Anne Signs Anullment Papers And Celebrates With Carol

I’m Anne and after 2 years of marriage I am going to the attorney’s office after work to sign Anullment papers. When I got to the attorney’s office I was told James had signed the paper work and checks. His signatures were notarized and he was gone.  I looked at the bank statements and investments. Everything was in order.

He left me with all of the money in our bank accounts and investments.  There is about quarter of a million dollars in all accounts. There is one more investment account in my name.  It’s one million dollars.  To receive the money I have to sign the Anullment papers, open new accounts in my maiden name removing his name.  His parents paid the million dollars so I agree never to discuss our marriage with the press and TV reporters.

 The attorney explained James is engaged to a woman of wealth and notariety.  His prior relationship with me has been expunged from all records. I happily signed the papers taking my checks to the bank. I also verified my new investment account and changed my last name on all accounts. I also changed my drivers license with my birth certificate and proof of divorce. I called Carol and gave her the good news. I invited her to dinner tonight.  I drove to Carol’s apartment.  We went to the Village Restaurant. We had a nice meal. After 2 glasses of wine.

We talked. Carol said, “she would like me to move in with her. She said you are alone and I think you want out of that apartment you are in.”
I didn’t disagree. I said, ” My moving in will be a good test of our friendship.” We both laughed when I said that. I thanked her and my reply was, “yes. Thank you Carol.”Carol talked to the landlords who live on the other side of the home.  Carol explained my divorce and that they work together at the hospital. The couple Joan and Harold Green met with me. When they talked to me and saw me they couldn’t believe how a man would divorce me.

They welcomed me as a friend and tenant.  I signed a addendum with Carol as sharing the apartment. I am officially a tenant.I talked to my current landlords about the divorce and gave my notice of vacating the property.  They understood and I told them I was moving before the end of the month.
I called  Dr. Carlos and told him, “the annulment is official.”  I also told him, “I am moving in with Carol.”
Dr. Carlos congratulated me on being free from monogamy. He said, “now you are free to make your own decisions and choose those you want to love.”
I asked him who in the Latin Gentlemen’s Club has a moving business. He gave me a phone number and to ask for Frank.
I called the phone number. Frank answered. I told him, “Dr. Carlos recommended him to move me.  I am hoping to move this Saturday.”
Frank said, ” How does 8AM sound?”
I got a price on the move that is fair. The best part is my apartment is in town not far from Carol’s apartment.I met Frank at my apartment at 8AM. He is 5’9″, thin muscular, Latin brown man, brown 
eyes with black hair.

He is handsome with a nice personality.  I was dressed in my short shorts and a blouse, no bra, and sneakers. I had my hair in a ponytail.  Our eyes met and we both were attracted to each other. I met his helpers Rocky and Jorge. They were respectful and handsome men.  The three men worked together and within an hour everything was loaded carefully on the truck.  They followed me to Carol’s apartment. The guys unloaded my furniture and placed it where I wanted it.


 I paid Frank and gave Jorge and Rocky a tip.  Carol offered Frank and the guys a beer. They accepted the offer. We sat around Carol’s living room. Frank ask me,”what we are doing tonight, Saturday night.” 
I said, “Carol and I go to Club Deja Vu.”
Frank said, “Would you like us to take you girls to the Club?”
Before I could answer, Carol said, “yes.” Carol likes Jorge and Rocky. I like Frank and the guys like both of us. It’s all good.When the guys came to drive us to the Club they were surprised how beautifully we looked in our Club clothes.

The guys came to the apartment to escort us to the car. I sat in the front seat with Frank. Carol sat in the back seat with Jorge and Rocky.  She got plenty of kisses. I kissed Frank.
The Club was busy and the music was thumping with a Disco Beat. The lights are low with colors streaming around the Club from the crystal ball in the dance room. Strobe lights flashed with the beat of the music.  Carol and I had plenty of dancing partners. We would sit in the booth drink our wine and rest.  Frank kissed me. We French kiss.  We are sitting in the booth. Frank raises my halter top and sucks, licks my nipples and breasts.  Jorge and Rocky are doing the same thing to Carol. At 12:30AM Frank said, “let’s go to my house and party there.”  Frank has a nice 2 story home he has completely renovated.

 Carol an I used the bathroom upstairs to freshen ourselves. The guys were downstairs. Frank put some Latin love songs on. The lights were dimmed downstairs. We chose one of theee bedrooms upstairs. We left our clothes there. Carol and I want to have all three guys to love us in the same room together. We want a gangbang.  We went downstairs. The lights were dim but the guys saw that we were naked. Carol sat between Jorge and Rocky.  I sat on Frank’s lap in his big lounge chair.  We kissed.  He rubbed my body feeling me and exploring me  with his fingers.

Carol had two guys kissing her, fingering her. Carol said, “take Anne and me to the upstairs bedroom. We have a surprise for you.” The guys followed us upstairs. We laid acrossed the  bed on our backs with our heads hanging over the edge of the mattress. Frank said, “Anne, what are you doing?”
I replied, “it’s called Deep Throat. Fuck our mouths and throats.”
Frank fucked my mouth and Jorge fucked Carol’s mouth. The guys loved the feeling how good it felt fucking our throats.  When they squirted our mouths both guys were making growling noises leaving large cream pies for us to swallow.

 When Frank finished I licked his cock and balls clean.  It was Rocky’s turn. He chose me to fuck my mouth, My mouth and throat were already lubricated from Frank. I took Rocky’s cock easily in my throat. While Rocky is fucking my mouth Frank is licking, sucking my breasts and nipples. He is also finger, hand fucking my clit and pussy.  Rocky squirted my mouth. Frank has me stimulated and orgasming.  I was so stimulated I sucked Rocky’s cock and balls like a “hungry bitch.” Jorge had fucked Carol’s pussy. Rocky took Jorge’s place.

He pushed Carol’s legs back and was Deep Penetrating her pussy for breeding purposes. Frank pulled me back up on the bed.  He had me sit on him straddling his hips. I stuffed his cock into my pussy. He had me lean down to him to kiss him. When I did Jorge is behind me with his lubricated cock.  He put some lubrication in me and shoved his cock into my ass. Frank and Jorge fucked me hard and fast. I was panting and orgasming. I was grunting and making squealing noises.  Carol was orgasming and her body was having convulsions.  Rocky kept fucking Carol and enjoying watching her orgasming.  I also orgasmed as the guys squirted my ass and pussy.


 Frank kissed me and French kissed me as I had multiple orgasms. Jorge pulled me up against his chest kneading my breasts and nipples with his fingers. He kissed my neck. I turned my head and we kissed and French kissed.  This is the night we taught the guys that we like gangbangs.  Multiple lovers.   After a fun night we took showers. The guys bathed us. We had them fuck our asses in the shower.  Sunday morning I woke up sleeping on Frank in his bedroom. He had his arm around me.  When Frank woke up we talked. He said, “you girls like gangbangs don’t you?”
I replied, “yes.”
Frank said, ” how many guys would you like to have?”
I said, Carol and I are currently with 6 latin lovers. I said do you know Luis from the Latin Club?”
He said, “Yes. He is a good guy.”
I asked, ” If he would join us for special parties?”
Frank said, ” He would like to.”
I asked to use Frank’s phone. I called Luis. I told him about Frank. 
Luis said, “Let me talk to Frank.”
The guys spoke in Spanish.  When finished Luis wanted to talk to me. 
I asked Luis ,”if everything is okay?”
Luis said, “yes, everything is okay. Dr Carlos loves you and Carol. You are his girls. He wants the officers of the Club to love you and Carol.  Frank and his guys are welcome to join us on the mountain.”
I thanked Luis.
Frank kissed me and thanked me for having him  be a part of a great bunch of guys. He said,”Now you will have 9 lovers. Luis encouraged him to be a big part of meeting Carol’s and my needs.”Anne And Carol Meet New Lovers…cont’d

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