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Assume the position

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I found some drink teens in the park and decided to have some fun with the one girl I caught as the others ran off. She was sweet.

I used to be a community patrol officer, walking around the neighbourhoods at night just to give people reassurance and deter criminal activities.

One night I was doing my usual patrol through the local park at nearly midnight, I saw some little lights at the far end of the park so decided to investigate, I circled around to get a better look, there were 5 kids gathered around a bench, 2 girls and 3 boys, they couldn’t have been any older than 12 maybe 13, and they were drinking alcohol and judging by the smell, also smoking weed.

I walked around the corner and coughed to alert them to my presence, they all jumped, dropped all their cans and then legged it, I managed to rush forward and I my hand only just grabbed hold of the sleeve of one of the girl’s puffer jackets.

“Get off. Let me go.” She protested.

I watched as the others ran away and eventually vanished out of the bottom of the park, “Calm down. I’m a community officer. Settle down.” I said in a firm tone.

She obeyed and calmed herself down and stopped struggling with me, “Now, what are you doing out at this time of night?” I asked her.

“Nowt.” She replied, looking very guilty, and laughing randomly, I could tell by her slurred speech and unbalance on her feet that she was heavily intoxicated.

I bent down and picked up a discarded beer can and showed it to her, “It doesn’t look like nothing.” I said.

She bit her lips trying not to laugh at me, then she tripped on her own foot and fell on to me, grabbing on to my vest to steady herself, I caught a whiff of her perfume, she smelt like strawberries, it was very nice, I held her arms and pulled her a little away in front of me and I took a good look at her, she was wearing white muddy trainers, a red mini skirt and a red and white tank top, with small but perky little breasts underneath.

I decided to have some fun with her.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to search you.” I said.

“Why?” she asked, in a slurred voice.

“I have reason to believe you may be concealing drugs on your person.” I replied.

“I haven’t got a person.” She joked.

I walked her over to the wall behind her, “Turn around, face the wall please. Hand up on the wall.” I ordered, she did it.

“I’m not concealing anything.” She said.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” I replied, then I started to pat her down, first her arms, then the sides of her chest, I took great pleasure in feeling her curvy waist and hips, then I checked her butt and her legs, she wasn’t wearing any leggings or anything, I just wanted to feel her legs.

I stood up and patted her back, then moved my hands around to the front and cupped her breasts in my hands, “What are these?” I asked.

She laughed, “My tits.” She replied.

“Turn around. Let’s have a look.” I said, and she turned around and put her back to the wall, still with her hands held up, I lifted up her tank top, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her young perky breasts were firm enough to stay plump on their own, “Very nice.” I said, before pulling her top back down.

“Satisfied, officer?” she asked.

“I will be shortly.” I replied, she laughed at me again, “I’m going to need you to get on your knees and stretch your arms out for me.” I said.

She obeyed me and did as she was told, laughing the entire time, “Okay, with your left hand, I want you to touch your nose.” I said, I messed with her for a minute, making her do silly things, then I just unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out, “I’m going to need you to blow on this.” I said.

“Your cock? – Why?” she asked.

“It’s a special cock, it will tell me if you’re drunk or not.” I replied.

“Okay.” She replied, and just like that she leaned forward and started to suck on my cock.

“Keep going until I tell you to stop.” I groaned with pleasure.

I let her suck on my cock for a while and then I was desperate to fuck this little girl so badly, I told her to stand up, “Stand two feet away from the wall, lean forward, and place your palms on the wall.” I said.

She did it, and she perfectly bent over for me, as she bent over I saw her bright red panties under her tiny skirt, “That test was inconclusive. I’m going to have to do an internal examination.” I said.

“Are you allowed to do that?” she asked.

“Yeah. It’s in – uhm – Section 69 or the penile code. Now, stand perfectly still and don’t move.” I said, I stepped forward and pulled down her panties and gave her juicy little pussy a loving rub, singing my finger in to her crack, “There’s nowt up there.” She said, continuing to laugh uncontrollably.

“Will be in a second…” I replied, I rubbed the tip of my cock along the crack of her pussy, feeling its warm wetness and then I pushed it between her flaps and penetrated her, “…There we go.” I groaned, feeling her tight innards gently caressing my cock.

I held on to her hips and fucked her from behind for about 10 minutes, as her body rocked around from my thrusting in to her, she vomited all the alcohol out of her stomach.

“Are you – Ungh – Oooh – Are you nearly – Ungh – Are you nearly done?” she moaned.

“Almost.” I groaned, feeling myself about to come and fucking her harder and deeper, “Oh – Ooah – Ooooah!” I groaned with release, ejaculating my perverted seed in to her tight pussy.

“I told you there was nothing inside there.” she said, laughing again.

“Yeah, well, there is now.” I replied, pushing my cock back in to my pants and zipping them up, “Right…” I said, standing her up and turning her to face me, “…You can go now.” I said.

“You’re not going to cuff me or anything?” she asked.

“Maybe next time.” I joked, “No, go on, get yourself home. You shouldn’t be out this late.” I said.

And with that she ran off in the same direction as her friends.

Sadly, even though I patrolled the park every night since, I never saw her again, still, it was fun messing with her, and fucking her, that was great.

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