Am I Cuckold By Birth Final Chapter

Mark of a true cuckold is his predilection for super sized penises. It is true that even a gay man would have similar yearning but the difference is that the cuckold would like to witness such a supersize penis mate with his partner. He wants to witness his partner in the throes of the orgasm, the pleasure that he believes is beyond his capability to deliver but even more important, the belief that his partner deserves a lot more.

What caught me off guard was not the length. I fully expected him to be much longer after Nishma had described it to me. What surprised me was his girth! Even in his semi-flaccid state, his member filled her smallish hands. It looked menacingly big as her dainty, pale white fingers tried to hold onto it. As she pursed her lips on his dark knob, he let out an audible moan, throwing his head back; in satisfaction or perhaps it was just his smug look. She sucked on his member as a kid would on a lollipop. There was no attempt on her part to bob her head up and down on his member. She gently stroked his penis all the while and soon it swelled to its majestic proportions. Witnessing his member from the distance of only 3-4 feet, I eventually understood it’s gravitational power over the women of our families.

Behind me, Nishma was playing with my anus. Her fingers felt unusually slippery. I realized that she was wearing latex gloves and had applied some sort of lubrication to my anus. Nishma had a morbid fascination for anuses. She had played with mine for a handful times already. The very first time we got physically intimate she introduced me to this pleasure. It felt humiliating at times and times quite ecstatic but overall it always felt good.

Nishma whispered into my ear, “Adwait I love you so much,” as she inserted her middle finger into my anus in a smooth move.

“Do you like it Adwait?” she asked again as her finger started tantalizingly penetrating my anus. Her finger started rubbing the sensitive zone that made my penis jerk in anticipation.

Inside, my sister-in-law gave up on fellating him and urged him to mount her. She had undone her brassiere and her petticoat eagerly and laid on on the bed. Her pale white skin looked so alluring but she was a little frail for my taste. She propped her butt by shoving a pillow under her and beckoned him to the bed. Uncle languidly turned to her and looked at her honey pot intently, leaving me to watch his black butt and scrawny legs. Instinctively, I calculated if Uncle would use his tongue on her pussy; something that I would have done involuntarily. He climbed on the bed and crawled on top of her, first kissing on her navel and then sucking on her tits as if he was draining her milk. She reached his penis and stroked it lovingly with one hand and with the other hand she massaged his balls. I intently watched the dangling penis that looked humongous flanked by his meagerly thighs. I suspected that Nishma was attracted to him not because of his equipment size, which in itself was definitely worthy of her attention, but because of it being disproportionately bigger than his body dimensions. His short stature, very ordinary looks, and dark complexion only added to his allure.


“Oh Uncle,” I heard her moan as she tugged on his penis, trying to make him mount her. He steadfastly continued milking her breasts.

“They are empty,” she pleaded. He continued to ignore.

“Mount me – it is a good time,” she pleaded yet again.

Uncle eventually moved up and kissed her. She kissed him back voraciously as she took his fat penis and rubbed it against her pussy lips. It was an incredible sight. Her pussy lips were slightly distended as was expected for a woman for her age and a mother of two but the deep red color of her pussy lips stood so vividly against the black penis that was looming at the entrance. The sight was perhaps 6-7 feet away from where I was and hence could see all of it in great detail. Even against her distended pussy, the knob looked menacingly big and if one were to simply compare the size of his penis, testicles against the size of his butt and his legs, it looked completely mismatched. The size and color contrast between the two was amazingly stark. As she got excited and tried to push his knob between the pussy lips, the monstrosity of his penis became even more evident. My sister-in-law withered under him and tried desperately to get his penis inside. However, Uncle was toying with her whilst kissing her aggressively.

Without any warning, he thrusted forward with all his might and lodged himself inside her. There was an yelp from her. He watched her contorted face as he bottomed out inside her. She held onto him dearly and convulsed with sheer pleasure. The bed started creaking in a steady rhythm. Nishma sensed it and peeped in to see if she was right.

“Oh god,” she whispered into my ear, “he is taking your sister-in-law.”


“Is he wearing a condom?” she asked.

“No,” I answered casually.

“You don’t think?” she asked in amazement.

“You are absolutely right,” I said looking at her. She mouthed the words – OMG. She sneaked another peek to confirm. This time she watched them for more than a minute or so. I nuzzled into her neck and started massaging her breasts. Her finger – inside my anus – that was idle for a little while came alive again. Nishma was raving about how masterfully he was fucking her and how my sister-in-law was already moaning as if she was about to cum. She let me peep inside and it was true she was practically whimpering as he fucked her with long, full strokes. And then I saw her clench his butt and hold it tightly as if he was cumming.

“Really? That’s it?” I blurted looking at Nishma.

“Let me look,” she said and peeped inside again. After another minute or so, she said take a look.


She had re-positioned herself on all fours and he was taking her from behind.

“It was your sister-in-law, who orgasm’d so quickly,” she whispered into my ear.

“It happens,” she added tantalizingly, massaging the sensitives spot with renewed vigor. My sister-in-law couldn’t bear his onslaught for more than a few minutes and collapsed forward. Uncle continued to stroke her and now with complete abandon. She grunted every time he sunk his penis inside her. Nishma was applying even more pressure and it just seemed that both Uncle and myself would cum in unison. Nishma pulled my face towards her and latched onto my lips. Nishma’s raspy breath confirmed that she was equally excited. We passionately kissed each other forgetting about the couple in the other room. I squeezed her breasts as hard as I could. She moaned in my mouth.

“Is it feeling good?” she asked, breaking the kiss.

“Imagine how good your Uncle’s would feel?” she said and latched onto my lips again. I was shocked to hear her say that. Although I enjoyed what she did to me, at no point I felt a need to ever experience such a sex with a man. In fact, it was rather repulsive.

Nishma continued kissing me. It took me few more moments to sputter semen from my penis. Nishma let me recover and peeped inside. They were done by then to. Uncle was lying next to her as she recovered from his onslaught.


Nishma soon pulled me to the bed. She carefully covered the keyhole with a towel and pushed me back on the bed. Without much ado, she directly took my spent penis in her mouth and licked remaining semen into her mouth. She threw away her gloves and quickly latched onto my lips. She forcefully kissed me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I tasted my own semen and to a certain extent understood the bitter taste I had tasted on her tongue earlier.

“My pussy is on fire, come on lick me,” she said as she straddled my face soon after. Her pussy was soaking wet and gobs of her juices descended into my mouth. Her pussy was so flared up that it just seemed she had been fucked. Soon I learned that a sexually excited woman would have such signs. Nishma was incredibly worked up. She was moaning incessantly within a few moments. Her pelvis exerted immense pressure on my lips but it felt like heaven. It took a few more moments for her to quieten as she came crashing down with her orgasm.

“Oh god,” she exhaled loudly and lifted her pelvis, giving me more breathing room.

“Your tongue feels surreal Adwait,” she said looking down at me. Her face was beaming with the satisfaction she received from my servile act. Although she had relieved me earlier the acts weren’t exactly equivalent.

“Make tender love now,” she encouraged me, looking into my eyes lovingly.

“Acquaint yourself with those lips,” she said.


Her lips were beautiful. Even though she had more of a wheatish complexion her lips themselves were deep red in color but not black or dark as was the case with some women. The slit itself was tiny and apart from the red color it was hard to trace in the thick black bush surrounding it. Nishma was relishing my languid movement of tongue as I tried to get familiar with the terrain. There was no way it would look the same a month from now, after she had mated with my Uncle I thought. I tried to keep the current image of her pussy in my mind.

She made small talk for the next ten minutes or as I ate her. Most of it was about the new reality she wanted me to imagine. The reality in which my disgusting Uncle would consummate our marriage with Nishma and proceed to impregnate her.

Soon we heard the creaking sound of the bed once again. Nishma hurriedly proceeded to our secret spot and peeped inside. She beckoned me. I saw her caressing her pussy as she excitedly peeked inside. When I peeped inside, I realized that Uncle was stroking her once again. My sister-in-law was moaning audibly and was confessing her love for him. She was kissing him passionately between her groans and moans. I noticed from the corner of other eye, Nishma was mildly fingering her pussy. Nishma pushed me aside and peeped inside excitedly.

She whispered, “how much I wish he was mounting me instead of her.” Her middle finger was fully inside her pussy. We witnessed the amorous love making for another half hour or so. A good part of it Uncle was fucking her. She eventually climbed on top of him to continue the action while giving him some respite. It ended with him on top once again. It didn’t take much longer after that and he collapsed on top of her releasing his semen inside her pussy again. She held onto him by crossing her legs over his thighs and pulling him in with her hand. Her languid kisses confirmed that this was an act of making love – something primal – with a real purpose behind it.

“Come,” Nishma said and lead me to the bed again. We both were practically naked from the waist down. My penis had shrunk to its usual size. She sat right next to me and leaned to kiss me. Her breath still had the excitement I had sensed earlier. Her hand fondled my penis. She looked at it lovingly.

“My pussy is on fire,” she quipped and looked at me briefly.


“We could consummate our marriage, you know,” she said seductively and looked into my eyes. Our lips met once again and we kissed intensely. My penis started inflating back to the required size. Still she held it between her thumb and index finger; stroking it gently.

“But that would be end of a tradition as we know it,” she added breaking the kiss. She had a seductive smile and even perhaps a grin. Maybe it was my mind but she had me under her thumb now. For the next five years, I couldn’t complain even if she put me through the toughest ordeal of my life.

“You know,” she continued, realizing that I wasn’t keen on breaking the tradition, “we both are special in some ways.”

“You mean about the tradition?”

“Both your mother and mine have abjectly rejected the tradition and refused to comply,” she said.

“They refused to believe it but even more importantly they refused to abide by it.”


“But you said that they did follow it,” I replied.

“Yes but much later – the tradition required for the daughter-in-law’s to mate with the identified alpha male for the family before she sleeps with her husband.”

“The daughter-in-law’s responsibility is to conceive the first child from the alpha male.”

“For generations this has been going on but in some of the recent generations this may not have been followed as diligently.”

“So,” she said taking a deep breath, “since we both have a special purpose – correcting the mistakes our parents committed.”

“Are you listening?” she asked. My pecker was fully taut now. She stroked it gently and kissed on my neck.


“You are lucky Adwait,” she whispered into my ear.

“There are two alpha males who are willing to mount your wife and help you fulfill your destiny.”

Her words shook me; even my penis jerked all by itself. There was lust in her eyes as she leaned forward and kissed me. Next she held me lovingly from behind and stroked me until I ejaculated. We didn’t speak much after that and silently left from that room.

There were several revelations that day. I learned how innocent my cousin’s wife was and how supremely capable my Uncle was. It was the first time I witnessed lovemaking of a man and a woman. Until then I had seen it only in porn movies, if you could call that love making. I was intensely aroused by Nishma’s actions and the activity in the other room. Contrary to my conventional view of love making lasting not more than 10-15 minutes, the episode between my sister-in-law and Uncle spanning a good 2 hours was enlightening. It introduced me to the special privilege that nature had granted only to women – the ability to entertain multiple men and the ability to orgasm multiple times. Finally, Nishma’s confession about the second alpha male from her own family brought forth another mystery; now that the first one was solved.

Nishma and I spoke more about the other alpha male next week. He was her brother-in-law who had married her cousin sister. Her cousin sister was her actual sister but she was adopted by very close relatives soon after her birth. Her sister’s name was Reshma and her brother-in-law – the chosen alpha for her family – was Ratan. Reshma was 6 years elder to her and Ratan was 10 years elder to Reshma. Uncle was 44 or so and so her other alpha was a little younger. Ratan had been bedding their mother for over two decades. At times they both heard the moans of their mother when he mated with her. After Ratan married Reshma a special chemistry developed between him and Nishma as well. Although neither of the sister’s really liked him as a person but when it came to sex they would gladly surrender themselves to him. Reshma ended up marrying him due to some reasons that Nishma wasn’t comfortable in sharing. Nishma kept herself shielded from him but it was clear to her that if this tradition ever walked into her life again then she would gladly opt him as her alpha male. Nishma had decided that he would be her first but Uncle wouldn’t be too far behind.

The following Friday evening, there was a private ceremony at Nishma’s place. Due to the nature of the occasion and that such parallel ceremonies happened at groom’s place as well, it was not usual to invite the groom’s family. However, Nishma invited me saying that she wanted to introduce me to her other alpha. Just like the last time, Nishma encouraged me to not masturbate that week to make it even more exciting.


The occasion was meant for very close members of the family and still there were perhaps fifty people or so at their home. Nishma met after an hour or so. She looked gorgeous in her traditional red Salwar that striked a delicate balance between traditional and modern design. The soft cloth clung to her body and highlighted her shapely body and yet the design of dress didn’t stray far from acceptable norms. Once again my eyes were on her breasts that looked so ripe. As usual, she was not wearing any special makeup, something that attracted me towards her immensely. Nishma caught up me after greeting all the guests. There was constant attention on us, so she made small talk. Her face was beaming, her eyes so beautiful and her lips extremely alluring.

“You are looking gorgeous,” I whispered. She looked around and stealing a glance, gave me her lovely smile.

“Are you looking for him?” she asked, looking around.

“Sort of,” I responded, evading her eyes.

“They should be here any moment,” she replied, “but I need to get ready for the occasion.”

“Maybe I should change now,” she whispered and without much warning left. I sensed that perhaps her brother-in-law was here or was on his way. I watched the gate with unabated breath for another half-hour or so. A lot of folks made excursions and I was interrupted as Nishma’s parents wanted to introduce them to me. Finally, I noticed a heavily pregnant lady enter the party. I knew that her sister was pregnant with her third child. Two small kids were following her. The elder one was perhaps 4-5 years old and the next one perhaps 2-3 years old. Both were boys and it just seemed as if the exhausted mother was making her younger one walk after entering the gate. She had pale white complexion and was considerably thinner and shorter than Nishma. She stood perhaps 5′ 1″ or 5′ 2″ and barring her pregnant belly was quite frail. Her face had a little bit of chubbiness but much less than one would anticipate in her pregnant state. She had big, beautiful eyes and pink lips. The more I looked at her the more I was attracted to her beauty. She just seemed like the beautiful woman that I should have been getting married to. She was everything that Nishma was and perhaps seemed a little bit prettier than even Nishma but wasn’t as tall as Nishma. True, Nishma’s junoesque physique had an entirely different charm that I simply could not ignore but her sister seemed more of an appropriate partner for me.


And then within a few minutes after her I noticed a tall, overweight middle aged man walked in. He stood next to the pregnant lady and conversed with her briefly before leaving her and walking towards the table where most men had gathered. Physically he was strongly built; perhaps was 6′ 2″ or 6′ 3″. His complexion was rather dark, which even reflected in the wheatish complexion of both the kids. Although, their complexion was much closer to mother’s complexion than their fathers. His thick mustache adorned his manly face. He wasn’t bad looking but rather much darker for our taste.

The age difference between him and Nishma’s sister showed up quite prominently even when the stark difference between their builds and complexion were competing quite intensively. I imagined how this alpha male fared against my Uncle. If Uncle was well-endowed then he had to be huge. Even a person of Nishma’s physique would struggle to accommodate him. I imagined his penis to be at least 25% longer and thicker than Uncle’s. How her sister could handle a beast of his size was simply beyond my imagination. She was married to him for 8 years or so and within that period he had managed to sire 3 children. She conceived a child practically as soon as nature allowed her.

My pecker was taut the moment I realized how potent her second alpha looked. Nishma showed herself soon after that. She greeted her sister lovingly and the kids rushed to her and lead her inside the house. After a little while, the servant girl caught up with me and requested that Nishma wanted to see me. I had forgotten about having seen them. Nishma’s sister was in her bedroom, comfortably leaning back on her bed. The younger one was sleeping right next to her; perhaps the elder one was playing outside. Reshma – her sister – intently looked at me. Nishma closed the door after telling the servant girl to not let anyone in. I couldn’t quite understand what she had in mind.

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