Aunt’s in his Pants

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She called me her “Step-Niece in law,” because she married my mother’s sister…

Of course, that makes them lesbians, and IDK what to think about that, but let’s just say that Incest runs in my family. I’m not gay, but I had fooled around with my cousins from another Aunt, and Uncle.

Nothing serious, but “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” with a little pee play. That’s how the story started, when mom wrote about being molested. Not naming any names, but it was a family member, and she put it on


So, I guess my mom is bisexual, IDK because she never even looked at me that way. My aunts did, but I just sighed, rolled my eyes, and shook my head.

“I’m not gay, not even a little bi-curious.” Seriously, all the cousins were there at the pool party. Boys, and girls, so if I wanted to get lezzy in front of the boys, I would have with my sister, and our cousin. The pool was empty to sandblast, and pressure wash it. So, the boys brought their skateboards, and we squatted over the drain to do our business.

“But you’re still a virgin?”

“Yeah, I’m in 5th grade. So, all the boys are too young, and mean to us girls. Either that, or too shy to come up, and talk to us.”

“Well, that’s normal.” Aunt Kay nodded. “Boys are always a couple years behind girls when you start puberty.”

My face heated up, once she mentioned the training bra in the room. She didn’t look, after the first comment, but I don’t really have anyone else to talk to about my sexual problems. My mom doesn’t want to hear it, she’s not Christian, she’s just an Incest survivor. So, she has a problem with talking about sex with her daughter. (Another story started that way, but she writes about things she would never do IRL.)


“Huh,” then Aunt Joy got an idea, “Yeah, but you know the middle school boys.”

“No, of course not.” My real aunt, by birth rolled here eyes, and crossed her arms. The neat thing about them as a couple is there is no Butch. They’re both skirts, lipstick lesbians, though they take off the makeup to have sex.

Apparently it makes them feel greasy when they kiss each other down there. “Ew,” I shook my head in disgust, and crossed my legs. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“Good idea,” they used that as an excuse to go fuck, so when I got out, they were moaning in their bedroom. So, I just dried off, got dressed, and left. They live in the same neighborhood, so it’s a short walk, but I guess not having a closet opens them up to taking frankly about sex.

Just why did it have to be lezzy sex? Finally, aunt Joy texted me at school. It was a Tuesday, labor day, and she told me that she had something to show me after school. While her wife was away at work, but it wasn’t what I was thinking. At all, it turns out she was bisexual all along, but she didn’t want her wife to know about it.

Apparently, lesbian biphobia is a thing. So, I got off the bus in my school uniform, and walked straight over to her house. As luck would have it, the middle school bus was just pulling up at the end of her street.


“Hey boys,” she must have put something to stand on up behind the fence so she could look over it, but 2 of them stopped, and smiled at her. “You think you could help me move something into the spare room?”

“Sure.” They ran around the corner to the gate. I went up to the front porch, and Aunt Joy met me at the front door with a wink.

“Come up here, boys. Don’t climb over the fence or anything.” She looked amazing, in a bath robe, with no makeup, or underwear on, but she’d put her hair up. I may not be gay, but I sure as hell could appreciate her banging body. 5’2″, 127#s, bleach blonde, with everything shaved below the eyebrows. 36C, 24 #6″ from the measurements that came from her Playboy spread.

In college, she wasn’t the centerfold, but she got half the page along with the other Girls of the ACC spread. I should have know that she was willing to take off her clothes for guys to whack off to, looking at her naked if she’s willing to do that.

Too bad we’re not related, but if my real aunt is going to marry a bisexual chick, and she wants to show me how to get boys, I’m sure gonna take advantage of it.

“I heard you’re gay,” one of them blurted before she got the robe off, and then the other. “Yeah, you and your room mate fuck in front of the window all the time.”


“She’s not my room mate, we’re married, but you know what I miss most about my ex husband?” I didn’t even know she was married before, let alone to a man.

They looked at each other, shaking their heads, so I went ahead and set it. “The dick?”

“Especially sucking it. I’m really an oral person, but there’s always something missing with another girl.” This time, I really appreciated her wink, but that first time, she just taught them how to do oral sex.

First they tried it on her, and then they showed me what they learned, but really it was impossible to compete with her, for their attention. She really loved sucking dick, and she even got both of them in her mouth at once, but they stopped her when she tried to get them to “Try it.”

“What?” They looked each other in the eye, even though they avoided looking down with their swords crossed in her mouth. So they could keep it up.

“Oral sex, go on.” She pointed at both of them, and crossed her fingers, “Try it on each other.”


“No, that’s gay.”

She got up, and started yelling at them. “What, so watching 2 women with dildos isn’t gay to you?”

“No, what?” They even finished each other’s sentences, “The fuck? Lady!”

“Get out, put your clothes back on, and get the fuck outta my house, you homophobic little hypocrites.”

“Uh!” I was a little disappointed that they said the wrong thing, and ruined it. Boys, even middle school boys are so immature. What did they think would happen if they mentioned the Gay word to a fucking lesbian? I mean yeah, she wears dresses, and makeup, but she’s still married to a woman, and they live in lesbians.

“Huh, I’m sorry about that.” She just headed back to the room, so I followed her naked, and she broke out the sex toys for us. I never heard about them even having sex toys, let alone dildos to fuck each other, but I had a lot of questions, and now I’m horny. So, I borrowed a vibrator, and her littlest butt-plug. She assured me that it was “Clean, and Sterile,” so I sat on it, and talked to her with it inside my vagina.


Just because it’s a buttplug doesn’t mean you have to do it anal. She got the sybian out of the bottom of the box, and put a big old dildo, with silicone balls on it, to sit on.

“Huh, I’m not bisexual.” She rolled her eyes, and closed them to lick her lips, and bite one.

“Oh yeah.” I nodded, “But you learned to suck dick from your husband?”

She laughed, “They’re dicks. There’s nothing too special, or challenging to it, you just put it in your mouth, and suck it.” She stuck her finger in there, and pumped it in, and out.

“Hn, you have any in there?”



“Maybe something a little smaller, that might fit in my mouth?” She reached down to shut off the sybian, and dismounted to fish it out of the bottom.

I laughed, “It’s so cute!” Silicone, flesh tone, and even a little scrotum molded into the bottom. “I didn’t even know they made one this small.”

“It’s a 4 incher,” she nodded. “Your aunt had never been with a man, or even penetrated before, so she was technically a virgin.”

“Technically,” her wife told me all about her, and the girls. Maybe a couple years younger than her. My mom’s age, at the time…

“Ha yeah. So, we had to work our way up to the full grown ones.” She waited for me to pop out the buttplug, and suck it to get it wet.

“You mind if I take this in the other room?”


“Keep it, I don’t mind if you borrow it for a few years.” But she didn’t finish telling me the truth. Maybe I interrupted, because deep down I was starting to suspect the truth: She’s a child molester, technically an Ephebophile, but she hard to wait for me to go back after school for sex ed.

“What’s the difference?”

“Well, technically they’re children when I start, but that’s just a chance to get them when they’re young enough to learn.”

“How to have sex? With you I mean.”

“Exactly, if you get them when they start puberty, then you can make them into the kind of man you want.”

“Oh, what kind of man is that?”


She shook her head. “None. The question is what kind of man do you want him to be?”

“So, let me get this straight: (No pun intended, but) you’re saying that if I get a boyfriend in middle school, you’ll teach me how to make him into the man I want to marry?”

“Exactly, but first: Are you on birth control?”

“You know my mom, she turned all Catholic.” After what happened.

“Well, I’ll have to make an appointment for you.”

“What about condoms?”


“They’re just one more thing you have to do, before you can have sex, and they’re only 98% effective.”

“Only 98%?”

“Yeah, but if you do the math, then that means a 1 in 50 chance of them breaking.” She’s manipulating me, but if I’m going to learn all her tricks, to manipulate boys into. What? Honestly I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with one, until now. I didn’t really have to decide before, because that’s the sort of thing I’d have to wait until I’m older to chose. “So, if you have sex with 50 boys…”

“You mind if I think about it?”

“No, of course not.”

“Well, I left my little dong at home, and it’s not going to fuck itself, so I’ll see you tomorrow?” Since her wife has to work 9-5, and she gets to stay at home, like a mom. A dirty mommy, only she doesn’t have any kids of her own.


It turns out that’s because she has a problem with Incest, but she got over it. Just like eating pussy, and anal sex. So, she could live as a lesbian, and lure boys in to teach them to be bisexuals, but she doesn’t have to worry about having a son, and what she’d do to him when he started puberty.

“Huh!” She’s the sickest pervert I ever met, and with my family. It’s hard to believe that she’s not related to me. Oh well, there’s plenty of boys in my family too, and sure enough, one of them is probably going to start puberty soon…


Terry (G2B Trans)

“There,” she stood up, and handed me the mirror.

“Huh!” I turned to me bets side, and smiled. I even gave her a dirty wink.


My cousin Sybil went over to her bed, and sat down, with her legs spread. Leaning back in her dress, she pointed at the dresser draw. “You want to get me something?”

I looked back at her underwear drawer sticking out. My hand shook, reaching for the neatly folded bars, and panties spread out in a stack to show the pretty bow tied in the front of the waistband.

“Huh, yeah.” I’d seen her squat over the grate, right on the side of the street, but she didn’t pull her underwear down. She just closed her eyes, and shivered with a little trickle I could hear. Then, she did it again in my bathroom, so I could sit on the floor and watch.

Her panties went dark, then clung to her lips almost translucent, while the stream shot out, and twisted in the air to tinkle in the potty. We still had it for my little sister, to potty train, but Sybill isn’t a toddler. She’s not quite a teenager either, but she’s already starting to show signs of a womanly figure.

Especially in that school-girl uniform, she’s Catholic, and goes to an all girl’s school. So, she was able to borrow another girl’s uniform, a taller one, with broader shoulders, so it would fit me.

“Uh!” She rolled her eyes, and closed them. Her knuckles sticking out of the crotch of her panties, then back in. Disappearing, so I could see her pinky, and pointer fingers sticking out the sides.


“So, that’s how you masturbate?” I held down 2 fingers, and curled the other 2 forward, to fuck them in and out.

“You want to try it?”

“I’ll make a deal with you: I’ll fingerbang you to as many orgasms as it takes to satisfy you, if you can find underwear that fits me.”

She giggled, and her underwear snapped back under her skirt. “I knew that you wanted to get into my underwear, but I had no idea you’re a crossdresser.”

“I’m not.” I took a deep breath, and let it out, in a sigh. Stopped trying to sound so deep, and rough, so my voice cracked. “Huh, I’m a girl.”

“Oh!” She hugged me, “You’re trans?”


I just relaxed. Not even realizing how tense I was until I was overcome with relief that she believed me. “I didn’t know if anyone would believe me, but, snh!” I could cry, “I’m just so happy!”

“You know, who you should really talk to about this.” She looked up, then back and forth. “Um, your mascara’s running.”

“Oh, snh!” I wiped my cheeks, which got my fingers all greasy from the foundation, and blush.

“I better pack this,” she reached back to the back of her drawer, and pulled out the littlest fake junk I’d ever seen.

“Wha, wit, where are we going?”

“Aunt Joyce’s.”


“The lesbians?”

“Well,” she bent over, so I couldn’t see what she was doing, underneath the skirt. “Ihn!” She smiled, and her eyes fluttered, then she stood back up. “Yeah, she married my aunt, who’s a lesbian.”

“Our aunt, she’s my aunt too.”

“Yeah, but Joyce isn’t a lesbian, she’s so much more.” She flattened the skirt out across the front of her legs, standing up. Sitting down, she flashed me the base, with the flat side from the balls pointed up, so it bulged out of her underwear, then she closed her legs.

I guess he’s transgender too, just going through it the other way. Why else would she have a 4″ orthotic to stick in her underwear.

She also brought a lipstick to butter me up, and kiss me for her strap-on, and aunt Joy’s love-seat.




There’s lots of ways this could go on. That’s why I separated the Incest, Ephebophila, and Transgender/Pseudosapphic themes. So, you can help me chose which way to go from here…

(Even though I’ll get the obligatory downvotes, they should even out if they rate both 1 star to throw off my feedback without actually reading either of them.)

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