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Aunt Lynn says “Maybe this one last time”…


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My 14 year old nephew spent the weekend with me and after too much booze, we had sex. Now he wants more, maybe just this one last time .

I’m Aunt Lynn , a 40 year old divorcee and my 14 year old nephew, Ronnie was spending the weekend with me while his parents went to their high school reunion in another town. We spent that Saturday out working in the yard and I had been drinking a few cocktails as we worked. As it turned out we wound up in the shower together and I lost all control. This is a follow up to ” Shower time with my nephew, Ronnie”.

The next day, we didn’t say anything about what happened, we went shopping and then caught a movie. That night I lay in bed masturbating, thinking about his muscular body and his beautiful young teenage cock. Although I knew this way so wrong, I couldn’t help but find it all so exciting.

The next morning as I was fixing breakfast, his Mom called and said they would be there around noon. I called Ronnie down to eat and after he was done, he went in the living room and I started cleaning the kitchen. I was putting a few dishes away and as I was sweeping the floor I was startled to see Ronnie standing in the doorway. “How long have you been standing there” I asked. He told me just long enough to get a hard-on watching me in my nighty.

As I looked down I could see his swollen cock inside his boxers. He reached in and started to pull it out and I told him to stop. I told him what we had done before was wrong and we couldn’t do that again. But it was too late, he already had it out and as he stroked it ,his cock became rock hard.

“Please Aunt Lynn, just suck it one more time” He pleaded. I was starting to breath heavily and felt myself getting wet. “OK Ronnie, I guess I can do it just this one last time” . I told him to never breath a word about this to anyone as I knelt down and took his long hard boy cock into my mouth.

” I promise” he said and he trembled as my mouth took in his cock all the way. I continued to suck him slowly, I stopped several times and held his hard cock in my hand as a few drops dripped out. Then once again I just lost all control. I stood up and pulled my nightgown over my head and pulled his head down and pressed his face against my breasts

As he sucked my hard nipples I whispered ” Since is the last time, let’s do this right”. I grabbed his arm and led him to my bedroom. I laid back on the bed and opened my legs and told him to make me cum with his tongue like he did before. The kid knew just what to do as he tickled my hard clit with his tongue just like I had shown him before. It no time at all, I shook and orgasmed very hard as I held his face deep between my legs.

It had been a very long time since I had a hot wet tongue getting me off and now it had been twice in two days. Oh my God, I was out of control l again. I laid there on my back and pulled him onto me and helped him slide his hard cock into my pussy. ” Oh my God, Aunt Lynn” he cried and started to pound away. I had to stop him and tell him to relax and go so since this was the last time. Sure enough, he started to fuck me in long slow strokes, but the kid was just too excited and in about 2-3 minutes he filled my pussy with cum as he exploded.

We lay there on the bed holding each other and he told me I was his first real fuck and how great it was. I told him I loved feeling his hard cock inside me, but I had to repeat myself and told him never to say one word and this had to be the last time. He agreed and made me the promise.

A few hours later when his parents pulled up and tooted the horn, we both hugged for a moment and I shoved him out the door. I thought “Thank God that was the last time I let14 year old Ronnie fuck me”. Or was it ?


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