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An Unexpected view

My name is Albert and I’m a long distance truck driver.  I bought a house in a small development near a ski area in New England.  While I like the privacy of a house, it is difficult to maintain it when I’m on the road so often.  Therefore, when I met a single mother who was struggling to make ends meet, it seemed like a perfect solution for her and her daughter to move in with me.  Doris was in her mid-forties, as was I.  Her daughter, Karen, was twenty-three, taking college courses online, and working for a local real estate agent.  She was very petite, with blondish brown hair, and well proportioned.

My house has three bedrooms.  Doris and I have a king bed in one bedroom.  Karen has a queen bed in another bedroom, and the third bedroom is my man cave.  There is a large flat-screen television on one wall.  Facing the television is a recliner and a very comfortable full-size couch.  A desk and computer are tucked into a corner alcove of the “L” shaped room.  With my now extended family, my man cave has become the only point of refuge for me in my house.  I declared my sovereignty of it early on.  There I can watch the porn channels on cable or surf the porn sites on the internet.

The company I work for has several facilities throughout the U.S. including one about ten miles from my home.  Generally, I drive my car to the facility, then drive their truck/trailer to a facility in the Chicago area where I drop the trailer and pick up another.  I take that trailer to Oregon, drop it off, and take another trailer to Northern California.  Finally, I switch trailers, again, and take it back to New England.  This round trip has me on the road for ten days followed by five days off before repeating the process.

Doris takes care of the house while I’m on the road.  When I get home, usually in the evening, I shower, eat, and then get on the internet in my man cave and catch up on the Lush chatroom.   A few months ago, I sat down in front of my computer and my password didn’t load automatically.  Since I’m not highly computer literate, it took me a while to stumble through the issue.  It seemed like someone else had used my computer.  I didn’t think much of it until it happened, again, a few weeks later.

I asked Doris if she had used my computer.  She said no.  She had her own laptop and had no need to use my older less sophisticated desktop terminal.  That evening I asked Karen if she used it.  She gave me a funny look but claimed she did not use it.  My relationship with Karen was typical step-father or mother’s boyfriend.  While we got along okay, we still seemed distant.

The problems with my computer continued and began to spread to the television.  I was becoming more frustrated and suspicious, but I didn’t want to make any accusations.  A few days later, as I was watching television, I saw an advertisement for a tiny little spy camera.  There is a large mall along the highway on my way to Chicago that has a store that sells “as seen on TV” items.  I stopped there on my next trip.  Sure enough, they had the device for about fifty dollars, so I bought two of them.

When I got home a week and a half later, I opened up the box and read the instructions.  It was fairly simple, even for me.  It had a SIM card and a cord.  The cord was used for charging from a computer and transferring the pictures to a computer.  The camera itself was only an inch or so square.  I set one up on the window sill facing the computer and the other on top of the big screen TV.  Then I sat down at the computer for a few minutes and moved to the sofa for a few minutes.

Afterward, I used the cable to transfer from the camera to the computer.  They worked great.  I could clearly see myself sitting at both the computer and the television.  The following week before leaving for work, I charged both cameras and put them in place.

When I returned home ten days later, I took both the cameras and downloaded them into the computer, after fixing my password, again.  When I clicked “play” I found the problem.  The video showed Karen coming in, sitting at the computer, and using it.  Now I had her red-handed.  Then I clicked “play” on the other camera.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing:  Karen walked into the camera view and sat in the recliner in a nightshirt with her legs spread wide open and her feet hanging over the arms of the chair.  She put her hand in her panties and she was fingering herself with her right hand.  I couldn’t see the television screen since the camera was facing away from it, but I’m guessing she must have been watching something pornographic by her actions and attention toward the screen.

Her panties were blocking me from seeing her pussy.  However, the look on her face was priceless as she was clearly getting herself off.  After a few minutes, she closed her legs, moved the chair to the down position, and stood up.  The camera stopped a few seconds after no motion is detected so it went black momentarily.

After the brief pause, the picture came back on, apparently from her next visit to my man cave.  Just as the last time, she was wearing a long nightshirt and sat down in the recliner, leaning back all the way.  Again, she put her legs over the arms of the chair spreading them wide open, only this time she didn’t have any panties on revealing her cute little shaved pussy.  Then, she reached over to one side, out of the view of the camera, before pulling her hand back with a dildo in it.  She held it in front of her face, gave it a little kiss, and turned the bottom of it.

With her legs still spread wide open, she held the dildo in one hand rubbing it against her clitoris.  Her face lit up with a smile as she started moving it around.  My cock was becoming rock hard watching her message herself.  For a moment, it seemed as if she was looking directly into my eyes.  Her face began to take a more serious look as she progressed from her clitoris down her slit.

Suddenly, her facial expression turned to a determined look as she reached down with her other hand grasping the vibrating dildo with both hands and pushing it slowly into her pussy until only her fingertips were holding the knurled end.  I was as fascinated with the looks on her face as I was with the scene between her legs.  She had an almost surprised look when the dildo was completely buried in her snatch.

However, my attention turned back to her pussy when she moved her hands to the outside of her thighs leaving a totally unobstructed view between her legs.  The knob of the dildo seemed quite large in comparison to her small vagina and petite frame.  She began to move her hips in a slow rhythm obviously enjoying the sensation inside her.  Due to her hip movement, the dildo began to slip out a little.  Every few minutes, she would push it back in with her right hand.

There was a look of ecstasy in her face as this continued.  The next time she moved her hand in to push the dildo back, she used only her middle finger pushing it so far in that it disappeared between her pussy lips.  Her look of ecstasy was replaced by fear, or at least concern, as she realized what she had just done.

She moved both of her hands between her legs and used her fingers to spread her lips apart.  I could see the knob end as she grasped it with her fingertips.  She pulled it completely out with her right hand holding it up in front of her.  I almost came in my pants when she started licking it.

After it was clean of her juices, she adjusted the knob before reaching down and inserting it once more into her tiny love tunnel.  This time she had no reservations pushing it in all the way until it was completely consumed by her hungry hole.  She placed her hands on the outside of her thighs and started moving her hips up and down as she did before.  Her face lit up and her lips were pursed as that determined look reappeared.  The movement in her hips increased.  I wished I had sound as I could see her mouth form a circle surely releasing some moans.

My pants were wet as I watched her bucking her hips up completely off the recliner cushion before suddenly closing her legs tightly and collapsing into the chair.  She laid still for a minute causing the picture to go black when the camera detected no movement for a few seconds.

The pause was only momentary although the period of time she was still could have been several minutes.  She spread her legs once again and put her hands between her legs as she somehow pushed the dildo out far enough that she could grasp it and pull it out.  Again, she brought it to her mouth and licked it clean.  Finally, she leaned forward on the recliner, stood up, and walked away out of the sight of the camera.  The screen went black and stayed that way.

lip again but knew they had both seen each other naked often enough, and so held the phone to show her bottom and legs and heard Maisie let out in an astonished toneI saved the video in my computer and deleted it from the SIM card so it had maximum capacity in the camera.  Then, I went to the bathroom and shot my load in the toilet.  Later in the day at the dinner table I couldn’t help but think of Karen in a whole new light.  I also had to wonder if she knew she was performing in front of a camera.  She didn’t act any different than she usually did, saying little as we all ate our dinner.

Needless to say, I set up both cameras toward the chair and sofa before I had to leave for my next road trip.  I can’t wait to see what’s on them when I return home.

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