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An Amazing Night (And Morning) In The Hotel With My Mistress Lesa – Chapter THREE

Lesa and I lay on the hotel bed, intertwined in our lust. She was still dressed in her slutty lingerie, with my cum still splattered across her face, hair, and body. I still had my shirt on – not having even removed it while Lesa gave me the blowjob for the ages that had resulted in the torrents of cum I unleashed.

“Now I am going to make you cum, and cum, and cum,” I snarled to Lesa. “And this time I want to hear it loud and dirty.”

Lesa had already orgasmed once, earlier in the evening in the hotel steakhouse – as I fingered her under the table, with my hand hidden by the long, white tablecloth. But she had to enjoy her release quietly. Now, safely in our room, there would be no such restrictions.

I started right away by sucking and squeezing Lesa’s tits and hard nipples. “Ooooohhhh, Aaaaahhhh, don’t stop, that feels soooo good,” she exclaimed. “Bite my nipples and suck my titties, I’m your slut.” 

I continued this way for many minutes. Lesa was writhing in ecstasy and I hadn’t even touched her below the waist once we entered the room. “More, more, more . . . make me cum hard,” she yelled out. 

Then suddenly, Lesa almost seized up and stiffened as she bellowed: “I’m cummmming. I’m cummming. I’m cummming.” As she did, a huge squirt of pussy juice was ejected and created a large wet spot on the bed.

“Well, it looks like that slutty pussy of yours needs attention now,” I hissed. And I slid my body down on the bed so I could lick Lesa’s clit and pussy lips while inserting my fingers inside her sopping cunt. 

I lapped Lesa with my teeth and tongue at the same time I worked my fingers inside searching for her G-spot. “I know what you want slut. You want to cum again and again, don’t you? Well, I’m going to take you there right now,” I promised.

“Yessssss, yessssss, yesssss,” Lesa cried. “I want more. I want to cum again. Work my pussy with your mouth and fingers. It feels sooooo good.” All of a sudden, Lesa’s face went bright red again and she convulsed in an intense orgasm. Yet no words were coming from her lips. The pleasure had sapped her of all her senses but one.

As her body shook and flopped, Lesa’s pussy squeezed my fingers in an amazing vise. It felt like they were being crushed until at last she practically sobbed out: “Aaaahhhhh, Aaaahhhh, Aaaahhhh,” and then went limp on her back. 

That brief respite spurred me to start again, I began sucking her engorged clit and put my fingers back inside her well-lubricated pussy. The same process repeated itself. Twice. Three times. Four times. And more, so many I lost count. Each orgasm was the same, Lesa would flop like a fish out of water, while her pussy squeezed my fingers and she would moan out. 

The second time it was: “I’m cummming again.I’m cummming. I’m cummming”, she announced, as if I didn’t know. 

The third time it was a long, loud, deep:  “Ooooohhhhhh, Ooooohhhhh, Ooooohhhhhh”. After that, it was just gibberish coming from Lesa’s mouth each time she came.

Eventually, Lesa finally appeared satiated. She lay sprawled out on her back, legs spread and her arms above her head. The cum on her face and hair, from her blowjob had mostly dried by then. Lesa finally opening her eyes and commanded: “I want your cock in my cunt now. I want to be fucked hard. I want you to make me your slut again. Fuck me like a dirty whore.”

By then, after that long pussy eating and fingering session, my cock had come back to life. So I was only too happy to oblige Lesa’s latest demand. I pulled her legs up and told her to wrap them around my back as I lunged forward and my cock slid straight to the hilt of her shaved pussy. 

“That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Ram it in me and don’t stop,” gasped Lesa. Each time I thrust, she would call out, “Again. Again. Again. Drive your cock in me deeper.”

This was not “lovemaking”. This was truly fucking in the nastiest sense. Lesa was on her back, legs around me, and each time I smashed inside her the headboard hit the wall. And we both were loving every second of it. With each pump, I could hear sloshing sounds as if Lesa’s pussy juices were coating my cock and being forced out of her wet cunt.

Eventually, I knew that I couldn’t keep it up, as my release began to build. “I’m going to cum deep inside you and give you all my jism,” I promised.

“Yes. I want that. I need you to fill me up with your creampie. I want to see your cum ooze out,” Lesa replied back.

And that was it. I came again, spurting multiple ropes inside Lesa’s wet hole. “Ahhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh,” I called out for each spasm. 

Finally, I was done. I lay there on top of Lesa for a while, both of us enjoying the afterglow. Eventually, my cock began subsiding and it slipped out – followed by a huge dollop of white cum being released since there was no longer my cock holding it in.

I was spent. Lesa seemed exhausted, almost in another world. Our lips locked and before I knew it, I was asleep.

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