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By Author Pen Dragon

Also: Exhibition/Voyeurism, Virgin, Cheating, and Abuse with some ephebophilic/childporn fantasy…

My husband got a security camera for the back yard, saying someone had been breaking in. “The house?”

“No. I just found footprints, but he might be casing the place for security to rob the house when we’re not home.” He got a ladder, and set it up on the corner, with a floodlight while I held up the lap-top for him to aim it.

Wireless, Bluetooth. I don’t really care about the technical details but we forgot about it for the night, and then went in to make dinner. He had a couplefew beers, and I had a little wine, one thing led to another, and we headed to bed.

We’re young, fairly newlywed, with no kids of our own. So, pretty much every night is date-night, and we still have sex. Almost every night, there wasn’t anything special about Labor Day, besides both getting a 3 day weekend to enjoy together.

We barely got started when the light came on, and a shadow stopped. Halfway over the fence, and cast across the back yard. My husband stopped kissing me, and chuckled. “Well, that was quick.” He let go of my (34C) bra cups, and rubbed my arms. “I better go check it out.”

“Well,” I let go, and dropped my blouse. “I better stay here, so he doesn’t get away.” I backed up to the corner of the bed, a little drunk, but still steady. “Since he’s here to watch me.”

He zipped up his pants, “Who knows, maybe he showed up to look at my big dick.” He joked, and opened up the lap top, on the dresser.

“Give me that, then why don’t you go out and ask?” I turned it to watch the action on the screen, but then the camera cut out. Facing the window, it went dark due to inactivity, but he had to aim it carefully so that it didn’t get triggered by cars driving by.

Apparently, it was hooked up to a Motion Sensor, so it didn’t stay on all night, but I was already horny, so I pushed my bread up out of my bra cup for something to play with. The light came on again, when John came out on the back porch.

The boy ran for the fence, but stopped when John put his hands up. I wish we had it wired for sound, but whatever he said must have worked. Because then the intruder stopped in the corner, and turned around. His hands up to climb the fences, he just put them down, and shook his head. John nodded, and invited him in.

Wearing just a pair of pants, with the belt unbuckled, and his shirt off. That came off first so i could feel his muscular chest. I couldn’t see it on the edge of the camera view, at least not very well, but I just had to close my eyes to remember it.

He’s in great shape, and he used to run around campus topless. Part of his workout, he’s in great shape, and tanned from running around topless. He works a job with heavy lifting, but seeing like that was a big plus, when it came to talking to him.

Letting him get to know me, going out for drinks, coming back to his place for sex, dating, getting married, and now here we are. Starting a life together, and inviting a neighborhood boy in to join us for sex. Something he’d said about the teenager coming to see his big dick.

Yeah, right. Okay, it was just a joke, but I didn’t marry him for his big dick. 6″ is enough if you know how to use it, but if anything, it was for a closer look at his hot body, and he’s never said anything about the possibility of bicurious threesomes before.

Either way, he hadn’t asked me if I were bicurious, for one. Most of the men, and boys I dated had, it was like trying Anal. How do you know you won’t like it, if you don’t try it? So, i tried it, it wasn’t bad, but really just didn’t add up.

With 2 horny girls (One of them jumped at the chance to do it with my boyfriend at the time, because he was a jock. I have a type, it’s not even all that uncommon a fetish, I like big strong muscular men.) and 1 dick between us, we pretty much just fought over his dick, and there wasn’t enough to go around. Plenty of tits and ass for him, so he enjoyed it, but for me it wasn’t really adding anything to the relationship, besides drama.

Great way to lose a friend, BTW. Try it some time, but not on any friends you want to keep. So, finally, I started to wonder what was keeping them, got up, and took off my bra when the camera, and light went out. “What’s keeping you, two?” I stopped when i got to the living room, and the boy covered his erection with a beer. It sloshed out, which just made it foam, and run down his knuckles.

I laughed, but then John just pointed out. “See? I don’t mind at all, so I’m not going to be jealous. Go right ahead, don’t be shy.”

“Uh, Mrs.”

“Joy. Call me Joyce, or Joy for short.”

“Okay Joyce, you look.” He looked down, and his mouth just hung wide open.

“Huh, you’re a little overdressed.” I pulled his shirt out of his pants, and felt his flat tummy. No abs, but no belly either. “Why don’t you put the beer down, and take this off? Let me have a look at your body.”

He pulled it up over his head, so I could go right for the wings. I don’t know what you call them, the back muscles that give a man’s body that broad shape, but he giggled?


“I little,” he relaxed, so I could rub his arm pits a little. To get the scent of his sweat to fill the hallway, and take a deep breath through my nose. Fresh sweat, he smelled young, like a boy’s sweat, but pinching his back muscles between my fingers, and brushing his arm hair with my thumbs.

Not quite a man, yet. “Huh, turn around.”

He stopped, “Uh!” and looked away when he saw John with his cock out.

“Don’t worry,” he grinned, and started stroking it again. Slowly, “I’m just going to watch.”

I hugged him, and felt up to his chest. My breasts pressed flat against his back, he’s skinny, and a little bony, but he didn’t have any trouble with a 6 foot privacy fence. Maybe half a head taller than my 5’9″ so I could look over his shoulder, and kiss it, but not his neck.

“Let’s see what we have in here.” I felt down to his fly, and rubbed him hard through the lose crotch.

“Huh, if I had a woman like her, I’d never let her be with another guy.”

“Are you a virgin, Claude?” My husband got his name when he invited him in for a beer, and some sex.

“No?” he lied, “I just never got with a married woman before.” He didn’t say the word cuck, but I bet he was thinking it. Have we got an incel here? I’d never fucked an incel before, what’s the point? When they tell all their incel friends online, they’re only going to lie about you.

“Huh, well come on.” I let go, so he could turn around, and I took his hand. “We better go to bed.”

“Um actually, that might not be a great idea.” John stopped at the door to the spare room.

“Why not?” I shook my head, but Claude was already distracted, with his hands full.

“Because he’s underage, and the whole neighborhood can see in our bedroom, so we better do him in here. Lady’s first?”

He held the door, and winked, but Claude was oblivious. I laughed, excited, because he just confirmed what I never suspected: He was bisexual, not a cuckhold at all. Sure, he led Claude to believe that’s what this was. A chance to fuck me, while my cuck husband watched, but if we play our cards right, I might get to see him suck a dick.

I’d seen that at parties, mostly college parties. Sausage parties where there weren’t enough girls to go around. Some guys, straight or not, when they get drunk and horny enough. You want a blowjob or not? Just watch the girls get wild, and let some dude suck you off. Try not to think about it, which is why he gave him a beer when he came in.

Right? Wait a minute, that’s also the way that pedos operate. Look, I wasn’t always a newlywed slut. Before I was a college party girl, or even that high school girl getting drunk and fucked at college parties. I was young, and innocent once. Too young to know what he was doing until it was too late.

It must have been 5th, or 6th grade, so I was at least 10, but I found out right away that I liked sex. Dicks, getting felt up, and touched while I played with his hard on, and sucked on the soft end like a lollypop, but by the time I stripped down to my panties. Claude had his pants open, and a tent pole holding out the front of his boxer briefs.

“Huh, nice!” I went down between the beds, and took the waistband with me, so it sprang up, and bumped me under the chin. “John, can you get the ruler for me?”

“Sure thing.” I turned Claude to push him back on one side of the room. We had older brothers, and sisters. So, when we bought this place, we set up the second bedroom for the kids to sleep in. They’re still toddlers, if not in diapers, so they have to set up a travel crib out in the living room, but it didn’t take John long to come back with a yard stick.

“What’s that for?” Claude looked over suspiciously, and sat on his hands. “You’re not going to tie me up, and spank me with it?”

“Huh, no. Just lie back and relax, while I measure you.” I measured from the bottom, even though the top is more accurate, so I could hold it down to his balls, and add another inch. “7 inches, nearly 8.” I handed John the measuring stick back. “He’s got at least an inch on you.”

So, that answers that. No, if he wants to see a big dick, he just has to look down. “Turn over, let me fuck you doggy style.”

“Okay!” I turned around, and bent over the other bed.

“You got any rubbers?”

“No, she’s on birth control, so don’t worry about it.”

“Can you just fuck me now?” I had to reach down between my legs, when he kept missing. Hunt and peck, but I’d get my blowjob later. I’m sure, my husband will get it up again tonight, just talking about what we did, and what we can do now that the secret’s out.

Or is it? “Uh, hun! Fuck, you’re so big.”

“You’re so wet, and loose.” He bent over to hold onto my tits, and grip them hard. Yanking me back with each thrust.

“Give it to me, pound it, pound me hard, fuck me! Fuck me!”

“I am!”

“Fuck me harder, you can do better than that ! Uh, huh! Yeah uh yeah! Yeah?”

“Turn over.” He finally took control, let go, and yanked my arm, so I could turn over. John kicked his pants off, and moved behind him. His hairless balls tightened up, and wrinkled. Full of juice just waiting to shoot out.

“Uh, fuck!” Claude sank in to the pubes. “Yeah, ah yeah! Yes yes yes!” He didn’t need any more encouragement to stop pussyfooting around, and mash his spongey tip against the tight ring at the end of my fuck hole. Again, and again, as deep, and hard as he could go. “Faster, faster I’mgonnacum I’mgonnacum I uh UH!”

“Huh!” He fell down on top of me. “HhuhHhuh!” Shivering, and shuddering. So, I felt down his relaxed bony back to feel his buttocks. The wet sticky mess shot all over his bare bubble butt. My husband’s load, shot all over him from behind while he filled me with spunk.

“Huh! What the fuck, man? Sick faggot uh!” He gagged. “Guh, fuck you, man!”

“Heh heh heh.” He let out a dirty chuckle, and grinned, with a wink at me, while the boy ran with his pants in both hands.

He licked his lips, and went down, while I crawled back, and spread my legs. “Hun?”

He looked up, and planted a kiss on my cum filled cunt. “Yes?”

“Suck it.” I stuck my cummy fingers in his mouth. “Suck your cum, you like that?”

“Mhm!” He smiled, and nodded around my fingers. “Aghl!” I brushed the back of his throat. “Agh kah!” He coughed, so I pulled out, and felt down to finger more out of my fresh fucked hole.

“You want more?”

“Yeah yeah yeah!” He went down so I couldn’t see anything but the top of his head. Feel his nose against my knuckles, and then his tongue lick up my taint when I pulled them up. Hooked deep inside me, so I stretched down. Let the mixed juices run down to his hot hungry tongue.

“Now suck it.” I pushed his head up with my palm, and fucked his face roughly with my fingers. “Choke on it, cock sucker. You want to suck a dick.”

“Mhm!” He nodded, and gagged a little when I touched the back of his tongue. “Huh, yeah. Spoot!” It landed with a wet splat on my fresh waxed crotch, so he could lap it up, and lick down to wiggle it deep in my dripping hole. Smacking my lips with wet sloppy noises, so I just grabbed the pillow, and stuffed it behind my neck.

I closed my eyes, and just imagined, all the sick things he could do for me. It wasn’t hard to imagine him sucking off a boy like him. Like Claude, with an average dick, but what about a smaller one? A younger boy, a virgin, without any hair on his balls?

That’s what gave it away, I shaved my body hair for summer, to wear a bikini. Summer was over, but I never thought to ask why my John did it. I liked it of course, sucking his cum filled balls without getting pubic hairs stuck in my teeth, but that’s another thing child molesters do. So, they look younger, and maybe even feel like little boys, with full grown cocks, but also so they don’t leave evidence on their victims.

“Huh!” I just relaxed. “HhuhHhuh!” I don’t know if he’s really the kind of man, that likes seducing little boys, with beer, cigarettes, or pornography, but that’s how it started with me. “Yeah.” My second orgasm was just such a relief. After the deep hard pounding of youth, it was nice to just lay back. Put my feet up, and enjoy my husband’s tongue.

Who knows, he may be down for it, but he doesn’t have to try getting porn on his phone, to seduce a little boy. A little boy that no doubt has internet access, and he can look up porn whenever he wants, but that’s not like the real thing.

Not when I have real 34Cs to lure them in, for my husband to molest, while I watch. “Huh!”

He kissed me, and I couldn’t tell his cum from Claude’s on my lips. “We need to do that again some time.”

“I know someone, well.” I blushed, “I don’t know him very well, not yet. He’s still shy, but I bet he’d jump at a chance to fuck me.”

“You think he’d suck a dick?”

“I don’t know, maybe if he’s drunk enough.”

“He old enough to do videos?”

“Oh, out in the back yard?” I shook my head. “I just thought of that.”

“Yeah, well I can watch him fuck you out back, without looking out the window now.”

“Yeah, good idea.” I have to admit, I am a little disappointed. He’s not a pedophile, and a child molester, but when he implied childporn, I finally started to consider the fact that I am. “Yeah, he’s over 18.”

“Good, because these high school boys have no idea what the fuck they’re doing.” He got up.

“Huh, yeah. At least that one had a little muscle.”

“His dick wasn’t that big.”

“I know, he was just shy, and nervous. So, I added an inch or 2, to make him feel special.”

“Oh, good idea. I’m gonna grab a shower, you cumming?”

I just moved the pillow over, and turned around to curl up. “Go ahead without me. Can you turn off the light?”

“Yeah.” I started searching my memories, for when it started. Come to think of it, I wasn’t even surprised when I got molested, by a man. I had an uncle, not a creepy one, but he had a room like this. For the kids to sleep in when we came over, and some how I subconsciously copied that, when we set up the house.

I can’t say it was my idea, but I had a brother. An older brother, and we had our own rooms. A 3 bedroom apartment, and we shared beds with our friends when they slept over. I heard them talking through the door.

“You still shooting blanks?” My brother had to be 11, or 12 when he started ejaculating. So, he whipped it out, and beat off in front of his friends to prove it. No cock sucking, not yet, but now he’s married, and living with his husband downtown. Nice trendy condo, no kids of course, but he’s gay. 100% homosexual, and buttfucking.

I shook my head in disgust, and that snapped me out of it. That’s a turn-off for me. Yeah, maybe a nice wad blown all over an unsuspecting boy’s bare buttocks. That’s one thing, but if there’s 2 things that should never have anything to do with each other, it’s sex, and shit.

My husband was out of the shower when I got up. Came out, but not out of the closet. Out of my spare room. “So, you’re bisexual.” I confronted him, naked, with fresh juices starting to run down my legs. I pulled the shower curtain, and found the water already warm from his shower.

“I didn’t know how to tell you, but yeah. You enjoy your first threesome?”

I laughed, “It wasn’t my first threesome, I went to college, but yeah. As long as it’s 2 guys, and there’s no anal involved.” I picked up the soap, and started lathering up.

“Not even DP?”

“No, no anal. At all.”

“All right, okay. That’s fine, but if I get a man on the side, is it okay if I see someone else?”

“Huh, as long as I don’t have to watch.” I rolled my eyes. “But sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

“Oh yeah, if you want to get a girlfriend on the side, I don’t mind.”

“If you get to watch?”

“Well, even if I don’t. I understand that most lesbians aren’t into guys watching them fuck.”

“Yeah.” That’s it, a lesbian. Not a little boy who’s just starting middle school, and maybe getting a little hair on his nuts, but definitely ejaculating.

Not naming any names, of course…

By Author Pen Dragon
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