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Annabelle Returns

I hadn’t seen or heard from Annabelle for about two weeks. It was late on a Saturday afternoon that she and her husband walked past my home again. This time they didn’t stop, and he completely avoided eye contact. But Annabelle, who was walking behind him, stared longingly. I raised my water bottle as if to toast her and watched as her nipples hardened through her skin-tight top. As she reached the end of my fence line, Annabelle mouthed, “Two hours.”

I assumed that meant that we’d be doing something nasty in my backyard very soon, so I headed inside for a shower. I also kept my water bottle full in case she was looking for another golden shower. Although, I was hoping to use her back door as she hinted at last time. I’d also picked up a paddle and a soft leather spanking whip to add another dimension to our play.

My research since I’d last seen her sent me down the rabbit hole of BDSM. While I’d done some spanking with past partners and believed that it was something that Annabelle would enjoy, there was a whole lot out there that I knew nothing about. But, if things went well with her again, I’m sure that we could investigate those more thoroughly together.

In the meantime, I grabbed a light dinner then headed out back with my toys in hand. I was about an hour early, but it gave me time to put some wood in the outdoor fireplace readying it for later. I spent the rest of the time tidying up things before propping open the gate. With a few minutes left, I went out front and walked through the garden to admire how well everything was growing.

As I turned to leave, Annabelle appeared before me. She gave me a quick peck on the lips before pulling me out of the garden. Once outside, she grabbed what looked like an overnight bag before heading into the backyard. Stopping for a second, I closed the gate. Then locked it before continuing. I found Annabelle already nude and kneeling while emptying her bag on the patio. Shedding my clothes, too, I moved in behind her to see a sparkling yellow gem where her pucker should have been.

Kneeling behind her as she searched on her hand and knees. I lapped at her nectar as it ran down her inner thighs. A shiver ran through her, and she spread her knees further apart. Turning over and moving between them, I cleaned her thighs while staring straight at her leaking puss. Only touching her legs with my tongue, I wondered how long she could resist smothering my face with her drooling box.

Lapping at her tender inner thighs, I could see the goose-bumps rise on Annabelle’s skin. Her search had ended, and now it was simply a test of how long she could deny herself cunnilingus. In between soft moans, Annabelle uttered, “I love this… you really know how to… get a girl going.”

A fresh flow of her juices ran down her left thigh, and I darted toward it with my eager tongue. As a result, I also grazed her very swollen labia, and she plunged her hips down, reflexively pressing my face onto the patio. Once it was done, there was no stopping her until she was satisfied. Annabelle ground her open and wanton pussy hard onto my face as I licked and sucked vigorously.

Her soft moans turned to wild grunts and groans as I reached for her hanging nipples. Rolling and intermittently pinching them added to her tempestuous behavior. I was having a hard time locking onto her clitoris with all her movement, but she froze in place while screaming into both of her hands when I finally did. The flood of her nectar coated my face, neck, and chest, with a good portion ending up in my mouth.

As Annabelle relaxed, she slid down my body, impaling herself on my ready cock until we were face to face. She licked generously, enjoying the taste of her essence on me. Her pussy felt almost scalding as she continually clenched her vaginal muscles around my buried pole. When her tongue crossed my lips, I opened up my mouth and seized it in my teeth. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to let her know I wanted it in my mouth. For the next few minutes, our tongues dueled as Annabelle continued to torture my rigid penis without movement.

Tearing my lips from hers, I pressed, “So, what kind of goodies are in the bag?”

“Oh, just your standard, stake me to the ground and use me as your personal cum-pocket stuff. Why, what did you think I brought?” Annabelle grinned while squeezing my cock like a boa.

“Anything else,” I inquired as I grasped both of her breasts and worked her nipples hard.

“Ah, fuccckkkk!” Annabelle groaned as her hot fluids coated my cock with her latest peak.

I pushed my way into a sitting position and pulled her bag over to peruse as she purred into my neck. There were straps and a ball gag along with a steel pole with four velcro wrist binders and a couple of those twisty anchors that you turn into the ground for dog leashes. She also had quite a collection of dildos and assorted leather straps. This girl was prepared to be used. The question was, does she want me to invite others or have her to myself?

“So, you seem to be ready for a gangbang here. Would it be too greedy of me to keep you to myself? Or was it your plan to have a gangbang of one?”

Now nibbling on my neck, like a baby vampire, Annabelle half pleaded and half insisted, “I’ve always wanted to be used like a whore, but by someone that I knew wouldn’t turn me into one in real life. If I’d have approached my husband with this, he’d have all his buddies over fucking me and giving me who knows what diseases. And then everyone would know what I’d done, and I would be forever labeled a slut. And on top of that, he’d do it again and again.”

“So, you’re saying you trust me.”

“Yes, very much,” Annabelle uttered seductively.

“Well then, let’s get you tied in place before it’s too dark to see. What shall we use first? Maybe this pole with the four velcro cuffs?”

“It’s called a spreader bar, and yes, I’d love to use that!”

“So, on your back in the grass, my little cock slut?” I questioned.

“I’d rather be face down with my ass in the air at first. It seems like it would feel so much sluttier.”

“I agree,” I offered while locking her wrists into the inner cuffs. With her hands locked in, I worked on the right ankle first. Annabelle was face down in the grass, and I couldn’t resist slapping each cheek once.

“Oooh, that felt good! Are you going to spank me some more?”

I held off answering her until I pulled her legs obscenely apart and locked in her left ankle. Then, with her well bound, I went back for the ball gag and my crop and whip. With everything in hand, I slid behind her and let my cock slip between her legs. It was pressed against her clit as I pulled her head back and let the ball fill her mouth. 

Spitting it back out for a second, Annabelle pleaded, “I can trust you, can’t I?” as her legs quivered from being on the edge of climax.

Without hesitation, I answered, “Yes, absolutely. I would never hurt you. I’m only here to give you pleasure. So cross the fingers on your left hand if you ever want me to stop, got it?”

“Thank you, yes,” she uttered before sucking the ball back into her mouth.

With the strap tightened, I leaned back a little and smacked each buttock a few times with the crop. I watched her left hand closely and then felt her cum running across my hard-on. Then, switching to the soft whip, I let the tentacles swish across her marked ass before pulling it back and giving her exposed pucker a slight sting. Annabelle growled at that but again seemed to enjoy the attention. Leaving her for a moment, I gathered her dildos and a container of lube.

Once I was back, I lubed her pucker and took my time entering her with my finger. She again seemed to enjoy this as the soft murmurs exited her mouth. As her anal ring loosened, I added another finger before pushing my shaft into her slick box. We both moaned a little at that, and I stayed inside as my fingers continued to open her pucker. As she opened up to my digital presence, I grabbed the smallest of her dildos.

With a quick one-handed grease, I traded places with my fingers. This one was actually a vibrator, and once I started moving it in and out, I switched it on. Annabelle came as she clenched my cock over and over. Throughout her climax, I held the vibrator deep inside her. As she began to relax again, I looked for the largest vibrator that she had. It was slightly longer and thicker than my cock, which was perfect for making her feel like there were several guys using her.

Slipping my cock from her slippery puss, I eased the other vibrator inside and then turned it on as well. Annabelle immediately started to scream, her muffled scream, as the intensity hit her hard. I held both of them in place while slowly moving toward her face. Once my crotch was in front of her face-down head, I removed the ballgag and presented my hard penis for her oral abuse. Annabelle’s cum was still dripping off of it as she took it in her mouth through the constant groans.

Once we found a good position, I started fucking her face at a moderate pace while holding the dildos in tight. My free hand found her right nipple and began to twist and pinch. She howled around my cock as I continued to use her mouth. I was trying to replicate her being used by three different guys and thought I was doing a pretty good job. Although I figured that she probably needed some pumping of her holes.

I started working both dildos together with one hand. After a minute, I brought my other hand up and staggered their entry. Annabelle growled and mumbled around my cock before another climax dropped her sideways. My penis slipped from her mouth as the spreader bar held her in an awkward sideways position. I gently rolled her onto her back before removing the dildos and replacing them with my tongue.

As I sloppily gorged myself on Annabelle’s gaping nether regions, she slowly came back to the living. “Oh, damn. That must have been some great orgasm. I rarely pass out from cumming,” she murmured between sighs.

“How many cocks did you bring to my party?” she jokingly asked before my tongue pushed its way into her pucker.

“I guess that you’re prepping me for the anal sex I offered to you the last time we met.”

“Actually, I’m just enjoying snacking on your goodies since your kind of a captive audience,” I laughingly replied. “But, since you did offer, I would love to take you that way. However, since my bladder is about to burst, would you like a little hosing down?”

“Very much so!” Annabelle replied.

Standing up, I coaxed the urine to start and sprayed it into her open holes until she begged, “My face and tits too, please… oh, fuck yeahhh!”

As the stream turned to drips, Annabelle coaxed, “Let me suck the last of it from you and get you ready to pummel my rectum.”

Straddling her face, I let Annabelle suck me into her mouth. Then, as she worked me back to hardness like that was difficult with a naked goddess at my feet, I asked, “Do you really want it hard and fast?”

Expelling my penis, she replied, “No, not to start with anyway. But, if it feels as good as that dildo did, then yes!”

“I’m guessing that your husband either doesn’t like anal or didn’t do it right the first time?”

“He considers it dirty, just like all the other little fetishes that I like. He certainly would never suck my toes the way you did last time. Maybe you could do that again after you take my ass.”

“I’d love to! Sucking toes is one of my favorite fetishes.”

Looking around, I noticed that it was getting dark out. So, before I commenced with the butt-fucking, I lit the outdoor fireplace. As the wood began to light up, Annabelle said, “Aww, restrained and fucked in the ass by firelight, how romantic.”

“Did I mention before that I love your sense of humor?”

“He says while he lubes my ass to use it as his personal cum dump,” Annabelle replied, half smirking while sighing.

I let my fingers re-open her pucker gingerly while adding copious amounts of lubrication. Annabelle seemed to be appreciating my affable work. Each addition of another finger increased her pleasure sounds another decibel. Finally, with three fingers moving through her anal ring with little resistance, I prepped my penis for entry.

Pulling my fingers free, I heard a soft whimper from Annabelle. “Are you ready, my quirky goddess?”

“Yes, do me good so that I can come back again soon.”

“It will be my pleasure, and hopefully yours too,” I quipped as the head penetrated her gaped pucker. Initially, I gripped the spreader bar for leverage since her legs were so far apart. But, as I slowly worked deeper into her rectum, I let my hands wander. Then, of course, my left thumb went immediately to her clitoris and rubbed it in all directions. Next, my right hand found her left breast and gave it and her nipple a firm going over.

By the time I got to full depth on my languid strokes, Annabelle was growling. “God, that feels so fucking good, especially at the pace you’re moving. Don’t speed up! It’s perfect just like this.”

“Are the restraints enhancing the experience still?” I questioned.

“Not really anymore since I’m face up and know that you’re the only one here.”

“I assumed as much, so how about I release you. That way, I can have your ass and toes at the same time.”

“That combination sounds delicious!” she grunted as I added a little pounding to my slow fuck.

I released her hands first, then moved to each leg. With her free of the bar, Annabelle pushed her right foot into my open mouth. I sucked, tickled, and scraped her toes for all I was worth as she took over her tits. Her climax hit hard and brought on my own rather quickly.

“That’s it, fill my ass with your hot seed!” she squealed as we both convulsed through our peaks. I stayed in a kneeling position, still sucking her foot as I slowly slipped from her leaking and open star. Her following words were, “Do you have a blanket that we can place in front of the fire to snuggle on for a while?”

“Sure,” I responded in a surprised tone. Then, I stood up, grabbed the blanket, and spread it out near the fire.

“What? Don’t I look like the snuggling type?” she questioned in mock offense before joining me on the blanket.

“You do! But, in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m willing to do most anything with you.”

“I did notice that, and I’m enjoying it very much!” Annabelle offered before sucking my face into hers. Lying side by side, our hands roamed and teased as our mouths seemed perpetually conjoined. I massaged her breasts tenderly while occasionally grazing her nipples as our makeout session continued. Her hands seemed to wander my head, shoulders, and arms until she felt my inevitable boner against her thigh. Annabelle’s hands quickly descended to my crotch and gripped my penis and scrotum.

“You seem to be ready for some more fun. Why don’t we head inside so that you can tie me to your bed and use me properly?”

“Do you have time for that? I don’t want to get going and then have to release you prematurely,” I stated with an evil grin.

“Oh, I have all night!” she countered while squeezing my genitals tightly.

To be continued…

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