A Very Hot Time in Sin City

It’s been awhile since we’ve written an update about our sexual journey. Most of our real life stories have been written with the title of The Life and Times of a Horny Couple. We’ve also added some as stand alone stories about our experiences, as this one is.

It had been several years since Erica and I had been to Las Vegas, so we decided to head west for some relaxation. After a trip with the usual flight delays, we made our way to our hotel on the boulevard. Upon check in we went to our unit and did some unpacking and freshened up a bit. We spent the first day and evening exploring and getting a feel for the city again.

My wife, Erica, is a very sexy woman who knows how to dress the part. She is tall, fit, and well put together with very fair skin and a sprinkling of freckles. Her breasts are 34B and are topped off with nice pink nipples that are almost two inches wide. Her nipples are almost always erect, stick out a good half inch, and look the color of maraschino cherries. They are about the thickness of my pinky. Erica also has a smooth, pink, pussy.

When we head out in the evening she always dresses in a very alluring manner. Our second night there was no exception. As we headed to ‘New York, New York,’ Erica was wearing a light grey above-the-knee skirt, with a slit to mid thigh. She was braless in a sleeveless, V-neck, white wrap blouse that completed her very sexy look. 

We are not big gamblers, but do enjoy spending time at the slot machines. We walked around the casino a bit and settled in at machines next to each other in the middle of a row of six. We then flagged down a waitress for our drinks. As we played, I often looked at Erica hoping to get a look into the wrap of her blouse to see some boob. As she turned on her seat I got a flash of skin peeking between the layers of her blouse. She looked at me, saw were I was looking, shook her head, and smiled. Erica then reached up and pulled the top layer of her blouse open a bit revealing a lot more of her breast to me and the waitress who suddenly appeared with our drinks.

She leaned forward to resume playing her game and pulled her blouse open a bit further. As I gazed at her exposed left breast, I could now see her nipple was exposed. I got an instant erection looking at her pink nipple.


Needless to say, she didn’t realize how much of her breast was visible to anyone passing by. I was much too excited looking at her at that point to tell her to cover up. I could see that her nice, pink nipple was fully erect. She shifted in her seat and crossed her legs. This caused her blouse fall back over her breast. Her movement made the skirt ride up, causing the slit in it to pull open, showing me a good deal of her thigh.

My game was not paying out very well, so I enjoyed watching Erica a bit more. As I watched her intently playing her game, she moved her hips in my direction and lowered her right leg off the stool to the floor. This unknowingly gave me a view up her skirt. With her legs positioned as they were, I was able to see that she was wearing no panties. The pale skin of her pussy was just visible at the edge of the slit in her skirt. She stayed in that position for a short time before shifting in her seat again to take away the wonderful view that I had.

I was not really surprised about her choice of undergarments or lack thereof, because she frequently would leave her bra and panties off knowing how much it excited me. It also turned her on to occasionally give others an “accidental” peek.

I decided to switch machines since mine was not paying out, and the view was not what it had been. I moved to the machine on Erica’s left side. In this position I wouldn’t be able to see in as much of her blouse. As soon as I sat down she pulled the top open for me to get a partial view of her breast.

I ordered another round of drinks and began playing on the new slot machine. I had mixed luck while Erica was still a bit ahead. As we played the casino started to fill up and a man who looked a couple of years younger than us sat down at my previous machine. He looked over at Erica, smiled, and said hello. He was dressed rather nicely in a sport jacket with no tie and dress pants.

I thought this might be his lucky night even if he was on a losing machine. I finished the rest of my beer, signaled the waitress, and ordered Erica another wine along with my beer. The drinks sure do go down easily when they’re free. Three glasses of wine is usually her maximum, but she seemed fine. I tipped the waitress again upon her return, and tipped my chair up to save my seat while I went to the restroom.


I decided to return to my machine coming down the aisle from the opposite side, so that I could view what the guy sitting next to Erica could see. As I approached I could see that she and the gent were having a conversation. I also noticed that Erica had moved her blouse so that it was gaping open a bit. Her new friend had a nice view of most of her tit, but no nipple. I’m sure he knew that she was not wearing a bra. Her skirt slit was open showing plenty of leg, but no pussy.

Erica smiled up at me and gave me a little wave. I sat back down and resumed my play. It appeared that she had lost most of her winnings and was getting ready to move on to another machine.

The fellow next to her said, “Don’t leave yet. Allow me.”

He then pulled out a wad of machine cash out slips and slipped one into her machine before Erica had a chance to protest. When I looked at her credits it appeared that her friend had put in a slip for fifty dollars.

He then said, “I was watching you bet. Try increasing your bets from the twenty-five cents you were betting to at least a dollar. By the way, my name is David.”

She replied, “You really shouldn’t have done that, David, but thank you. My name is Erica, and it’s nice to meet you.” She then pointed to me and said, “This is my husband Tom.”


I waved and said, “Hi, David.”

I was pretty sure I knew why David wanted Erica to stay. Who could blame him?

I continued to play while I glanced over at her. A few minutes later I looked up and watched as Erica played with her necklace. As she pulled her hand away, she pushed the fabric of her blouse back exposing more of her left breast. I looked at David and could tell by his expression that he could now see her nipple.

Erica glanced at me and smiled nervously. I reached over and placed my hand on her leg, rubbed it briefly opening the slit of her skirt even more. She knew that I was okay with the game she was playing. I could only think about how wet her pussy was becoming, as she continued to tease David with continued peeks of her breasts and upper thigh.

I could hear David asking her if she’d ever played black-jack. She told him that she had never played in a casino. He offered to teach her since she could now cash out for over a hundred dollars.

She asked me what I thought about the idea. I told her to go for it and that I’d come see how she was doing in a little while. She left with David to find the card tables. I waited about ten minutes before I cashed out and strolled over to see how she was doing. I saw just the two of them sitting at a table with the dealer.


I decided to watch them from a distance for awhile. David was giving her pointers on how to bet. He appeared to be pretty knowledgeable about the game. Whenever she won he patted her leg or rubbed her shoulder.

As I watched, while sitting at another slot machine, it seemed David’s hand was now resting on the slit in Erica’s skirt, high on her thigh. I figured this was a good time to make an appearance. I approached from his back, and could see that Erica’s breast was definitely exposed to him. I also noticed a pretty big pile of chips in front of her.

Erica saw me approaching and waved. David quickly removed his hand from the slit in her skirt upon seeing me. I stood behind them watching her play as the waitress brought them another round. Standing there I could see all of left breast, and most of the right one. She looked so hot! I could tell that David thought so too.

Erica looked up at me again and gave me a sly smile as she lowered her right leg to the floor. She turned toward David opening her legs. This motion caused the slit in her skirt to pull further apart. I knew from seeing her sitting like this earlier that the edge of her pussy was exposed. David could not tear his eyes from Erica’s slit.

She then moved her arm, causing her purse to slip from the chair to the floor. David quickly jumped off his chair to retrieve it. This put him at eye level with her pussy. He fumbled with the purse as he looked up directly into Erica’s wide open labia. He hesitated, did a double take, and retrieved the purse. He then chugged his drink with a hand that was noticeably shaking.

I could feel my erection growing as I looked at Erica. Both of her nipples were exposed to me, and fully erect. I knew from her expression that she was quite excited. I know it seems weird, but knowing that another guy could see her tits and pussy was a huge turn on for me.


It was getting late when Erica said, “I think I’ve had it, and I certainly can’t have another drink!”

At this point she was actually up about four hundred dollars. David was a good teacher, and he had certainly been rewarded for his efforts.

David asked us if we had plans for the following evening. We told him that we did not. He then asked if we’d like to go to dinner and a show with him. He said he had so many comps from the casino that he couldn’t use them all, and that he would like us to be his guests. Erica looked at me and shrugged. She asked me what I thought. I told her I’d be happy doing anything she wanted. So, we agreed to meet for a drink before the show the following night.

As we headed off for a cab, David called us back and said he had a car that would take us back to our hotel and pick us up the following night. This guy really was a high roller! On the ride back Erica told me she was really drunk, and that she loved teasing David. I slid my hand up her skirt to find a very well lubricated pussy that I knew would be ready for me when we got back to our room.

Erica spent a good part of the next afternoon deciding what she’d wear that night. She modeled several sexy outfits, and finally decided on a very low cut, royal blue wrap dress. The only thing that secured the dress around her was a thin silver belt at her waist. I asked her what she was going to wear, if anything, underneath it. She smiled, and told me that I’d have to wait and see.

David’s driver showed up as scheduled and took us back to New York-New York. David was at the bar when we arrived. As we approached I could see him checking out Erica. She looked fantastic in her blue, slinky dress. I’m sure he immediately noticed that she was braless. The flimsy fabric clung to her like a second skin. The low cut neckline exposed a good deal of her breasts, and barely covered her erect nipples. The wrap nature of the dress showed a great deal of her legs.


As we drank, David told us he had tickets for a show in the New York – New York theater, and that we should get going. Upon arrival, we were escorted to our seats. They were not your typical theater seats. We were shown to a small sofa behind a cocktail table. Erica sat between David and me. Because of the small space we were all sitting thigh to thigh. There were several similar tables located near the stage, as ours was. The waitress brought a bottle of wine as the show began.

The show was mesmerizing, and the minimalistic costuming left little to the imagination. The show was really a sensual acrobatic performance of the Kama Sutra. As we watched the performance, I leaned against Erica, feeling the soft curves of her body. I rested my hand on her upper thigh gently pulling the fabric aside to expose more of her legs. Erica looked down at her legs, then at me, and smiled.

While the show centered on the art of passion and seduction it seemed we had a bit of that going on in our seats as well. The show was certainly a turn on, and during one really provocative scene Erica placed a hand on both David’s and my upper thighs. She slowly rubbed both of our thighs lightly brushing my erection. I wondered if she was doing the same for David.

As the show continued Erica leaned forward, resting her chin in her hand. This caused one of her breasts to slip out of her dress. Neither David nor I let her know about this wardrobe malfunction. It was so hot seeing that hard, pink nipple peeking out at us!

David had been keeping both of our glasses filled. As he reached over to fill my glass I could see his elbow brush Erica’s exposed nipple. She didn’t even flinch, but seemed to lean into him, pressing her breast into his arm. As he sat back, I watched him place his hand on her leg. I alternately watched the show and David.

I could see his fingertips were now lightly massaging her bare leg in the opening of her wrap dress. As the show continued David’s hand continued to work its way further up her thigh. As the finale of the performance began, Davis went for broke. I could see his hand slide the rest of the way up her leg, so that the side of his palm was actually pressing against her pussy. Only the thin layer of the fabric of her dress was separating them.


The show ended, David removed his hand, and Erica rearranged her dress as David led us off to dinner. We entered a steak house in the Casino, and were led to a corner table by the hostess. David ordered another bottle of wine, and told us he might as well try and use up some of his comps since he was leaving the next day.

During dinner the wine was flowing and we chatted about how hot the show was. David also said that Erica was a very hot part of the evening, and that she looked unbelievably sexy in her dress. She beamed, and leaned forward thanking him, exposing even more of her breasts to him.

“You don’t think it’s too revealing do you? I was afraid it might show too much skin.”

We both replied that she could never show us too much. My beautiful wife was certainly was enjoying our attention. As we ate our dinner Erica occasionally touched her breasts, bringing our attention back to them. She somehow casually made one areola peek out of her dress.

I was in a state of perpetual erection. As we completed our dinner, David was telling us about the suite the hotel had placed him in. He said it took up about a quarter of the floor he was on, and had a baby grand piano in the living room.

“I can’t believe they comp you a place like that. It sounds incredible!” Erica replied.


David then asked us if we’d like to see it. Erica immediately said, “We would love that!”

David said that would be great and that he’d be back in a minute.

While he was gone I told Erica again how fantastic she looked. I also told her that I thought David enjoyed seeing her. She asked me if I was okay with her letting David get some peeks. I told her I was fine with that, and I was fine with him rubbing against her nipple. She smiled at me and said she didn’t know I had seen that.

“I have to say it has surprised me at how turned on I am. During the show when David had his hand on my leg I thought my heart was going to pound through my chest.”

“It looked like he was awfully close to your pussy, “I replied.

“Actually, he was rubbing it a little bit. Watching the show and having him touching me was very hot. I couldn’t help myself. We didn’t talk about any of this before, but I hope you’re alright with the way I’ve acted.”


I reached under the table and moved Erica’s hand to my throbbing erection.

“Does that put your mind at ease?” I said.

With that, David arrived back at the table and we headed off to see his hotel suite. As we waited for the elevator I looked at Erica. Her wrap dress was not wrapped all that much. Her tiny belt kept about six inches of fabric above it closed. The deep -V neckline of the dress was even more revealing, barely covering her breasts. Her extremely erect nipples were clearly visible poking through the flimsy fabric very close to the edge of the dress. Below the belt was equally revealing. The opening in the dress barely covered her pussy.

We entered the suite and found it to be huge. We had never seen a hotel suite that was so enormous. The best part was that the living room windows overlooked the strip. Seeing the strip lit up at night from this vantage point was awesome. As we were exploring there was a knock on the door. The room service attendant appeared with two chilled bottles of champagne and some snacks. David told us he had ordered them during his visit to the men’s room.

We made our way to the sitting area. Erica sat down on a sofa as David sat down in one of two chairs that faced her. I chose to sit in the chair next to David so that I would be able see everything he could. David poured us all some champagne, and Erica told us she was already feeling the effects of all the wine she had consumed. As she reached forward for her glass her dress gaped open allowing her left nipple to slip out. I watched as she briefly glanced down knowing that her nipple was exposed. She looked up at me and gave me a sly smile.

My erection was straining my pants! I couldn’t wait for her to take another sip of her champagne. When she reached forward for her glass again she also reached for some of the snacks. This allowed us to see both of her breasts hanging completely exposed right in front of us. She leaned back and made an effort to cover up.


I said, “Erica, we loved the view. You don’t have to bother covering them for us.”

“Really? You don’t mind if David sees my breasts?”

“Just relax, enjoy your champagne, and don’t worry about your dress anymore,” I replied.

She smiled, sat back, and relaxed, letting her dress fall open with both nipples exposed to us. We continued talking and drinking more champagne. The more Erica drank the more oblivious she became to the fact that her breasts were now completely out of her dress. David and I really were enjoying the show.

It wasn’t long before she reached for her glass again. As she leaned back, her dress below the belt pulled apart. The only place her dress now met was at the skinny belt. This left a bit of her pussy exposed to us. I hadn’t known for sure whether or not she had worn her usual thong, but this view answered that question. Erica seemed not to notice that she was exposing herself to us. As she shifted position on the sofa her legs opened even further allowing us to see her entire pink slit.

She still seemed unaware that we were ogling her smooth, pink, pussy. When she reached for her glass again, I saw her glance down. I knew that she was aware that she had exposed her pussy to us. It was apparent that the champagne was really affecting her when she made no effort to cover up.


I said, “Erica you are driving us crazy! Please let us get a good look at your pussy!”

“I don’t think I’m drunk enough to do that,” she replied.

David immediately reached over and refilled her glass. Erica grabbed her glass, chugged most of it, and leaned back on the sofa.

She smiled at us, opened her legs, and said, “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?”

We were both speechless as we gazed at her glistening, wide open pussy. Erica lowered her hand to her upper thigh, resting her thumb on the edge of her pussy. She began lightly running her thumb up and down the groove between her leg and outer pussy lips as she stared at the two of us. She then removed her hand, reached across the table, and dipped her index finger into David’s champagne glass. She moved her hand back above her pussy allowing the champagne to drip from her finger into her slit.

We watched mesmerized as she slid her finger into her sweet groove separating her outer lips. As David and I adjusted our bulging cocks Erica smiled at us and reached up with her other hand and tugged on her exposed nipple, extending it almost an inch.


I couldn’t believe it as I watched her slide her middle finger between her small, pink, rose petal like, inner lips. We could see them glistening as Erica lightly tapped the opening of her vagina. She let out a small moan as she grasped each of her inner lips and pulled them open, allowing us to look at the pinkness of her vaginal opening. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her as she continued to slide her finger up and down between her inner lips. Every time she passed over the opening to her vagina she dipped the tip of her finger into the glistening hole. As we watched she pushed her finger in up to the first joint.

David was lightly stroking his cock through his pants when Erica said, “Why don’t you take off your clothes David? I think you’d be more comfortable, and I’d like to see your cock.”

He looked at me, shrugged, and began removing his shoes, socks and pants. As he stepped out of his pants his erection sprang out, pointing almost straight up. His cock was rock hard, about seven inches long, and quite thick, with a bulbous head that stood out about a quarter of an inch all around his shaft. We could see it throbbing as he grasped it and started stroking.

I couldn’t believe how hot it was watching my wife exposing and touching herself in front David. I know a lot of people would think I’m crazy, but it was extremely exciting.

I couldn’t take it anymore and moved to sit next to her. I immediately slid her dress from her shoulder and grasped her breast. As I rolled her erect nipple between my fingers she let out a low guttural moan, and grabbed my cock through my pants.

I stood up, removed my clothing, sat back down, and lowered my mouth to her hard, pink nipple. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth Erica began stroking my engorged dick. I reached down, grabbed her leg, and pulled it up over my knee spreading her wide. I then slid my hand over to her pussy and began lightly stroking her clit. It felt like a hardened pea beneath her skin. I continued sucking on her tit as I separated her inner lips and slipped my finger into her dripping pussy. I looked across at David and saw that he was still rubbing his cock as he stared at Erica.


I motioned for him to sit on the sofa next to Erica. He quickly joined us and closely watched as I sucked her tit and probed her pussy. He tentatively reached out and grasped Erica’s other breast. She looked at him and smiled, letting him know it was okay. David began a very thorough examination of her breast, and seemed to really enjoy stretching her hard, thick nipple out to its maximum length. I could tell Erica certainly enjoyed having him play with it.

As she watched, David leaned forward and lightly flicked her nipple with his tongue. He closed his lips around the erect, ruby tip of her nipple and sucked it into his mouth. Erica was smiling as she watched us both sucking on her tits. I continued fingering her and stroking her clit as she spread her legs open even further. She pressed her leg against David’s thigh as I slipped a second finger into her throbbing vagina

I worked her pussy for a few minutes and then removed my hand. It only took a few seconds before David reached down and started to lightly stroke her vulva. I watched as he slid a finger into her vagina. As soon as his finger entered her, she reached out and grabbed both of our cocks. As I watched David finger fucking her, she began stroking us.

Erica leaned over toward me and flicked her tongue out to lick my swollen cock head. I leaned back, watching David play with her pussy as she sucked my dick into her mouth. I felt like I was about to explode as she let go of me and leaned into David’s lap, and began licking the underside of the head of his dick. When she began running her tongue around the rim of his fat cockhead, David began thrusting his cock toward her mouth until it slipped between her lips. He moved both hands to the back of her head to continue guiding his cock into her waiting mouth.

At this point he said, “Why don’t we move to the bedroom where we will be more comfortable.”

Erica removed her dress, tossed it on the bed, and sat down on the edge of the bed. She motioned for David and me to stand in front of her. She then grasped both of our cocks and began gently stroking us. She pulled me closer and began flicking the underside of my dick with her tongue. She followed by pulling David closer and doing the same to him.


Erica returned her attention to me and sucked the head of my dick into her mouth while continuing to stroke David. After a few moments she switched to David’s cock. It was so hot watching her alternately sucking one and then the other. At one point she pulled our cocks closely toward each other so that she could lick both at the same time. It was unbelievable watching her sliding her tongue between both of our cocks simultaneously.

I pulled myself away and dropped to my knees, positioning myself between Erica’s thighs. I began licking her swollen pussy as she continued sucking David’s cock. As I parted her delicate inner lips with my tongue she leaned back on the bed and pulled David down next to her. David moved up to her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. I pushed my tongue as deeply into her as I could. Erica started pushing her pussy more urgently into my face. I continued fucking her with my tongue as I sucked on her clit. Within a minute she began moaning and came with a strong orgasm.

Once Erica had cum I figured she’d need some time before we could get her going again, so I moved back onto the bed and rubbed my cock against her cheek. She let go of David and turned her attention back to me. She sucked my cock back into her now vacated mouth as I tugged on her nipple. David sat up and pulled Erica’s legs apart. He then placed his hand over her glistening pussy. I watched as he began lightly stroking her outer lips. After a few minutes, he slowly moved his fingers inward toward her inner lips.

I watched as he began lightly stroking one side of her delicate, petal like, inner lips and then the other. It became obvious to me that she was already looking for more. David knew also, and separated her lips with his finger as and began rubbing his finger in a circle around her glistening hole. I had to withdraw my cock from her mouth (because I thought I might cum) as he slid a finger into her.

She arched her back and moaned, “I need more than that.”

I watched as David slid another finger into her yoni. She released my cock and began concentrating on what David was doing to her. I lowered my mouth to her tit and drew her unbelievably erect nipple into my mouth as I watched David. I could tell that she was really enjoying all of our attention by the changes in her breathing and moaning. Erica told David to stop, and then pulled him down on the bed next to her. She sat up almost pushing me away from her tit and said, “I want to rub my pussy up and down David’s cock.”


David stretched out on the bed next to Erica as she turned to straddle him. She pushed his upward pointing dick down against his abdomen where she pinned it in place with her pussy. I eased myself down next to her with my head near her hip watching closely as she began to slide her wet pussy up and down David’s shaft. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she slid her pussy lips down to his balls and then upward to the head of his cock.

David was moaning as she ground her pussy into his fat, swollen cock head. Each time she moved up on his shaft she lingered on the bulbous head of his cock and pressed down so that a little bit of it entered her waiting vagina.

I reached up and started tugging on her nipple. Erica began moaning as she slid up his cock. She suddenly got off David and moved to lean back against the pillows.

She said, “David, I want you to move up here and put your legs under mine.”

As he moved beneath her she grabbed his cock and pulled him closer. She then started rubbing his engorged cockhead up and down the groove between her inner and outer lips. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her dripping pussy as she started massaging her clit with the tip of his dick. Quite a bit of pre-cum was oozing out of his dick adding to her already slick pussy. I moved my hand back to her breast, and she reached out with her other hand and grasped my dick. I continued watching as she slid David’s cock downward using it to separate her inner lips. She was watching David’s reaction as she slid his fat cock over the opening of her vagina. She really did like to tease!

I have always loved watching her playing with my cock, but I was especially turned on watching her playing with his. Seeing her rubbing the tip of David’s cock up between her little, ruby red, inner lips up to her clit (which was now clearly poking out beneath its hood), was an unbelievably hot sight.


Erica began further teasing by placing the tip of his cock at the opening of her pussy. She then pressed it against her so that just the tip would begin to penetrate the delicate tissues surrounding the opening. I knew she was getting hotter by the second because she kept pulling his cock away and then quickly pushing it back into her a bit.

As I watched she pulled about half of his cockhead into her. The size of his head was quite large and I knew she was enjoying having her pussy stretched. When she withdrew, it left her pussy gaping. On the next motion she slowly pulled his entire cockhead into her. I couldn’t believe David’s willpower. I know I would have just leaned forward pushing it in all the way.

At that point David grabbed his cock and said let me do that for you. He started sliding his cock up and down her pussy pressing inward each time he passed over the opening to her vagina allowing some of his dickhead to penetrate. She was moaning now and that encouraged David to press more of his fat cockhead into her. On about the forth stroke he popped the entire head in. He rapidly pulled it out and slid it down her pussy again.

Erica moaned, “I want to feel it pop into me again.”

David quickly responded pushing his dickhead and about an inch of his shaft into her.

Erica arched her back and said, “Oh, I want it in me!”


On David’s next thrust she reached down and grabbed the back of his hand with both of hers. She then pulled his cock deep into her pussy. As she moaned, David pulled out and positioned himself between her legs. He placed his dick against her parted lips and plunged his cock back into her. He began a rhythmic fucking that was bringing Erica close. Within a few minutes she began to writhe and moan and came in a loud thrashing orgasm.

David had been extremely patient and increased his tempo. He continued driving his cock in and out of her pussy and started moaning. As he started cumming within her he pulled his spurting cock out and shot his load over her tits, hitting her in the chin.

David rolled off her and collapsed on the bed. Erica rolled over facing David and told him how good he made her feel.

I grabbed a towel and threw it to Erica. As she cleaned up I slid behind her and easily slipped my raging hard-on into her inflamed pussy. She raised her leg, and put her foot flat on the bed allowing David a great view of my dick plunging into her dripping pussy. I reached over grabbed her breast and started a slow steady stroking. David leaned up on his elbow watching me as I worked her pussy from behind. He then reached out and placed his hand a bit above Erica’s pussy. He slowly slid his hand down and began rubbing her clit and the upper portion of her pussy. I was amazed when Erica started breathing heavily again.

“That feels so good. Don’t stop,” she moaned. “David, please make my clit slippery and wet.”

“Sure,” he replied as he moved his fingers around the edges of her pussy lips trying to collect some of the juices leaking from her vagina.


I was thinking that he was pretty close to my cock when he leaned over and flicked her clit with his tongue. Erica moaned as I watched him licking her clit. I’d never had a guy get that close to my dick before. It seemed that he was just interested in pleasing Erica.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop. That feels incredible!” she moaned.

David was being pretty careful around my penis, and it was amazingly hot watching her get her pussy licked as I fucked her. I picked up my pace as Erica got closer to another ”O”. When she started cumming it didn’t take me long to shoot my load deep into her now-dripping pussy.

At that point I can say we were all drained! We got cleaned up, dressed, and thanked David for his hospitality. David also thanked us for ours. We exchanged e-mails and said we’d keep in touch. David then called down for a car for us and we said our goodbyes.

That was one vacation that we would never forget!

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