Austin's Adventures

After finding out that Cynthia was married and her assurance that our sexual encounters were acceptable by her husband, we were meeting almost every Tuesday evening.

I never imagined having so much sex, much less with a married lady. And each week or so, it seems that Cynthia had different sexual ideas. It was as though she watched the professionals in the porn industry and wanted to practice what she saw. I was not going to complain.


Now, one thing I noticed was that sex with the women my age or close to it was not as good as with Cynthia. But I never complained, as sex is almost always good. However, I seemed to be getting good at it, because a couple of the other women I had been having sex with, seemed to want me more than their other boyfriends. So, Cynthia had to be teaching me well.

A surprise came Monday at work. I encountered Cynthia’s husband coming out of our company’s manager’s offices. He pulled me over to an empty office and closed the door.

“Austin, I appreciate your discretion.” He paused, then continued, “I just gave my notice to leave the company. Cynthia and I are moving back to where we came from.”

The first thought I had was, “Well, he did not whip my ass.” The second thought came more verbally. “What made you decide to move?” I asked. He sat down in a chair and I found another chair and did the same.

“I have been here for about fifteen years now. MY V.A. benefits have been good as is my government retirement that is starting to arrive. It’s time to move on and enjoy the rest of our lives.”

“I understand,” I replied.

“Austin, Cynthia and I have been considering this decision for a few months. We’re going back to our hometown. This city has been good for us, but it is time to go.” He stood up, as did I and we shook hands.

“Stay in touch,” I said as we left the office.


As I left the office, I wondered if Cynthia would come by once more.

Tuesday evening, my question was answered.

As usual, the sex was great.

She arrived in a sheer black blouse, a sexy black skirt that barely covered her ass, stiletto heels and a look on her face that said, “You are getting this tonight.”

But before I go into the sex, let us begin when Cynthia entered my apartment.

“Austin, I am dressed to go out. And you are taking me.”

“OK, where to?”

“To a place I have picked out. Change clothes,” she almost demanded.

I have some nice clothes aside from jeans. So, I put on what I called my Sunday best to try not to look too bad with her beside me when we entered wherever she had in mind.

Downtown was a casino that included an expensive restaurant and a nightclub that I had visited before. The club had a large dance floor with embedded lights like we all have seen in movies. I’m not a great dancer but I’m no putz either. Cynthia got out on the dance floor, dancing wildly and I wondered if she learned from the dancers on the television show that had professional dancers coupled with amateurs.

During the night, I noticed some of the guys watching us and I bet if I could read their minds, they were most likely wishing they were in my place or perhaps maybe their wives or girlfriends were as uninhibited as Cynthia. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Later, I had to drive back to my apartment because Cynthia had a bit too much to drink and I did not want to risk her getting stopped by the law.

Along the way, Cynthia began to laugh about an incident she had in a trip to the lady’s room.

She said, “The bitch was pissed because her husband would not keep his eyes off of me!”

“What did you say to her?” I asked.

“I told her that she should loosen up and then I said men prefer slut over bitch!” We both had a good laugh at that remark.

We got to a road that did not have street lights and a slow speed limit. Cynthia leaned over, kissed my cheek, and put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing my cock.

I could not concentrate on driving and it became more difficult with Cynthia blowing and licking in my ear. My cock got as hard as it could get within my pants as she rubbed it.

I could not get home fast enough, it seemed.

When we got inside, Cynthia walked over and took one of my dining chairs from the table and instructed me to sit. As I sat, she pulled out a couple of red and black scarves from her purse.

“Put your hands behind your back and your legs close to the chair,” she whispered so close to my ear that I feel her warm breath. Then she tied me to the chair.

“I hope you will not leave me tied up here and leave,” I joked.

“Do not tempt me.” She smiled as she stood.

She began to sway, humming some tune, then leaned over and kissed me deeply for what lasted a long time. But who’s counting time? Then, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it open to expose my chest. Then she knelt in front of me, loosened my belt, unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. Then she stood and began to dance in front of me. 

First, she unbuttoned her blouse but did not remove it as she faced me. Next, she turned her back to me, so I could watch her unzip her skirt. I could not move much; it did not matter because I wanted to see this show.

She let the skirt drop to the floor and her black thong was hiding in the crack of her beautiful ass cheeks. I gasped as she bent over to drop the skirt down, then she stepped out of it.

Smiling, Cynthia turned around, wearing only her blouse, thong and heels, then stepped up in front of me and kissed me deeply again. Then she sat on my lap, burying her beautiful breasts in my face. I obliged by sucking on her hard nipples as she positioned each one on my mouth.

After a few minutes of this, she stood up and kicked off her heels. “Are you ready?” she teased.

“Yes, you know it!” I blurted out. It felt as if my cock was about to explode in my underwear and she asked if I was ready.

She walked over by the front door and turned off the lights. “Wait here,” she whispered in my ear as she walked toward my bedroom. I watched as she went in and turned on the closet light, then she turned off the bedroom lights.

She returned and untied me, then bent down, untied my shoes and removed them. She tugged off my pants and my underwear slid off with them. I started to stand up, but she put a hand on my chest so that I remained seated.

With her other hand, Cynthia began to stroke my cock. I almost blew my load as soon as she began to suck on it. She sensed this and began to work my cock harder.

I could not contain myself any longer and shot what must have been a measurement load. Cynthia stopped sucking and swallowed everything I had. Then she used her hands and sucked out whatever I had left over.

She stood, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. When we reached the doorway, she whispered “Wait on the bed, while I go freshen up.” My cock gained size again when I heard the shower shut off.

A moment later, Cynthia entered the room, climbed on top of me and we began kissing. A few moments later, she turned around to put her sweet pussy on my face.

I have learned everything she loves and when to do it. She loved when I did anal play with my tongue and fingers, I worked her clit and she had several intensifying orgasms until she had the big one. I was rewarded with her moans and whimpers.

As she rolled over onto her back, I repositioned myself. Cynthia spread her legs as she caught her breath from the intense orgasm she just had a moment ago. My cock was hard and ready. She tensed up a bit, but as I slowly slid my cock in her wet pussy, she relaxed so I could go full length. Then she began to tighten her muscles in the rhythm of my slow thrusts.

Soon, I was going in a quicker rhythm and Cynthia responded well. A few minutes later, Cynthia rolled onto her belly and I got in behind her. She arched her back as she got on her hands and knees.

It did not take but a moment when she started to moan quietly. Her muscles fit tight on my cock, like a glove. The sweat began dripping from my face onto this beautiful ass below as I thrust harder.

And then; I exploded again.

A few more thrusts inside of Cynthia’s tight pussy and I rolled over onto my back to catch my breath.

A few moments later, I sensed Cynthia get up from the bed and I heard her turn on the shower from the bathroom.

A few minutes later, she returned and got into bed with me.

Not sure of what time it was, I was awakened by the sunlight shining in my bedroom. I found my bed empty of my companion, so I rolled out from under the sheets, found some underwear to put on and walked to my kitchen to find a note on my table.

It read:

“Austin, I have had a fantastic time these last few months. Unfortunately, all good things eventually cease. Soon after you fell asleep, I got dressed and wrote this goodbye letter before leaving. You are a good man and I hope only the best for you. I will always have a special smile just for you.

Please accept this letter, as I could not tell you goodbye face to face.

Love, Cynthia.”

I was stirred from my trance by my phone ringing. Answering the call, it was my boss asking if I am ok and if I am coming to work.

Such is life.

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