An Unexpected Encounter Of A Housewife

About my wife – Aged about 39 years and mother of one kid. She is good looking – a typical Bengali conservative wife, born & brought up in Kolkata–large doe like eyes, long hair, fair complexion and a height of about 5ft 2”. Well maintained 35-28-36 figure. She is quite proud of her overall looks, figure & personality and works in a private firm.
The incident happened two years back when I was out of the country for a project for two years.

She normally takes bus route to travel to her office in the morning – either in what we call “AC Volvo Bus” or “Chartered Bus”. Since we are staying in a remote place in South Kolkata, the journey from our residence to my workplace in Salt Lake Sector-V normally takes about one to one and half hour in the morning.
I am narrating the incident in her words.

One day, I was waiting at the bus stop at about 8.00 in the morning. I took an auto from our home and reached that intermediate stop to change for a direct bus to my office (which I would do quite often). I recall, it was really raining heavily that day and almost 30 minutes went and still no sign of any bus. I was sure that due to such delay, I would be very late to my office which my boss wouldn’t like. I overheard some other office going passengers of my area saying something like “bus strike”.

When for another 20 minutes no bus came, I felt that really there might be something like bus strike and also sensed a very remote possibility to reach office. As a result, I became stranded midway from office & home under a heavy downpour and was wondering what to do. No return bound logistic too were in sight to return back to home.

Standing at the bus stop, something clicked in my mind – a shopping mall, across the road at a near distance with a movie theater. Suddenly on an impulse, I thought it might well go to watch a movie there to pass the time, rather than being waiting needlessly at the bus stop. There would be screening a morning show movie. I went swiftly to catch the 9.45 a.m. show. In my mind, this surely was a far better alternative than waiting stupidly at the bus stop. Moreover, since my son was out for school and would be back only in the afternoon I had no other work to do also.


I walk hurriedly across the road and went inside the mall. They were screening an old movie called “Waqt “(Raj Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Sharmila Tagore etc.). The movie hall looked deserted, I bought a ticket for a premium seat (with reclining) from the counter and went inside. I was guided to my seat, which was in the rear rows of the theater. The movie had already commenced and I settled down to watch. The theater looked kinda empty & I could just make out very few people seating in the cheap front rows ahead. The real stall looked absolutely empty and deserted. As the seats were reclining I slightly reclined the seat to watch a movie comfortably.

About five minutes later a middle aged man came and sat next to me on my right. He looked like an office going type person with a briefcase in hand. I became scared and wondered why he was sitting next to me only as there were plenty of empty seats around but then I thought maybe that was how tickets are seat numbered etc. I glanced at the man & recognized him as also being at the bus stop (as a co-stranded bus passenger) who, like me, had come to the movie to pass the time. I then reverted my attention back to the movie.

After about another 10 minutes or so, I noticed that the man next to me was getting restless. He moved on his seat, coughed, cross & uncross his legs etc. and I decided to ignore him. As his hand was on the arm rest next to mine, so our elbows were touching lightly. Suddenly, I felt that something was touching my foot. I realized that man had stretched his leg casually and that touched my foot. I then moved my foot a little away.

However a few minutes later I felt his foot again touched mine and with a sense of nervousness, I realized that it was deliberate and it continued. I begin to feel nervous about it but moved my foot further away.

For the next 10-15 minutes, all was OK & I was enjoying the movie. He then again tried to touch my foot again but I crossed my legs and moved away out of his reach. I felt, if I continued such avoidance of these passes, the man would get the message and stop. I then heard something from the man next to me but couldn’t recognize.

After a few minutes, I felt that he was rubbing his elbow against my elbow. There was slight pressure on my elbow and before I could move my elbow away, the pressure eased. This happened 2-3 more times. Then I felt his elbow moving in a sort of rhythm. This continued for a few minutes & it was rubbing on & off my elbow & I wondered what was he doing & slyly glanced to my right.


To my utter surprise, I noticed that the man had opened the fly (that was the sound I had heard–he was unzipping his fly) and took out his cock. He was gently rubbing it up & down (that explained the rubbing of his elbow on mine). I was shocked to see that and quickly looked away. I was in a major dilemma of what to do – should I get up & move to another seat?

I became very nervous & my shy nature took over me. However, I decided to ignore it as long as he did not bother me. I thought he could do what he wanted sitting on his seat – why to bother.

After a few minutes, I slyly glanced to my right to check and saw that his trousers’ fly was fully open – his cock was out. With his left hand he was stroking the cock which became very hard, erect. It really look quite very large in comparison to my husband (I guessed almost 7/8 inches). I was looking at a cock after a long time and that too of a stranger. Momentarily I became very thrilled….looking into such huge tool so close… moreover in such a time… when my husband was out for two years…and I took away my sight from it but my breathing became much heavier. This was really unexpected to me as I had never experienced/heard of any such things in past. I was fully scared & nervous and felt powerless to move away from that place also.

I slowly moved my arm and legs away but could not resist myself in glancing to my right to watch him playing with his erect & huge cock (in my mind I was feeling an urge to touch the tool). I glanced at the man & saw that he was also looking back at me, our eyes contacted—I quickly glanced away & blushed furiously. He caught me staring at his cock – I was very confused now…. My heart was pounding….thinking that what will happen…. And how I would react.

For next few minutes nothing happened, but my heart was beating like a wild drum. I then felt something was rubbing on my thigh. With a shock, I realized that it was the stranger who had put his hand on my thigh and rubbing it. I was nervous, perplexed and as well as electrified (some stranger put a hand on my thigh).

That day I was wearing a top and skinny leggings and his hand was softly touching my thigh giving me a tickling sensation. I was too nervous to react and became frightened, getting no immediate reaction from me, he placed his hand softly on my upper thigh & gently caressed it.


I did not know what to do & though I moved my legs more but was unable to shake his hand off. Next few minutes he was gently caressing my upper thigh (with his left hand). I was staring hard at the screen as if nothing was happening at all, while he kept on caressing and slowly squeezing my thighs. He was slowly moving it up & down both in my inner and upper thighs. I did not know what to do & was feeling very helpless. My mind slowly started behaving differently, through the corner of my eye I again glanced to my right – he was staring hard at the screen, his cock was standing hard & erect and he was stroking it with his right hand. I continued my glancing at the cock.

He by then slowly moved his hand upwards on my thigh towards my crotch area. I then put my hand on his hand & pushed it off my leg. His hand felt very hot. For next few minutes, nothing happened and I was staring hard at the screen and tried to concentrate there. My mind was all in a tizzy and was wondering/waiting for his next move. My mind wanted to stare the huge cock and my hands wanted to feel it.

I then felt his hand once again on my thigh as he started to caress it again. I sat motionless closing my eyes. He now moved his hand fully over on my thigh and was squeezing & caressing it more passionately in a slow pace. He by his hands trying to make me spread my legs, I resisted it by putting my hands down on his hand. But he was prepared for it and before I realized anything he grabbed my hand and held it firmly.

I was too taken aback by this move. He then started caressing my hand gently and as if to reassure me. I tried to pull my hand away from his grip, but his grip was quite firm. He swiftly pulled my hand, holding it firmly and placed it over his hard cock. I was really surprised by this bold move. My hand, at that time, was on his cock and was enclosed in his bigger hand. He then made me move my hand up & down on his cock. I was stunned by his act – his cock seemed very large–throbbing & pulsating within my hand. His grip was so firm that I could not remove my hand and I had no other option left than to hold his erection and moving it up & down with the movement of his hand. I was so confused, but he was also very gentle & at the same time, my left hand was gripping his hard & hot cock.

Slowly and slowly he was taking me under his control as my senses start burning and my mind started playing in his tune….. Interestingly half of my mind was enjoying the situation. More interestingly he also slowly sensed that he started to take me under his control.

He un-gripped his right hand and let go of my hand and started gradually caressing my upper stomach. He swiftly slid his hand under my dupatta & placed on my left breast. He began to gently cuddle & squeeze my boobs. I was too horrified, shocked, spellbound to resist him and he continued to cuddle my left boob firmly. After that, he shifted to my other breast. As he was cuddling my breasts, I felt his hard cock pulsating in my hand.


He then moved his hand off my breasts sliding upwards onto my neck. He suddenly put his hand inside my kurti on my bare stomach and started pulling his hand upwards to get inside my bra. His hand was hot & rough on my soft skin. I was astounded by the run of events and lost my senses to resist him, rather one part of my mind was enjoying it. He managed to slide a couple of fingers inside my bra & caress my nipple. I had an involuntary shiver—this was becoming too much for me and I did not know what to do but just let things continue.

The stranger now smelled that I was under his full control and he could do with me whatever he wanted to do and his movements became bolder & firmer. He then began to caress my both the breasts more firmly and urgently with his two hands. He fully reclined my seat by his one hand to have better access.

After that, he shifted his hands & his position too. One hand he placed on my inner thigh near to my crotch area and started squeezing and caressing gently and trying to make me part them and ultimately managed to get a hand between my legs. He pressed a finger in between and started grouping my crotch gently.

Another hand he slipped under my kurti onto my stomach and finally up onto my breasts. He managed to get one breast out of the bra cup and started fondling gently & passionately. He squeezed the nipple, which by itself was already erect and gently tugging on it with his fingers. He pulled my other breast out as well & caressing & fondling them quite passionately.

After pulling out my both the breasts he started fondling and groping my two large boobs with his two hands. I closed my eyes as I was in the height of ecstasy – a man other than my husband is fondling my assets and playing with it and my cunt juice was dripping down my legs and started moaning.

My right hand which was on his cock had suddenly slipped off and he immediately caught my hand again & placed it once again on his cock while he resumed fondling both my breasts. My hand was resting on his throbbing cock & in spite of my initial fear & nervousness, I let my hand remain on his cock, gently begin to touch & feel it.


The stranger was really enjoying himself. Looking around I saw that others in the theater were watching the movie and nobody was aware of such erotic activity between two strangers in the last rear row.

The stranger then tug my kurti upwards & managed to get it reasonably up, so that my breasts were outside. Then before I realized what he was upto, he bend forward to lick on my breast and finally started sucking them—he managed to get the nipple entirely in his mouth. This was just amazing – I too begin to grip his cock harder and also caress it all over. I started to stroke it harder and harder. The stranger became successful in exposing my breasts to the cool air conditioning of the hall and was merrily & greedily sucking my breasts—interchanging between the nipples. I was in the seventh heaven… and heavily dripping through the wet cunt… wanting him to put his fingers in it.

He then swiftly dropped his right hand on my stomach & onto the top of my leggings managed to untie the naddaa (string). He quickly loosened it & slid his hand inside – inside my panty straight onto my cunt and started to stroke it gently. On that day I cleaned my cunt, he initially started rubbing his plum on my clitoris and then put his finger into my slit. He pushed his middle finger inside the hole and started gently masturbating me.

My vagina was already wet and was drenching heavily. I willingly spread my legs so that he could get better access. He continued his fingering into my cunt (while still sucking on my breasts & I too was stroking his wonderful cock). He whispered into my ear that he liked the smoothness of my cunt. This continued for a few minutes as his finger movements became faster and faster. I knew I would very soon reach my orgasm & yes, soon enough I felt my body shiver uncontrollably as a strong electric shock like emotion went through my body & millions of tingling sensations spread all over every nerve my body as the deep orgasm took me over. It was mind boggling as it lasted a good 2-3 minutes & left me panting & totally satiated. This stranger was really good and knows the tricks of finger-fuck.
He knew I got my orgasm and removed his hand from my cunt and licked his finger. He then went back to squeezing my breasts with one hand & sucking the other one with his tongue & mouth.

He put his hand on my hand which was stroking his cock & signalled me to move it faster. I increased the momentum of my movements on his cock – I gripped his cock harder & begin to pump my hand up & down, getting carried away by the situation. Soon I also sensed that his body tensed up & almost at once before I could remove my hand, his cock twitched uncontrollably in my hand & his semen came spurting out, as I continued to pump his cock and the semen was dripping all over my hand. I was getting carried away & did not mind the semen was gushing out & dripped all over my hand. The stranger gave a contented sigh & I removed my hand from his cock & not knowing where to wipe all the drippy semen, then took my dupatta & wiped it off. I quickly & quietly adjusted my clothes as did the stranger next to me. It was just on time because hardly 10 –15 minutes later the lights came on with the announcement of interval. There was no exchange of words between us and the stranger quickly got up, without even glancing at me left the place.

I was really been so scared and nervous about the whole incident, as all happened in a public place, moreover, we were so vulnerable that anybody could have caught us. I tried to make myself as ordinary as possible by sliding low in my seat. I looked around and saw that the hall was nearly empty – nobody even bothered to look at the rear rows–almost all the people were in the cheaper first rows.


I was pondering should I also leave, but doubted about the rainfall outside. I was indecisive but planned to stay back to watch the full movie. I went to the washroom and freshened up myself and saw that it was still raining and came back to my seat.

Closing my eyes, I was rewinding about the events of past 90 minutes or so. I was stunned at what was happened to such conservative housewife like me and how I allowed so much to happen–letting the stranger fondle me, open my bra, suck my boobs & even allowing him to masturbate me; as if that was not enough even I returned the favor by fondling his big cock and masturbating him too.

I somehow had overcome my natural shyness and fear I had & let passion to take me away. My secret will of fondling by a stranger in a public place happened and I eventually cooperated with the stranger. It was really wild & I did have a lovely & shattering orgasm. No doubt about that –my body had reacted to the situation. I was convinced myself that in the back of my mind I somehow nurtured the idea of the encounter of a person other than of my husband. Even at that time, I was in my very remote corner of mind wanting him to come back and sit beside me and took me again in that secret journey of sexual vulgarity and ecstasy.

The second half started and lights dimmed, I settled down to enjoy the show with the confidence that I could relax & watch the movie.

Suddenly I saw the stranger returned back and sat next to me. I was surprised on his return, as I had thought that he might left. At the same time, I was happy to see him back. My body and mind were not cooperating with my conservative attitude rather wanting his touch all over my body.

This time I was not as nervous as I was before and was far cooler. The stranger brought a packet of popcorn, chips and two glasses of cold drinks with him which he offered me. I accepted the offer and shared. No words were still spoken but a conscious bond of mutual consent was developed. After few minutes or so, while I was having the coke, he held my hand – gripped it – took it up to his mouth and kissed it very passionately which I liked very much. I was not so tensed and scared about him like in the first half but enjoying his company, so I did not protest but cooperated. We both held hands for a while, he constantly gripped my hand & continued his caressing.

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