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At Last

Had it really been six months since that first innocent black box? Like many on Lush, we were quick to become friends and our conversations seemed to flow effortlessly. Our friendly banter quickly progressed to long phone calls, often talking until I fell asleep.

Then, things changed. We changed. Our conversations became laden with sexual tension and a deep longing to be together. We often talked about our first meeting and what it would be like. 

When the day finally arrived I remember being incredibly nervous. Thousands of Lush black boxes, and long nights of lust-filled phone calls had all culminated into this moment. We were finally going to meet in person. 

I arrived at the meeting spot first and I didn’t have to wait long. When his truck pulled into the parking lot, my entire body had a physical reaction, heat radiating from deep within. It was as if my entire body knew I was getting laid soon.

My heart pounded so hard that it felt audible, my palms were slick with sweat, and I was a literal hot mess. I calmly reminded myself to relax. I secretly hoped my nervousness would not send him running back to the hills of North Carolina. 

After months of anticipation, I ran to greet him like I was the lead role in a romantic movie and I then proceeded to give him the most awkward peck on the lips ever. Seriously? That was the best I could do for a first kiss? I didn’t know then that it would be my last first kiss ever.  Thankfully, he was undeterred by my awkwardness and he countered my peck with a kiss that turned my legs to jello and my heart to mush. 

On the short ride to our hotel, his fingertips traced lightly along my knee and our conversation flowed naturally. It was then that I discovered that casual chit chat, when done with a Southern accent, was a potent aphrodisiac. Like I needed more encouragement. 

Why is it when you are in a rush the hotel check-in process is always torturously slow? At last we headed to our room and for once the conversation stalled as I think nerves were at an all-time high. 

We entered the room and I quickly abandoned my clothes and apparently any common sense that I had. I will never forget how he turned to say something after putting our bags into the closet and found me stark naked, wearing only a smile. 

After my brazen display of nakedness, it didn’t take us long to find ourselves under the covers. We were a frenzied tangle of hands, urgently exploring each other’s naked bodies. 

Without wasting a moment, I crawled between his legs. I took his smooth pink head between my lips and I began to lick his entire shaft. My tongue eagerly lapped the first golden drops of nectar, savoring the sweet and salty taste.  

Tightening my lips, I began to suck harder. Then in one quick plunge, I devoured his entire length deep into my throat. I can still picture the lust burning in his eyes. I could feel urgency building between us, the casual chit chat was long forgotten. 

As my lips inched back to the bulbous head, I wrapped my hand tightly around his hard shaft, stroking his cock with my hand and mouth at the same time. Everytime I had him fully seated in my throat I slid my tongue out to lavish his tight balls. Time ceased to exist as I sucked him eagerly.    

In one svelte movement, I straddled him. My pussy enveloped his cock and I took the entire length of him.  Moving up and down, I felt every inch as it moved between my swollen lips. Our need filled the room, heavy like unspoken words.

With a handful of hair, he guided me to an even faster pace. The need to come was our driving force. I pushed hard against him one last time, accepting the length of his cock even deeper into my warm sex. 

Our explosions were simultaneous as we both tumbled over the edge. Our moans of pleasure now filled the space once occupied by words. At last I collapsed onto his chest, spent. Before my heart rate even returned to normal I heard the softest of sounds, looking over I saw pure contentment as he slept. 

I curled up next to him with my head on his chest. Closing my eyes, I traced the topography of his body trying to memorize it. I let him sleep, he was going to need his energy for round two. 

The next four days were a blur as we checked off many of the fantasies we had spent months dreaming about. To this day we still joke that we barely remembered to eat during our sexual marathon. 


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