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I slept in, and when I woke up, the house was empty.

I went out, and called the “Kids?” but it was quiet. There was coffee in the pot, and breakfast dishes in the sink, but I hadn’t had the house to myself since summer started.

I don’t remember what I was dreaming except for flashes of men. Shiny tanned skin, and muscles, but it had an affect on me. So, I pulled a bar-stool over to the laptop, and fired up an adult video site.


Typed in [Hunks] switched back to Straight, and found Hunks Gangbang Horny Teen Outdoor. Normally, I would have taken it back to bed with me, but I set the coffee pot down on the kitchen desk (I used it mostly for cooking videos, and homework when the kids were in school] So, I stood up and banged one out fairly quickly.

I should have gone into the bathroom, and taken a shower with that, satisfied. I even thought about getting out my toy bag, but instead. I scrolled down to Related Videos, and found another gangbang. Took it back to the kitchen table, and was slowly stirring my sexpot when the boys came over.

I waddled over to the kitchen door, and shut it quietly. Then pulled up my underwear, then went back to get my bra from the bar.

I’m lucky that they didn’t head straight for the kitchen for cold drinks, but they fired up the game console. In the living room, I had a back door to escape, but that would just leave me out in the back yard. Then what, come around to the front door, and the living room, in my underwear? So, I strapped the girls in, and leaned over the bar.

The boys were all sitting on the couch, while my eldest created a new character. “Make her a chick.”

“Yeah, with big tits.”


“Like your mom.” My son stopped pushing the slider, and shook his head.

“Guys,” he looked around.

“What? Your mom’s got big tits, I’m sure you noticed.”

“Yeah, are they real, or not?”

“I don’t know? I’m sure she didn’t get any implants, if that’s what you’re asking, but let’s stop talking about my mom’s boobs, and pick a race.” He flipped back to the Races, and flipped through them. “We got Breton, Orc, Redguard.”

“She’s black. How come they call the blacks Redguard?”


“I don’t know,” he switched over, “But we got Khajiit, Wood Elf, High Elf, Nord, Dark Elf…”

“Her,” one of them pointed, “Can you select no gear?”

“Yeah,” the armor disappeared, leaving nothing but plain black underwear.

“Mind if I use your bathroom?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” One of the boys headed down the hall, and I didn’t see his boner, but I checked out his butt, and ever since I heard, well.

Basically “Your mom is hot,” it reminded me of all the cheesy stories I’d read that started like that. It wasn’t exactly the same line, but close enough, and I tried to tell myself I must be dreaming. It didn’t work, after half a pot of coffee I was wide awake, but distracted, and the shutters over the passthrough didn’t show much of the living room.


I could open them up to serve drinks, and snacks for parties. Set up a bar, which is why I called it a bar, but I’m not the kind of mother that lusts after her son’s teenage friends. Normally, at least I hadn’t before, but I’m not the sort of woman that wanders around the house in nothing but a bra, and panties. Randomly masturbating to gangbang porn, honestly I’d rather read a hot story in bed, and use my imagination.

So, the next thing I knew, the kitchen door rattled, and Pete came in. His jaw dropped, and he looked up from my bra hanging over the bar when I put my finger up, to my lips. He shut his mouth, and closed the door. Nodding, he got that dirty little grin, and took a deep breath through his nose.

After 1 orgasm, and waddling across the kitchen with my panties down around my ankles, he could smell what’s cooking. So I inched my finger, and mentally stepped back? In my mind, I watched myself doing something so wrong, and asking myself what the hell do you think you’re doing?

‘huh,’ he kept his voice down, and my son yelled.

“GUYS All right, it’s down to Dragon Knight, or Necromancer.”

“Dragon Knight!”


“No, Necromancer.”

‘hey, uh. you didn’t hear us talking out there.’ I stood up, and leaned over. So, his eyes traveled down my hot chest.

‘about my breasts?’ I took his hands, and put them up. ‘yeah, they’re real.’ put them on my bra, and felt down his. Well, belly. If this were just some story that I cooked up, I would have at least picked one of my son’s more athletic friends, but he was hard in his pants, and squeezing my bra cups together.

‘huh, yeah.’ Entranced, and he even impressed me a little. My limited experience with boys in high school (Or summer between grades, but teens his age) was disappointing. Invariably, they blew it as soon as you touched it, or they got to second base. So, I half expected him to wet his pants, and I would have been satisfied with that. I still would have felt guilty, for touching one of my kids’ friends, and while he isn’t a child, he’s still so young, and still my son’s friend.

I really shouldn’t be doing this, and that just made it all the more. Well, honestly the most perverted thing that I’d ever done. I’d thought nasty things about the girls of porn. Sluts, whores, look at those dirty little nymphomaniacs getting fucked in all their holes, and covered in cum. “Huh!”

He managed to unhook my bra, which was such a relief. As if I’d been wearing it for hours, instead of waiting for his hands to pick them up. Barehanded, and his fat fingers felt soft, but I didn’t care. I managed to fumble his shorts open, but then he bent down to bury his face in them. Kissing around the top, and I tried to get the image of my son out of my head.


Not as a teenager, but as a baby, and discovering the intimate serenity of him finally rooting out a nipple to latch on. “Uhn!” He must have bumped the bar stool when he bent over, but then he let go to reach back. The feet rocking back down, and skidding on the tile sounded like a gunshot, but nobody came in to see what all the noise was. He dropped his pants, and pulled his shirt up. Sitting on the bar stool, and pumping a big fat cock for me to bend over.

Close my eyes, and enjoy the warm meatiness slide into my mouth. Between his legs, his fingers ran through my hair, and I bumped his belly with my forehead, which kept bouncing the images of oiled up tanned muscle hunks out of my head. Dancing for me, their cocks out, and bouncing in front of my face. Whacking my cheeks, and hairy balls swinging between their legs. Even as I slipped my knuckles back on the top of the stool, and gently juggled his nuts without scratching the scrotum with my nails.

“HUH!” He held his breath, and shook. Not hard enough to rock the stool, but I sucked my cheeks in, pulling out to just the tip, and let it splash his baby batter out to fill my mouth. “Snh!” I stood up, and cupped my heaving chest together. Opened my mouth to let it roll out, and down my tongue. Dribbling hot and wet on my bosom, he rocked the stool, and pulled his pants up.

I grabbed my bra, and leaned over his shoulder. ‘huh, help me with my bra.’ He reached around, careful not to get any on his shirt, while I let it roll down between them, but with 4 hands, we managed to get them back in place. I kissed his cheek. ‘you know your friend, Trent?’

I looked, and he was grinning, nodding.

‘huh, tell him to come, and see me, next?’


If I had to pick one, that I didn’t lust after, before. But, now that I had crossed that line, I knew that I could do better than the fat kid, so I went back over to the kitchen table, and climbed up. In my underwear, with a fresh wad, he looked in the door, and I held my finger up.

‘Sh, close the door.’ He came in, and immediately took his shirt off. Over his dry tanned pecs, abs, and rock hard cock in his shorts, I inched him over to me. ‘god, let me feel your body.’ I ran my hands up his his, giggling like a teenage schoolgirl in the back seat for the first time, and rubbing his obliques with my thumbs. ‘you’ve got an incredible body.’

I couldn’t wait for him to work up a shiny coat of sexy sweat. ‘yeah, you too. I always thought so.” He grinned, and tilted his head. Looking at my eyes, then up at my hairline. ‘you’re not a natural blonde?’

‘no,’ I pulled out my underwear, then he helped my slip them down over my hips. I wound up laying back on the table, holding his head down, face first between my legs. His breath snuffling in my pubic hairs (They’re light brown) and feeling his tongue explore my sex. Slowly, stirring the pot, when I couldn’t get any wetter, but my husband hadn’t done this, in a while.

I’ll say that, he knows what he’s doing, and just how to push my buttons. He’s not even close to needing the pill, and I get plenty of dicking at home, but I couldn’t remember the last time he’d gone down on me. Then, he was on top of me. Inside of me, and I felt all over his back. Down to his muscular buttocks to sink my finger in, and feel them flex. Pumping his meat-piston in, and out in a short stroke, but fast, and he couldn’t keep up that pace for long.

“Uh! Fuck, huh!” He collapsed, spent, and just breathed hard over my shoulder. “Huh, huh. So fucking hot.”


“Yeah.” I patted his ass one last time. “Get off.”

He laughed, at the little joke, but he didn’t point out that he just had. “Oh,” I carefully slipped my fingertips down, and spread myself open. Sitting up, while he went out, with his shirt back on. Untucked, but a little wiggle caused the fresh load to roll out in my fingers. Where I could just take deep breaths, slicking it around my fresh fucked muff, and smelling the first wad still tacky in between my breasts.

Then, the door handle rattled, and another hot young stud came in, to take his turn. All I can say is thank god for birth control, because none of them had a condom on, but my son. Bless his heart, I knew that once he got into the game, he wouldn’t look up for hours.

So, he didn’t catch me, with his friends taking their turns, one by one, and some even coming back for seconds. Sloppy seconds, by the time they were done, it was dripping on the floor. Leaving me a mess to clean up, and remember every single one of them. The faces they made, their frantic pumps, and the hot white spurts shooting out all over my face, neck, shoulders, belly, in my mouth, in my sex, and even holding my ass crack open for one to baste, then hump until he got soft.

Pulled his pants out, and went to tell another boy, there’s something you should see in the kitchen. Something hot, and slick with fluids. Semen, sweat, and even spit from being licked, and kissed all over.

“Huh!” I finally lay back. Waiting for the next one to cum in. After the last had fucked me to his satisfaction, but instead they left. Just the way they came, together out the front door, so I could get up. Put on my underwear, and apron to get down on my knees, and mop the puddles of sex off the floor.


I never enjoyed cleaning the kitchen so much before in my whole life, but it was just a great way to remember how we all got it so dirty, right under my son’s nose.

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