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Amazing Grace Part Nine – Chapters 33-36

Grace starts to feel at home in Mac’s giant house in New York. The couple experiences their first time being apart as he goes off to deal with issues in London while she stays home to set up her office and hire a new administrative assistant for New York.

Chapter Thirty-Three

Grace sat curled up in her favorite chair in the library with a cup of tea and her laptop. Dominic’s flight wasn’t until later in the evening, so he and Mac were in the theatre room watching more Three Stooges and laughing like hyenas. Grace could only handle watching Moe poke Curly in the eyes so many times, so she’d opted out of the father/son bonding activity.

When Bentley came into the room, Grace looked up. “Did you need me for something?”

“No, Ms. Grace. I just wanted to say that it’s lovely to see Mr. Stewart enjoying his father’s visit so much. I’ve watched how you’ve made sure that they have had time just the two of them. It’s a good wife that knows what her husband needs.”

“Well, it helps that I’ve had my fill of nyuck-nyuck-nyuck and why I oughta!” Grace laughed.

Bentley grinned and shook his head. “It’s more than that. I’ve been Mr. Stewart’s house manager since he first purchased this place. I’ve seen him both happy and sad. But I’ve never seen him content. He would never have taken this much time away from work before you. He wouldn’t have spent this much time with Mr. Dominic if you hadn’t encouraged it.”

“Thank you. One of the first things I thought when I first met McKinley was how he needed to learn to loosen up a little. I had no idea I’d be so successful at it that he’d marry me!”

Bentley chuckled. “Will you and Mr. Stewart be returning to Europe soon?”

“I honestly don’t know. We had talked about going to Dublin, but we also have to address an issue in London. Once Dominic leaves, then Mac will be able to focus on work again and help guide our next steps.”

“Well, I just wanted to say what a welcome addition you are to this home. If there’s anything you need, just ask.”

“Thank you, Bentley. That means a great deal to me. You and the rest of the staff have made me feel very much at home.”

“You are at home, Ms. Grace,” Bentley said as he turned to go. “You’re right where you belong. Anyone with eyes can see that.”

Grace smiled and sipped her tea. Only a few days ago, she’d found this house overwhelming. Slowly, it was starting to feel like home. The fact that the staff seemed to like her helped a lot. But she was also growing very fond of the layout. This room that Mac called the library was actually like a balcony overlooking the living room, making it feel cozy and grand at the same time. She let her imagination run wild for a moment and could picture what it might be like to be a child in this big house. The hide-and-seek games would be fabulous!

She finished her tea and headed down to the kitchen. Once there, she couldn’t help but marvel at how the contrast of black counters with white cabinets was precisely what she would have chosen if she had designed it herself. The island in the center was incredible and made her smile at the thought of future adventures there with her sexy husband.

As she moved to the sink to rinse her cup, Mac and Dom were coming down the stairs laughing.

“There’s my beautiful bride!” Mac said, coming up behind her, capturing her in his arms. “Did you enjoy a little nap in the library?”

“You’re hilarious,” Grace said as she put her teacup in the dishwasher, still very much imprisoned by her husband’s loving embrace. “While the two of you were yucking it up with The Three Goons, I was checking into dates of availability for the Presidential Suite at The Westbury Hotel in Dublin.”

“It’s The Three Stooges, and you know that,” Mac chided her good-naturedly, poking her in the ribs.

She turned around and planted a playful kiss on his sensual mouth, and whispered, “You can spank me later for teasing you.”

“Mm, Mrs. Stewart. You are decadent,” Mac moaned as he returned the kiss.

Dominic took in the scene and grinned. “Get a room, you two!” he laughed.

Grace wiggled free from Mac’s grasp and said, “Goodness knows this house has enough of them.”

“I imagine you’ll have tried every one of them before long,” Dom said, winking.

Grace blushed but said, “Well, you’re not wrong.”

When Dominic went upstairs to the fourth-floor bedroom to pack his things, Grace put her hand on Mac’s arm.

“Are you riding along when Randall takes Dominic to the airport?” she asked.

“Yes, if you don’t mind.”

“Why would I mind? It will give the two of you a little more time together before his flight. I don’t imagine you’ve discussed much with Larry, Moe, and Curly distracting you.”

“We did talk some. We admitted that we both felt the burden of a secret was now out in the open.”

“Secret?” Grace asked curiously.

“The fact that we both have wished for the longest time that we were father and son. Grace, it’s incredible. I spent so many years being disappointed that Marcus was such a fuck-up as a father. There is this huge feeling of relief that he isn’t my dad. Spending time with Dominic was like reminiscing with the father I always hoped to have. I don’t know how to describe it.”

“I think you’re doing a splendid job of describing it.”

“It’s more than just that, though, Gracie. The fear that I’ve carried with me for years that I would be a shitty father just like Marcus has melted away.”

Grace put her arms around him. “Mac, you’re going to make an amazing dad someday. I’ve never doubted that. But it’s lovely to hear that you believe it, too.”

“I know now is not the right time to have a baby. But I don’t want to wait too long, okay? I mean, I’m forty-three, and your thirty-seven…”

“Bite your tongue, McKinley Stewart!” Grace interrupted. “I’m not thirty-seven until next month. Don’t go aging me before my time.”

“I am dreadfully sorry,” Mac said in a playfully remorseful tone. “A thousand pardons, my Grace!”

“You’re forgiven. And, yes, you’re right. We shouldn’t wait too long. But I’d like a little time to learn my role in Stewart Enterprises better before I break out the mommy-to-be guidebooks.”

“Totally understandable. And I agree. I want to enjoy being just you and me for a bit of time before we have to learn to change diapers,” Mac admitted. “I just don’t want to be ancient when our kids are teenagers. I want to have enough energy left to handle those tough, crazy years.”

“We won’t wait too long, I promise.”

Chapter Thirty-Four

Grace said goodbye to Dominic and reminded him not to be a stranger. Dominic promised that he would be visiting New York a lot more frequently now that he had a son and a daughter-in-law.

While Mac rode along to the airport, Grace took some time to research mattresses so that she and Mac could start sleeping in their Master Suite. She printed off info sheets on three that she liked and set them on Mac’s desk. Then she took a look at the office that would be hers as soon as she could move this furniture into the new area for their future admin and replace it with things that suited her tastes. She wondered how Mac would feel about going to London without her so that she could get rolling on what she needed to accomplish.

Feeling overwhelmed, she decided to go down to the basement level to work out. They had all of this lovely equipment; she might as well take advantage of it. She knew that getting her body moving would help clear her mind.

She warmed up on the treadmill before switching to the stair climber, then spent a while using the free weights. After nearly an hour of working out harder than she had in some time, she decided a swim would be the perfect way to end this session.

Mac found her in the pool when he returned home. He was just in time to hold her towel open for her and wrap it around her body along with his arms.

“There’s my beautiful bride,” he said warmly as he held her tightly for a moment.

“At least I’m no longer the stinky, sweaty bride,” she teased as she nuzzled into his embrace. “I love the equipment in your gym!”

Our gym, silly. And I’m glad to see that you like what’s there. I should get back to hitting the weights again once we get back into some sort of routine.”

“Yes, it seems like we haven’t established what that will look like quite yet. It’s a little like a choose your own adventure right now. Not that I don’t love it. But I do better with schedules and structure.”

“I have to admit, so do I,” Mac said as he grabbed another towel for Grace’s hair. “In fact, I was doing a little thinking on the drive back after dropping my, um, dad at the airport.”

“It’ll take some time to get used to calling him that, I suppose,” Grace said as the terrycloth soaked up the excess water from her hair.

“Yeah, but I like the sound of it. It feels right. It was hard to say goodbye when we dropped him at the airport, but he said he’d be back next month for your birthday,” Mac said, grinning.

Grace felt herself blush and experienced a sweet tug on her heart. How long had it been since her birthday had been anything but just another day? Now she had a husband and a father figure who would, no doubt, make her feel special even if all they did was grab a pizza and spend the evening gabbing. She finished drying off so that Mac wouldn’t notice that her eyes had grown misty.

“So, getting back to what I was thinking. If you’re fine with it, why don’t I go ahead to London and meet with Niles while you get your office set up here? That way, you have time to order yourself new furniture and set up the office space for the new admin that you need to hire.”

“It’s like you were reading my mind,” Grace said. “That sounds amazing. That way, I can also set up and conduct some interviews as well. Will you go to Dublin too?”

“Not yet. I think we will wait until a month or two down the road for that. I thought we could combine that trip with our belated honeymoon. So, think about where you’d like to go,” Mac said as he brushed his lips against hers.

“When will you leave for London?” Grace asked as she donned a fluffy robe.

“I’d like to leave in the next day or two if my former assistant wouldn’t mind taking care of the travel arrangements,” Mac said as he cornered her in the elevator and kissed her neck.

“Mac, I’m not fooling around on this elevator in a damp bathing suit,” Grace scolded. The pouty look on her husband’s face was adorable. “However, if you’d like to wash my back, and maybe my front, in a nice hot shower, I’d never turn down the help.”

Mac pulled her into a passionate embrace as they rode up to the sixth floor. When the doors opened, he scooped her up and carted her off to the master bath.

“We haven’t christened the jacuzzi tub yet, Grace,” he said suggestively.

“Well, then, fill up the tub, and let’s get naked.”

They washed and played, they kissed and caressed, and their bodies moved together in the steamy, hot water.

“You feel so good inside me, Mac. Oh, God, yes! Nobody’s ever known just how to touch me like you do. No one ever took such immense pleasure in making my body feel so alive!”

Mac held her breasts while she bounced up and down on his lap as the jets roared, drowning out the sounds of her moans and screams. He captured her mouth with his, and he nibbled her lips gently as their tongues danced. He let his hands wander now, over her soft shoulders, and down her back until they landed on her amazing ass. God, she was so sexy! And he was so fucking lucky!

His mouth moved down to take a hardened nipple between his teeth. He tugged a little, eliciting more moans and sighs.

“Oh, fuck! That’s so hot, Mac! Don’t stop!” Grace cried out.

Mac continued erotic assault on her senses while he thrust into her with his stiff shaft. He felt her body start to tense and arch, and he knew she was close. His thumb reached down to rub her little nub, pushing her right over the edge.

She cried out his name as she came, and he followed close behind and emptied himself into her. She collapsed in his arms, her breath ragged and panting. “Mac! Oh, God, I love you, Mac!”

“I love you too, Gracie.”

Later, as they climbed into bed in the bedroom on the fifth floor, Mac said, “I saw you narrowed down the mattress hunt to three choices. Honestly, I don’t care what you buy. I trust your judgment.”

“I just thought you might want to try them out since it may affect your neck and spine issues.”

“All three on your list have great ratings. Just make it happen, okay? I want to be able to sleep in the bedroom where all of our stuff is.”

“Sure, I can make it happen.”

“I’m sorry if I came off bossy there, baby. I just meant that I trust you. I want us both to feel settled in our home. That will be easier if we can sleep in our bedroom.”

Grace smiled. “I understood, and I agree. No worries. I will order the Casper mattress. There is a one-hundred-night in-home trial period and free delivery. So, if it sucks, we can return it and try another one on the list.”

“That’s my clever wife!”

Chapter Thirty-Five

Two days later, Mac was off to the London office while Grace started getting things in order. She enlisted the aid of Bentley to help her move the furniture into the new admin area. Then she ordered the desk, chairs, filing cabinets, and credenza with a hutch for her office. As luck would have it, everything was in stock and could be delivered by the end of the week.

Next, Grace ordered a king-sized Casper Mattress along with new pillows and sheets. She looked forward to trying it all out with Mac when he returned.

She composed a help-wanted ad for the role of administrative assistant and placed it on several job sites. She decided she would conduct a brief phone interview with any applicants before granting lengthier in-person meetings. That way, she could weed out any that didn’t seem like a good fit from the get-go.

Her next task was to paint her office. She didn’t care for the dark green walls; they made her feel claustrophobic. Something lighter would be better, she thought. She grabbed her phone and asked Siri to find her paint stores nearby.

While Janovich Paint and Decorating Center was located less than a mile away, it occurred to Grace that she didn’t want to lug the paint and supplies home. So, rather than walking, she asked Randall to drive her. It felt awkward, but he seemed sincerely delighted that she was finally comfortable enough to enlist his service in driving her on an errand.

Two hours later, Grace stood in her office in overalls, a T-shirt, and her oldest Keds. She pulled her hair away from her face and wound it into a messy bun. She was all ready to get started when Bentley poked his head in the room.

“Need anything else?” he asked.

“No, I think I have everything I need.”

“Sure you don’t want any help?”

“Nope, this isn’t the first room I’ve painted, Bentley. I’m quite good at it, and I enjoy it, too!”

Bentley smiled. Grace seemed to have everything under control. He’d been surprised when she wanted to do this herself, but he didn’t discourage it. She was like a breath of fresh air in this house. He was pleased that she didn’t feel the need to get McKinley’s approval on the color. The blue she had chosen suited her and was not too light, but not too dark either.

“What’s that shade of blue you’ve chosen called?” he asked out of sheer curiosity.

“It’s a Benjamin-Moore paint called Breath of Fresh Air,” she said, grinning.

“Of course, it is!” Bentley laughed. “And so are you! I’ll bring up some fresh lemonade in a bit. Painting is thirsty work.”

Later in the afternoon, it occurred to Grace that she hadn’t eaten dinner alone in months. Instead of a formal meal, she decided on a small charcuterie plate and brought it up to the library. She wondered what Mac was doing and if he had eaten out somewhere with Niles or if he ordered room service at the hotel. She had managed to keep from missing Mac all day by keeping busy. Now that she had completed her to-do list, she felt a little off-center.

She glanced at her phone and did the math in her head. It was already half-past ten in London, and she hadn’t heard from him yet. It was silly to be worried. She was sure he had just gotten busy.

Thirty minutes later, she decided she didn’t care if it was foolish. She sent Mac a text.

Hey, I know it’s getting late in London, and I haven’t heard from you all day. Just making sure my favorite guy is tucked away safe and sound in his hotel room. I love you!

She waited a few minutes but got no response. She wondered if she should call him. But she didn’t want to appear clingy and needy.

She grabbed her laptop and started searching on Amazon for a desk organizer and some other odds and ends that would give her office that personal touch.

When she was finished submitting the order, her phone buzzed.

I love you too! And I miss you. Today sucked. I’m exhausted, and I am just getting back to the hotel. Gimme a few minutes to get settled, and I will call you, okay?

Grace felt the tension in her shoulders start to ease.

Sounds perfect. Can we FaceTime?

Yes, I’d love that!

She headed upstairs and slipped on the black and emerald nightgown that Mac loved. Who cared if it was only 6:42 p.m. in New York? It was closing in on midnight in London. He’d said he was tired, but maybe she could interest him in some long-distance dessert.

When her phone rang, she answered immediately.

“Hey, baby, I’m so sorry it’s so late,” Mac apologized.

“It’s not late here, but I was starting to worry a little,” Grace said, noticing how tired Mac’s face appeared.

“The whole day was a clusterfuck. I shouldn’t have come without you. I got so used to you being with me.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I got a lot accomplished here,” she said, telling him about everything she managed to get done. “I even painted my office!”

“You did what?”

“I painted my office. I hope that was okay,” Grace said, suddenly concerned that maybe she should have run that by him before she did it.

“Of course, it’s okay, Grace. It’s your office. I’m just surprised. You must have missed me terribly to go to all that trouble to stay busy.”

She saw the playful look in his eyes and watched a little of the fatigue slide away. “I did miss you madly! Tell me about your day.”

“Oh, well, let’s see. Niles discovered several unusual discrepancies in billing. His internal investigation led to some uncomfortable accusations, and several managers were pointing the finger back at Niles. After an exhausting day of playing detective, it turns out that Niles was right. I ended up having to fire three guys, leaving London a bit short-staffed.”

“You did have a crappy day!” Grace said, wishing she could hug Mac.

“Unfortunately, I’m going to stick around a few days longer than planned so I can help with the vetting and interviewing process. Niles is a little high maintenance on a good day. But with this wrench thrown into the mix, he seems more than a tad out of sorts.”

Mac heard Grace sigh, but she didn’t complain. She wouldn’t because she understood that this was important. “I hate being away from you. But I’d feel better not leaving this all on his shoulders. Plus, I think the staff needs to feel my presence and see my support of Niles.”

“Of course, that makes sense. I understand completely. It’s a good business decision. I’d hop on a plane if I could, but I need to get a new admin hired and get New York back up and running.”

Mac smiled wearily. “I don’t regret a minute of the time we took getting settled and then having Dominic stay with us. But you’re absolutely right about needing to get back to business. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate knowing that I can leave things in your competent hands.”

“Thanks for trusting me.”

Mac smiled. “There’s no one I trust more than you, Grace. You always have my back.”

“It’s your front that I am interested in,” she said playfully.

Mac raised an eyebrow. “Are you propositioning me, Gracie?”

“No, of course not. I put on the black and emerald nightgown for Bentley’s sake,” she teased.

“You’re so sassy! I think you need to grab your wand and show me how much you miss me.”

“I’m not sure how to position this phone, so you can see me tease myself,” Grace admitted.

“I just need to see your face. I love watching the expressions of pleasure as you get closer to climaxing and fall off the edge.”

“And what will you be doing while I play for you?”

“I’ll be stroking my cock, of course.”

Grace reached into the bedside drawer to get her vibrating wand and a little of the clit stimulating gel she had tucked away. She rubbed the cool substance over her glistening folds and hard little nub. The sensation was arousing and caused her to moan.

“That’s right, baby. Get yourself all hot for me. Be a good girl and tease that pussy.”

Grace propped the phone on the nightstand and turned on her side so that Mac could see her face as he requested. Then she turned on the vibrator and opened her legs to find the places that felt best. She gasped softly when she found her mark.

“Mm, there you go. God, you look so sexy pleasuring yourself for me,” Mac moaned sensually. “I’m so fucking hard for you, Grace!”

Mac grasped his stiff shaft and slowly stroked as he watched the woman he loved writhing on the bed. The gamut of emotions dancing across her face aroused him even more. She was so beautiful as her breath hitched while she edged herself, denying a quick release in favor of some deliciously drawn-out erotic torture.

His mind drifted back to that time in Amsterdam when they’d had phone sex while he was working hard to earn his way back into her bed. It seemed like a lifetime ago. He remembered cumming so hard as he listened to the sound of her voice.

This time, she barely managed a breathy command.

“Stroke that cock for me,” she whispered as she brought herself to the edge yet again.

Mac felt his own impending climax drawing closer and decided to turn up the heat. “Mm, my naughty little slut! Play with that pussy for me. Tease that sweet little cunt until you can’t hold back any longer. Think of my cock thrusting into you, filling you up, and pushing you over the edge.”

“Oh, fuck!” Grace cried out. Her panting became heavier, and her face gave away her sheer pleasure as she teetered at the pinnacle of orgasm. “God, I need to cum! Make me cum, Mac. Please!”

“I need to cum too, baby. Where should I cum? I think rather than filling you with my seed, I should pull out and shoot my load all over your tits and face. Oh, fuck, Gracie! Get ready!”

“Oh, God, yes! Make me dirty, Mac! Fuckkkk! I’m cumming!”

Their hearts beat wildly while they imagined touching each other. Then they came together, bodies quivering and shaking, on opposite sides of the ocean.

They were silent for a moment or two while they basked in the afterglow. Mac wished he could hold her right now.

“God, I miss you, and it’s only been one day, Gracie,” Mac admitted. “But this time with you made my day so much better!”

“It made mine better, too! But you should probably clean up and go to bed, Mac.”

“I promise not to neglect you tomorrow like I did today. I just got so involved in work mode. If I had taken the time to text you, my mood would have been significantly better.”

“No worries, my love. Sometimes, it’s easy to fall into the out of sight, out of mind mentality when you get busy. I should have texted you. But I got busy, too.”

“So, we will both sleep better because of the incredible phone sex, and we will make sure to communicate more tomorrow so we won’t be so lonely without each other.”

“Will it always be this way? Missing each other desperately when we are apart? Or is this just because we are still newlyweds?”

“I can’t imagine a day in the foreseeable future that I wouldn’t miss you any less than I did today. You’re my world now, Grace.”

“You’re my world too, Mac. Go to bed and rest up for tomorrow. Don’t worry about things here in New York. I’ve got things covered.”

“I love you, Gracie.”

“I love you, too, Mac!”

Chapter Thirty-Six

The week raced by as Grace managed to be quite productive. She’d completed setting up her office, conducted interviews, hired an admin, and even got their new mattress all set up in their Master Suite. She’d even made time for another cooking lesson with Claudette, and she had dinner waiting for Mac in the formal dining room when Randall brought him home from the airport.

When Mac entered the room, he was taken aback by the romantic setting. There were candles and music, and she was dressed in the green gown she’d purchased in Amsterdam. He loved the way it dipped low in the back, exposing so much of her delicate skin. Plus, he knew she wore nothing underneath it!

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” Mac said as he pulled Grace in for a kiss. “You look impossibly beautiful.”

“Thank you! You’re pretty fabulous looking, too!”

“Oh, before I forget, Marie and Damian said to say hello. They were disappointed that you weren’t on the flight with me.”

Grace smiled. “That’s so sweet.”

When he pulled out Grace’s chair at the dining room table, Mac asked, “So, what delicious meal has Claudette prepared for us tonight?”

Grace raised her eyebrow. “Claudette didn’t prepare this meal. I did. I had another cooking lesson with her this afternoon, but I did everything myself this evening.”

Mac was speechless.

Grace frowned. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” he said as he shook off his feeling of surprise. He caught himself before he compared Grace to Louise again. But in his heart, he was well aware of the fact that his ex-fiancée never lifted a finger to make him a meal. “It smells delicious, and I’m famished!”

“It’s Chicken with Marsala Risotto and Roasted Red Peppers. But I’ve made Caesar Salad for us to enjoy first.”

They caught up on their days while they dined. When Mac finished his meal, he asked, “What’s for dessert?”

Grace stood up, went to the opposite end of the large dining table, and leaned against it seductively. “I am,” she purred.

“As I recall, I was cheated out of the opportunity to remove that dress from your body several months ago. I’d very much like a second chance.”

“I think that sounds perfect.”

Mac slid the dress off her shoulders, shimmied it down over her hips, and felt his shaft swell as she stepped out of it. He laid the gown carefully over the back of a chair, picked his naked wife up, and then sat her on the table. His fingers teased across her bare mound and slid inside her pink folds with ease. “You’re drenched,” he said, licking her juices off one finger and then offering the other to her.

She took his finger into her mouth and slowly sucked her nectar from it. “Any good chef knows that dessert is best served drenched.”

Mac unzipped his trousers but didn’t remove them. He knew that it was a turn-on for his hot little redhead to be fucked while she was completely naked, and he was fully clothed. He dipped his fingers inside her honey and lubed his cock with it. Then he pried her legs apart and rubbed the head of his throbbing prick along her dripping wet slit.

Grace moaned softly while Mac slowly entered her. While the phone sex had been fabulous, there was nothing quite like the real thing. He moved in and out of her a few times before thrusting into her balls deep.

“Ahhh,” her voice hitched. “Oh, fuck! God, you feel so damn good inside me!”

“Mmmm, your tight little pussy feels amazing wrapped around my cock. So much better than my hand.”

She nodded in agreement but was incapable of speech as her husband’s hands grabbed onto her hips so he could thrust harder.

What began as a slow reunion turned into a frenzied mating as if they were animals fucking with wild abandon. Their release was teetering right there on the edge before they finally plunged into the abyss of orgasm, so intense they thought their hearts might beat right out of their chests.

They held onto each other, struggling to catch their breath. When their pulses no longer raced, Mac said, “My, God, Grace! What an amazing homecoming!”

“It gets better!” she mused.

“How is that possible?” he asked.

“We get to sleep in our own bed tonight with a brand-new mattress, new sheets, and new pillows!”

Mac chuckled, “Yes, I am sure we will sleep wonderfully tonight.”

“Indeed,” Grace replied. “After you fuck me in the new bed, of course.”

When Mac scooped Grace off the table and carried her to the elevator to head up to the sixth floor, neither one of them noticed the housekeeper hiding in the butler’s pantry.

Suzanna was floored by the scene she had just witnessed. When the elevator doors closed, she scurried downstairs and grabbed her phone. She fumbled as she tried to text her best friend and report what she just witnessed.

Oh my God! They fucked on the dining room table like animals!

Have they mentioned me at all again?

Not since the first meeting when Bentley threw you under the bus, Alice. But Ms. Grace was very gracious, saying you were unhappy.

I wasn’t unhappy until that bitch stole the man that I love! And while I’m sure you found their animalistic fucking to be titillating, I need you to catch her doing something he would disapprove of. Understand?

Yes, I understand. But she’s pretty fucking perfect.

No, she’s not perfect. She has plenty of skeletons. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care about them. So, I need new stuff, Suzanna. I need dirt. I need to make McKinley see he’s made a terrible mistake with her. 

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