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Anne And Carol Meet New Lovers

Anne is celebrating her new freedom. Her annulment is official. She and Carol are always accompanied by handsome men.

 If you haven’t followed my story my name is Anne. I have hazel eyes. Men have told me my eyes send a message that I am fuckable.   I am 22 years of age. I am petite, 5’2″, large breasts, bubble butt, long brunette,blonde highlights, curly hair.  I have a Masters degree in business and economics. The era is the 1970’s.

 My husband divorced me. I am officially a liberated woman. I am free. My favorite place to party is Club Deja Vu. I love to dance. My best friend and coworker is Carol.  We are built the same Carol has blonde hair and blue eyes.  People think we’re sisters. I just moved  in Carol’s extra apartment upstairs that she doesn’t use.  Carol said for me to get out of the apartment I shared with my ex. She is right.

Carol is another “smarty  pants” with the same Masters Degree I have. Carol is also divorced. She is a very happy lady.  We have something in common. We like cock. Lots of cock. 

Wednesday evening Luis called Carol. He said the guys are going up on the mountain to party. Do you and Anne want to go?  Carol looked at me for an answer. I did a thumbs up. Carol said yes. Luis said, “Frank will bring his truck and I will bring my car. See you in a few minutes.”  The guys came. Luis had his big Pontiac muscle car. Carol sat in the backseat with the guys. They live in Luis’s home renting rooms from him.

Carol was kissed by the guys while being finger and hand fucked. I got into Frank’s truck. I sat next to Frank. We kissed and French kissed. Benny sat on the right side by the door. I kissed him. He reached under my blouse. He pulled my blouse up and was licking, sucking my breasts and nipples. Frank drove with one hand and finger fucked me With the other hand.  The two guys in the back seat of the truck were pissed. We finally got to the mountain top park. It’s dark. Luis led the way as Frank didn’t know where we were going.  We pulled up alongside the hidden pavilion. Carol got out of the car naked. The guys in the backseat were really horny.  Luis’s 4 guys really love Carol.

The guys held her and kissed her. Frank and Luis put pads on the picnic tables with sheets. Frank and Luis undressed me. They kissed me. They put their fingers in my pussy pulling me to them. It started raining. The guys put me and Carol on the picnic tables. There is a roof over the tables. The pavilion.  It rained hard but we were protected. The air cooled down but Carol and I were warm from bodies fucking us.  All 9 guys fucked our holes. Frank fucked my ass while Luis fucked my pussy. Later Benny came to me. I said Benny,” take me into the rain and fuck me. He did.  I was on my hands and knees in the dark and rain.

He had taken his clothes off. He said, “I love you Anne.” He fucked my pussy. He pulled me up pressing me to his chest. It was still raining. He held me, kissing me, and fucking me. I felt free and wanted to be wild in the wilderness. It is beautiful on the mountain especially being naked in the rain with a cock in my pussy.  Benny said,

“I”m going to squirt. I have no condom.” I said, ” I love you Benny, squirt my pussy. Breed me Benny.”  He fucked me hard and deep. He squirted me. I licked, sucked his cock and balls. He said, “l love you so much I want to fuck your ass.” I said, “I love you too Benny. My ass is yours. Fuck me.”  Benny didn’t hesitate.  This 5’9″ skinny Puerto Rican man has a 10 inch thick cock.  He pushed his cock twice into my ass. I adjusted to the pressure of his cock.  He pulled and pushed his cock in and out. I met his thrusts moving my ass back.  The rain kept me cool as I rode his cock. I was panting and squealing from the stimulations of being ass fucked. He pulled my hair keeping my head up. I started orgasming and my body was convulsing from the stimulations.  Benny squirted my ass.

I had multiple orgasms. Benny pulled me up to his chest, holding me, kissing me and continuing fucking my ass. I kept orgasming. He fucked me into a state of bliss. When he finished I turned my head, he held  me, kissing, French kissing me. He pulled his cock from my sperm flooded ass. He helped me up. He hugged me. I said call me. I gave him my phone number. He said,” he is getting his own place. As soon as he moves in he will call. He said we’ll keep this a secret.

” We walked back to the pavilion. Luis said, “we were worried. We couldn’t see you. Who were you with?” I said,”one of the guys. I like to fuck in the rain.”  I got back on the table and my gangbang orgy continued.  I am fucked in my pussy, ass and mouth continuously.  The guys change holes and fuck me in oblivion. When the guys finished we ask them to feed us their sperm from our pussys. They had cups and spoons. Benny did mine.  Rocky did Carol.  Flashlights were held so the guys could see to fill the cups. Carol and I were dripping with sperm

. When the guys finished filling cups all flashlight beams were on us.  We sat together as the guys spoon fed us.  Frank had his Polaroid Camera and took pictures as Benny and Rocky fed us.

We finished. We kissed the guys and each other. A lot of pictures were taken.  We wiped ourselves off and dressed. We rode with Frank. Luis went home as he had to get up early in the morning.  

We went to Frank’s home to shower and stay the night. Frank asked Benny to stay the night. Carol and I showered together. I washed her and she washed me. We kissed intimately. We kneaded each other’s nipples. I licked, sucked Carols breasts and nipples. I used two fingers to stimulate her clit and pussy.

Carol orgasmed. She touched my face kissing and French kissing me. She returned my love by licking, sucking my breasts and nipples. She finger, hand fucked my clit and pussy.  She got on her knees licking, sucking my clit and pussy.  She used her fingers and hand stimulating me. My legs were weak from the stimulations. I felt orgasms and then I had multiple orgasms. My vagina was twitching from the stimulations. My body convulsed as I orgasmed. Carol stopped stimulating me and held me. I kissed her. We French kissed. I said, ” Carol, you are my best friend. I love you for many reasons.”  Carol replied,”I  love you because I love you. I am glad to see you happy. I love being with you. I love fucking men with you. We are Sisters of Love.”

 We finished showering. We towel dryed each other. We are stimulated to be with Frank and Benny. I told Carol, “
be with Frank.” She said, “Are you sure? I think he loves you.”  I replied, “He must learn to love both of us. We are not monogamas. We love more than one.”  Carol  said, ” that’s why I love you Anne.”

Carol and I went downstairs naked. I sat on Benny’s lap and kissed him. Frank was surprised by my actions. Carol distracted him by sitting on his lap. Frank kissed, French kissed Carol.

He licked her breasts and nipples. He picked Carol up took her to his bedroom. He looked at me and said, “later?”  I nodded yes.  Benny and I went upstairs. Benny is only 19 years old. He fucked me on the mountain. He fucked my pussy and after I licked his cock he fucked my ass. He is a better lover than Frank. Luis, and the rest of the guys. He is very potent with a large ball sack full of sperm. I am glad he stayed the night.

Benny laid with me. He kissed me. He French kissed me. He kissed, licked my neck. He whispered in my ear, “I love you Anne. I want to be your lover.  I will have a place for you to come to be loved by others.”  I thanked Benny. I French kissed him.  Benny used the tip of tongue touching, licking my nipples. His fingers found my clit and pussy as he sucked my  breasts. Benny left hickys on my neck and breasts. He is very passionate with me.

I love his passion. I laid on the bed panting and grunting as he licked, sucked my clit and pussy. He also used his fingers and hand to stimulate me. I was humming and making love sounds.  I started orgasming. I said, “Fuck me Benny. I’m orgasming. Please squirt me.” Benny pulled me to the bottom edge of the mattress. He spread my legs and pushed them back. He fucked my pussy bareback.  He pushed my legs back by my ears and deep penetrated my pussy. He picked up momentum fucking me faster stimulating me. As he fast fucked me I uttered sounds of UH, UH, UH, UH. I felt the orgasms and squealed and growled as Benny switched to deep penetration.  He moved his cock slowly and deep in my vagina. This really makes me sensitive to orgasm. It’s also great for breeding. (I don’t worry about that. Carol and I used the services of Dr. Carlos. He did our “Tubals.”) I never did tell my ex.) I am having multiple orgasms. What I like about Bennie he asks me if I like what he is doing? I also tell him what works better to make me orgasm. He truly loves me as he wants to make me orgasm.  Benny finally squirts me and my pussy has powerful multiple orgasms. My body convulsed from the powerful orgasms. Benn held  me until my body relaxed.

I love the powerful orgasms. I feel good and ready to fuck some more.  I licked, sucked Benny’s cock and balls of sperm.  He knows I eat the sperm from my body. He got a cup and spoon to collect  his sperm from my pussy and thighs.  He fed me his sperm. He liked watching me eating it and smiling as I swallowed it. There was some on my breasts. He picked  the sperm up with his finger and put his finger in my mouth having me suck it. This action made us both horny. Benny and I decided to call it a night as we have to work tomorrow.

Thursday morning at 5:30AM I was awakened by Carol. She said, “Frank wants you now.”  I got up. Carol whispered. ” Should I stay with Benny?”  I said, “yes. You won’t be disappointed.”  Carol laid with Benny as he slept. I went to Frank.

I laid with Frank. We kissed. He said, “I missed you. I love you. I said, “I missed you too. I asked him,” if he will learn to share me?” I said, “I was married once. I will never get married again or have a man control me. I will love you and I will love many.” Frank smiled saying, “You will love me and I will be in control of  you. You are mine.”  He had me get on my hands and knees on the bed. He  lubricated his cock. He fucked my pussy fast and hard.

 I think he is pissed. He doesn’t own me. He squirted me. He said nothing and I said nothing.  I took a shower with Carol. I told her what happened. She said, “we are finished with him.”  We kissed on the lips and bathed each other. We had Benny drive us home as we have to go to work.  I told Benny we would not be back with Frank. I called Luis before I went to work. I told him, ” Frank doesn’t want to share me. I told Luis, “that I told Frank I will not be owned by him or any man.” He is pissed. Carol and I aren’t going to party with him. I said,”we want to be with men who love us.”Luis thanked me for telling him. Frank will be excluded from our activities. Luis said, ” He would call Dr. Carlos as he is President of the Latin American Businessmen’s Club. He loves you girls. Luis said, “you are known as “Carlos’s Girls.”I thanked Luis.

Thursday when Carol and I got home home from work the phone rang. Carol answered it. It was Dr. Carlos. He invited us to his home tonight for dinner.  He asked to speak to Anne.  He said, “Luis called. He will handle Frank. He is out of the picture.  I will tell you more tonight at dinner. He  said don’t forget, no bathing suits.

We arrived for dinner. Carlos likes us to wear very little clothing. I wore a pair of blue jean cutoff short shorts showing a little cheek. I wore a denim halter top to match. No bra or panties. Carol wore her tight shorts from high school.

They are showing some cheek, also pressing tightly against her mound showing an outline of her pussy. She also wears a halter top.  Carlos had  his arms around our hips hugging both of us, kissing and French kissing us. We both love and respect Carlos. He even honored Carol and I at his club. Carlos had a Chef friend of his prepare dinner. Carol and I helped Carlos serve the food. We had popular Latin food. I usually drink wine but instead Carol and had Sangria. It had fruit in it and ice. It is delicious with the meal.

 Carlos holding his  glass up toasted us as being his best friends and his girls. We drank to that.  After dinner we helped clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Carlos made coffee.  He poured us coffee. We talked.

Dr. Carlos said, “I talked to Luis. He told me about Frank.  You girls need to understand your lifestyle of sexual relationships are not understood by all people who are stuck in a tradition of controlling, relationships and monogamy.

 You need to associate with people who are educated, open minded, knowledgeable in other cultures and beliefs. There are board members of the Club you haven’t met.  Sunday evening  you will meet these gentlemen at the Club. It will be a special meeting with refreshments at 6PM These are business men, executives, attorneys and professionals. They also are looking for relationships that you like.  You will have gangbangs you won’t forget.” We thanked Carlos and kissed him.  

Carlos said, “Let’s go swimming.”  It’s dark outside. He put a light on outside.  Carol and I took our clothes off.  We took some beach towels from Carlos.  He joined us running into the lake. We swam to the dock out in the middle of the lake. Carol and I got there first.  We couldn’t see Carlos as it is dark and didn’t hear him. He swam under water and I felt my pussy being fingered.

Carol did too. He stuck his head out of the water laughing. We laughed too.  Carol and I climbed up on the floating dock and laid on the artificial grass carpet. The water is warm and the night air is warm. We laid on the deck looking up at the night stars. It’s a beautiful evening. Carlos joined us on the dock. He got between us. He kissed us. He made love to both of us. He licked, sucked our breasts and nipples. He licked, sucked, our clits and pussys. He finger and hand fucked our pussys. Carol and I were orgasming. He had us get on our hands and knees. He had taken his little blue pill. He fucked Carol’s pussy first bringing her to orgasm. He squirted a cream pie. It was dark but Carol felt the copious sperm dripping on her inner thighs.  Carol and I licked sucked Carlos’s cock and balls to stimulate his cock. Carlos’s 10 inch cock was erect to fuck me. Carlos fucked my pussy and Carol finger fucked my clit. My clit ring helped and I was panting and making straining sounds. Carlos squirted and I was having multiple orgasms.  I squealed from the wild feelings of the stimulations in my pussy. The orgasms we powerful making my body convulse. I felt copious sperm dripping on my thigh.  Carlos was behind me still connected to me. He pulled me up holding me against his chest.  He held me, kissing me. My pussy calmed down. It was still twitching from the orgasms. Carol kissed my lips and rubbed my clit with her fingers.  The rubbing felt good.  Carlos said, “let’s swim back to the house. I hope you’re staying the night.” Carol said, “we are your girls. We are yours anytime you want us. We love you Carlos.” We swam back to the shore.

We towel dried Carlos. We love him. We got on our knees licking, sucking his cock and balls.  He said, “you are truly my girls.”  He towel dried us. We went inside the house. We brought a change of clothes for tomorrow for work.  We went to his bedroom.

He had us get on his bed on our hands and knees.  He lubricated his cock and our ass. He fucked our asses. Carol and I stimulated each other’s clit to help bring us to orgasms.  After showering with Carlos we slept with him in the middle of his king size bed. He laid flat and we laid at his sides with our leg and arm acrossed his chest. 

Anne And Carole Have A Wild Weekend…cont’

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