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Amazon’s Influencer-Inspired Line, The Drop, Is About to Become Your New Fave Thing

It’s the end of another year and time for all kinds of retrospectives. And because I’m shopping-obsessed, I like to carve out a little time to look back on the things I bought or invested in this year: new brands I’ve discovered, special things I bought to mark milestones or celebrate big occasions, etc., etc.

I’m always down to celebrate the bigger buys (um, obviously), but I also love, love, love remembering secondhand finds and budget-friendly things I discovered. When it comes to the latter category, the number-one best brand I added to my closet in 2021 was The Drop, Amazon’s brand of influencer-inspired collaborations and trend-forward staples.

Wait, what now?

For each Drop, Amazon pairs up with a ‘gram style star (@itsmekellieb and @laurenkaysims were two of the names they tapped this year) and creates a super tightly edited collection that lets followers shop their style—so long as they snag it in the 30-hour window it’s available. Yep: Everything is made-on-demand and only available in limited quantities, with the order window closing after 30 hours (or earlier if a particular style proves to be ultra-popular).

But what if I space out and miss something??

I know: Regret is one of the scariest words in a shopper’s lexicon (“sold-out” is right there, too). The good news is that certain pieces will end up sticking around for longer…you just never know when that’s going to be the case.

The other piece of good news is that you also have ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”3bc543b4-a159-42d2-8ce0-108f1db7c4e1″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id data-affiliate-network=”{"id":"8fdf67ee-4f43-43cb-87d0-a6770869e8c0","site_id":"81bbdae2-81fb-4d95-b643-a0679795a2a4","is_active":true,"details":null,"metadata":[],"network":{"id":"469ce69f-4798-416d-9432-eaa9954b4053","name":"Amazon","is_active":true,"business_unit_id":"ad046b46-538b-42cb-aa54-c3d158875ed6","details":"","metadata":[],"created_at":"2021-07-28T16:03:03.241365+00:00","last_updated_at":"2021-07-28T16:03:03.241381+00:00"}}” data-affiliate=”true”>Staples by The Drop. It’s a similarly street style-inspired range of pieces that complement all Drops and isn’t offered in such a super limited-edition situation. It includes bags and shoes, too, which is fantastic.

Anything else I should know?

Even if these pieces aren’t designer prices, you should still baby them to keep things looking pristine. That means my $45 slash-neck sweater gets the same cold-wash, no-dryer treatment as my expensive stuff—and it looks just as fancy.

And remember that 30-hour drop window? You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for news on upcoming collabs. Amazon reveals what names are up next (@fashion_jackson and @catieli are on deck) but not specific launch days. The surest way to know what’s up is to sign up for text alerts.

Okay—what should I buy first…!?

I thought you’d never ask.

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