was a neat and put together young woman with a stable job as a nurse and my life was going relatively well.
Not to say everything was perfect, I still had all the typical worries like rent, healthcare and schooling for my Angel but I was managing.
I call my daughter my little Angel because of how she saved my life but also because I named her Angelica after my favourite Rugrats character.
Little Angelica came into my life when I most needed her although at the time I thought I was being punished for my stupid misspent youth, but looking back, I see things differently.
Since my daughter was born, it was just me and her against everything, not even my mom helped out, too busy with her own issues. So it was all left up to me but we made it and were all doing good…. At least until I met him!
Who’s “him”? You ask. Well I guess it’s time I told you about him. About the man I took as my husband. The man who turned my life upside down and changed everything I thought I knew about myself. My lover, my soulmate, my guilty pleasure and my greatest shame.
I met my husband at the hospital where I was working shifts as a hospice nurse for the surgical recoveries and he had just come from surgery on his lower back due to some pinched nerves caused by some sort of soft tissue displacement.
He ended up having to go through months of physiotherapy in which he introduced himself to me as Ryan, a mid thirties bachelor, that took care of his ill mother and was pretty humble and kind. Over time we got to know each other, grew close, and eventually it culminated in him asking me out on a date.
I was nervous due to my past experience and hadn’t actually been with a guy ever since that night my daughter was conceived, preferring to use my own hands and some toys to get off if I was in need, but since he seemed nice and somewhat safe I said yes and the rest is history, as they say.
We went on many dates and eventually after about the seventh night out I let him take me to bed.
As I said, I hadn’t been intimate with a guy since the night I got knocked up at that frat party and was very anxious overall as I was extremely inexperienced but I needn’t of been. That night was the first of many to follow and if someone had told me beforehand that sex could be that much fun and that pleasurable I wouldn’t have believed them.
My previous sexual experiences with boys was only that one night in which I was, if we’re being perfectly honest, raped, and which traumatized me, resulting in me pretty much avoiding any subject or discussion that might involve sex.
I thought sex was basically just having a cock stuck up my vagina for less then a minute before the warm feeling of ejaculate filling me up followed.
Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complete naive, I knew some of the things couples do in bed but I, myself, hadn’t even had the experience of oral sex before, giving or receiving, until Ryan buried his face between my legs and flickered his tongue all over my soaked lips.
Now that was an orgasm! And after making me shake for what felt like hours, he asked if I wanted to try a sixty-nine which, upon seeing my confused expression, he quickly explained the mechanics of.
I still smile every time I think about how very innocent I was then but at that time I did not want to seem ungracious for his oral contributions and agreed and so ended up giving my very first blowjob in the sixty-nine position.
I still remember the whirlwind of emotions and sensations I felt with his hot and rock hard flesh filling my mouth as he used his amazing tongue to bring me to multiple orgasms.
Since that was the first time I sucked cock, Ryan was very considerate and told me well in advance of his impending ejaculation thus allowing me to pull back and just finish him off with my hands.
I still remember that first time watching his cock jerk and spurt out long strings of white sauce all over my hands and how amazing I thought a mans body was that he could do that.
Even to this day, I still get a thrill out of watching him ejaculate even if it is now something I’ve seen thousands of times since.
Although I wasn’t prepared to let him cum in my mouth or on my face or anything that first time, I did end up letting him do all that stuff latter on. In fact, nowadays if Ryan doesn’t cum in my mouth or on my face at least once a week I start getting agitated and eventually end up begging him for it.
The first time I tasted his cum was about a month after we started having regular intercourse.
We were naked in bed after a bit of fooling around and after having an open discussion that led to me asking him what turned him on the most and him telling me that he had many and that he didn’t want to pressure me into anything.
But after some persistent prying on my part he, eventually, admitted that he loved the idea of cumming on my face.
I was a bit grossed out by the idea to be honest but pushed through it and asked him why covering my face in his man spunk was such a turn-on.
His answer was that it made him feel like he was marking his territory, he told me. That making a mess all over me like that made him feel like I was his, and his alone.
His answer kinda touched me and seemed sweet, albeit in a really perverse way, and since the idea did turn me on a bit to try, I relented and decided to let him do it.
I got a pillow off the bed, put it on the floor for me to kneel on and went to town using my hands and mouth to bring him to orgasm.
Suffice it to say that I very quickly found myself squinting through a face full of white man cream as he shot load after load and completely masking my face with some of it inevitability ending up entering my mouth, giving me my first taste of that salty, bitter, snot-like man batter.
I spat it out in disgust that first time, not prepared for what it tasted like not it texture but I guess seeing me covered in cum like that really turned Ryan on because he chided me and told me in a very dominating voice that good girls don’t spit and that I was to clean his cum off my face with my fingers and swallow it all.
His tone and the filthiness of what he demanded I do turned me on so much right then that I eagerly complied and the fact that I didn’t really like the taste but willingly scrapped up and swallowed as much of that white slime covering my face turned Ryan on so much that he ended up picking me up, tossing me onto the bed and fucking me doggystyle with wild abandon, all the while encouraging me to be his good little cum-gobbler.
This made me cum so much that ever after that I have always swallowed his baby sauce when required. Not that I’ve ever really come to like the taste but it always turns him on and it turns me on to please him.
That first year with Ryan was so amazing, he opened me up to so many new and exciting things, both emotionally and physically. I still remember the very first time he put it in my ass. It hurt like hell but I found it unusually enjoyable and after my anus got a bit more stretched loose, started requesting he put his cock up my backdoor more often.
He introduced me to public flashing as well and would have me show him my tits or shaved pussy in the car while driving, or at a restaurant or even out at a club or bar.
He got me to do public facials after that, where he’d get me to suck him off in some nearby bush or ally or even our car and then have me walk around outside in parks and malls with his glistening fluid shining across my face.
He bought me vibrating panties and loves to put the setting high, especially when we’re visiting friends or at a work function.
What I love most about him is that I can be a completely dirty and filthy pervert with him and not feel judged or belittled.
But it wasn’t all about the sex either, he was great in all the other aspects too, supporting me when I was dealing with my irresponsible mom, helping out at home with all the chores and of course taking care of Angelica when I couldn’t.
The thing I was most nervous about in the beginning was how he and Angelica would work out but I needn’t have worried, Angelica took to Ryan right away and he was great with her too, giving her lots of cuddles and hugs and kisses and always getting her to do her chores and homework.
To be honest, I was a bit jealous with how easily he got her to do things but I got over it, especially seeing just how much Angelica adored Ryan and he her.
Anyways, continuing our tale, Ryan and I got married about a year and a half after we met and life couldn’t have been better, even more so when my new husband surprised me shortly after our honeymoon with the revelation that he was extremely wealthy.
I’d always assumed that he just had good medical insurance that paid him out for his back issues and that his current job paid him well enough that he could afford to live like he did but it turned out he only worked there because he liked to and drove that average sedan of his to help him keep a low profile as he didn’t want to advertise that he was so rich that he could buy a dozen houses in any country he desired. He just liked playing it low-key.
So that led to me relegating my work to part time only and pretty much becoming an at home wife and mother which ultimately led me to the shocking discovery that completely turned my world upside down!
What is this discovery you ask? Well sit back and get comfy as I tell you about the disgusting, filthy, perverseness that fucked everything.
I was home alone, Ryan having gone off to do his turn on the grocery shopping and Angelica was at school.
I was doing basic house work, like sweeping, washing and that kinda stuff when I accidentally knocked the TV remote in our bedroom off the bedside dresser and it ended up falling behind the dresser which resulted in me pulling the thing a bit to hard out if the way and knocking one of the draws out.
Now it was no big deal as to what fell out was all the basic stuff one might expect to find, like a book, some pamphlets, a couple recites, a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, tube of KY jelly and a mini flash drive.
Now, I’ve always known that my husband watched porn and searched dirty websites and he would sometimes put a dirty movie on every now and then so we could watch it to get some pointers on kinks we might want to try, so I naturally just assumed that this was what was on the flash drive and just being a little curious as to what new kink my hubby might want to try next, plugged the drive into our smart TV and scrolled through the folders of video clips I found.
If I’d paid more attention to the thumbnails I might have been able to predict what the clips were about but I didn’t and just randomly selected a file and pushed play.
It was porn alright, but it was not the kind of porn you regularly see in the mainstream. No, this was sick and wrong and completely destroyed everything I thought I knew about my life, my husband and eventually also about myself.
I fell back onto the bed gasping as I watched the screen in absolute shock, for what had popped up was a scene of what I assumed to be a family committing the sin of incest.
There was a man, the husband I assumed, a woman, the wife, and finally a tiny little girl about the same age as Angelica, the daughter
But this was no wholesome scene of a family together like on hallmark, no, for all of them, the man, woman and girl, were all completely naked and what’s more the two females were on the floor kneeling in front of the man who was sporting an impressive erection.
The woman held the girl in her arms while the man used one hand to hold the little girl’s head steady as with the other he directed his cock and pushed it into the girl’s mouth and softly starting moving his hips, fucking the tiny thing.
“That’s it!” the woman exclaimed. “Suck daddy’s cock!”
I gasped and quickly shut it all off, pulled the drive out of the TV and tossed it across the room.
I stood stock still staring at the little black rectangle that had just shattered my entire world.
Why was this thing inside my house? I asked myself. What was it doing here? Who’d brought it here?
But ultimately I couldn’t deny that there was only one explanation for who the drive belonged to. That flash drive belonged to my husband!!!
No, I told myself. It couldn’t be his. Not my Ryan’s. But the more I analysed the situation the more I couldn’t deny that there was no real other explanation.
But then a thought struck me that maybe I hadn’t seen what I thought I saw. And holding onto that, thought that maybe the clip was just some random file that accidentally got downloaded when my hubby was searching the web.
Yes that was it, I assured myself but the only real way to be sure was to watch the other clips I saw on the drive. Something I had no desire to do but knew I had to.
So, gritting my teeth, I picked up the drive and put it back in the TV but it didn’t work. Apparently, I must have damaged it when I tossed it and now couldn’t get it to even show up as an option on the TV. I tried it with my laptop and tablet too but it wouldn’t work.
I ultimately realized that it was beyond repair but this left me with a real problem. I couldn’t confront my husband when I wasn’t sure if he’d actually done anything wrong and this wasn’t the type of subject matter that you could just wing it on.
I needed to check up on this another way but had to make sure Ryan didn’t find out for safety reason, also I couldn’t exactly take the drive to some tech shop to try and extract the info for if it was a mistake and someone blabbed I could get my husband into a lot of undeserving trouble.
So, with all that in my mind, I put the now broken drive back into the draw and tidied up before Ryan and Angelica came home.
The thought of my little Angel suddenly had me panicked as the realization hit me that if what I’d seen on the screen was what I think it was then did that mean that my kind and seemingly good husband had those kind of designs on my young daughter.
The thought that he might be molesting my little girl made me pale and I took to pacing through the house as I waited for Ryan to get home.
Ryan only arrived home a couple hours later but with my little Angel curled in his arms as he walked in from the garage, making it obvious that he’d dropped by the school to pick her up. This was something he did regularly on the days he would do the shopping, timing it so he’d get there to collect Angelica just as school got out.
It was something so regular that it never gave me a moments pause before but today, after that clip, everything had changed.
I couldn’t help but notice how his hands disappeared under her dress as he held her. Is he just holding her in the best position he could or was he doing something else under that dress? I couldn’t get rid of my suspicions and all the rest of that evening I watched him and Angelica like a hawk. Noting how he hugged her and her him and how she played in his arms, running her hands up his arms and wriggled her bum in his lap but couldn’t tell if it wasn’t just innocent play.
I watched how he kissed her goodnight on the nose and made her giggle and still couldn’t tell if he was just being a kindly and goofy dad or if there was something more brewing beneath the surface.
Eventually I found myself in bed with him as we both stripped naked having come to enjoy the sensual feeling of sleeping in the nude with each other.
Before we even got to the bed Ryan was all over me, kissing and suckling and caressing me to arousal and I found myself going through the motions I usually did with my husband which resulted with me sitting on the edge of the bed as he fed his cock into my mouth.
As Ryan stuffed my face with his man meat, an unfortunate thought crossed my mind as my taste buds informed me that his cock seemed to have a slightly different flavour than usual.
I don’t know if he really did taste different or if it was just because of what I saw earlier that day but suddenly a truly twisted thought crossed my mind.
Am I sucking a cock that’s been inside my daughter? The thought brought me up short and my mouth went slack.
Ryan, most likely thinking I was just tired, changed his stoic stance and placed his hands on my head before he started moving his hips. Effectively fucking my mouth!
I was already in an overly vulnerable state, the shock from earlier in the day had sent my emotions into a storm and now here I was with that storm swirling in my head and heart but with the added arousal from my husband’s ministrations and now the sudden treatment of having my face fucked as I wondered if it was my daughter’s pussy juices I was tasting on my husband’s cock.
All this was too much and I found to my shame shaking as I suffered an intense set of multiple orgasms as my husband drove his meat stick into my mouth before eventually pulling out and spray cum all over my face and tits.
Suffice it to say, I was in an incredible and overwhelming multitude of emotions and so to distract myself I pretty much spent that whole night fucking my husband like his personal porn star and only came to my senses long after he’d passed out from the ordeal.
I decided there wasn’t anything I could do right then, not without finding out the absolute truth and eventually an idea came to me of how I could do that.
Nanny cams. It was something I used when I was still a new mother and needed to leave Angelica with a babysitter while I worked.
I knew how to set them up and how to do so in such a way as to be completely undiscoverable and the next day, while Angelica was at school and after Ryan headed out saying he needed to do something for work, I set about making my plans come to fruition.
I bought many hidden cameras from this local tech shop I knew from down the road, but with cash as I didn’t want any funny questions from Ryan about why he was receiving payment notifications from some strange shop, and once I had the house all to myself, I set them up.
I set them pretty much everywhere as I wasn’t sure what the best place was for catching him but figured if I covered every room I’d find out something, or wouldn’t as I was hoping.
It also didn’t matter if I put them in the bathrooms either I figured as I would be the only one to see what they actually recorded. I also added microphones too as I wanted to know what might be said since video doesn’t always catch everything.
So once done, I sat back and waited. For weeks I let them record, and every time I had a free moment I’d secretly check them but as the days and weeks went by and nothing came about other than some really interesting scenes from our bedroom, I felt more and more the fool.
Though, watching yourself have sex and be a nasty perv for your husband is strangely arousing.
Eventually, I decided I was wrong and stopped checking them as regularly but for some strange reason I felt kinda deflated, though I didn’t analyze that feeling closely.
Anyways, after about three weeks went by with nothing of note happening, I decided I’d get rid of the cameras but, before I could, something happened that changed everything.
It was on an average weekday, in which my hubby very kindly offered to get Angelica ready for school and take her so I could have a nice relaxing morning and after a long morning shower I went down stairs dressed in nothing but a dressing gown while hearing my husband and daughter talking with my daughter suddenly yelling out something incoherent.
When I entered the kitchen I was greeted by my loving husband and daughter who were just leaving for Angelica’s school.
“No goodbye kisses for mommy?” I asked my Angel in a sad voice. The little girl rolled her eyes but quickly ran over to me and gave me a great big kiss on my cheeks, her breath hitting me in the face and freezing me to the spot.
“Goodbye mommy,” Angelica squealed and ran back out the door following my husband. I heard the car start and drive off as I remained rooted in stone.
What made me freeze up like this? Simple. It was the smell of my daughter’s breath. Or rather, what her breath smelled like. It smelled like cock. It smelled like my husband’s cock.
I remained frozen for a few moments longer, then, coming out of my stupor, rushed upstairs with my gown falling open to reveal my nakedness underneath and switched on my computer.
In short order, I pulled up the video feeds of the cameras and started scrolling back through them until I found the one I dreaded.
It wasn’t in Angelica’s room, nor our room, nor any of the spares, not the lounge and not the dining room. It was the cameras in the kitchen that caught them, specifically the ones focused on the breakfast table.
Angelica was sitting at the table, just finishing her cereal when Ryan walked in and started talking to her. I quickly turned the volume up for the speakers and focused hard on what was being said.
“Hey my Angel,” Ryan cooed to my daughter. “Daddy’s feeling a bit pent up, will you help?”
My little Angel looked up at her stepfather, still seated at the table and beamed.
“Okay daddy,” she sang and opened her mouth wide and I watched in abstract horror as my hubby stepped up next to my daughter and without any hesitation whipped out his grown adult erection and fed that giant cock into my little girls mouth.
“That’s it,” Ryan moaned as my daughter happily, and loudly, slurped on his hard penis. “You’re such a good little cocksucker, just like your mommy.”
My daughter stopped sucking his cock just long enough to smile back up at him and say; “Thank you, daddy,” then went right back to gobbling up my husbands baby maker.
Ryan started moving his hips as Angelica sucked on his cock, gently fucking her little mouth and started to get a bit of a shake in his left leg, usually a sign that he was about to cum, but before he did, he quickly pulled his cock out her mouth and zipped himself back up.
“Shit, I think I hear your mom coming out the shower.” Ryan cocked his head to listen. “Let’s finish this on the way to school, okay sweetie?” he asked my daughter.
“Okay daddy,” my daughter answered happily. “But then will you put it in down here?” she asked Ryan, pointing towards her crotch.
“Sure my Angel,” Ryan smiled back down at her. “Where do you want it today? In your pussy or your bum?”
Angelica thought for a moment before beaming up at her stepfather.
“In my bum!!” she joyfully shouted out and hoped off her stool to follow my husband to the door but before they left I saw myself enter the kitchen and then watched in stony silence as my daughter quickly rushed to me to give me that cock smelling kiss before heading out with her stepfather.
Eventually, I unfroze to put my hands on the mouse and with a few clicks rewound the clip to the point where there was a clear image of my husband’s cock stuffed in my daughter’s mouth.
Freezing the scene there, I then zoomed in until my daughter’s face filled the screen looking completely obscene with my husbands adult cock lodged between her lips.
I stared at the image for a long time, taking it all in, until, with a rush, I flung my gown open and put both hands between my legs, stuffing as many fingers as I could into my soaking wet pussy!
It took less than a minute for me to reach a climax and I squirted a gigantic stream of liquid all over the computer screen, covering the image of my daughter with a mouthful of cock in my pussy juices…..

I hope all you sick pervs enjoyed my tale, just wait until the next chapter, that’s when things really start to get fucked up….. Especially for little Angelica!!!

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