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All Work And Play

Thanks, santiago-gomez for inspiration drawn from the cover pic.

The sibilance in her voice echoes around the underground office car park as she furtively glances over the row of vehicles either side of her black Lexus. “Seriously? Here? Now?”

I reach out and tuck a stray tawny lock behind her ear. Lean in close enough to brush the swell of her chest from the low-cut, two-tone dress, and growl, “Panties. I won’t ask again.”

“But I’m… It’s nearly five…”

“You should hurry then. I need you to see what your scent does to me.”

She exhales. Focuses on the currently dormant elevator in the far corner. “Fuck.”

With another rapid glance around the currently deserted space, Tabby perches against the car, reaches under her figure-hugging dress and tugs mauve panties down. Cheeks flushed, she hands the wisp of lace over, our fingertips connecting.

She breathes in. “I want them back. I’m practically naked!”

I say nothing. Make sure she watches as I bring the material to my nose.

“God,” she whispers. “That’s so fucking exciting.”

I draw a lungful of her arousal, pupils dilating and breath quickening at the rising hunger filtering through me. Her attention darts between my eyes and rapidly bulging crotch, snared in the moment as I harden further with each sniff. When I extend my tongue and trace it up the central gusset, her mouth drops open.

My low moan bounces off the concrete pillars. A fluorescent tube flickers in the next row above an SUV. “Want to see the full effect?”

“God yes.” She nods after glancing to the elevator again. “Please.”

With my free hand I unzip, firm outline obvious in my underwear. Our attention centres on the wet spot that’s already formed. I pull the waistband material out and over my length, cock bobbing into view between shirttails.

Tabby reaches out to touch me, but I stop her with a glare. She whines. “Fuuuck. I want!”

Instead, I encase my thick shaft in my fist and jack it, the head popping out obscenely with every stroke, further wetness forming each time. Her gaze again flits between my irises and cock, drinking me in as I roll my palm over the flared end, collecting pre-come that I smear over the full length.

Micro adjustments to the position of her panties reveal intoxicating scent variations. I surge as each part of the juicy map infects me, the soft shlick of sticky skin in my grip magnified in the cavernous space. “Fuck,” I spit. “I want you so much.”

“Jesus. This is torture.”

I pump myself faster with each inhalation, the musky scent of her trapped heat tearing through me, veins fizzing with desire.

My teeth grind as I growl again, “Wanna see what your curves do to me every fucking day? At that desk in your tight clothes I can practically see through.” I breathe in sharply. “You’re a filthy cocktease, Tabitha.”

I’ve spent enough stolen nights with her ‘working late’ to know what’ll turn her on immeasurably. Using her Sunday name is just one. I rub the sticky gusset of her underwear over the inside of my wedding band, the vows it represents swamped by immediacy, and hold my palm out for her to nuzzle.

Tabby runs her lips over the unbroken gold circle, tickling the nearby skin. Kisses it. Breathes herself in. “Fuck. Why does that make me want you more?”

“Because I own you. And you love it.” I curl fingertips around her cheek. Stroke her. “Nobody knows the real you beneath this innocent façade. Not like I do.”

I brush my thumb over her dimple and, with a final deep breath and lick of her panties, pass them back. “Put them on. Then lift your dress.”

She grabs them with a shaky hand, obedient to the core, and glides them up silky smooth legs I love to languorously kiss all the way to her trimmed snatch while she’s trussed to my bed.

“Good girl.” I jack my shaft. “Now pull them away from your pussy.”

Realising my intent, her shudder visibly ripples, eyes blazing as she exposes her slit to me. I step into her space, masturbating frantically, aiming above the underwear she holds open.

She stiffens as the elevator doors slide shut and the lift rises.

I lean in. Kiss her hard. Pull back and fix my gaze on her as she stretches her panties out further. Tabby groans. “Jesus. This might be the naughtiest fucking thing we’ve done yet. Hurry.”

Readying, I suck in breath. “Whose are you?”

No hesitation: “Yours.”

One word. Such power. I can’t fight any longer.

We both watch ribbons of spunk arc and splash against her wet pussy lips, slithering to drip into the gusset of her panties as I hiss through gritted teeth inches from her mouth. She jerks with each hot jet that lands, tangling in the tiny strip of pubic hair, loops of come hanging from her sparse pubes above the already wet material.

I wipe the tip on the front of her knickers and grin. “Now you know. Every day you make me a fucking mess, just like that. And tonight you’re going home to your husband that way.”

“No… What if he—”

“Find an excuse, Tabby,” I spit. “A headache. Cramps. Anything or so help me God I’ll spank that perfect arse of yours and let you explain away my handprints.”

I kiss her again, tongues duelling. Step back.

She observes our mess. Nods demurely.

As the elevator pings and chattering office staff pour out, she snaps her knickers shut to capture us, fingers twitching to satisfy herself. “Okay.”

I raise my eyebrow as she lowers her dress to cover the stain, and breathily adds, “Sir.”

“Better. Do whatever you need to relieve the ache. But I want proof tomorrow. Photos. Video. Audio. Your choice.”

She shivers. Says nothing.

“Go. Be good.”

Striding away, every step mine, she climbs in and guns the engine, revving twice before squealing off.

I smile watching her licence plate recede:


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