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A Wife’s Journey Final Chapter

“Let’s start with yogendarji and i want all the details” I said excited

“You always want to start with the big one” swetha said chuckling

Swetha took a minute gathering her thoughts…

It started at the end of the first week when he took me to one of his estate. It looked very typical like the rest of his other ones except for this one had a big haveli styled building with few servants to take care of it. He gave me a tour around the estate, showing off to impress me and i have to say i was impressed. The tour continued as yogendarji took me inside to show the rest of it.

Once we were inside one of the maid greeted us with a big smile, i noticed on how differently yogendarji interacted with the maid. It was different, like, at the house he didn’t even talk to the servants but here he was a bit flirty with this maid. The maid’s name was ganga, she was young, pretty with a dusky complexion. This was the first time since I met yogendarji that I didn’t have his 100% attention. I was feeling a bit jealous, you know….. he is always giving me full attention but here he was giving the maid more attention. So i started getting close to yogendarji and gave him more access to my skin. I flirted with him in front of the maid as he slowly shifted his attention to me. Ganga looked a bit annoyed but i didn’t care.

Finally he took me to the bedroom as ganga arranged the bed. He was really horny with all the flirting and the new attention he got from me. He quickly pushed me on to the bed and unhooked my blouse just as the ganga left without closing the door. He undid my bra in a snap and latched onto my tits as he sucked them hard.

“Hold on swetha” i interrupted, “I thought he got access to your tits a few days back” i asked confused

“Ohh.. i … sorry anand… i … was planning to tell you later” swetha said embarrassed

“Once your back, you better be ready for some pay back” i said with mock anger

“I am yours to do whatever you want” she said with a seductive voice

Swetha continued

So after that yogendarji continued sucking on my tits, he really loved my tits as he munched on them for a long time.

“Anand, I think you should also start paying more attention to my tits like yogendarji.” Swetha added and continued

So, he usually stops there but that day he got really excited and started moving my saree up. I wasn’t even wearing my panty that day, you know it was all hot outside and so… he got a glance at my…… seeing that yogendarji really got excited and started removing his dhothi. He pinned me on the bed as i struggled to get him off of me. I was sure he was going to put it in. I somehow wiggled one of my hand and grabbed his cock. It was hard and thick and hairy. I gave it a few strokes as he calmed down and let me take over.

He then moved off me to give me better access to his cock as I breathed with relief. I stroked yogendarjis cock for some time as it grew harder and leaked precum. I knew if i don’t give him a release he might try to… you know.. fuck me. I wasn’t ready for it yet. So i decided to give him a hand job. Out of a blue ganga came in as i was stroking yogendarji. I stopped with my hands on yognendarjis cock unsure what to do. Yogendarji then put his hand on mine and stroked it, giving me a clear signal to not stop. I continued stroking his cock as the maid grabbed some stuff and left without saying a word. I was embarrassed and excited at the same time.

Yogendarji moved to lie down on the bed as i sat next to him topless and continued stroking his cock as he played with my tits for a long time. I picked up the pace as i rubbed his cock and caress his balls getting him to the edge. His cock then throbbed as he shot his cum hard and high and it splattered all over my tits. Anand, it was first time someone’s else’s cum on my tits. I felt so dirty. Yogendarji then lied down for a while and i got up to clean myself. I tried washing of the cum to get dressed. Anand, it was just like yours all white and sticky. I was curious to see if it even tasted like yours. I had never tasted anyone else cum. So I licked a little off my finger. It tasted just like yours.

“Anand, you there” swetha asked over the phone

I don’t remember when I stopped breathing. I was close to the edge myself. I took my hand off my aching cock to not shoot my own cum all over as I resumed breathing.

“Ya I am here” I replied back

“Anand…. are you rubbing yourself?” Swetha asked curiously

“Ya…” I replied embarrassed

“Do you want hear more …. ” Swetha asked teasing me

“Ya…” i said lust taking over me

Swetha continued…

so, we stayed at the estate the whole day as yogendarji couldn’t get enough of me. He openly groped me before the servants as we took a second tour of the estate. I didn’t mind, i mean … one of the maid had already seen me giving yogendarji a hand job, so his hand on my navel didn’t seem like a big deal. As the evening approached he pestered me for a hand job again as we walked in the garden. I couldn’t say no as I too wanted to feel his throbbing cock in my hand.

The second time started with a much slower pace as he took me behind a tree and undid his dhothi. He didn’t even attempt to undo my blouse. All he was interested was my hand on his cock. I bent down, my face near yogendarji cock. I took hold of it in my hand and inspected it this time. Anand, It’s the same size as yours but a bit thicker and much hairier than yours. Satisfied, I then slowly started to stroke his cock out in the open. His precum slowly started oozing out. Anand, my face was so close to yogendarjis cock that as i saw his precum ooze out, I…… am not sure how to tell you but i got a sudden urge to taste it and i just licked it from the tip of his cock.

“thud… “

“Anand? hello?”

“Sorry, i dropped the phone” i replied

“I … couldn’t control it anymore. I came” i added embarrassed as i stroked my cock to drain the last of it.

“You came listening to how your wife played with someone else’s cock” swetha said teasing me

“we should do this more often, me playing and you listening” swetha added laughing

We talked some more for few mins

“Ok baby, good night, it’s late and i have somebody here who needs my attention”

“I will talk to you tomorrow… i love you” swetha said as she cut the call.

I laid down in the bed exhausted as i let sleep take me in.

I got up late in the afternoon to find swetha’s text messages

9:43 AM “Hi baby, I am glad we talked yesterday. I feel much better now”

10:12 AM “we are going shopping, yogendarji wants to buy me new dresses ”

11:44 PM “Hi Anand yogendarji got me jewelery set, is it ok to accept? It’s really pretty”

I saw a notification to accept a video that swetha shared privately.

The message on the video read “I can’t do the app, it’s too much for me now. But here is something for you… i love you”

I quickly opened the video and played it. i saw swetha placing the phone and then she moved back giving me a view of some kind of shop with yogendarji by her side.

Yogendarji wrapped his hands around swetha’s waist as he talked to the shop keeper

Swetha looked shyly towards the phone as she moved closer to yogendarji

“Ok, this is good. Show me more transparent sarees like this” yogendarji said to shopkeeper

“Sir, these are the most transparent ones we have, madam will have to wrap it two folds to make sure not show too much of …. “ he said cautiously

“Swethaji, this is ok right? “ he asked swetha, squeezing her waist. The saree was clearly very transparent.

“I am ok, anyway you only like these ones.” swetha replied smiling.

“And what about blouse” yogendarji asked the shopkeeper.

“We have lot here sir, what is madam’s size” he said as he opened up multiple boxes to show.

“Swethaji …. your size” yogendarji asked as he removed swetha’s pallu to give shopkeeper a view of her blouse.

“Yogendarji…. “ swetha said with mock anger as she covered herself and glanced towards the camera, embarrassed.

“36” swetha replied

“Madam, it might be a little small” shopkeeper said flushed, looking at swetha’s chest

“That’s fine. I need it to hold mine without a bra” swetha replied back

The shopkeeper blushed as he quickly grabbed a few and laid out the blouses.

“Show me better ones, these blouses are covering too much” yogendarji told the shopkeeper

“Ji sir” the shopkeeper scrambled around as he looked around for different blouse styles “here sir, this is the latest fashion with deep v neck blouse” shopkeeper showed, which really did have deep cut

“Much better, give me something like this, but i need it deeper for her” yogendarji said pointing to swetha.

Swetha just smiled at the shopkeeper.

“Madam if it goes more deep it might show too much of …. “ shopkeeper said cautiously

“yogendarji… i have cover at least a little bit” swetha said smiling

“This is very deep, i can’t wear it outside” swetha added

“It’s not for outside” yogendarji replied as swetha smiled widened

“You want to dress me up like a …. “ swetha whispered the last part as they both laughed together

“Swetha ji, my selection is over, you can select the colors” yogendarji said as he moved behind swetha placing his hand on her ass, his body too close to her back.

Swetha made a few selections as yogendarji caressed her back.

“Madam, what about bra’s, we have excellent choices” shopkeeper asked swetha

Swetha replied “No” smiling at yogendarji

This continued on for some more time, when swetha came back to get her phone and gave me quick kiss and turned off the video.

This was the first time i saw them together, my cock throbbed as i replayed it again. After the fight swetha was now sharing a lot, a big change from earlier. I wanted to see more but for now this was a good start. I browsed around to see if she had sent me more videos. But this was the only one. Swetha had become really close to yogendarji in this last two weeks, i thought i would feel jealous. But to my surprise the only feeling i got was from my pants.

I quickly texted swetha “I loved it, i want to see more”. i did not get any reply from swetha until evening.

“Hey baby, I am so glad you liked it. you seeing me with yogendarji. I was a bit worried ” swetha texted back

“I am so happy that you don’t mind yogendarji having his way with your wife ” swetha texted teasing me

After few more mins

“Yogendarji, just left for some work, i will call you in few minutes” swetha texted

I waited, but the call never came. So i decided to call her on facetime.

To my surprise swetha picked up.

“Hi baby, facetime ha.. You really missed me” swetha said teasing

Swetha was dressed in dark red blouse with deep V neck, her blouse barely holding it in as it showed off her cleavage. Her saree was light red draped over her shoulder concealing nothing. It was almost a see through. This was first time seeing swetha dressed like that. She looked slutty.

“You’re dressed to kill” i said taking her in

“Thanks baby, Yogendarji wanted me to be ready for him tonight” swetha said shyly

“I hope you don’t mind” swetha added

“Anand, you really ok right .. with the video?” swetha asked a bit of concern in her voice

“I am fine, it was actually hot” i replied back honestly

“Anand, You have changed so much, getting all hard seeing your wife with someone else” swetha said teasing

“Yogendarji will be having these tonight” swetha said mischiveously removing her pallu to show me her full cleavage

“Swetha, you have changed too, getting all slutty with someone else” i replied back

“You’re the one who wanted to see me all slutty” swetha said grinning

“But, you’re right we both have changed” swetha said seriously

“Madam, i bought the cold drinks” i heard ravi in the background as he came into the camera standing next to swetha

“Thanks ravi, put them in the fridge for nowi” swetha replied without covering herself

“Ravi, can you cover yourself properly and stop waving it around” swetha said as she laughed to herself

Ravi smiled and left

“Anand, i think he knows i like his … whenever yogendarji is not here, he waves it around, tempting me” swetha said

“Someday i might just give in…..” swetha added mischievously

“You never told me about how ravi got his hands on you” i asked swetha

“Hmmm… its … wait… he is still around. Let me call you from outside” swetha said and cut the call

After a few minutes swetha called

“Hi hubby, sorry it was hard with ravi around, he’s getting very naughty” swetha said chuckling

“Naughty how” i asked seeking to know more

“you know…. trying to touch me and always stays close with his cock out. He’s like a horny little kid” swetha replied

“It’s my fault too, i let him touch me few times and now he wants more” swetha added

“So… when did you let ravi touch you” i asked

Swetha narrated

Hmmm… You remember i told you about him peeping at me when i was drying myself. I actually caught him that day while he was mastrubating with his cock out. He was very scared and apologized to me multiple times. I was just going to let him go with a warning but his cock caught my attention and I called him closer. That was the first time i saw ravi’s cock. It was stark opposite to yogendarji’s cock. Ravi’s cock was black with absolutely no hair.

Once he got closer his face was close to my tits, his dick between us. Even though he had his head down, his cock was pointing straight to the sky. I asked him what he was doing and he just kept apologizing and stealing glances of me in bra.

Anand, he just looked so scared and innocent that i just…. on a whim decided to play with him. I mean … you know i have a soft spot for young guys and ravi was just perfect, listening to me obediently and also bit naughty. So….. i handed him my towel and asked him to dry me. Scared and happy, he dutifully took the towel and started to dry my hands, my back and slowly moved to my navel. As he was drying my stomach I was getting aroused with his hands over me and his cock touching me down there that i caught his hand and moved it to my chest.

Ravi flushed and scared continued toweling my chest when he slowly moved his other hand to my tits and started pinching my nipples through the bra. Anand, I actually didn’t stop him instead i undid my bra for him. You should have seen him, his eyes almost popped out. He eagerly moved closer and started pressing my tits. Ravi’s cock was so close to me now that i couldn’t resist anymore, i caught it and stroked his cock as he massaged my tits.

I was a bit scared that yogendarji was just next room but in the heat of the moment i started giving ravi a hand job. My hand stroking his black cock. It was so hard. I stroked him just for a minute and suddenly he came. His cum all over my saree and hands. Ravi looked embarrassed and started apologizing again. I was so aroused but he was done. So i told him that’s ok and told him to leave. He left apologizing. I quickly got dressed cleaning his cum off my saree. I then moved to the next room to yogendarji.

“So that was the first time with ravi and now he keeps asking for more” swetha said wrapping it up.

“Have there been other times?” i asked to see if this was still continuing

“Yes… a few times” swetha said shyly

“Anand, yogendarji will be back in sometime, i have to go get ready” swetha said interrupting our conversation

“Ok, but when are you starting back” i asked, it was already evening

“Actually….. We are going to stay over tonight too” swetha said with a low tone

I didn’t know what to say

“I am sorry anand, yogendarji just decided that today afternoon.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I will make it up to you” swetha added

“Ok” i said as my cock twitched

“You’re a darling. thanks baby, i love you” swetha replied excited

“Ok, we will back tomorrow morning” swetha said

“Also … baby… it’s getting really hard to stop yogendarji … “

“he really wants me….. you know….. ”

“We need to talk… it’s getting harder for me to say no too”

“Ohhh … yogendarji is here, talk to you later … bye .. Love you” swetha said hurriedly as she cut the call

Swetha was going to spend one more night with yogendarji. My imagination ran wild as I was sure they moved to the next level. How far have they gone was what was haunting me. It’s not that i was worried but the contrary i was looking forward to it. Swetha was right. We both changed.

I put the phone down as i recalled swetha’s words as she hastily cut the call.

“It was getting hard to stop yogendarji”

“It’s getting harder to say no”

I had the whole evening to myself as the conversation kept playing in my mind. She didn’t have to tell me the details, but she did. Was swetha preparing me for something. The inevitable?

“It was getting hard to stop yogendarji”

“It’s getting harder to say no”

I would have believed those words if i hadn’t seen the video. It was clear that yogendarji and swetha were close, I mean real close. In the video, they were like lovers, eager to explore each other. Swetha held back in the video but i could see it. She wanted yogendarji as much as he wanted her. So how far have they gone. Swetha had already given him a hand job and that was week back. I was left with a big hole on what happened the second week and now swetha is spending two nights with yogendarji. It was hard to believe they haven’t done it already. I mean, if i was yogendarji, i would have fucked swetha all night.

So the question was why would swetha not tell me. She already promised no secrets. As i thought about it more and more i could only come up with one reason. It was just like before swetha wasn’t sure if i can take it and she was planning to tell me when she thinks i was ready.

I was ready alright but i didn’t like swetha hiding things from me again. I was hoping swetha would call me tonight just like yesterday and i would ask her directly. But the call never came. I sent her a bunch of text messages. No reply. It was getting late and i finally gave up. I tried sleeping but i just kept tossing around in the bed unable to stop my imagination as it ran wild with swetha and yogendarji in different angles. As the night grew darker and colder, I had overwhelming lust building in me as i imagined them doing it. Lust was taking over me.

Next morning i woke up to find text messages from swetha

“Hey baby, We are on our way. See you soon”

I got up, freshened myself and waited for swetha. My lust from the night only grew in anticipation. I couldn’t control it anymore, i wanted to fuck swetha really bad. I was going wild.

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