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Auntie Climax

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We had these “Aunties” around our neighborhood.

They weren’t our real aunts, they just took turns watching us after school, while our parents were at work. “My auntie Ra’Toine,” she had video games for the boys. A swing-set, with a slide, and trampoline out in the yard for the little kids.

“MIGUEL!” She yelled loudly, “I need your help wit somethin back here.” He put down the controller, and went down the hall.

I was doing my homework, so I just shook my head, and went back to it. Then, we all heard her moaning, and it was distracting. Even the boys paused their video games, and gathered outside her door.

“Oh, oh shit! Oh shitchea!” I shook my head, and got up from the kitchen table, but when I looked around the corner, the boys were already rubbing their crotches on the end of the hall. Now, Abutita Ra’Toine was usually pretty good about watching her language around the kids.

“Mhm?” she’d say, humming like a question? When asked what that ment, she just said “If you don’t got nothin good to say, keep yo mouth shut.” So, she just hummed to herself, instead of cursing out loud.

“Oh, fuck, yeah. Ye ye ye yeh!”

I felt a little proud of my brother, Miguel. Then, I thought about mama, and how it was a good day. Lately, it’s been a little too cold for sandals, but when we got home. I could always tell when it was going to be a good day, just looking at her feet. On summer, if it was just foam flip-flops, we could act up.

Yeah, we’d still get a beating if she caught us being bad, but it was just a foam flip-flop. If it was the sandals with the thick leather soles, then you had to be good. Lately, it was these zip up boots. It took her a little while to take them off, because she had to sit down, but they had these thick heels. She could kill someone with them, if she caught you.

“AUGH, FUCK! Nghhhhhh?”

I shook my head, listening to Abulita Ra’Toin’s orgasm, and she was loud? God damn, she dropped the F bomb with authority! I was a little jealous, not because she was banging my brother Miguel. He’s my brother, and I’m proud of him for satisfying her, but now I’m so horny. I just needed some kind of release.

So, I snuck back to the bathroom to fap, but wouldn’t you know it? There was somebody already in there, he had a hard on, and he was humping the corner of the sink. His balls rolling on the linoleum, stroking it.

“Huh, you don’t have to do that.” I pulled the door behind me, and pulled up my skirt. In back, I’m proud to say that I’ve got a pretty nice ass. So, I wore a tight skirt, knee length of course. I still had to worry about dress code at school, but I turned around, and shook my thong at him. “Huh, you’re so hard, and horny for this?”

His belt buckle hit the floor when he dropped his pants, but I was looking over my shoulder. I couldn’t see down, but I could feel his hands on my hips.

“Nice thick booty.” He slipped the strings down, and the triangle of cloth flipped over. He patted them together, “Shake it for me.”

“Huh, how’s this?” I practiced twerking in the mirror, but never for a boy before. I head the water running in the shower next door. The master bedroom, they just had 2 bedrooms, but 1 baths, with a shower in here. A bathtub, and shower in Ra’Toine’s room, but she was a grown woman. She had needs, and a young son.

A teenager, with a big hard cock. “Uh!” I humped back when it slipped up my legs, and sniffed a nose full of hot sex sweat. “Fmn!” I bit my lip, but it took a little while to find the hole, and it was driving me nuts. “Oh! Owm!” I covered my mouth when he slipped in, and I was really lose.

“Nice tight pussy.”

“It’s so big?” I shook my head, then jumped when the door hit my shoulder.

“Oh, disculpa.” My brother Miguel backed up, but then a hand pushed the door open. We had to back up too, it was awkward with his knees bent to get low enough, and his pants down around his ankles. I stepped on his belt, and he pulled out, accidentally.

“Cummere,” he pulled my hips, and sat down on the toilet.

“Huh, guys!” I looked around, frantically touching, and rubbing hard-ons through their pants. They unzipped them, and pulled them out. Swinging them to slap my cheeks, and slip into my lips.

“Hot little titties.” He had his hands up my top, and squeezed them out of my bra to find the nipples, and pinch them gently.

“Ugh guh kuh!” A cock popped out of my throat, only to be replaced by another, and I felt knuckles brush my teeth. A hot splash on my bangs, and it ran down the side of my neck, but I kept sucking, and the second one beat off, so the tip spurted and hit the back of my throat. “Ugh guh!” I gagged, but it popped up, and kept blowing balls all over my face. “Mhn!” I licked my lips, and turned to the last one.

Bouncing on that big black dick, holding onto his hips, so when I felt him shaking. I flipped my tongue up to block the hot sticky splashes and they pulled up in the bottom of my mouth. “Huh!” I tilted my head up, and gulped it down like a shot. “Huh!” Looking up at the ceiling, and the dark spot from some leaky pipe or another.

I shook my head when he went soft, and slipped out between his legs. “Mhn!” I got up, still horny as hell, but covered in it. It dripped all over my top, from my chin, so I wiped my face, and took it off. “Huh!” Fresh nut running down my legs, I kicked off my shoe, and stepped out of my underwear.

“Huh!” The door closed with a thunk behind me, but I got in the shower. Wiggling out of my skirt, and kicking it off with my other shoe before I shut the door. I had a bunch of cum to finger out, trying to remember when was the last time I had a period, but if I get pregnant?

I don’t know, I hope he takes responsibility for it, if he asks me, I’ll say yes. I’d marry him, as long as he keeps fucking me like that. “Oh, oh god!” I had to hold onto the little soap shelf thingy so I didn’t fall down with my knees knocking together.

“A la verga!” Finally, I could stand up, and see if Auntie Ra’Toine had left me any hot water. Then, I borrowed a top from Rashelle. She was a lot bustier, so it didn’t fit, but she had a Walmart bag to put my jism soaked shirt in.

Then, she asked me “How’d it go in there?” Turning to chuck my head at the bathroom.

“Oh, my god. Your brother!” I nodded.

“Mhm?” She nodded, and giggled. “And the other 3?”

I giggled, but she was jealous. She never got gangbanged by 4 boys at once like that before, and me neither.

“It was amazing, there was so much spooge.”

“Well, you moppin up that mess.”

“Huh!” I got up, “Okay.”

It was so worth it.

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