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Arpita Humiliate By Rahman

Hi, I am Arpita Shiva and later became Arpita Rahman. I am pretty sexy as my large boobs are 38D. I am 5 foot 5 inch. Let’s share my 100% fictional sex story of how I became converted muslim by muslim cocks. It started 3 years ago and still going on. So let’s start from beginning. I was a conservative Brahman Hindu lady. I lived in a village but when I reached 22, I went to city for some works as I were from middle class family. I tried to find rentable house nearby the city but the rent was too high to bear. I keep searching for such house until it was evening and I meet Rahim Ali at streets, By the way I was actually tired. Seeing me worried he asked me what’s my problem was.

I looked at him, He was tall, muscular, looks strong with heavy beard, he was little black, wore Islamic hat. I understood that he was a pure muslim. I suddenly became little afraid but I responded to him saying that I was looking for a rentable house. He laughed and said that he could help me. He offered me a place for living, actually at his place. He said that he would love to help me and won’t take any rent. I couldn’t refuse such precious offer. I agreed and he called for a taxi to go at his place. We both sat on back seats. Taxi started to move and the journey started. Then little later I felt a hand on my shoulder which was very slowly moving towards my boobs. I noticed that it was his hand and quickly put it away as I were very conservative lady. I said don’t touch me with your lower cast hand! He then said with little loud voice that he was there to comfort me. Still he was little angry, maybe because I told him lower cast. Later we reached his place.

It was only 1 big room with 2 beds. He said that I will use one of the bed as he was using the other ones. I was little embarrassed that I was living with a muslim in a same room. BTW we have a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom. I started living with him. After few days we are getting close even he was a muslim which I worried about as a conservative brahman hindu lady. But day by day he was getting arrogant, more rude. He even sometimes tries to indirectly tease me as I was a hindu. ( After 1 week ), One day I finished taking shower and got out dressed in a sari. I saw he was touching my traditional golden hindu om chain. I ran to it and quickly snatched it and said, ” Don’t touch it! It’s my sacred religious chain, I wore it from my childhood and it can not be touched by any lower cast! Ateast not by a muslim!! ” He then looked at me angrily in a little different way. He then suddenly pulled my sari off. I was shocked and quickly covered it up again with sari.

I asked what the hell he was doing. He confidently said with rudeness, ” What happened? Are you feeling insulted?! Well, you hindu bitch are insulting the whole society! You actually need purification fast! As all hindu women need. ” I was totally surprised and replied what purification was. He said, ” Haha, You will know it tomorrow! Because I will purify you tomorrow as I purify hindu ladies daily. Next day in morning you’re coming with me! You will find your real pleasure and heaven there. Don’t make me insist you! ” I was very afraid and agreed to him. BTW I was thinking of what pleasure and what heaven. However, next day in the morning, we got out. He called a taxi and then took me little far from the city. It looked little rural. Later I understood that it was a muslim area. We got out of the taxi. Every women were wearing burqa there and I was the only woman who was wearing a sari. Everybody was looking at me with different eyes, they were smiling, It’s like something was going to happen with me. Rahim then grabbed my hand tightly and started taking me to a very big ( wide ) mosque. Then he took me to a room in that mosque. He then left and said that he will come in 15 minutes. After 20 minutes, 5 muslim men including Rahim entered the room.

They locked the room. They all looked like Rahim. I became much afraid. They started talking about me. One said, ” So this is the hindu slutty woman you were taking about! ” I asked them what was going on. They replied that their dicks gonna purify me and convert me to a muslim. I was just shocked! They suddenly grabbed my hands, shoulder etc body parts and started humiliating me by undressing me slowly. I tried to go but I was no match for a single one. Rahim then pulled and tore my blouse. All started laughing. Rahim started saying, ” Look now bitch, Your hindu body is being touched by us now! ” Other said, ” Lets purify this hindu slut faster! ” Rahim then Pulled my full sari off and tore my petticoat apart! I was just in a bra and panty there. I said, ” Please let me go! ” They laughed and replied, ” Do you really wanna go? ” Ok we will let you leave now, First watch this. Rahim then undressed himself completely. His big 8. 5 Inch muslim monster dick came out.

I was just stunned and surprised at it’s beauty and size! The strong dick made me think of my lovely desires! Then they asked me, ” Haha, what happened? Do you still want to go? ” I was completely driven by lust, by the strong penis and I replied no. They all started laughing more hared and said, ” Haha, now this a hindu lady like all other! You hindu sluts always fell down for our dicks! Only and Only our huge circumcised muslim cock can satisfy your hindu chut! ( Vagina ). ” All of them soon undressed themselves. And make me lie on the bed. Rahim then put his huge dick in my chut ( Vagina ) and started fucking me hard! I was really in heaven of sexual pleasure. I started moaning louder. A guy said, ” Her mouth needs to get purified too! And she is shouting BTW, I will fuck her mouth now! ” That guy inserted his 7 inch wide cock in my mouth and I started sucking it hard too. Another guy ( Looks like a islamic scholar [nerd] ) took my sacred om chain and wore it on his dick, the nerd started reading q with one hand and started masturbating with his other hand. He actually started teaching me basic islam by q verses. I was learning basic islam faster as I was always a good student. The nerd said that I was a fast learner. He was teaching me about my place, values and my goals.

Other 2 muslims sat near me and started fondling & sucking my 2 large boobs. I also started giving them handjob. It’s like I was in a world of penises! It’s like Everywhere was sexy large muslim cut penis as I desire of. Rahim was fucking me aggressively and said, ” Now look slut, Your higher cast hindu chut is getting fucked by my lower cast muslim dick! Soon, I will sow my muslim seed in you and you will become mine as a slave! ” The nerd read a verse and said, ” you women are born with chuts ( vaginas ) which can only be satisfied by us! Our muslim dicks! So, You are our slave by born! ” Rahim was making fun of me. Rahim said, ” Look!, How milk-white you are! And now my dark black muslim dick is fucking you harder! Remember bitch, Your value lies in or dicks! In Islamic rule, You will always obey and serve our muslim dick! ” Rahim then started fucking me more faster and harder! It’s already been 30 minutes. The nerd was now saying, ” The purification is almost at it’s end. Always remember these islimc rules – 1. You must server islam by serving us and our dicks. 2. Your only life goal is to produce as many muslim babies as you can. You must produce atleast 10 muslim babies to please us. 3. From now your only god is our dicks!. 4. You must satisfy and take as many babies from random muslims as you can.

5. Remember you place! Your value! You will bow before our dicks and do as we say. 6. As a slave, especially as a sex slave you must follow all muslim men’s all commands! 7. You must breastfeed us regularly! REMEMBER THESE THINGS! ” When it’s became 45 minutes, I saw that Rahim’s huge balls was moving. I understood he was going to cum. Soon Rahim said, ” Now I will sow my muslim seed in your womb! From now you will carry muslim child in you womb. You see, your hindu chut is fucked hard and now converted to islam as it was fucked by muslim dick. ” He then cummed inside me for 1 minute. His huge semen load was going inside me. I said, ” Yes, Rahim I can feel your hot juice going inside me! Impregnating me! Do it! I want to become the mother of your powerful dick! Impregnate meee! ” He laughed and said, ” Soon you will bear my child. However from now you will call all muslim men huzur! ” I replied in the affirmative. The other guy also cummed inside my mouth. I sucked his penis hard and drinked all his cum.

Finally they all stand and said ” we will purify your body now! ” The rest 3 including nerd cummed on me, on my boobs, my belly, my legs, even on my face & hair. They all shouted and said, ” from now you are no longer any slutty hindu, You have become a muslim now. ” Rahim said, ” From now I give your name as Arpita Rahman as I fucked you and converted you! ” I said, ” My huzur, I love to get fucked by you strong muslims! ” The nerd said, ” Hahaha, can’t you see why we are so strong?! Well, let me tell you, we all eat holy beef everyday.

Thus we are strong. Our dicks are fully powered by beef meats!! And beef eater Rahim’s dick now impregnated you!! ” I became happy. I kissed all dicks. They tore all my cloth. I asked them, ” What I am gonna wear now? ” They give me a huge black cloth, it was a burqa. They said, ” From now you will wear no more bra and underwears! Or anything. You will only wear Burqa which is easy to wear & remove, because we are going to fuck you frequently! ” Mean while the cum dried on my body. They said ” today our cock juice ( cum ) purified your body! ” They gave me a room on that mosque. From that day my life changed. I got fucked by random muslim regularly. Rahim also fucks me daily. In 9 months I gave birth to Rahim’s baby.

It’s a healthy twin baby, just like Rahim. Rahim sent them to madrassa. As I started latching I breastfeed random muslims regularly. These muslims purify and convert hundreds of hindu women regularly. The whole large area was muslim’s and for purification. They invade other nearby areas, do wars & wins and enslave all hindu women. They do it daily. I am a great example. However soon another dark black lower cast muslim who is a fruit seller fucked me and made me pregnant again. In 9 month I produced his baby too as it was my duty to produce muslim babies to populate world with muslims. The muslim estimated that in 10 years whole India was going to be a muslim country and within 50 years the whole world will become muslim! Now I really enjoy when lower cast black muslims touches me, fucks me with their dark black dick and impregnate me. As it’s been 3 years, I produced 4 children and already pregnant with one

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