A TRANS Formation – Chapter 26 – Double Date

Jill and Allie have been looking forward to this Saturday for a while now. Tonight they’re finally going on a date with their lesbian friends, Carla and Rosy. Waking up on the couch with their morning coffee, Jill tells Allie, “I feel so good today. It’s nice we don’t have much to do. We need to go grocery shopping and do a little house cleaning, but that’s about it.”

“Yeah, we needed a break, babe. We’ve been burning the candle at both ends, especially you.”


“What do you mean, especially me?” Jill laughs.

“Yes, you… you little whore. You got fucked Thursday night by two gorgeous guys, you lucky slut.” Allie laughs back.

“Well, I’ll have to admit,” Jill says, “That was a great fuck, but it didn’t burn me out. It gave me energy.”

While they’re out for breakfast, they decide to kill some time at the mall shopping for things to redecorate their freshly painted apartment. They walk around and look in several stores, but can’t find anything they like. They’re basically a couple of guys looking for girl’s stuff. Feeling totally inadequate, they come home empty-handed.

It’s about three-thirty when they get back home. While they relax for a few minutes, Allie rolls joints so they’ll be ready when they need them tonight. Jill sits on the couch, quietly thinking about being with Rosy tonight.

Allie notices her quietness and asks, “Whatcha thinking about, babe? You’re kinda quiet.”

“I don’t know, really. I’m just getting a little nervous about tonight.”

“Nervous about what? You’ve been wanting to fuck Rosy and she’s been wanting to fuck you. I mean, tonight’s your big night.”

“I know. I guess I’ve built myself up so much about it, I hope it’s not a let-down. I mean, I love men so much now, will I like actually like going to bed with a real girl as much as I do men?

“Only one way to find out.” Allie says, “You’ll have to sleep with her. I know you’ll love it. Trust me, I know you.”


Across town, Rosy’s as nervous as Jill. “I’m getting butterflies, Carla.” she worries, “It’s really going to happen and I’m worried I won’t live up to Jill’s expectations.”

“Jill’s as horny for you as you are for her.” Carla assures her, “Of course you’ll live up to her expectations.”

“I hope she likes what I’m wearing. Do you think this is the right dress to wear?”

Carla puts her arms around her and says, “Listen, my little Rosebud, You’re a hot little girl with a hot little body. Jill’s gonna love you no matter what you wear. I think she already loves you and I think you love her. That’s what you’re worried about, isn’t it? Loving someone isn’t the same as being in love with someone.

“I told you before, this won’t affect our love for each other when it’s over. We’ll still be in love next week, we’ll still be lesbians, and you’ll know what it feels like to be fucked with a real cock. Relax Rosy. This is your night, enjoy it.”

“Thanks, big sister. I guess I needed to hear that. You’re right. I wanna get fucked by Jill, and I wanna enjoy it.”


Allie has just finished telling Jill basically the same thing. Jill was really worried about hurting her relationship with Allie if she feels love for Rosy.

“Baby,” she tells her, “I want you to enjoy yourself to the max tonight. I guarantee you, me and Carla are going to have fun with each other. And if I feel like I love her tomorrow morning, it doesn’t mean I’m not still in love with you. I’ll always be in love with you, nothing can change that. Now c’mon, let’s get ready. We’ve got a couple hot babes to bang tonight.”

“Thanks Allie. I’ll always be in love with you. I guess that’s what I was worried about. I’m ready to get ready now. And I can’t wait to get Rosy in bed with me.”

Jill washes her face to refresh herself and puts on Jerry’s best clothes. She starts feeling like a boy when she sees Allie wearing Allen’s best clothes and putting her hair in a ponytail. She thinks about wearing a headband but decides to leave her hair girl-style.

“Well babe? Are we ready?” Allie says when they’re dressed.

“If you’ve got the joints, I guess we’re ready. Give me a kiss first. I need one.”

Twenty minutes later, Carla greets them at the door.

“Hey you guys! C’mon in. We’re calling you guys tonight, I hope you don’t mind.”

“We don’t mind at all,” Allie says, “We intend to be guys tonight. You look stunning, by the way.”

Carla indeed looks stunning. They’ve never seen either girl decked out to go dancing and Carla is wearing a sexy short dress that shows off her great figure. She pushes her tits into Allie as they embrace in a kiss. She moves to Jill, who’s been shyly standing by the door.

Pressing her tits against her, she tells Jill, “Rosy’s almost ready. She’s just finishing her makeup. She wants to look just right for you.”

“Have a seat, guys, I’ll go check on Rosy.”

In the bedroom, Rosy’s still fussing over her makeup. “C’mon Rose, you look beautiful. Jill’s not going to see any flaws in your face. It’s time to be with your lover.”

Rosy nervously gets up and walks out with Carla. “Here she is, Jill. She’s a little nervous.”

Rosy looks absolutely beautiful to Jill as she walks over to hug her. “Don’t worry, Rosy. I’m a little nervous too.” she says, “You look beautiful.”

When they kiss, there are instant sparks between them. They’re both nervous, but they both know what they’ll be doing later. 

Allie breaks in and says, “Do we want to smoke a joint before we get going?”

“Great idea.” Carla says, “Let’s loosen up a little bit.”

A couple hits of marijuana help Jill and Rosy relax. By the time they finish the joint, their legs are pressing against each other and they’re feeling each other’s desire.

They’re holding hands in the back seat of Allie’s Mustang, but inside they’re as nervous as a couple of high school kids on their first date. On the way to the restaurant, their lips are drawn to each other like a magnet, and when they touch, the electric energy they felt last week starts to ignite.

Jill’s tongue slowly tip-toes its way to the edges of her inner lips and waits for Rosy’s tongue to join her. She’s not forcing her way in, she’s asking for permission. Rosy’s tongue timidly moves forward until it reaches the tip of Jill’s.

When their touching lips part to welcome each other’s tongue, Rosy puts her hand on Jill’s waist and Jill’s hand finds a comfy spot just under Rosy’s breasts.

As they make their way to the restaurant, the tips of their tongues engage in a delicate little dance, not wanting to go too far too fast. This is the final night they’ll be virgins to the opposite sex, and they want to savor and enjoy every moment.

As Allie pulls into the restaurant parking lot, Carla turns around to the back seat, “How are you kids doing back there?” They break their kiss and just smile at her, not saying a word as they get out of the car. Walking into the restaurant arm-in-arm, they’re feeling much more comfortable than they did at the apartment.

As they enter the restaurant, Carla says, “Gee, you guys, you didn’t have to bring us to such a fancy place.”

“What do you mean?” asks Allie, “You don’t think you’re worth it? Me and Jill think you’re worth it.”

Allie asks the hostess to seat them at a booth, so they can sit close to each other. When they order drinks, the girls order wine and the guys get a beer. Jill starts feeling her masculine side as she drinks beer for the first time in a long time.

As they enjoy their dinner, the lesbian girls are impressed with the delicious-tasting food and the excellent service of the staff. They’re used to the atmosphere of the Melody Grill, and although it’s a nice little diner, it isn’t even close to the level of dining they are enjoying at the moment.

Jill would normally be impressed too, but since she’s been dating some very rich men, she’s experienced dining in some of the finest restaurants in town. She’s becoming accustomed to this lifestyle and she likes it a lot. She’s so thankful she and Allie have the means to treat their lesbian friends to a glimpse of the finer things in life.

Carla remarks, “Ain’t this a classy place, Rosy?”

“No kidding,” she answers, “I bet the tips are good in here.”

Carla starts to wonder out loud, “I’ve always dreamed of having a place like this, Rosy. I mean… a restaurant of our own. Maybe not this fancy, but something we could say is ours.”

“Well, with the piddly amount of money we make,” Rosy laughs, “fat chance that’s ever gonna happen. Some months we have a hard time just paying our rent.”

Jill butts in, “Hey you two! Don’t think like that. It’s healthy to have a dream. And if you hold that dream long enough, it just might happen. You can’t see it now, but anything can happen if you just get out of the way and let it come to you.”

As the conversation flows, Allie tells them how they just got their walls painted and carpets cleaned this week. She tells the girls, “Now our walls are a pretty girly color, but we’re having trouble figuring out how to redecorate it so look like a girl’s home.”

“We went to the mall today,” Jill says, “but we couldn’t find shit. Our boy-brains keep fucking us up.”

“I bet we can help you.” Rosy says, “You’ll have to take us shopping with you. We love to shop.”

They enjoy talking about it until they finish their exquisite meal and the waitress brings the check. The bill is $85 and Jill lays $100 on the table. 

“Are we ready to go?” she says.

“Don’t you have to pay at the cash register?” Rosy asks.

“Nope.” Allie says, “They don’t have a cashier. You just put your money on the table and leave it if you don’t want change.”

Rosy and Carla are very impressed as they leave the restaurant. When they get in the car, Carla says, “Thank you guys. That was the best meal I’ve ever had.” She leans over to kiss Allie, and it turns into a long, deep kiss.

In the back seat, Jill and Rosy are embracing in a deep kiss of their own. Their tongues don’t cautiously enter each other’s mouths this time. Permission has already been given and their tongues plunge into each other as soon as their lips come together.

They can’t keep their hands off each other as they drive to the first nightclub. Their kisses become deeper and Rosy puts Jill’s hand against her breast, letting her know her tits are not off-limits. Jill kisses her with more passion as she gently fondles her tits.

In a few minutes they arrive at The Fever, a club they’ve heard a lot about, but could never go as a same-sex couple. Walking in as two straight couples, they see the place is packed. There isn’t an empty table anywhere.

Allie has her hand on Carla’s ass as they walk through the crowd. Rosy can tell she likes it by the way she’s wiggling her nice ass and holding her arm around Allie.

“Are we ever going to find a table?” Rosy asks when the band stops playing.

“I dunno,” Allie says, “shit, it’s only eight o’clock and it’s this packed already?”

The band starts playing a slow song and Allie suggests, “Hey, if we can’t find a table, why don’t we go out on the dance floor?”

They all agree and they’re soon embracing each other as the band plays a slow number. Rosy rests her head on Jill’s shoulder as they move to the music. Jill feels her tits pressing against her and she puts a hand on her ass.

They’re both in heaven as Jill runs her fingers through Rosy’s beautiful long hair. They’ve never been this close to the opposite sex like this and they’re anxious to catch up on what they’ve been missing out on. As the song ends they give each other a kiss before the band plays a faster song.

Rosy gets into enticing Jill with her body language, shaking her tits and backing her ass up against Jill’s cock. They’re both getting turned on and Jill’s cock twitches inside her pants.

Across the dance floor, Allie and Carla are having a great time too. Carla’s shaking her tits and wiggling her ass as she dances. After a few tunes, they get back together and try to find a table. Still having no luck, they decide to move on to the next bar.

Back in the car, Carla gives Allie a kiss much longer and deeper than before. She moans a bit and Rosy can hear a ‘Mmm’ coming from her as she settles back in her seat.

She smiles at Jill and leans forward for a kiss. Feeling more confident now, Jill plays with Rosy’s tits as she kisses her. Their arms are soon wrapped tight around each other as they ride to the next bar.

When they get to the next club, the Blue Horizon, the parking lot’s full. Allie finally finds a space near the back, and they get out to start the long walk to the entrance of the club.

“Fuck,” Allie says, “I bet this place is as crowded as the Fever club was.”

“I know,” says Carla, “It’s only nine-thirty, and it’s only gonna get more crowded.”

“Well, we’re here,” Allie says, “We might as well go in and see what it looks like.”

Once inside, the place is more packed than the last place. Since there’s virtually no chance to get a table, they go out on the dance floor. This is a true disco bar. Instead of a band, they have a smart-assed DJ on a small stage telling stupid jokes and playing records.

They dance to a few songs, but there are so many people it’s hard to even dance without bumping into everyone around them. Finally, the DJ plays a slow song and the two couples are close to each other as they dance.

Rosy’s hanging on to Jill now like they’ve been together for years. Jill has both of her hands on her ass and one of Rosy’s hands is on Jill’s crotch. They gaze into each other’s eyes and they’re kissing most of the time.

Carla sees Rosy’s acceptance of Jill and knows she’s ready for sex. She whispers in Allie’s ear, “I think the kids are about ready to be sent to their room.”

“Yeah,” Allie replies, “you wanna get out of here?”

“Let me talk to Rosy,” she answers.

When the song ends, Carla says to Rosy, “I need to pee. Let’s go to the ladies’ room.”

Once they get in the large, crowded ladies’ room, Carla takes Rosy to a corner where they can talk with some privacy. “How-ya feeling my little Rose?”

“I’m feeling good. Too bad we can’t find a table.”

“No, I mean, how are you feeling with Jill? Are you ready to be alone with her?”

“You mean like in the bedroom?”

“Yes, my sweetie. Are you ready to go to bed with her? Cuz it looks to me like you are, the way you’ve been hanging on her.”

“Yeah, I think I’m ready. But I’m still a little nervous, I can’t lie to you.”

“Just let things flow, baby.” Carla tells her, “And remember, Jill’s gonna be as nervous as you are. And I’ll tell you something else… Jill’s never seen a pussy, and she’s not going to know how to eat you like I do. If you want her to do it like you want, you’re going to have to give her a little tour of your lady parts.

“Remember when you were learning to eat my pussy? How I took your finger and showed you where I like to be licked? You’ll have to show Jill what you like.

“And listen, we’re not lesbians tonight. We’re just a couple horny chicks looking to get laid. I want it as bad as you do. We’ll be lesbians again when we get home.

“These guys we’re with aren’t real guys.” Carla says, “They’re girls with very nice cocks and they’re our friends. They can become intimate friends if we want. If this goes right, this won’t be the last time we do this. Tonight, let’s let our bodies have a real cock and enjoy every luscious moment.”

Rosy gives Carla a hug and says, “Thanks, Carla. I needed to hear that. Let’s go get laid.”

As they hug, Rosy gives Carla a big kiss, forgetting where she is. Carla breaks off the kiss as fast as she can, but it’s too late. They turn around and see about a dozen girls giving them dirty, disgusting looks. Going to the exit of the crowded ladies’ room feels like a ‘Walk of Shame’.

They hear one of the girls say, “What the fuck?” Others are sneering at them, saying “Ewww, how disgusting!” As they walk out the door someone yells, “Fuckin’ dykes!”

Rosy is embarrassed but Carla is defiant. She yells back into the bathroom, “Fuck You… Bitches!”

Another voice yells back at them, “Get the fuck outta here, you fuckin’ dykes!”

They find the guys and Carla tells Allie, “Let’s get the fuck outta here!”

Carla is pissed as they walk to the car. Allie lights a joint when they get in and Carla tells them happened in the ladies’ room. She calms down as she hits the joint and lets off some steam.

Allie says, “Well, we can be thankful we can always go to The Mixx. These clubs are so fuckin’ packed, I don’t know how anyone can have a good time.

“How about we call it a night for dancing and go to our place. Are you girls ready for some real fun?”

“Oh, yes we are.” Carla says defiantly, “We know what we want, and we’re not gonna play games with you guys like those fucked-up, straight asshole bitches in that fucked-up straight bar.”

Jill and Rosy didn’t say much while Carla was blowing off steam. As soon as the car starts, they start kissing each other with passion. They know the moment’s getting close.

Walking in the apartment, both couples have their arms around each other and holding each other close. Carla’s calmed down and in a romantic mood. As she and Allie walk down the hall, they walk just past the girls’ bedroom and turn around to face Jill and Rosy.

“OK, you little lovebirds,” Carla says as she opens the bedroom door, “This is as far as you go. You two go in there and have fun with each other. We’ll see you in the morning.”

Allie gives Jill a couple of joints as she pushes her into the bedroom with Rosy. When the door closes behind them, Jill and Rosy look at each other and smile. They embrace and just hold each other for a minute or two.

“Well,” Jill says, “Here we are. This is what we’ve been wanting for.”

“Are you nervous?” Rosy asks.

“Yeah, a little bit. This is the first time I’ve been with a girl alone like this. Are you nervous?”

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous, too. This is my first time alone with a man.”

“Well, at least we’re starting out in the same place.” Jill says, “Let’s just take our time, we’ve got all night. You know? I liked you the very first moment I saw you. I never dreamed I’d ever be alone with you like this.”

“I’ve always liked you too,” Rosy says, “but I never thought about having sex with you until we showed you our tits that night. That really turned me on. I’ve wanted you ever since.”

Jill hugs Rosy and runs her fingers through the length of her dirty blonde hair. “I just love your long hair. I can’t wait for mine to grow this long. Long hair really turns me.”

“You’ll look beautiful in long hair, Jill. You’re already beautiful right now.”

When Rosy says that, Jill pulls her tight, pushing her lips into Rosy’s. Rosy parts her lips to allow Jill’s tongue to enter at will. Jill notices how much smaller and petite Rosy is compared to Allie. Lightly stroking her face with the back of her fingers, she relishes the sensation of her soft female skin.

Rosy’s thinking the same thing as Jill, noticing how much stronger Jill’s embrace feels compared to the way Carla embraces her. She feels safe and secure in Jill’s arms as she’s being kissed.

Their lips part and their tongues playfully dance together as they gaze into each other’s eyes.


In the living room, Allie senses some tension still in Carla and lights up a joint. As they smoke, Carla says, “I’m sorry I got so pissed at the club. It just pisses me off to be looked down on like that just because I love another woman.”

“I know how you feel. It’s worse when guys love each other. If we had done that in the men’s room, they would have beat the shit out of us.”

“It’s not fucking fair,” Carla complains.

“No, it’s not. But at least we’re honest with ourselves and we don’t fight who we are. I’ve never been happier in my life since I fell in love with Jill.”

“I’m so happy with Rosy, too. You two look as happy as we are. I love the color you painted your walls, by the way. How much did it cost to have them painted?”

“It was free. The landlord had it done for us.”

“Really? You must have a nice landlord. Ours would never do that.”

Allie laughs, “Well, we had the bribe him to get it done.”

“What? How do you bribe a landlord?”

“Well, our landlord likes fucking ass. I fucked him to get the walls painted, and Jill fucked him to get the carpets shampooed. We can be crafty little bitches when we want something.”

Carla starts laughing, “Boy, it must be nice to use sex like that. I wouldn’t mind an arrangement like that… with a woman, of course. Any woman can do that with a man, but I don’t think I could. I can’t stand to be around men too long. It’s why I’m lesbian now.”

Carla smiles and puts her hand on Allie’s cock. “But I still remember a few good things about men I like.”

Allie puts her hand against Carla’s tit and kisses her. The joint has gotten them both pretty stoned and as soon as their lips touch, Carla forgets all about her rants and lets her horny side take over. Allie holds her tighter and as their tongues dive into each other’s mouth, igniting their passion.


Jill and Rosy are kissing more passionately as their desire for each gets stronger. Their hands are grabbing each other’s ass as their lips lock together for minutes at a time. Jill loves being able to run her hands across Rosy’s tits whenever she feels like it.

Rosy has now given her permission to do anything she wants with her, and she appreciates the respect Jill shows her as their passion builds.

She runs her hand up Jill’s chest and begins to unbutton her shirt. Jill follows her lead and begins to unbutton the top few buttons of her one-piece dress. Rosy puts her hand inside Jill’s shirt to feel her bare skin. She takes a deep breath when Jill puts her hand inside her dress and cups her bra.

“Oh God, Rosy, you’re turning me on so much.” Jill pants.

“You’re turning me on just as much.” Rosy responds, “Let me take your shirt off.”

As Rosy removes Jill’s shirt, Jill unbuttons Rosy’s dress down to the belt and Rosy lets her dress fall to her waist. Jill takes her back in her arms and kisses deeper and with more passion than before.

Rosy’s breathing becomes deep and hurried as she feels herself wanting to be dominated by Jill. She lets her head fall back as Jill kisses her up and down both sides of her neck and under her chin. She goes lower until her lips are brushing against her pretty blue-laced bra. It’s so thin Jill’s lips can feel her nipples as she kisses them.

“Oh baby,” Rosy says, “Take off my bra. My tits want to be free for you.”

Since Jill wears bras herself, she has no trouble getting the three mini-hooks in back free with one hand as she kisses her. She lets it hang by the shoulder straps as she takes Rosy’s beautiful little tits into her hands.

As she plays with them Rosy anxiously unbuckles Jill’s belt.


The couple in the living room has not been as patient. Carla’s only wearing panties as she kneels on the floor pulling Allie’s panties off. As her cock springs free, Carla gobbles it up like her favorite piece of candy.

“I always loved sucking cock before I turned lesbian,” she tells Allie.

“Mmmm… I’m so glad you like sucking my cock,” Allie says, as she watches Carla pulling her foreskin down below her head. Allie moans as Carla’s fond memories from her cock sucking days come back to her.

She pauses for a moment to tell Allie, “You and Jill both have such nice cocks.” she says, “and it’s so special that you both think like girls. That’s why I’m attracted to you and Rosy’s attracted to Jill. It’s because you’re really girls. I really believe that.”

“Jill and I are attracted to you and Rosy not only because you’re such a fine woman physically and mentally.” Allie replies, “We’re attracted to you because you accept us for what we are. We can be our female selves when we’re with you.”

They stop talking as Allie moves her butt to the edge of the couch and Carla forgets all about being lesbian and feasts on her gorgeous cock. She runs her tongue up and down her hard shaft and taking it all the way into her mouth. “Oh God, Carla…” Allie gasps.


As Rosy unzips Jill’s pants, her hand reaches in to touch the beautiful cock she sucked a few weeks before. Jill’s arousal goes to a level she’s not been before. She unbuckles the belt around Rosy’s waist and her dress drops to the floor. She helps Rosy remove her pants, then kneels on the floor to roll Rosy’s nylons down her smooth lady legs. They they embrace in a deeper kissing session in the middle of the floor, each of them wearing only panties.

“You wanna get on the bed?” Jill asks.

“Yes, baby. I wanna go to bed with you. You’re being so sweet to me, Jill, this is better than I imagined it would be.”

After Jill pulls the bedspread and blankets to the foot of the bed, she lights a scented candle and turns off the lights. Rosy crawls up on the bed, eager to experience the next erotic phase of their lovemaking. She lies on her back and spreads her legs slightly as Jill kisses her belly button and works her way up her tummy, anxious to put her mouth around her tits and suck her hard nipples.

Rosy runs her fingers through Jill’s hair as she buries her face in her tits. Sucking her nipples is turning Jill on like she’s never been turned on before. Rosy lies there writhing in a state of ecstasy. She can’t imagine how she could be any more turned on, and they’re even close to fucking.


Carla has Allie on the verge of cumming when Allie tells her she better stop if she wants her to be hard when it’s time to fuck. Carla giggles and says to Allie, “Ooops… I guess I got carried away.”

She kisses her way back up to Allie’s lips and asks her, “You wanna eat my pussy?”

“Oh yeah, baby… I’d love to… but I have to make a confession. I’ve never eaten a girl out before. I’ll have to learn on the job.”

“You’ve never done it? I thought you’ve been with girls before.”

“I have,” Allie says, “but only twice. And they were pretty basic quick fucks in the back seat of my car. We didn’t get into oral sex either time. Then, when I was in the Navy, I found out how much of a girl I am. I liked sex with men and getting fucked like a girl better. After that, I just never had any desire to be with girls and play their head games. Until I met you and Rosy, that is. You two don’t play those head games.”

“Well, then,” Carla says, “You’re in for a treat. Why don’t we go into the other bedroom and let me teach you the fine art of cunnilingus. You won’t need much training, I think you’re probably a natural. C’mon, you pretty girl, let me show you what’s between my legs.”


After Jill’s feasted on Rosy’s tits enough, she buries her tongue once again in her mouth as she rubs her body against Rosy’s incredibly hot female skin. Jill’s overwhelmed with her femininity, and she can only hope to someday achieve half the femininity Rosy possesses.

Rosy’s lost in Jill’s masculinity at the moment. She’s given herself over to whatever Jill wants, and her only desire is to give Jill pleasure. Feeling the weight of Jill’s body pressing against hers, she opens her mouth for Jill’s tongue to play inside. She feels Jill’s hard cock pressing against her pussy and she’s hungry for it.

“Oh baby,” she asks, “Can I suck your cock?”

“You don’t have to ask, Rosy. It’s all yours. You can have anything you want.”

“I wanna suck your cock. Then I want you to eat my wet pussy before you fuck me.” Rosy says in her most erotic tone of voice.

When Rosy pulls her panties off, Jill’s totally naked, and she recalls how she felt the first time Jerry was totally naked in front of a man. She’s so proud of how far she’s come since then.

Her cock pulses and jerks the moment Rosy touches her tongue to it. This is so much different from the first time, when they were all four together in the living room. This is much more intimate, feeling Rosy’s beautiful long hair brushing over her skin as her petite female tongue lightly licks up and down her cock.

Rosy lets herself go as she inhales the erotic aromas coming off Jill’s cock. She drives Jill wild when holds it in her hand and licks her pre-cum coated head. “Mmm…” Rosy hums as she tastes Jill’s fluids on her tongue. She puts her mouth around it slowly takes Jill in as far as she can.

Jill shakes and trembles as Rosy slowly moves her head up and down her pulsating cock. She can’t even see her cock with Rosy’s hair covering everything up. All she can do is feel the intense pleasure this sweet lady is giving her.

“Oh God, Rosy,” she pants, “I’m gonna cum pretty soon if you keep this up. Maybe we should switch places and let me give you the same pleasures you’re giving me.”

“Oh fuck…” Rosy pants, “I think I could do this all night. This is so much better than the other night.”

As she kisses her way back up Jill’s body, she rolls over on her back to let Jill do whatever she wants with her. Jill takes her head in her hands and kisses her so deep her tongue is almost down her throat.

“I feel so close to you.” she says, “You suck so good. I hope I can do you just as good.”

“Oh Jill,” Rosy pants, “I’m so close to you right now, too. Whatever you do, I know I’m gonna love it. I want you to eat my pussy. I’ve wanted to give it to you since you first saw my tits.”

“I’ve wanted it since then too. I’ve dreamt about it.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? You can do whatever you want with me tonight. I’m ready to give you my pussy.”

Jill kisses her way down Rosy’s body, stopping off to kiss her tits again as she heads to her wet pussy. When she gets between her legs, her juices are giving off an intoxicating smell that ignites Jill’s male hormones. She licks and kisses inside of her thighs as she edges closer to the elastic bands of her panties.

She rubs her nose into Rosy’s sweet-smelling panties as her fingers find the elastic waistband, pulling her wet panties down. Rosy eagerly lifts her butt so Jill can easily slip them down her legs. With her panties on the floor, a totally naked Rosy slowly opens her legs, inviting Jill to taste her sweet nectar.

As Jill lowers herself to taste Rosy’s juices, she runs her nose through the soft curly hairs of her light-brown bush. She notices how soft they are compared to the coarse, curly hairs that surround the cocks of the men she dates. Now she knows why Allie shaved her cock clean. Course male pubic hair has no feminine qualities at all, and Jill is glad she shaves it off.

As she goes lower, Rosy has her legs spread wide for her. Tasting pussy for the first time sends erotic shivers up Jill’s spine. Rosy shudders when she feels Jill’s tongue touching the outer boundaries of her labia. Jill loves the taste as she goes lower to lick between her pussy lips.

She runs her tongue up and down her secret crevices until she finds the entrance to her womb. Thinking she has found the spot, she pushes her tongue into Rosy’s sweet hole, licking inside and all around it, savoring every second.

But Jill has only licked Allie’s pussy, and Allie doesn’t have a clitoris. Having never licked a real pussy before, Jill has no idea she hasn’t even touched Rosy’s clit.

While Rosy enjoys Jill’s tongue, she needs to have her clit licked. She remembers what Carla told her earlier at the bar. “Jill?” she says in a soft voice, “I love what you’re doing, but you’ve never seen a pussy before, have you?”

“No, I haven’t, you know that,” says Jill, “Am I doing it right?”

“You’re doing fine, baby,” Rosy tells her, “But can I show you a few things?”

“Oh yes, I want to give you all the pleasure you deserve.”

“Give me your finger, baby, let me give you a personal tour of my private parts. I know you want to please me, let me show you how.”

As Jill puts her hand out, Rosy takes her finger into hers and tells Jill, “Follow your finger with your tongue as I guide it.”

Jill’s tongue eagerly follows her finger as Rosy shows her the sensitive parts of her wet, excited pussy. When she gets to her clit, Rosy’s hips suddenly jerk upwards as she feels Jill’s tongue making contact.

“Feel that little nub right there? That’s my clit. It’s the most sensitive and erotic place on my body. Lick me around that little nub and suck it just like you suck a cock.

A clit is a woman’s cock, it’s where we have to be licked if we want to have an orgasm. Lick all the other places I showed you, but always return to my clit when you want to get me off.”

Jill’s always been a fast learner, and soon after Rosy showed her what she likes and where she likes it, Jill is driving her wild. She flicks her tongue around that little nub and gently sucks it with her lips. It’s just like a cock, and Jill knows how to suck cock.

“That’s it, baby,” Rosy pants, “Right there, just like that… Oh shit… Don’t stop… Ahhhhhh!” She screams so loud the couple in the other bedroom can hear her ecstasy as she experiences her first orgasm from a male tongue.


“Sounds like the kids are getting to know each other,” Carla tells Allie.

“Oh baby, it sounds like they’re having as good a time as we are.” Allie says, “Jill’s a great lover.”

Thirty minutes earlier, Carla gave Allie a tour of her pussy just like Rosy showed Jill. Allie picked it up quickly, just like Carla thought she would. Her legs are spread wide as Allie laps up her juices like she’s been eating pussy for years.

“Mmmm… damn you taste good,” Allie mumbles as she rubs her face in Carla’s sweet cunt. “I think you’re about ready for some fucking, am I right?”

“I’ve been ready for a while now,” Carla says, “I’ve just been letting you have fun playing with your new toy. You can eat me all night if you want, and you can fuck me whenever you feel like it, baby.”


Rosy’s out of her mind as Jill’s tongue hits her spot over and over again. She’s almost in a perpetual state of orgasm when Jill starts kissing her way back up Rosy’s hot little body. Jill’s amazed at the firmness of her nipples when she puts them back in her mouth. They’re rock-hard and twice as long as they were when she sucked them before.

Rosy wraps her arms around her when their lips meet again. She feels the head of Jill’s cock touching the entrance of her pussy and wiggles her hips to entice the next move. Jill’s body knows what to do as she slowly pushes herself into the hot cavern of Rosy’s desire.

“Oh God, Jill,” Rosy moans, “I’m ready, sweetheart. My pussy is yours. Let me feel you inside me.”

As Jill pushes in a little deeper, Rosy’s pussy welcomes her in. Jill begins to moan along with Rosy as they become mentally and emotionally entwined. With her cock sunk balls deep in Rosy’s pussy, Jill just holds it there as they both savor the moment of giving their virginity to each other. 

Their bodies are motionless as they relish the moment, but their tongues are fluttering back and forth in a frantic erotic frenzy, communicating in a language words could never equal. As their hips begin to grind against each other in tiny little circles, Jill pulls her cock up a couple of inches and pushes it back in until her balls once again rest against Rosy’s skin.

Their breathing becomes faster and deeper as Jill backs out halfway before sinking herself back in. Rosy’s delight takes control of her body and she wraps her legs around Jill’s ass and allows Jill’s tongue full access to her mouth.

“Fuck me, baby,” she whispers, “Show me what your man side is like, Jill. Be my stud, you gorgeous man.”

Jill feels tears forming in her eyes as Rosy showers her with words she never thought a female would ever tell her. Rosy smiles as she feels a couple tears falling onto her face from Jill’s eyes. Tears form in her eyes too, as she trusts her body to a man like she always longed to do, but never felt safe doing.

Their tears turn into smiles as Jill slowly strokes herself inside Rosy’s pussy. They fit together like a hand in a glove as they tune into each other’s bodies, moving in total harmony. As Jill gets her rhythm going, a normal, inexperienced guy would have already shot his wad, but Jill’s no inexperienced guy.

Even though this is the first time she’s been inside a real pussy, Allie has been training her cock to fuck. Jill’s cock is well accustomed to fucking, and Rosy loves what it’s doing to her pussy. She fucks Rosy with long, slow strokes, letting her body do what it naturally already knows how to do.


Allie’s pumping Carla hard and fast in the other room. They’ve been fucking for half an hour already and Carla’s really loving being fucked for the first time in a long time.

“Fuck me, big boy,” she encourages Allie.

“Damn Carla, you’re such a hot bitch. I could fuck you all night.”

“If you keep calling me a bitch, you dirty little man-whore, I’m gonna make you fuck me all night!” she says.

Allie fucks her even faster as Carla grabs her ass, spreading Allie’s cheeks apart and fingering her asshole. She wets her finger, calls Allie a man-whore again and shoves her finger into Allie’s ass as far as she can. Allie feels electric sensations shoot through her body and her cock explodes inside Carla’s cunt.

Carla keeps her finger inside, moving it around Allie’s ass to enhance the orgasm she’s having. With Allie’s warm cum shooting against the walls of her vagina, Carla’s body goes into orgasmic convulsions along with Allie. Their mouths press against each other as their bodies shake and quiver for what seems like hours, although it’s actually only about a minute.

“Holy fuck, Carla!” Allie says, as their mutual orgasm begins to subside. “That was fuckin’ hot.”

“Mmmm, yes it was,” Carla replies, “You’ve got a sensitive little pussy back there, don’t you? I knew you did.”

“Oh god-dammit, you knew just how to make me cum.”

“I can tell by the way you act, Allie-girl… you like to be fucked, don’t you…? I think you’re a little slut, aren’t you? Cara teases.

“Well, I’m a girl. And girls like to be fucked. So ya, I can be a little slut.”

“I’m going to have to show you my toy collection sometime. I think you might like my toys.” Carla tempts.

“Mmmm… I bet I would. I saw them on your nightstand.” Allie teases back.

Carla gives Allie an erotic, evil-looking grin and says, “Ohhhh… Those weren’t all my toys, little lady. I’ve got toys I only bring out for special occasions, and I’d consider you a special occasion… you hot little thing.”

After hearing that, Allie lays her head on Carla’s tits and sucks her nipples like a little baby as Carla fingers her ass.


Rosy and Jill are well past the moment of losing their virginity. They’re fucking like bunnies as Jill pounds Rosy’s dripping cunt at will. Carla and Allie can clearly hear Rosy moaning and crying in the other bedroom.

“Damn, it sounds like Jill knows what she’s doing,” Carla says.

“Jill’s so amazing,” Allie tells her, “She picks things up so quickly. She still doesn’t realize how damn good she is. I’m so in love with that girl. If she’s fucking Rosy like she fucks me, I know Rosy’s floating in heaven right now.”

Allie’s right. Rosy is out of her mind as she gives Jill complete domination and control over her. She feels the helplessness she craves with her feet locked together behind Jill’s neck. Jill’s cock has stayed rock hard and she’s been pounding Rosy for almost an hour, but she’s feeling her body tire and slows the pace of her strokes until she’s sliding in and out of Rosy in a very nice slow-fuck that drives Rosy to yet another orgasm.

Feeling the juices gushing from her pussy, Jill can’t resist the urge to lick her pussy again. Holding Rosy’s legs up at the knees, she goes down to drink the honey nectar flowing freely from Rosy’s engorged cunt. She’s amazed when she touches her tongue to her clit. It has swollen to twice the size it was before, and Jill eagerly licks and sucks the delicious nob just like she sucks cock.

Rosy cries freely as Jill takes her to erotic places she’s never been. Jill’s oral skills drive her over the edge once again, and she screams with intense pleasure as another orgasm takes over her body. Rosy’s newest orgasm re-ignites Jill’s desire to fuck. She sets Rosy’s legs back on the bed and mounts her for another round of fucking.

She puts her arms under Rosy’s neck, kissing her as her hard cock once again slides into Rosy’s wet vagina. As she tenderly fucks, Rosy scrapes her fingernails hard across Jill’s back as her orgasms now come one after another. With the heels of Rosy’s feet bouncing and rubbing against her ass, Jill feels the pressure building in her balls.

She fucks a little faster as her orgasm builds and Rosy continues to dig her fingernails into her back. Jill’s body starts shaking out of control as a heavy load of sperm travels up her cock. She lets out a loud shriek as she gives Rosy one last mighty thrust. Rosy screams as her pussy fills with load after load of hot cum and her fingernails cut into Jill’s skin like little erotic knives.

Jill begins to cry with pleasure as her cock spasms inside Rosy’s hot little pussy. Rosy’s face is also covered with tears as Jill’s orgasm brings her body one last, glorious orgasm. As Jill falls onto her tits, totally exhausted, Rosy purrs and whispers sweet words of nothingness as she caresses Jill’s face and runs her fingers through her hair.

As they lie together in the dim candlelight of the room, they realize their bodies have become covered in sweat, and the moisture on their skin is giving them erotic chills. Jill gets the covers at the bottom of the bed and pulls them over her and her female lover.

As their bodies warm again under the soft pink sheets, they hold each other and kiss a hundred times. Jill is the first to fall asleep, and Rosy continues to cradle her in her arms and kisses her sweet face. As she gazes upon Jill, she wonders if it’s possible to fall in love with two people at the same time.

All she knows for sure is she’s just had a sexual experience beyond anything she could ever have possibly imagined. Regardless of where her feelings might be tomorrow, she goes to sleep tonight totally in love with the way she feels in this magical moment of total bliss.

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