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Amtrak Attack

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Well, all these stories of rape on trains have certainly been inspirational!

It didn’t take long for me to get sick of watching the country go by the windows. I got seasick trying to read, or watch movies on my tabletphone with the train car rocking, but Dad decided that with all the travel restrictions, and so forth. The safest way to do our summer roadtrip was on the railroad.

The novelty sure wore off quick, but we pretty much had the whole sleeper car to ourselves. Mom, and dad had a bedroom, with a double bed, and a bench across from it for seatbelts. In case somebody parked a cement trucks across the tracks. I don’t know what it would take to stop a train like this, but it’s got to be more than a car.

My brother and me shared bunk-beds, essentially. We had a little lavatory with a shower in it, but at least it was a flush toilet, instead of a portapotty one like they have on the greyhound busses. Okay, great, we’ve seen the country, can we go home now?”

Other than that, there was a diner car up ahead of us, and a double decker behind us, which had some passengers. Spaced apart, so they didn’t cough or sneeze on each other, but that was about it. My brother got the top bunk, which folded up. So, I got to sleep on the seat, with seat belts to worry about getting comfortable on.

It was basically like being trapped in a hotel, only the hotel is lined up in a bunch of trailers, and rocking all the time, so I was queasy all the time. Unless I was up in the observation lounge, where I could watch the horizon go bye. I learned that trick on a cruise ship, we took from San Diego to Miami so we could see Central America go bye, but at least they had a pool, and stuff. Decks that were a lot steadier, because the ship was too big to rock unless a storm came to really blow the waves up.

There was this one guy, and he was blind. So, his cane whacked against the handrail around the spiral stairs up to the observation deck, then against the seat for him to turn it around, and sit down. “I don’t want to be rude, but what’s the point of coming up here to the observation deck?”

He just stopped reading this tablet he had. With holes in it for pins to stick through for him to read with his fingers. “Aha!” He laughed, and smiled up out the windows. Without even turned, let alone looking out his cloudy blue eyes. “The seats are so much more comfortable up here.”

“Oh yeah, that makes sense.” I didn’t say anything about him not wearing a mask, or ask him if he had his shots, because honestly, I liked his smile. When normal people smile, we must be self conscious about the way it looks. I guess, I tried to smile like that in the mirror, before I realized just how ridiculous that is. It’s just the most natural, sincere real smile that I’ve ever seen in my whole life. So, I wanted to joke, and make him laugh.

Then, he just put his head back, and settled down. “Well, nice talking to you, but I have to admit.” He kicked out the foot rest, and reclined the back. “I come up here to sleep, because the seats down there are so uncomfortable.” We’re basically talking about airplane seats, while the ones up here are more like first class ones.

So, he was smart. Instead of buying an airline ticket, and paying for first class, or paying extra for a Roomette, he just got a train ticket, and slept up in the observation deck, where they had comfy seats. So, I got comfortable, and watched the horizon go bye. Just to keep my dinner down, but he didn’t bring a blanket or anything.

“Hhukh!” He smacked his lips, and just let his jaw drop. Went back to sleeping but he didn’t snore. At least besides the occasional rattle when the drool ran down his throat, so he had to clear his throat, and then go back to breathing. Loudly, deeply, I wondered if deaf people laugh like that? I mean the way he smiles, without worrying about how it sounds, instead of the way it looks. Naturally, sincerely, without being fake.

Ever since I’d seen him smile in my general direction, every other smile just looks fake. Even my own smile, which. Okay, I need braces, and if dad wouldn’t spend all his money on boring vacations like this. We’ve seen the country already, from the car, from a plane, and now from the traintracks. It’s not like it’s changed a whole lot in the past couple years.

Wait, wouldn’t braces make my smile even faker? I had, changed a lot, I mean. I stopped rubbing my sideways incisor, which makes it look like I have 2 canines on 1 side, so I have to keep my mouth shut when I smile. Then, I had to squirm a little to get my panty liner to.

Look on the bright side, at least I’m not cramping any more? “Huh!” I just have to get up, go down, and find a lavatory, to change my diaper. At least that’s what it feels like to me, but as soon as I looked over at Jack. That’s his name, jack, and I don’t know what he was reading. If that affected what he was dreaming, but his eyes rolled around uselessly underneath his lids.

As soon as I saw his boner, I started to think that maybe that wasn’t code red seeping out into my panty liner. To make it feel warm, wet, and sticky.

“Huh!” He opened his eyes, and looked up. Blindly of course. As soon as I jumped in his lap. “Who, what?”

“Sh,” I put my finger up over his lips. “Huh, you’re so hard.”

“What do you think you are,”

“SH! There’s nobody up her to see us, but you want them to hear us? Cum up to catch us together like this?” He shook his head, lips tight, but not biting either of them, and just stared blindly off into the daylight.

As if his eyes reflected the overcast skies, but I had to pull my dress up. My panties out, and throw the damp pad away before I could smell it. He reached up for my face.

“No, don’t touch my face, I don’t want you to know who I am.”

“I haven’t touched your face before, I just.”

“Sh.” I just pulled his hand down, and smoothed the top of my dress over my training bra. He felt them.

“How old are you?”

“That’s no question to ask a lady. Let me.” I had to scoot out. “Just hold still.”

“No, don’t do this, this is wrong.”

“Huhahuh?” I got his zipper open, and fished around in his underwear. “If this is so wrong, than why does this feel so right?” I finally gave up, because it was just to big, and hard to bend it so it would come out his flies. So, I had to unbutton his pants, and pull down his underwear.

“Stop this, you’re too young.”

“No, I’m not. Fine.” What state is this? “I’m 16,” not that I’d know what the legal age is here, even if I knew which state we’re in. “So, it’s not statutory rape, you’re not gay are you?”

“No, it’s just. I don’t even know you.”

“Good, I like it better this way. Huh, I love sex with strangers, especially in public like this. I always have.”

I lied, I’m a virgin, and honestly, I’d never felt horny like this before. Even when I’m fertile, even though I know girls at home, that turn into nymphos every time an egg drops. Not me, but I guess since my womb isn’t ready yet, I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Just yanking my panties out of the way, and holding it up. To rub it up and down, find the wet spot, and hold it still. Slowly relax my legs, and put my weight on it until I feel myself stretch tight over it, and settle down in his lap.

“You’re not a virgin?” I just shook my head, trying to take a breath, when I’m so full of cock. Maybe it’s not that, I mean it’s big, but it can’t be big enough to push the breath right out of me. You know, I never believed the word Breathless. If course I heard that, or read it in romance stories, she always said he made her feel breathless, but I didn’t think that literally ment she couldn’t breathe!

“Uh!” I sank back down, “Huh, uh! Uh Uh Uh! UH! HUH!”

“A fuck UH!” I stopped, afraid that he might finish before me, but it was too late. He made a face, and it was like the clouds pulling back, to let the light shine down, like the face of an angel.

“Huh! HuhHhuh!” He closed his eyes, and frowned. His mouth twisted into the saddest thing I ever saw, and then I realized it wasn’t like statutory rape.

I lied to him, I told him I was 5 years older, so he would consent, when he didn’t want to have sex with me in the first place. I told him I wasn’t a virgin, and I even took advantage of his disability. His being asleep, and helpless to stop me.

“Hhuh!” I shivered, and waited for the orgasm to cum, but it never came. I thought it had, but I got my phone out, and picked my skirt up to snap a picture of his bloody dick when it flopped out.

PIC! “What was that?” he looked around, blindly, but I just tapped his lips with my bloody finger. his nostrils flared and he licked his lips, a moment before i leaned over to kiss him.

“There,” I rubbed his stubbly chin. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Are you on your period?”

“Huh, yeah. That’s what makes me horny, knowing that I can get gangbanged by all the men, and not worry about getting pregnant. See you later?”

“Hah!” He smiled, and shook his head. “Not if I see you first.”

“Ah, ahahahahah!” I laughed all the way back to the sleeperette to get cleaned up, play with his cum, and finger myself off, until I realized that. Whatever happened, when I realized that I went from a virgin to a rapist, that wasn’t an orgasm. it felt almost the same, when I stopped twitching, and spasming inside. Caught my breath, and got out of the shower to dry off.

I looked up, and caught my grin in the mirror. by surprise, for the first time, I caught myself smiling, and it wasn’t fake. it was real, but it wasn’t the face of an angel.

I grinned, and licked the jagged twisted tooth, right next to my canine. That’s when I decided, I’m going to do it again and again.

But first, I dried my fingers off, and got my tabletphone back out, to look at the picture of his bloody dick. Maybe I can pick up a pack of tampons at the next stop?

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