A TRANS Formation – Chapter 29 – Fun With Rosy

Jill’s meditation is going very well this morning. After talking about their finances with Gary last night, she woke up still thinking about what he said about creating a business at home. A business they could use to move their whore money into legitimate accounts. 

Sitting naked, legs crossed, and arms resting on her knees, she’s deeper than she’s ever been. As she sits in her meditative trance, she loses track of all time and space as she imagines herself being pregnant with the desire to create such a business. Having no idea what she’s even looking for, she throws her desire into the endless void of black space, like a fisherman casting a net.


She sits in silence… listening, waiting for an idea, a clue, anything at all. She never gets a clear answer, but she does feel a divine presence come over her. A presence that seems to be communicating to her with feelings, not words.

As she listens, she feels the words… ‘look for subtle signs’… coming into her mind… ‘listen to yourself, and the answers will come’… the presence seems to say. Over and over, she keeps thinking, ‘look for subtle signs… listen to yourself, and the answers will come.’

Opening her eyes, she thinks about those words while her eyes acclimate to the light. She feels a calming sense of security as she stands up. She glances at the time and goes into a panic.

“Fuuuuuck!” she yells, “god-DAM-it!”

It’s eight-fifteen! She’s standing naked in her living room, and she’s already fifteen minutes late for work. She shouts all kinds of obscenities into the air as she runs into the boy room to throw on Jerry’s work clothes. Luckily, while she’s combing her hair, she remembers she was going to put money in the bank today. She grabs $200 from the cash stash and runs out the door.

By the time she gets to work, she’s an hour late. All the guys immediately start laughing and teasing her, asking if she stayed in bed to fuck Rosy one more time. Her boss comes over and asks her why she’s late. She tells him she just overslept, and to her surprise, he’s not upset at all. He says those things can happen and tells her not to worry about it.

He goes on to tell her how pleased he’s been with her work lately and gives her a twenty-five-cent raise in her pay. Considering how much money she’s been making as a whore, the extra ten dollars a week is nothing. But still, it makes her feel good that she’s doing a good job, and her work is appreciated.

As she goes about her work, she keeps thinking about the words she heard in her meditation this morning.

‘Look for subtle signs… listen to yourself, and the answers will come.’

Over and over she thinks those words until they’re firmly implanted in her mind.

Since she didn’t have time to make lunch this morning, she grabs a burger on her lunch break before going to the bank to make her deposit. She feels good coming out of the bank, knowing she and Allie are following Gary’s advice and have begun to save for their future.

Despite the late start this morning, all-in-all she’s had a pretty good day. When she gets home, she’s happy as can be and can’t wait to tell Allie about her raise. Allie’s home, but hasn’t changed into her girl clothes yet. They meet each other in the hallway and hug each other with big smiles on their faces.

“Hi babe,” Allie says, “How was your day?”

“It was wonderful!” Jill replies, “It started out kinda fucked. I meditated this morning, and I got really deep into it. Deeper than I’ve ever been before. But when I came out of it, it was eight-fifteen, and I was an hour late for work.

“I thought I was going to be in trouble with my boss, but he wasn’t pissed at all. He told me how good my work’s been lately, and he gave me a twenty-five-cent raise! Isn’t that great?”

“Oh wow!” Allie exclaims, “That’s what happened to me too! They called me in the office and I thought I fucked up or something. But they promoted me to lead stock clerk and gave me a forty-cent raise!

“Then I stopped at the bank and opened my savings account and put $200 in it like Gary said. That’s why I haven’t changed clothes yet, I just got home.”

“Oh, Allie!” Jill says as she hugs her, “I can’t believe we both got raises today! Things are really coming together for us.”

“No shit,” Allie says, “I loved getting the raise, but it felt even better when I put my $200 in the bank. Just knowing I’m starting to save makes me feel good.”

After they kiss each other a bunch of times, Jill says to Allie, “We need to celebrate, Allie. Let’s go out to dinner. I wanna be your girlfriend and wear my new jeans with my pads to see how they feel in public. Wanna take me out to dinner? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

Allie laughs and says, “I’d love to take you out to dinner, especially the way you look in your pads. You look so fuckin’ hot in those jeans.”

“Let’s see if Rosy wants to go with us,” Jill suggests, “I think she’s off work tonight.”

“Sure,” Allie replies, “it would be fun.”

Jill runs to the phone and dials Rosy’s number.

“Hello?” Rosy answers.

“Hi, Rosy! This is Jill.”

“Jill! I was just thinking about you!”

“I was thinking about you too. Whatcha doing right now?”

“Not much. Kinda bored actually. Just watching TV and thinking about fixing something to eat.”

“How’d you like to go eat with us? Allie’s buying.”

“I’d love to!”

“We’ll come by in about an hour. Do me a favor, wear your new jeans, you’ll see why when we get there.”

She hangs up the phone and runs back to change. She tucks her cock between her legs before she pulls up the tight-fitting pads. Even though she’s a full eight inches when she’s hard, her cock is actually quite small when she’s not sexually aroused. She gets excited when she pulls her jeans over her pads and can’t see much of a bulge between her legs.

She wears her larger red t-shirt because she’s just going out to dinner and doesn’t want to draw attention to herself. She likes the way it fits loose while still letting her tits show nicely. After putting on her wig and some light makeup, she admires how good she looks in the mirror.

While she’s looking at herself, she gets a subtle thought to take some money with her. She doesn’t question the thought. She just follows it and gets $300 from the cash stash and puts it in her wallet. She slings her purse over her shoulder and she’s ready to go.

“Let’s take your car.” Allie says, “That way Rosy can ride up front with you, since you two are lovers now.”

Jill smiles when she hears that. She thinks how wonderful it is to be in love with Allie and still be lovers with Rosy, and it’s all so open and acceptable to all four people involved.

When she rings Rosy’s doorbell, she’s anticipating her reaction when she sees her new jeans. Rosy immediately notices when she opens the door.

“Jill? What did you do with those jeans?” she asks.

Inside the apartment, Jill twirls herself around in front of Rosie and wiggles her ass. “I didn’t do anything to the jeans,” she says, “I made something for my body. It’s the idea I told you about when we were shopping.”

She pushes her jeans down to her knees to show Rosy her pads. “See what I made? Now we can go out wearing the same jeans.”

“Damn, Jill,” Rosy says, “That’s ingenious! You sewed it all by hand?”

“Yeah, it’s my first time sewing anything. It’s not great. The stitches are already coming out down here, but the next ones will be better when I get the hang of sewing.”

“I wish I woulda known, I have a sewing machine you could borrow.”

“You do? I’d like to borrow it. If my stitches were better, they won’t come out so easily.”

“That’s not why they’re coming apart,” Rosy tells her, “it’s because the jeans rub on them. You need to get another pair of underwear a couple of sizes bigger. Then put the smaller ones inside the larger ones and sew ’em together, then they won’t come apart.”

“That’s a cool idea, Rosy. I would never have thought of that. Why don’t we go to the mall after we eat and buy some?”

Allie breaks in and asks, “Speaking of eating, I’m hungry as hell. Are we ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Jill says, “where should we go?”

“We could just go down to the Melody and say hi to Carla,” Rosy suggests.

They all agree and twenty minutes later they arrive at the Melody Grill all happy and feeling good. Carla waves to them from the kitchen as they walk in. It’s not real busy and when they sit at their table, Carla comes out to say hi.

“Hey girls! I didn’t expect to see you down here tonight.”

“Jill called and asked me to eat with them,” Rosy says, “Did you see her new jeans?”

“No, I just noticed how pretty her little face looks with that wig.”

“Stand up and show her, Jill.”

Jill proudly stands up and twirls as she sings, “Taa-daaaah!”

“Wow!” Carla says, “What a great figure! What did you do?”

After they tell her about the pads, Carla praises Jill for her ingenuity but has to get back to work. When the waitress brings their food, Jill starts to eat, and Rosy stops her.

“Jill,” Rosy says, “don’t take such big bites. Girls take bites half the size as men do. Watch me.”

Jill and Allie watch how Rosy only gets half a fork of food and the dainty way she puts it in her mouth, keeping her mouth closed throughout most of the process.

“I see what you mean,” Jill says.

“I hope you don’t mind me correcting you,” Rosy says, “but I told you I was gonna teach you how to be a girl. If it gets to be too much, just let me know, and I’ll back off.”

“Oh, no,” Jill says, “I want you to correct me. I need to know these things. Who better to learn how to be a girl than an actual girl?”

While they’re eating, Becky, the waitress comes over and whispers in Rosy’s ear, “Carla asked me to ask you to come back to the kitchen before you go.”

“OK, thanks, Becky,” Rosy replies.

When she’s finished eating, Rosy goes back to the kitchen to talk to Carla.

“Becky said you wanted to see me. Is something wrong?”

“No, no, my little Rose. Nothing’s wrong at all. I just noticed you three were getting really friendly with each other out there. I wanted to let you know that if you feel like getting intimate with them later, you can do it with my blessing.”

“We haven’t done anything like that,” Rosy says, “We’re just going to the mall when we leave here to get some things Jill needs for her sewing.”

“Well,” Carla says, “if later on… one thing starts leading to another, and you all start getting horny, go ahead and do what your body wants to do. I trust you and I trust them. I just want you to know you have my permission.”

“Thanks, Carla. I love you so much! Right now we’re just enjoying being friends. I really love having more friends to be with. But, if like you say, we feel like getting intimate, it’ll be nice to know I’m not wearing any chains.”

Rosy gives Carla a hug and another kiss before going back to their table. Jill and Allie are ready to leave and when Rosy returns, Allie leaves a nice tip for Becky, their waitress. They all wave goodbye to Carla as they head out the door.

At the mall, Jill’s thrilled, and tells Allie, “I love having your arm around me.” 

“You two look sexy walking like that,” Rosy says from behind, “It looks like you were born to be together.”

Inside the mall, they go to JC Penney first to get the larger-sized boxer briefs Jill needs for her pads. Allie buys some for herself too. As they walk through the women’s section, they see the designer jeans are still on sale, so Allie buys herself two pairs. When Rosy says jeans go well with every color blouse, Jill says, “I don’t have any blouses. Let’s go look at some.”

Allie tells her, “We should probably be careful how much we’re spending. I don’t have that much cash on me.”

“Oh, that’s not a problem,” Jill says, “I brought three hundred with me. Something told me to bring cash, so I did.”

As they look at the blouses, Rosy’s not impressed. “I don’t like these,” she tells the girls.

“What’s wrong with them?” Jill asks.

“They’re just OK,” Rosy replies, “They’re kinda plain and too high priced. I think we can do better.”

Taking Rosy’s word for it, they leave JC Penney to look in other stores. When they come across a women’s clothing store, they discover Rosy is right. The store has sale banners on the front windows and when they go in, there are racks and racks of cute blouses on sale for $4.99.

Jill likes them so much she buys six and so does Allie. Jill tells Rosy to pick a couple out for herself and Rosy protests, “Oh, no Jill. You already bought me these jeans. I can’t let you pay for anything else.”

“Nonsense!” Jill says. “It’s not that much money, and you saved us more than that by bringing us here. If it wasn’t for you, we would have bought those plain ones at Penney’s.”

“Well, OK,” Rosy gives in, “but this is the last time you buy anything for me.”

They find some nice khaki pants also on sale, so Jill and Allie get themselves a pair. Now that they’ve both got six new blouses, they have to buy shoes to match. They each end up buying two pairs of pumps to match their blouses.

When they get to the fabric store, Jill’s pleased to discover the quilt batting comes in three different thicknesses. She buys three yards of each thickness so she’ll be able to make several pairs.

Leaving the mall with sacks of new clothes, the three girls walk arm-in-arm to the car, happy as can be. The car radio plays a Carole King song, and they all sing along as they ride back to Rosy’s apartment.

When they get there, Rosy asks, “Do you want to come in for a while?”

“Yeah,” Jill says, “I need to get the sewing machine.”

As Rosy gets her sewing machine out of the closet, she tells Jill she doesn’t really know that much about sewing. She took a sewing class in high school and her mom bought her the machine for Christmas that year. As she puts it on the table, she says she’s hardly ever used it since high school.

They’re close together as Rosy shows Jill how to use the machine, and they can’t resist giving each other little kisses. When Rosy finishes telling her about it, Jill says, “I’m sure glad we’re friends.” She gives Rosy a longer kiss and Rosy returns it with a hug and an even longer kiss.

Allie sees the sparks starting to fly and suggests, “I brought a joint with me… you girls wanna smoke some?”

“You wanna get high, Rosy?” Jill asks.

“Why not?” Rosy answers, “We’ve been having so much fun, let’s keep it going,” she giggles.

Rosy and Jill hold hands as they join Allie on the couch, and they’re still holding hands when Allie lights the joint. As they pass it back and forth, Rosy kisses both Allie and Jill but kisses Jill for much longer. Her hand finds a spot on top of Allie’s leg while her other hand creeps inside Jill’s thigh. 

When they finish the joint, Rosy turns to Jill, putting her arms around her and kissing. As Allie runs her fingers through her long hair, she asks, “We’re not going too far, are we Rosy? We don’t want to get you in trouble with Carla.”

“No,” Rosy says, “I won’t get in trouble with Carla. She told me it’s OK with her if we got intimate later on.”

Jill looks her in the eye and asks, “We don’t want you to feel like you have to do anything. Do you feel like getting intimate?”

Rosy is silent for a few seconds before she utters one word, “Yes.”

Jill gives her a deep kiss as Rosy lets her head fall back on the couch. As she’s being kissed, her hand on Allie’s leg slowly creeps towards her growing cock. Feeling Jill’s hand moving up her legs, Rosy opens them so Jill can go wherever she wants.

Rosy’s breathing becomes deeper and faster as Jill turns her on like she did on their double date. As far as she’s concerned, Allie’s not even in the room, even though her hand is now resting on her cock.

Allie knows Rosy’s getting turned on, but doesn’t want to make her feel overwhelmed or forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Not wanting to overstep her boundaries, Allie keeps her desire in check.

Jill’s kissing her more passionately as she senses Rosy’s desire for more. While she’s caressing her tits, she senses Rosy doesn’t feel like having her blouse removed just yet, so she lets her hand fall down between her legs. Rosy takes her hand and presses it against her pussy, and likes it when Jill rubs it through her tight jeans.

Allie runs her fingers through the length of her hair but resists the urge to grab her tits. When Jill runs her fingers along the top of her jeans, Rosy unbuckles her belt and unsnaps her jeans, letting Jill know she wants her inside.

As their tongues roll inside each other’s mouths, Jill unzips her jeans and slips her hand under her panties. Once again, she feels the soft hairs of her bush between her fingers as she presses against the outer lips of her pussy. Rosy can’t sit still as her body squirms to Jill’s touch.

She lets out a series of moans when she feels Jill’s finger rubbing up and down her moist crevice. As her juices begin to flow, her hand fumbles around Allie’s belt buckle, trying to get it undone. Allie’s been patiently waiting for the signal, and when Rosy gives it, she’s eager to give her what she wants.

With Jill’s finger inside her hole, she asks Rosy, “Do you want to go a little further, babe?”

Oh yes,” Rosy pants, “eat me out, sweetheart, lick my pussy for me.”

She raises her ass so Jill can pull her jeans and panties off and puts her feet on the edge of the couch. With her legs spread wide, Jill runs her hands lightly along the insides of her thighs as her tongue dips into the sweet-smelling folds of her female flesh.

Rosy gasps as Jill’s tongue touches her pussy and reaches inside Allie’s panties to grab her cock. Allie helps her out by pushing her pants to her ankles and giving Rosy full access to her cock.

Rosy closes her eyes and lets her head fall back as Jill remembers what Rosy taught her about eating her pussy. She hits all the places Rosy showed her but saves the clit for last. She knows she hit the spot when Rosy’s hips suddenly jerk upwards. “Oh, God!” Rosy yells.

Her hand tightens its grip on Allie’s cock and her thumb rubs the head, coating it with slippery pre-cum. Rosy puts her fingers to her tongue to taste Allie’s secretion, and she wants more. “Let me suck your cock, Allie?” she asks. “Put it in my mouth.”

Allie’s happy to grant her wish and she slips her feet out of her pants and stands on the couch with her cock in front of Rosy’s face. She holds the back of her head so Rosy can lick the end with no strain on her neck. As she gets into her cock sucking, Jill’s getting into eating pussy.

Jill notices a slightly different taste when her tongue touches Rosy’s clit. As tiny as it seems, the tangy taste draws her tongue to it like a magnet. It’s a taste Jill will never forget. As she swirls her tongue around the tiny nub, Rosy scootches forward and puts her legs over Jill’s shoulders.

Allie’s holding her head closer now, pushing most of her cock into Rosy’s mouth. Rosy doesn’t mind a bit as she works her tongue up and down the smooth, velvety skin of Allie’s hard shaft. The newness of having access to cock after she’s been a lesbian all of her sexual life excites her to no end.

Jill’s also engrossed in having access to female pussy as she works her tongue inside Rosy’s hole. Each time she returns to Rosy’s clit she notices it has grown just a bit as it comes out of its hiding place. Each time Jill visits the area, she spends more time there before returning to her wet hole.

Rosy sucks Allie’s cock more passionately as Jill sets her cunt on fire. Allie’s getting close to cumming, but she tries to hold out as long as she can. Rosy’s hips are jerking and bucking to Jill’s tongue and Allie knows it won’t be long.

When Jill has coaxed Rosy’s swollen clit out of its little sheath, she puts her lips around it the best she can and sucks it like a cock. Rosy can hardly take it, and can’t move her head along Allie’s cock. Allie just holds her head, fucking her mouth as she gets lost in her own eroticism.

Jill holds her clit between her lips while flicking her tongue across the top. She gets her reward as Rosy goes over the edge and her cunt spasms delicious orgasmic juices for Jill to lap up. Her mouth falls open as Allie takes her cock out and jacks off into Rosy’s mouth. As the cum shoots into her mouth and down her chin, she squeals with delightful sounds as her orgasm consumes her body.

Even though she just wants to sit back and savor the sensations, she knows she’s going to be expected to fuck now. She gets her mind ready to take off her blouse and bra so the guys can fuck her naked body, but to her surprise, Jill gets up to kiss her and licks the cum off her chin.

Allie puts her arm around her to join Jill and they all three start making out. Rosy remembered what Jill told her about not swallowing all the cum. She has plenty to share as Jill and Allie dip their tongues into her mouth to get their share. After a few minutes of sharing cum and kissing each other, they just lean their foreheads against each other and smile.

Basking in the afterglow of their sex, Jill says, “It’s so nice being together like this, but we should probably think about going.”

“You’re right,” Allie agrees, “we all have to work tomorrow. Thanks for going with us, Rosy.”

“Thanks for calling me. I thought I was going to have another boring Wednesday night,” Rosy says in a spaced-out frame of mind.

“We can spend more Wednesdays together if you want. We don’t have to do anything sexual either unless we feel like it,” Jill tells her.

“You can just come over and eat with us and watch TV. It would be fun,” Allie adds.

After Rosy kisses them goodbye, she flops down on the couch and contemplates what just happened. She feels so good after the sex she just had with them. Her pussy feels so good and the taste of Allie’s cum lingers in her mouth. But mostly, she’s overwhelmed by the kindness and respect they showed her.

She was expecting to have to fuck, even though she didn’t feel like fucking. It was like the girls just knew what she was feeling and respected her feelings. They thought about her more than they thought about themselves.

When Carla gets home from work around midnight, Rosy’s in bed asleep. As soon as Carla gets in with her, she wakes up and wraps her arms around her. “Oh, I love you, Carla, I love you, love you, love you!”

“I love you too, little sister. You’re purring like a kitten… did you have fun with the girls tonight? I smelled pot in the living room, so I figured you three must have got stoned. You never smoke pot alone when I’m not here.”

“Oh yessss… we got stoned and we got intimate afterwards. It was so nice being with them.”

“Did you get fucked?”

“No, they didn’t fuck me. That’s what was so nice. I let Jill borrow my sewing machine, and when I was showing her how to use it, we were close together and couldn’t resist kissing each other.” Rosy explains.

“I can understand that,” Carla says, “you two just got to know each other. You’re gonna be hot for each other for a while.”

“They were so nice, Carla. After we got high we started kissing again, but they didn’t do anything until they asked me if I wanted to first. Would real guys do that?”

“Most of them wouldn’t,” Carla says, “Most of them would just think of you as a pussy they wanted to fuck.”

“Well, I told Jill I wanted her to eat me out., Rosy continues, “And oh, God, did she ever. Jill’s so good at it already, but Allie didn’t do anything until I asked if I could suck her cock. It was all so erotic, those two boy-girls giving me pleasure only after I asked them to.

“After I got off, I figured they were both gonna want to fuck me, and I would have let ’em too, even though I didn’t feel like it after I just had a huge orgasm. But they didn’t expect anything from me. It’s like they knew how was feeling and they thought about me instead of themselves.”

“That’s why we like ’em,” Carla says, “Cuz they’re really girls with cocks. They think just like we do.”

“That’s for sure,” Rosy agrees, “But there’s one thing that worries me a little.”

“What’s that, baby doll?”

“Well… I started thinking about this after they left. I loved it so much, is it possible to love it too much? I mean, I really love being a lesbian and everything, but if I start liking cock too much, will my head change?”

Carla lightly massages Rosy’s pussy with her finger as she tells her,

“That’s a good question. It’s not like you’re loving being with men, real men, I mean. I think it’s maybe like when kids get a new toy, they play with it all the time because it’s new. We got new toys last weekend, so isn’t it natural to want to play with ’em a lot at first?”

Rosy also puts her hand between Carla’s legs and runs her finger in between her pussy lips as she shares, “Maybe… I remember when I first moved in with you. I couldn’t get enough of your pussy. I wanted it every morning and every night. I still do.”

“Yeah, I remember…” Carla replies, “I still want your pussy just as much too. And at the same time… I can’t wait to be with Allie again. We’re feeling things we haven’t felt before. What’s wrong with wanting both?”

“It doesn’t feel wrong at all. Now that I’ve had cock, I want your pussy even more.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” Carla chuckles, “So… if we want each other more after we’ve had cock, that can’t be a bad thing… can it? I think we should do whatever our bodies tell us to do. I’ve got a good feeling about this whole thing.

“I saw how happy you were being with them at the diner tonight, and I feel how happy you are right now.”

“I am happy,” Rosy declares, “happier than I’ve ever been. And I want you more than ever.”

“Well then, let’s keep doing what we’re doing,” Carla says, “Let’s give ourselves permission to play with our new toys all we want, whenever we feel like it, and see where it goes.”

“I’d like that a lot,” Rosy agrees, “cuz that’s what I’m feeling right now. I just needed to know how you felt about it. Since we’re lesbians and they’re girls with male bodies, we just don’t fit into society. People hate us for what we are, and it’s so damn hard to find friends. I think we all need each other, all four of us.”

“Yes, I think you’re right, Rosy. I need you and you need me. We need them and they need us. Something is drawing us towards each other, I’m feeling it as much as you are. We can’t fight it. Let’s trust our intuition and accept it.”

“Mmmm… I’m so in love with you,” Rosy says, “I could just eat your pussy right now. You wanna have your pussy licked?”

“I’d love to baby, but I just got off work and I’m tired. I’m about ready to fall asleep. Why don’t we wait till morning when I can enjoy it more? Just holding you like this is all I need right now.”

As they’ve played with each other’s pussies while they were talking, they drift off to sleep with fingers in each other and sharing sweet kisses.

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