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A TRANS Formation – Chapter 28 – Taking Care Of Business

Monday morning finds four people waking up in states of complete joy. Saturday morning, they were just close friends looking forward to getting together and having some fun. Sunday morning, they had become lovers, especially Jill and Rosy.

After giving their virginity to the opposite sex with each other, they shared things between themselves they never shared with anyone else before. They’ve become more than just lovers, they’re sisters now. Or as Rosy defined it, girlfriends who sometimes will have sex with each other.

Carla and Rosy don’t have to be at work until two o’clock, so when they wake up kissing, they spend an hour rolling around in bed having more sex. They fell asleep last night rubbing each other’s pussies, and this morning their hunger is still strong.

Rosy can’t control her desire as she shimmies between Carla’s legs to lick her luscious folds of feminine flesh. Carla lies on her back with legs wide apart, amazed at how horny Rosy is this morning.

After Rosy gives her a glorious orgasm, she lays Rosy on her back, eager to take her turn as pussy licker. She’s eaten Rosy so many times, she knows exactly what turns her on the most. Since they have plenty of time, her tongue slowly works its way into her secret garden until it finds the entrance to her womb.

She flutters the tip her tongue around Rosy’s glory hole, warming her up before diving in as deep as her tongue will allow. With her tongue in her hole, her nose presses against Rosy’s clit, which is beginning to swell. At just the right moment, Rosy feels Carla’s flat tongue pressing against her pussy as it glides upward to rest against her clitoris.

Rosy remembers Carla eating her out like this many times and she moans to the the thought of what she knows is coming. Carla slowly works her tongue around the shiny knob hiding under it’s little sheath. Rosy’s hips can’t hold still as Carla coaxes her clit to come out from its hiding place.

With Rosy’s chest heaving deep breaths, Carla rolls her tongue in little circles around the shiny little nob of sensitive nerves. She lets out erotic whimpers when Carla sucks on the little girl-cock she knows so well.

“Mmmm… does my little Rosy like what I’m doing?” Carla teases.

“You know I do, big sister, no one can do that like you.”

With her hips bouncing around and Carla’s lips latched onto her fully erect clit, Rosy loses it. As the orgasmic juices flow from her pussy, Carla eagerly licks her pulsating cunt, lapping up the juices of Rosy’s orgasm.

As they kiss a few minutes later in the shower,  Carla tells her, “You’re a lot hornier now that you’ve had cock. I thought you might be.”

“Oh my God, Carla,” Rosy realizes, “I’m horny for more. No one gets me off like you, but now that I’ve had real cock, I just feel so complete.”

“You feel complete, baby, because you are complete,” Carla says, “I feel complete too. It’s cuz we’ve both had cock. As much as I’m a committed lesbian, there’s no denying that our bodies, both of our bodies, need some cock now and then. It’s just nature’s way,  we can’t stop it.”


Allie’s alarm goes off at five-thirty like it always does on a weekday. She grumbles and stumbles into the shower like always, but as she starts waking up, she notices a calmness inside she hasn’t felt before. A calmness that tells her things are exactly the way they should be.

Drying herself off, she smells the aroma of coffee brewing and walks into the kitchen where Jill is singing a Joni Mitchell song as she cooks breakfast. “Good morning, my sweet Jill,” she says as she kisses her.

“Good morning to you, too, my lovely Allie. I feel so good this morning!”

“So do I, babe. It’s like waking up in a new life. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this good before.”

“I know I haven’t,” Jill says, “I feel so girlish. I feel like I’m your wife, and if you didn’t have to go to work, I’d suck your cock right now.”

“You’re the best wife when you’re my wife. And you’re the best husband when you’re my husband. You’re the best of everything, and I love you more than anything,” Allie tells her.

Their conversation goes like that as they eat breakfast and Jill kisses her husband goodbye before he leaves for work. She’s almost jumping up and down with joy as she takes her shower and cleans the kitchen. She doesn’t know what’s gotten into her, but she knows she loves it.

She grabs her diary, sits down at the kitchen table naked, and starts writing. She writes about about everything they did this weekend, as well as the feelings and conversations she shared with Rosy. As she writes, her words express what she’s feeling inside. She giggles as she reads them back to herself.

She ends up writing five pages before realizing she needs to get ready for work. There isn’t enough time for meditation, but still plenty of time to get dressed and make her lunch.

She feels a let-down when she gets into Jerry’s work clothes. Like the time she was getting dressed after her last date with Gary and Steve, she’s starting to resent the time she has to spend being a boy. It’s simply not her anymore, and she feels like a fish out of water; like she did her whole life growing up, trying unsuccessfully to make it as a boy.

Her work day flies by and she doesn’t know how she got so much work done. All she can think about is Allie and Rosy and Carla. Her body automatically performs her duties at work while Jill’s mind is off in another world.

Allie’s waiting at the door when she gets home. “Welcome home, my love,” Allie says as they kiss, “Get out of those boy clothes. I have something to show you.”

“What?” Jill asks.

“Something I just did. Get your girl clothes on before you come in the living room.”

Jill does what she’s told, and when she gets in the bedroom, she notices Allie’s made up the bed with clean sheets and everything looks like it’s been cleaned. She feels so good, she puts on her tits, just because she likes the way they feel. Walking into the living room, everything seems so much brighter and cheery.

Then she sees it. Allie’s put up their new curtains. Not just curtains, but fancy female curtains… draperies, to be exact. So much was going on last night she didn’t think to look at the curtains Allie bought, or the pictures she bought either.

She stands in the middle of the room speechless, as she gazes upon their beautiful semi-sheer linen curtains. They’re off-white with a beautiful yellow-gray tree branch pattern. They match their newly painted walls perfectly, and the blinds behind them allow light to come in while still giving them complete privacy.

“Oh Allie! They’re so beautiful!” she says, “You picked the perfect curtains for our home. Look at this place. New paint, clean carpet, new drapes. This is our home! And it feels like a home!”

“Look at the picture on the wall,” Allie tells her.

Jill turns around and sees a beautiful large picture of different colored daisies hanging above their stereo and TV. “I love it!” Jill shouts.

She runs over to Allie, hugging her and covering her face with kisses. “Thank you, Allie! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Whoa, babe,” Allie says, “I didn’t do this by myself. Carla is the one who picked this stuff out. All I did was hang it up. I didn’t even know what the fuck I was looking at. Carla picked it all out and I just shelled out the cash.”

“She’s so good, Carla is. She has a real talent,” Jill says, “I’m so glad they spent the weekend with us. I feel like our lives have changed. Our lives are changing so fast, I can hardly keep up. All I know is every time something changes, we’re in a better place. I love being in love with you!”

“Come over here and smoke a joint with me, you excited little girl,” Allie says.

Jill puts Joni Mitchell on the stereo before sitting down with Allie to relax with a joint. She starts getting silly as the pot goes to her head and Allie runs her fingers through her hair.

She looks at Allie and says in a girly tone of voice, “Haw-yeee babeeeeeee, what would you like me to cook you for din-din, babeeee?”

“You silly thing!” Allie laughs, “I’ll eat whatever you want to cook.”

She tickles Jill’s armpit and keeps tickling her as she giggles and rolls around in her lap. Pretty soon they’re both tickling each other and laughing up a storm. When things settle down, Jill gets up and cooks dinner while Allie puts their sex-stained sheets in the washer. Times like these, she’s glad they have an extra set of sheets.

While they eat at the table, the conversation turns to more serious matters. Not really serious in a bad sense, but serious if they don’t take care of business. “I’ve got to call Gary tonight about our finances,” Jill says.

“I remember you saying something about that. I forgot all about it with everything we did over the weekend.”

“I didn’t think about it either, cuz we didn’t have to. But the weekend’s over, it’s time to handle our money.”

“We sure spent a lot of money this weekend,” Allie says.

“I know,” Jill replies, “I can’t believe how much I’ve spent on clothes. It’s expensive being a girl. Now I can see why you haven’t saved any of your whore money. Allie has a lot of clothes back there compared to what I have.”

“It adds up,” Allie says.

“I know. Shit… I spent almost six hundred on my whore outfit, but I needed those clothes.”

“You sure did,” says Allie, “But a lot of that six hundred was the wig and your tits. A whore can’t work without a wig and a nice set of tits,” she laughs.

Jill starts laughing too, “Is that what they call the cost of doing business?”

“I dunno,” Allie says, “But you’re a hot looking whore in those clothes and you deserve to have ’em.”

“I spent almost three hundred at the mall yesterday,” Jill remembers, “But I got two dresses, three pairs of shoes, two purses, a wallet, and two pairs of really cool jeans. Oh… and I bought Rosy two pairs of jeans the same as mine.”

“You needed all that stuff, Jill. Once you build up your wardrobe, you won’t be spending so much on clothes.”

“Well, it’s nice we have the money. Speaking of money… I’m gonna call Gary right now so I don’t forget. And after that, I’m going to work on a baby I’m gonna have.”

“A baby?” Allie asks.

“Yeah, remember last week after we read in the book about being the Virgin Mary and getting pregnant with an idea?”

“Oh yeah, now I remember. Like we’re both pregnant right now with the desire to quit our jobs and own our own house?”

“Exactly. Well, when I was trying on jeans with Rosy, none of them fit. They all were baggy from my waist to my knees, cuz I’m so skinny. Rosy said I couldn’t wear them cuz I don’t gave a girl’s body. And then I got an idea and made myself pregnant with it.”

“What idea did you have?”

“I’ll show you after I call Gary and we clean up the kitchen.”

“I’ll clean up the kitchen,” Allie says, “that’s my job. You cooked.”

While Allie’s doing dishes, Jill dials Gary’s number and a nice female voice answers.

“Hello?” the lady says.

“Oh, um… hi… I’d like speak with Gary Savato, please?”

“Sure, Gary’s home. Who shall I say is calling?”

Without thinking, she says, “Um… My name is… Jill.”

As soon as she says her name, Jill, she freaks out inside of her head.

‘Holy fuck!’ she thinks to herself, ‘that’s probably Gary’s wife, and I just fucked her husband last week…. shit! I fuckin’ blew it!’

All these thoughts run through her head in a split second. She’s relieved when the woman says in a very friendly tone of voice,

“Oh… Jill… I know who you are. You were with Gary last week. He told me you might call. And listen, Jill, I know all about what you did with Gary last week. I knew about it before he even met you.

“He had my permission, and he told me all about it. Sounds like you two… I mean… you three… had a great time. We may meet one day. Just a sec… I’ll get Gary for you.”

Jill is speechless as she spoke. She doesn’t know what to say, and she’s glad Gary’s wife did all the talking.

When Gary gets on the phone, Jill tells him she’d like to meet with him to talk about their money. Gary’s glad she called and tells her he’ll come over to the apartment tomorrow night to discuss things.

“Whew!” Jill says as she hangs up, “That started off weird.”

“What happened?”

“His wife answered and asked who was calling, I said it was Jill. I freaked out cuz since I fucked her husband last week, I thought I really fucked up. But she said she knew all about the threesome I had with him and Steve last week. It was like it was OK with her that I was her husband’s whore last week. Then… she said the weirdest thing… she said we might meet one day.”

“Who knows what she meant? As long as she isn’t pissed. I mean, he’s coming over tomorrow night, right?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Maybe I worry too much.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it.” Allie tells her, “You said you were going to tell me about that baby you’re pregnant with. I wanna hear about it.”

“OK, it’s easier to show you than tell you. Wait here, let me change clothes.”

In the bedroom, she strips naked and puts on a pair of the men’s boxer briefs she bought. They fit skin-tight and the legs go half-way down her thighs. She puts on the jeans, grabs the sack with the quilt batting and walks back into the living room.

“Aren’t these cool jeans, Allie?” she shows her, “But they don’t fit worth a shit. See how baggy they are up here?”

“Yeah, they’re nice jeans… if you had a girl’s ass.”

“Here’s my idea,” Jill says.

She pushes her jeans to her knees and says, “See how tight these underwear fit me? I’m gonna sew this padding on the underwear every place I needed to be bigger. When I get it just right, I’ll wear these padded underwear under my jeans, and voila! I’ll have a girl’s ass, a girl’s hips, and I’ll fit in these jeans.”

Allie looks at her for a moment and starts laughing. “You know what Jill? I think that might fuckin’ work. You’re a genius! If this works out, you have to make some for me!”

“If this works, I’ll be happy to make you some. After yesterday, I want start going out more dressed as the girls we are. We just have to figure out how to do it.”

Jill pulls the jeans back up, puts her hand inside, and says, “You show me where I need padding, and I’ll hold my finger on the the spot. You’ll pull the jeans back down and mark it on the underwear.”

They go to work marking up the underwear and a few minutes later Jill has an idea how to cut the padding. She takes the underwear off, puts on her nightgown, and joins Allie back on the couch. As Allie rolls a joint, Jill gets her scissors and starts cutting pieces of batting. 

“Do you know how to sew?” Allie asks.

“I’ve never actually done it, but I’ve seen my mom do it. It can’t be that hard. I mean, just push the needle in and pull it out. This is pretty basic sewing.”

“Well, take a break and smoke this joint with me.”

As they get stoned, they talk about the fun they can have if one of them dresses as a girl when they go out in public. Even simple things like going to the grocery store will be fun going out as a couple.

While Allie watches TV, Jill gets the first layer of padding sewed on. It is slow going at first, but once she gets the hang of it, she uses wider spacing on her stitches, and it goes fairly fast. She puts the padded underwear back on along with the jeans.

“Wow!” Allie says, “What a difference. The legs down here on your thighs fit perfectly. You need more up here on your hips and a lot more back here on your skinny ass. But damn, Jill, this is gonna work!”

“Oh yeah! I knew it would… I mean… I hoped it would,” Jill laughs.

“It’s getting kinda late,” says Allie, “Are you about ready to hit the hay?”

“I can’t, Allie. I’m so excited, I don’t think I can sleep. I wanna keep working on this. Is that OK with you?”

“Sure, I’ll stay up a while longer. We can watch the news until you get tired.”

Jill grabs her scissors and cuts new pieces of batting. By the time the news is over, all her pieces cut and she’s sewing in the hip pieces. Allie’s getting sleepy, but stays by her side as Johnny Carson comes on TV.

An hour later she’s got her second layer sewed on. She knows the butt is still  going to be loose, so she goes ahead and cuts pieces for a third layer on the ass. Allie’s asleep on the couch, but Jill is still wide awake, sewing the third layer on the ass.

Half an hour later, she has it all sewed on. Allie’s sleeping soundly and she doesn’t want to wake her up. She goes into the bedroom to put everything back on. When she puts on her jeans, she has trouble pulling them over the padding.

They’re tight as hell, but that’s just what she wants. When she zips then up, she looks at herself in the mirror and almost starts to cry. Her jeans now fit her like a glove and she has the tight ass and wide hips of a hot, sexy girl.

It’s almost midnight, but she doesn’t care. Her idea is a success! She’s delivered her ‘baby’, and she’s so proud of herself. She runs into the living room to show Allie. Johnny Carson’s saying good night as she gently wakes Allie from her sleep.

“Hey… baby… it’s time to go to bed.” She shakes her shoulder and plants kisses all over her face. It takes a few minutes to get her awake.

“I’m ready to go to bed now,” she tells Allie, “Do you want to see my baby?”

Half asleep, Allie asks, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost midnight,” she says. She’s kneeling on the floor and Allie can’t see she’s wearing her jeans.

“Fuck,” Allie grumbles, “You’ve been up all this time?”

“Yeah… wanna see what I did?”

Before Allie can answer, Jill stands up and says, “Look, Allie. I got a tight girl’s ass!”

Allie stares at her for a moment and says, “Fuck… You did it, baby. You really fuckin’ did it. That looks hot as hell.”

Jill’s so proud as she dances around, wiggling her ass in front of Allie.

“What a figure!” Allie tells her. “It’ll look even hotter with your tits. You’re fucking amazing Jill. You really are.”

She gets up and gives Jill a hug as she grabs her new tight ass. “It even feels like a real ass,” she says.

“This is just the first one,” Jill says, “I know I can do better than this once I know what I’m doing. I’m so excited!”

They kiss for a few minutes, but Allie starts getting sleepy again. This time, Jill’s ready for bed and she’s soon under the covers holding Allie as she sleeps.


Jill gets another idea when she’s at work the next day. An hour before she gets off, she knows Allie will be home, and she calls her from work.

“Hey, Allie, it’s me.”

“Hi, babe, what’s up?

“Can you do me a favor?”

“Of course. You name it. I’ll do it,” Allie says.

“I just got an idea. I need to run to the mall before I come home. Gary’s coming over at seven and I’m not going to have time to make dinner. Would you mind picking up something for us to eat?”

“No problem babe. How does pizza sound?”

“Pizza would be great.”

“What’s your idea?” Allie asks.

“I’ll show you when I get home. You’ll like it. Trust me.”

“I like everything you do. I’ll have pizza and beer waiting when you get home.”

Jill hangs up the phone and finishes her work day. Earlier in the day, she thought it would be cool to wear her new jeans with her padded underwear when Gary comes over, to test his reaction. But she doesn’t have a blouse to wear with it and she needs a belt.

When she gets off work, she rushes to the mall and goes into the first department store, which is JC Penney. She doesn’t have much time to look at blouses, and wearing Jerry’s grubby work clothes, she feels uncomfortable in the women’s section.

Walking towards the belts, she passes a display of women’s t-shirts on sale and figures that will be good enough for tonight. She picks up two red t-shirts in two sizes, just in case she gets the wrong size. She picks out two fancy belts and rushes home.

Allie has the pizza ready when she gets home and she tells Allie she wants to wear her jeans tonight for Gary, to see how he reacts.

“I was half asleep last night when you showed them to me, but I remember you looked fuckin’ hot.”

“As soon as I’m done eating, I’m going to change and you can see me when you’re wide awake. This pizza is really good, by the way. The beer tastes good too, we haven’t had much beer around lately.”

“I know,” Allie says, “I used to have beer in the fridge all the time, but the more I feel like a girl, the less I want to drink beer. Girls don’t like beer.”

It’s six-fifteen when she finishes eating and starts getting changed. As she puts on her padded underwear, she thinks, ‘what am I gonna call these? Let’s see, boxer briefs with padding… hmmm… I got it… pads!… I’m putting on my pads!’

She feels sexy pulling her jeans up over her ‘pads’. She puts on her bra with her slut tits, and tries on the t-shirts, praying she got the right size. One fits her comfortably loose, while the other fits sexy-tight.

She goes with sexy-tight because her tits stick out so nicely. The beaded belt looks perfect around her skinny waist when she tucks in her t-shirt. She puts on a little light makeup before putting on her wig.

She looks so hot in the mirror. She’s excited because she looks sexy without looking slutty. She looks classy and feels classy. She bought a pair of light-red pumps with Rosy on Sunday, and they look perfect when she slips her bare feet into them.

Walking into the living room, she asks, “How do I look, Allie?”

“Holy shit, babe. You look hot as hell. You’ve got a great figure with the stuffing in your jeans.”

“I’m gonna call these my ‘pads’. It was my idea, I made myself pregnant with that idea, and this is what my baby looks like!

“It’s just like it said in the book. I held the idea in my mind, and everything I needed to do to make it happen just came to me, like magic!”

“Dang,” Allie says, “I just made myself pregnant.”

“Oh, you did…? How are you pregnant, Allie?”

“I’m pregnant with the idea that my sweetheart Jill will make a set of pads for me!”

“That’s a great idea. I predict you’ll be having that baby real soon. These are so cool!”

As they talk about how cool the pads are, they lose track of the time. The ringing of the doorbell tells them it’s seven o’clock, and Gary is at the door.

“Oh shit!” Allie says, “I was gonna put on a better dress.”

“Well, go do it,” Jill says, “I can talk to him while you change. It won’t take that long.”

As Allie runs to the bedroom, Jill goes to the front door to welcome Gary.

“Hi Gary!” she says, “Thanks for coming over.”

“My pleasure, Jill… Wow! Don’t you look lovely tonight?”

“Thank you,” she says as she hugs him and gives him a kiss, “I just got these jeans on Sunday.”

“They’re really nice. You’ve really got a nice figure, I didn’t notice it the other night.”

“I can’t lie to you, this isn’t my real figure. I’ve got padding underneath.”

“Damn! I like it. Next time we have a date, will you show up like that?”

“For you? I think I can do that. I was worried when I called last night and told your wife my name.”

“Oh, there’s nothing to worry about with Gina. I told you, she knew I was seeing you.”

“Yeah, but I forgot that when she asked me who was calling. She sounded real friendly. What did she mean when she said we might meet sometime?”

“Oh… I was going to ask you about that. I was telling her how great you were with me and Steve. I was gonna ask if you’d consider doing a threesome with me and Gina?

“I’ve got this fantasy I’ve always wanted to have with her. She’s not sure she wants to do it, but she’s thinking about it. It all depends, of course, if you’d consider it.”

“Wow, that would be different. I think I’d consider doing it. I’d be leaning towards yes, I’d probably do it. It’s all sex, right?”

Just then, Allie walks in the room wearing a stuffed bra and a pretty flower-patterned dress. “You know my girlfriend Allie, don’t you, Gary?” Jill says.

“Hi, Allie,” Gary says, “I don’t actually ‘know’ you, but we had some fun at the Club once, I remember it was very nice.”

Instead of shaking his hand, Allie gives Gary a hug and says, “Ah… yes. I remember. It was as much fun for me as it was for you. Jill tells me we need to know a few things about handling our money.”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here. You might not realize it, but you and Jill are loved by everyone at the Club, and we all want the best for you. Unfortunately, what we’re all doing isn’t exactly 100% legal. It’s not that big of a deal if you know a few things. If you don’t, you could get into a lot of trouble. None of us wants to see that happen.”

“So, where do we start?” Jill asks.

“Why don’t we sit at the table. This is gonna be boring, but you need to know it.”

Sitting around the kitchen table, Gary goes over what’s illegal about what they’re doing, and how they can avoid penalties from a tax standpoint.

“The IRS collects taxes on your income,” he tells them, “they don’t care so much how you get it, as long as you pay taxes on it. How much do you make at your day jobs?”

Jill tells him together, both of their paychecks are $200 a week. Gary asks them how much cash they have right now. Jill tells him they’ve got just over $5000 in the apartment right now.

“Do you see the problem?” Gary asks, “If you put that money in a bank account, how do you explain making $5000 deposits when you’re only legitimately making $800 a month between the two of you?”

“So what do we do?” Allie asks.

“Well, maybe you can create some kind of cash business where you can claim profits. The money you have right now, you can say you’ve been saving. But much more than that, it gets risky.

“You can say you’re living together to save money, and you scrimp and save half your income every month. You should each open a savings account and put $200 in it each month. That would be half your legitimate income.”

“I can open an account for each of you at my firm if you want. You’ve got $5000, let’s put $2000 in each account to start with. I’ll invest it for you and you’ll make some income on it. You’ll have $1000 left, put $400 of that in savings accounts.

“I don’t advise keeping a lot of cash in your home, but until we can figure out how to justify it, it’s your only option. Only write checks for your rent and utility bills. Use cash as much as you can.”

“What about getting busted for prostitution?” Allie asks.

“Steve could tell you more about that than I can. But basically, if you’re not creating a scene, no one’s gonna bother you. Everything you do with the Club is private and discreet. The police aren’t looking for girls like you. They’re looking for street hookers.

“So… would you like me to set up an account for each of you pretty ladies?”

Allie and Jill both agree it’s in their best interest, so they spend the next half hour filling out paperwork. Gary tells them so much more as they’re filling out all the forms, and both girls agree they owe him a lot for the advice he just gave them.

After Jill gives him $4000 from their cash stash, she puts her arms around him and says, “You’ve really opened our eyes and maybe even saved us from a world of hurt. Can we pay you for your time?”

“Oh, no Jill… You two are special friends. I can’t charge you for this.”

Jill gives him a kiss and grabs his cock. “I’m not talking about money, honey.” she says, “I’m talking about giving you some of our services, cuz you gave us some of yours. Are you horny baby?”

“I wasn’t when I walked in, but I’m getting that way now. You look so hot with that tight ass, I don’t even care if it’s padded,” Gary says.

“Allie,” Jill says, “I think we need to pay the man.”

“Yeah, we need to show him our appreciation,” Allie answers.

They each take one of Gary’s arms and Allie says, “Come with us. We’d like to thank you.”

As they walk through the living room, Gary sniffs his nose.

“Is that a faint odor of pot I smell?”

“It is,” Jill says, “Do you like weed, Gary?”

“I like it, but I only do it once in a while,” he says.

“Well,” Jill says, “Would you like to make this a ‘once in a while’ moment?”

“Hmmm…” he thinks, “It would be kinda nice.”

“Gettin’ stoned while you’re gettin’ sucked? How does that sound?” Allie tempts.

“Fuck, yeah!” Gary accepts.

They take Gary to the couch and sit him in the middle. Allie gets the stash box and rolls up a number while Jill sits on his side, rubbing his crotch. Gary and Jill start making out until Allie lights the joint. When Gary turns to take the joint, Jill gets on the floor and takes off his pants.

“Damn, girls,” Gary says, “this is turning into a good joint.”

Jill takes his cock, which is already hard, into her mouth and bobs her head up and down it as Gary sucks a huge hit off the weed. Allie kisses him and reaches down to play with his balls as Jill sucks.

Jill notices she can’t move around as much in tight jeans as she can in a dress. As she sucks his cock, she hopes he’ll want to fuck Allie. She really doesn’t want to have to take off her jeans.

When the joint is half-smoked, Allie puts it on a clip and hands it to Gary. “Finish this,” she says and gets on the floor with Jill. Gary’s going crazy as he smokes the joint with both girls running their tongues up and down his cock.

The girls are getting off licking up his hard shaft and kissing each other when they get to the top. They take turns swallowing his cock until Allie deep throats him while Jill sucks his balls into her mouth. Gary’s never been sucked by two mouths at the same time and he’s having a hard time holding his rocks.

“Damn,” Gary pants, “You’re gonna make me cum any second.”

“Not yet,” Allie says, “Just hold that thought.”

She runs into the bedroom to get the lube while Jill licks his balls. Allie takes her panties off in the bedroom and comes back to the living room with the lube. She spreads the slippery fluid along his shaft, lifts up her dress, and straddles herself over Gary.

Without saying a word, Allie guides his cock to her hole and lowers her ass over it. Gary lets out a moan as his cock slides up into Allie’s ass. She pumps him slowly at first, then picks up the pace as Gary closes his eyes and lets his head fall back. She squeezes her ass muscles around him as she kisses him.

“Oh, baby… Oh, baby… Oh, baby…” he moans. Allie sits down on him and squeezes herself around him as tight as she can. As she slowly raises her ass up, she pops his valve.

“Ahhhhhh… fuck!” Gary grunts, as he explodes inside Allie’s warm puss.

She keeps pumping him nice and slow until he goes soft. She tells him, “Jill told me how good your cock was, I had to feel it for myself. Jill was right, you’ve got a very nice cock.”

She gives him another kiss before she gets off, and Gary says, “Oh God, thank you, both of you.”

“You don’t have to thank us,” Jill says, “We were just thanking you. C’mon sweetie, let me clean you up.”

Washing his cock in the bathroom, Jill tells him, “I hope we didn’t ruin Gina’s fun later.”

“I dunno,” he says, “I hope I can get it up again for her. You girls really did a number on me. But I’m not complaining. I’ve never had two girls on my cock before. That was a righteous experience.”

“Well, you earned it. The information you gave us is worth more than anything we could do for you.”

“We’ll talk about it more as time goes on,” Gary tells her, “Try to think of some kind of business you could start out of your home. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just something we could say you make money on.”

“I can’t think of anything right now,” Jill says, “but I’ll keep thinking about it.”

As Gary grabs his briefcase and walks to the door, the girls have their arms around him and kiss him before he leaves.

“That was fun,” Jill says.

“Fun and educational. We learned a lot. Gary’s a smart dude,” Allie says.

“And just think,” Jill says, “now we’ll each have money in a stock account and a savings account. We’re saving for our future.”

“He really liked you in those jeans,” Allie compliments, “I can’t blame him. I like looking at you, too.”

“Yeah, I think these pads are going to work great. I can’t wait to show Rosy. Once I get my sewing down, I’ll make some for you. Right now, I just wanna take ’em off and get into my nightgown.

“Wearing pads isn’t as comfortable as just panties, but damn, we’ll be able to have female figures when we dress to go out in public now. This could open up a whole new world for us.”

It’s almost ten o’clock when she joins Allie on the couch. Allie’s warmed up the pizza, and they eat another slice and drink a beer while watching TV. After another joint, they’re both tired, especially Jill. She was wide awake till midnight last night, working on her ‘pads’, and her body feels it.

Holding each other in bed, they both feel a new sense of security, now that they’ve learned about managing their money. As Allie falls asleep, Jill’s mind is busy making herself pregnant again. Pregnant with the idea of finding a way to create a business. She doesn’t know what it will look like, but she knows if she keeps the idea in her head, the universe will show her the way.

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