A Wife’s Journey

“Hello, Anand, Congratulation” shouted Arun my lawyer over the phone.

“Did we win the case?” I asked holding my breath to make sure


“Yes! the land is all yours now” he replied enthusiastically

It was like i just lost 50 pounds and was flying to the sky. I was on the top of the world. After all these years the land that belonged to my family made its way back to me from clutches of the local hand grabbers.

“I have one more good news” he shouted back over the phone static.

Surprise? I asked

I have a local person who is ready to buy your land for 2 crores.

I couldn’t believe my ears, not many people are interested in our land, it had land grabbers all over it and the land right price would be around 1.5 crore max.

“Anand, I know it sounds too good to be true, but he’s a powerful man here and can ward off the land grabbers with no issue. He recently got a big contract and is on a hunt for a big piece of land like yours. I suggest you do it as fast as possible while he is still looking”. Arun urged.

Arun is an old family friend.I trusted him and knew he was right. We had lost hope of ever selling the land with all the litigations.

I hesitated a whole 2 mins before i answered.

“Ok, let’s do it”.

“Great, i will get the papers ready and we can do it next week.”

“Anand, Trust me. This is very good deal!” He emphasized.

We talked a little more and i finally hung up with a big grin on my face and called my wife.
“Hey what’s up” replied my wife swetha.

I gave her the whole deal and she started shouting over the phone, wild with happiness.

“I am coming home right now! I still can’t believe it. We won the case and 2 crores … my god!” She exclaimed.

“He can even have me for that much money”. she joked as we both laughed

I will be home in an hour and she ended the call with a big smooch.

I was home waiting when she opened the doors. Swetha was drenched in the rain with her high heels and black suit all wet, sticking to her fair skin. The tight suit showing off her figure, she had the right curves with a nice butt and big boobs that made a lot of heads turn.

She smiled sheepishly and ran over to me giving me a tight hug, pressing her boobs against my chest and giving me a nice view of her deep cleavage. I held her tight lifting her off and gave her a long wet kiss.

Finally she broke off, this is great news, i still can’t believe it!

“I know!”. I replied with a big grin still holding her close. I kissed her again while taking off her clothes one by one. In a moment we were naked and me caressing her perfect body. She couldn’t hold on anymore. She stopped, grabbed my cock and guided us towards the bedroom. She let me lie down on the bed giving me her best blow job. Her saliva dripping all over my cock. Next, I grabbed her and pulled her down, pinning her to the bed. I spread her legs wide, revealing her perfect pink pussy. I dived in as she arched her back letting out a deep moan.

The week passed by fast, it was finally the day to depart. The bus is scheduled at 10AM this morning.

Swetha came out dressed in jeans and jacket. I gave her disapproving look.

“Swetha, It’s easier if we just play along, wear the saree or it’s just going to cause problems”.

“But it’s so hot, how can i be in saree the whole day? I hate your relatives!”

“I hope this is the last time we have to go to that village” she added with a bit of annoyance

I can understand her frustration, since all my relatives did not approve of swetha’s modern ways, especially her dressing.

“If all goes well, we never have to step in that village again” I replied agreeing with her.

“Once we are done, you can walk naked in the village for all i care.” i joked

She laughed hard and went back to the bedroom. I heard her getting ready and finally she was out. I whistled. She looked smoking hot. I wanted to jump on her but something was off. In a defiance to my relatives she had her saree so low i could see her pubic hair poking out.

“Swetha!!!!” I cried… and she pulled her saree up to her navel giving me a smirk.

The bus stop was crowded but thankfully, our bus was not. We got good seats at the back and started excitedly chatting and planning out on how we are going to spend all the money. We were so happy and excited that we didn’t even notice the bus moving until we were on the highway.

As the bus cruised over the highway, her saree pallu fluttering over the wind was showing her cleavage and started getting me excited. I started fondling swetha and licking her neck. She removed the top two buttons of her blouse giving me access to her boobs, i started pressing them and pinched her nipple hard. She let out loud moan which thankfully got buried under the bus noise. Swetha was getting horny doing it in the bus. It was thrilling. She unzipped my pants, got my cock out and started moving her hand up and down.

Swetha then moved her ass up pulling her saree low and winked. “Get your hand down there i am all wet”. she pleaded.

I let my hand slide into her saree and touched her moist pussy realizing she didn’t have her panties on. That got me even more excited and i started fingering her making her pussy even more wet. Swetha was moaning heavily now. I just hoped no one heard us. This went on for sometime as we both started panting. My left hand fingering her … her right hand moving up and down my cock.

Alas, our little session came to an abrupt end as we came back to reality. The bus stopped at a big station and people started pouring in and out making me take my hand off, which earned me an angry look from swetha. I noticed this is the last big stop for us and got up zipping my pant to get us both some lunch.

“Do you want anything?” I asked

“You”. she replied

I smiled. I will grab us some biryanis, hold on for me and got off.

After 15 mins i got my order and got on the bus. I noticed a young teenager sitting on my seat next to swetha. I was about to tell him to move over but noticed him ogling at swetha. I looked at swetha and she had not adjusted her saree. Her two blouse buttons were still undone and her saree was lower than it should be. She looked sexy and a little slutty.

Swetha was eyeing me and giving me a naughty smile. I came over to our seat but said nothing, i just sat on the seat next to them with the walkway of the bus in the middle.

Swetha not expecting that, got confused and gave me a questioning look.

I took my phone out and messaged her … Looks like you caught a young one today.

Swetha’s phone chimed and she switched it to silent, the kid straightened himself, still staring at swetha as she read my message.

Swetha: He has been ogling at me the moment he got on the bus, so i let him sit till you come. Come over… i need you.

Watching the kid staring at my wife bought back memories. I thought of the times when we were in thailand and decided to expose her to complete strangers. Swetha wasn’t sure about it at first, but soon started loving all the attention. The more we did it,the more she wanted it. Swetha started wearing skimpy clothes with nothing inside and we would go over to crowded places. I would see guys staring at her with lust. Most of them would try to feel her. A guy once groped her boobs from behind while rubbing his dick in her ass crack in a crowded market. That was a bit too much and I was going to intervene. I was 6ft and built like a tank. Nobody messed with me. But to my surprise swetha was enjoying it, I could see it in her eyes. It got her very excited, we couldn’t get enough of it. The whole vacation revolved around complete strangers getting swetha wet and me fucking her all night.

Thailand… i replied with growing hard on

Swetha: Here? Are you sure?

As she texted me, I could see the nervousness in her face.

Only if you’re interested… i added.

Swetha didn’t reply for a long time.

“It’s so hot”. She said to the kid adjusting her pallu by moving it to her side… exposing her blouse and navel to him… giving me and the kid an instant hard on.

The teenager unsure.. nodded but continued staring at her new exposed skin.

She reached out and moved back the armrest between them.. Smiling.. “i hope you don’t mind….The seats are small and uncomfortable”.

Not at all he stuttered.

With this swetha got comfortable and their shoulders were touching. The kid could barely contain his excitement and his bulge.

He took out his phone in an attempt to cover his bulge when swetha excitedly asked “is it the new iphone 7?”.

The kid face lighted up as he hasitly nodded and started explaining all the new features. Swetha moved closer to him and put her hand on his bulge while pretending to check the phone.

“This is so good”. she exclaimed.

This was new, it was always strangers who would try to touch swetha. They would try to get her attention or force themselves on her. They would even try to hump her, if given a chance. Swetha never had to do anything special. But, this was the first, she voluntarily tried to feel someone else’s cock. I guessed she was comfortable with the young shy kid and also the fact that i had left her in the middle of our horny session.

She now had a good grip on his cock and started rubbing him over his pants while still talking about the phone.

“Did you upgrade it to the latest OS?” She asked innocently, her hands still working on him.

He nodded. The phone shaking in his hands.

She continued this on for few more mins increasing her pace… while still talking about the phone and giving me a mischievous smile.

As some time passed, I saw swetha thinking over something as she slowly started pulling away from the kid, her hand unwrapping from his cock. She continued talking to the kid, still showing off her skin and keeping him excited. but, not how she was a min before. The poor kid was heart broken.

I wondered if she was done. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to see more. As i was collecting my thoughts, I could see swetha moving closer to the kid again. I didn’t understand what changed, but, was glad to see her back in action. They were talking about some iphone feature when swetha gently took hold of his hand and started moving it towards her. My cock throbbed in anticipation.

Suddenly, The bus took a sharp right, jolting us. This is the last stop for the night. The driver announced.

It was now dark outside when the bus made a stop at the bus stand.

Swetha draped the saree pallu over, covering her assets. The kid looked dejected, sensing an end to the journey.

Aren’t you going to have dinner, i heard swetha asking the kid. He clearly didn’t want to leave.

“Can you get a coke for me”. she asked getting close and kissing him on the cheek.

Surprised.. excited.. the kid started blushing, he sprang back to life, nodded and headed out with a big smile on his face.

The moment he exited the bus i jumped on my wife crushing her underneath me, kissing her hungrily. i felt the same hunger through her lips as her arms tightened around me. I continued kissing while rubbing my aching cock over her. Lust took over me as i ravished her like a wild animal making her moan loudly. As i was about to thinking of ripping her blouse off, swetha’s grip loosened as i heard some people moving into the bus. I cursed under my breath. Sensing my frustration swetha guided me to the seat next to her and unzipped my pants.

Swetha took my aching cock out and wrapped her soft hands around, moving it up and down at a slow pace. I moaned with pleasure.

As she continued, i remembered she rubbed the kid too, making my cock even harder.

“Why did you stop rubbing the kid”. i asked with a moan

Smiling… her hands never leaving my cock

“He was about to cum…” she whispered in my ear

That made sense, no wonder she pulled back and gave the kid a break.

Swetha moved up her pace getting me to the edge, my cock throbbed in response
Then she stopped and slowed it down, whispering… “I don’t want you cumming either…”

She continued her cycles of getting me to the edge and then bringing me back down. It was painful.

“Is it ok if i continue?….” She asked almost a whisper

I nodded… moaning.

As swetha continued pleasuring my cock, i could see her thinking over something, after a minute of silence, she finally spoke.

“Is it ok… if i let him touch me?” My wife asked, my cock throbbed in her hand giving her my approval.

She bent down and gave my cock a wet kiss, leaving a trail of her saliva.

“Thanks..” She replied with an excited relief.

“He’s coming… i can see him… can you move back to the seat” my wife excitedly announced as she eyed him from the window.

“I love you” she added looking at my hurt expression.

I was a bit offended, I took her in my arms kissing her hard and pressing her exposed waist even harder. she winced in pain, but i could only see pleasure in her eyes.

As I moved back to my place I noticed the biryani bag lying next to me. Realizing we hadn’t had our lunch I pulled one out and gave it to swetha, her stomach growled in response.

Swetha started on her biryani as the kid walked in checking his surroundings for the first time. I pretended to sleep as he looked over my side. Satisfied, he walked over to his seat and sat next to my wife. He fetched out the coke and handed it over, Swetha accepted it with a smile. The kid was a bit disappointed seeing her pallu still covering her.

After finishing dinner, swetha took a sip and shared the coke with him.

They didn’t talk much as the bus continued to fill with people. Finally, the driver fired up the engine making the lights in the bus flicker to life.

As the bus cruised the highway in the night, Swetha closed her window to stop the nights cold. An old movie was being played keeping all the passengers engaged.

Swetha and the kid continued to talk when the kid took out his phone to show her something.

“Are those your classmates” i heard swetha asking.

“Yes, this is our college” the kid replied, continuing to show her some more pics.

“The pics look great, iphone 7 camera is pretty good” she said.

“Yes, the best” the kid exclaimed.

After a minute of browsing through the pictures…

“Can you take pic of me?” my wife asked

The kid a bit surprised agreed immediately.

I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to let someone take my wife’s pic. The danger of someone putting the pictures online was real. I tried to get swetha’s attention to warn her not to do it. I think she sensed my uneasiness when i heard her again.

“Don’t take my face tho, i am really shy, you can take the rest of me” my wife added smiling.

I saw the kid take a pic, starting from her neck down. He didn’t get much as swetha still had her pallu on. Swetha took the phone and checked the pic. “All I can see is the pallu..wait”. She handed back the phone and moved her pallu aside.

The pallu, out of the way, i could see her tits trying to break free from her blouse. Just one hook on her blouse holding it all in. I didn’t know when but along the way she had undone one of her blouse hook and pulled her saree even lower.The saree so low it was hard to miss a glimpse of her pubic hair.

My wife continued posing for the kid as he tried to capture her assets in different angles.

Swetha reclined her seat back, laid sideway against the seat giving a seductive pose. One of her tits almost popped out, but she quickly adjusted it back in. the kid stopped taking pics as he lay still capturing my wife with his own eyes.

“Are you ok?” my wife asked eyeing his bulge.

He nodded shyly and continued taking pics as my wife gave him more revealing poses.

As the photo session came to an end, both me and the kid were left with an aching bulge in our pants.

Swetha browsed through the pics on the phone, complementing the kid on his camera skills.

Swetha then whispered something to the kid and they moved close. Swetha extended her hand out and pointed the camera towards themselves taking a selfie. Her one hand on phone and the other on his bulge.

“My hands are full, can you cover my blouse with your hand?” she asked the kid innocently.

The kid unsure, slowly moved his hand over to her top and let his hand rest gently on her blouse covering her tits. This was the first time some else touched my wife’s tits with her consent. Swetha got closer to him to get themselves in the camera frame, so close there faces were almost touching. I bet the kid could smell her now. Her face was now visible in the camera, but i let it slide. Seeing my wife so close to a stranger was really turning me on. As the selfie session continued, the kid slowly but steadily kept moving his hands closer to her exposed tits and finally slipped his hands inside my wife’s bra. Swetha’s was breathing heavily now, phone shaking in her hands. The kid started pressing my wife tits under her bra as she slumped into his arms. Swetha dropped the phone next to her and moved her face closer to his.

Without warning the bus lights flickered out. It went dark and i couldn’t see a thing.
The driver switched off the lights for the passengers, so they could catch some sleep. But, sleep was the last thing on my mind. The night had fallen and it was dark, both, inside and outside the bus. I tried to squint in the darkness to figure out what they were doing. But, i couldn’t see much. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the darkness and i could see the kid turned to his side a bit. Swetha was on the other side but i couldn’t see her with the kid in the middle. She was probably still leaning over him.

Ten minutes had passed, i could hear noise but not much to see. I tried to imagine what they were doing, but that only added to my frustration. I was starting to lose my patience when i saw swetha’s phone display switched on as it lie in front of them illuminating the space.

Finally, I could now see the kid, who was facing swetha. I stretched my neck to get a better look at what swetha was doing. It was a bit of a shock, swetha had her eyes closed and was kissing the kid, her hands holding his head close, her breathing irregular. Never had she kissed anyone besides me. I felt a sense of betrayal. Kissing was something very intimate to us and now here she was in someone else’s embrace with her lips on his. I wasn’t sure if i could take it. Bunch of emotions where whirling in my mind but the biggest one was pushing through my pants. I was a mad at myself, I was having a hard on seeing her kissing someone else. I gazed down from her lips to see the kids hand hungrily pressing her tits, the blouse was completely open. In last ten minutes, swetha had gotten rid of her blouse hooks and was now in bra, which barely covered anything. The kid had his hands inside her bra, pinching her nipples making her shiver. Swetha had her eyes closed was lost in the world of lust. Unconsciously, my hand moved to my aching cock.

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