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Afternoon in the woods exposing your wife

One of the benefits of having El Nino out here on the East Coast is that we miss a lot of the usual snow, ice, and cold. I am sorry, but there are certain benefits to seventy (and eighty) degree days in January. If you are in California, Florida, or a similar locale, you might not see my point. Around here, January usually means that everyone has so many layers of clothes on that you cannot distinguish a person’s sex, much less their figure.

Since our initial show, Katie and I had not gotten nearly as adventurous with exposing her to anyone else. Rather than exposing her, I was spending time working on getting her to be more accepting of her naked body. She is a bit less than average height, but her build is slender with small, firm breasts. Without being amply endowed, she always figured that nobody would be interested. I would get her to take her clothes off to watch TV in the evening and gently stroke her naked flesh as we watched the primetime lineup. We would snuggle together on the couch, sometimes with just her naked and other times with both of us naked. I think that having her naked by herself was important to getting her used to being naked despite what the conditions might be. Understand that at first it even took some convincing to get Katie to sleep in the nude on a regular basis.

Long car trips were another opportunity to get her used to being naked. On evening drives, I would turn the heat up and she would get naked under the cover of darkness. The other benefit of the car trips was that it gave me the opportunity to get her to accept touching her own body. I would rub her leg and play with her breasts and pussy, but there would be times that I would have to give my full attention to driving. This usually left her aroused and wanting more. One of these times she complained about being so close when I was forced to divert my attention. I replied that there was nothing stopping her from finishing things herself. There had been a long enough break that she was a bit out of the mood by the time that I suggested that she take matters into her own hands, but when the driving was taking less than my full attention, I returned to playing with her and was able to work her up again. When I saw that traffic would be interrupting me soon, I closed my hand over hers where it was laying on her leg. I moved her hand to her crotch and continued playing with her. I would rub my finger along her slit and then along her finger, back and forth between them. I was getting her pretty worked up and had slowly moved her finger until it was touching her clit. Traffic interrupted me then and I concentrated on driving for a few minutes. When I had a chance to look over, she was softly rubbing her clit with her eyes closed. Rather than disturb her, I just watched as she pleasured herself. She finally came, not with an earth shattering orgasm, but it seemed to be pleasurable. Later she confided that it was decidedly different when you had complete control, not better or worse, but nice.

We were also spending a fair amount of time at a local state park when the days were a little warmer. As I said at the beginning, that winter had been extremely mild. We both like the area, it surrounds a man-made lake with wooded areas and fields and everything in between with hiking trails looping through the different areas. For the most part, the rangers stay down around the lake and the public areas. I do not think I have ever seen one back on the trails. Mostly I would just get her to flash me as we walked the trails, but a couple times I got her to take off all her clothes in some remote corner of the park to get her used to being naked outside in the open. After she got over the initial misgivings, she confided that it really felt good to be out in the sun and fresh air in the nude.

We had been doing a fair amount of this over the course of several months, just getting her used to being naked but not actually exposing her to anyone. There were a couple times out at the state park that I think that someone may have gotten a glimpse of her when she flashed me, but I doubt that they really saw anything more than the fact that she had flashed me. I realized that these things take time and was fortunate for the first opportunity to expose her to other people and that it had gone so well. However, I finally decided that it was time to actually expose her to someone again. On a particularly nice Saturday afternoon, I suggested to Katie that we should go for a stroll around the local park. I wasn’t sure exactly what we were going to do, but I figured that I would take the opportunity if it presented itself. She agreed that it would be nice and I told her that I got to pick her clothes for the afternoon. She knew that I had something planned and a brief shadow crossed her face, but we had been doing a lot better lately and she apparently decided to at least see what I had in mind before getting upset.

When I laid out her clothes, she gave me a “that’s all?” look. I had set out her hiking boots with wool socks, a pair of khaki shorts, and a long, large white T-shirt that she mostly used as a nightshirt rather than clothing. I think that she was expecting me to set out a thong and pasties or something really wild and revealing. She got dressed, sans underwear, and we were on our way. The park is about half an hour from us and the drive was uneventful. In the summer, there is fishing and boating on the lake and there are several “day use” areas with picnic grounds and swimming beaches where most of the people congregate. Further back from the water are camping areas and the hiking trails. Everything is open year round, but in the winter you just find a few locals around, out for a walk mainly. On a nice day, there are usually some people in the picnic areas and a few people on the trails, but there are never really any crowds to speak of. There is one trail that covers some rugged terrain that is somewhat removed from the day use areas. Few people use it in the winter except for some runners that go for the hills for their training. It is rugged enough that we did not have to worry about families or older people surprising us.

When we got to the parking lot, we were the only ones there. I was slightly discouraged, but there was still the chance that someone could come in behind us. We set off down the trail, arm in arm, enjoying the warm weather. Without leaves on the trees, there was enough sunlight to keep us warm even in the wooded areas. With no signs of anyone else around, I told Katie to take her shorts off. The T-shirt was long enough to keep her covered, as long as she did not bend over too much. She hesitated a bit, but finally took them off and handed them to me. At her urging, I took off my own T-shirt, rolled it up with her shorts, and carried them along.

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