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A single lady finds that she lusts after a married man

I can’t believe I’m going to doing this. I keep telling myself that Steve and I are just meeting for drinks and nothing else, but my willingness to resist any advances by him . . . well it exist in word only. I tell myself that it is only drinks at his hotel while he in town on business but I know where it will end. Steve is sexy, funny, and smart and I am completely drawn to him. My only hesitancy comes from one little flaw I have with him. He is married . . . but right now I don’t really care.

I’m getting a head of myself though. Let me tell you about myself and how I got here. My name is Tracy; I’m in my early 30s and single. I’m 5’5″, 125lbs with black hair and brown eyed. I have an amazing curvy body with a set of boobs, even if I say so myself. I’ve been told I have curves in all the right places. The current down fall in my life is that I’m still getting over a long-term relationship that ended just over a year ago. I haven’t really dated anyone since the ex and more importantly, I haven’t had sex for over a year either.

After my break up like a lot women, I put on some weight. I read a lot of self-help books and listened to a lot of bad music. Despite the sad state of my personal life, things in my professional life really started to take off. I got a big promotion and a huge raise. I took the money and went on a couple of fabulous vacations. When I came back from one I looked in the mirror and saw that I had an amazing tan body with a flabby and shabby body. So I decided to really work out hard and tone up.

I got a personal trainer who really pushed me and I found that the more weight I lost, the more rockin’ my body got. It also had the added benefit to raising my self-esteem and body image. With the new body can a renewed sex drive, which was always high to start with. The only problem I had was that I didn’t have anyone to share this with. Well no one real, just my variety of battery operated devices.

Things really started going well for me. I even went out on a few dates, but guys here are a little odd. During this time I also started reconnecting with old friends through a popular social networking site. I had lost contact with so many of my High School friends over the years because I moved away from that hell hole while they all seemed to have stayed there and married the slobs we grew up with. Then I noticed that a guy I graduated with lived only a couple of hours away from me so I added him as a friend. I didn’t really know Steve too well in High School, he seemed like a nice guy back then but he was just so quit. I could see from his profile that he had change a lot and it looked like he had turned into a really interesting person. He also looked like he had grown into a sexy man as well. He had become successful executive and seemed to be an intelligent guy with a sense of humor who had something worth saying. He was however, married to a cute girl.

I honestly thought that he was just another friends on my social media until he IM’ed me one night. Thinking nothing of it so I IM’ed him back and that is how it started. We always seemed to have great conversations. Honest talks about our small town, how we escaped it and what he have been up to over these years. It was a lot of fun. He talked about his wife and it obvious that he loved her but there was something odd about what he was saying about her. I finally asked him about it and he admitted that they had different views on sex and their sex drives weren’t really compatible. He had tried everything to reconcile the problem but he was just sexually frustrated.

I couldn’t believe he was being so honest with me, especially about such an intimate topic, but he was and it was kind of turning me on. We started talking about our sex lives and the crazy things we had done in our past and our different partners. I know it sounds crazy, but I was totally connecting with him on a sexual level . . . over the computer. One night I got a little bold and sent him a few sexy picas I had taken for a boy in the past. There was an immediate change in Steve, it was like I gave an addict some crack, he just kept writing me back how hot they were and asked for more. Like a good drug dealer, I kept feeding him. I know it is naughty of me.

Then we started talking sex and what we liked our partners to do to us. I could tell Steve was turned on and I knew I was. The sex talk of two sexual frustrated people of course turned into what we would do with each other. I kept writing to him telling him that he should have his wife do this to him, but he would always reply that she wouldn’t do this. I told myself that it was just some harmless fun and it wouldn’t come to anything. Regardless, it got me so wet. The IM’ing went on late that night and finally we shut down our respective computers and went to bed.

The next night I went back on-line looking for him, I have to be honest I was hoping for some more dirty talk. Steve was there and he IM’ed me. This time the chat was even more naughty and dirty. Our chat was so hot that I actually had to get out my glass toys and help myself to completion. It was another late but satisfying night. These chats were helping me deal with my year long self-imposed celibacy.

The next night we connected on IM again, but this time he said that he felt guilty about what we had been doing. He thought we should stop that aspect but he really enjoyed the conversations and he wanted to continue our friendship. I was disappointed but I totally understood, I was feeling a little guilty about the whole incident as well. I never wanted to be the other woman. So that set the tone of our friendship. We chatted on line often about all types of subject and we did end up talking about sex occasionally. It seemed to be a topic that was hard for us to avoid.

Then last week he surprised me by saying that he was going to be in town for business and he thought we should get together for drinks and dinner. I really wanted to talk with him in person; I had really come to enjoy his wit and intellect. Despite my good intentions, I knew that there was only one way this would end. As the night came closer I was so nervous about seeing him for the first time since High School. I didn’t even really know what to wear. A sexy black dress? Jeans and a sweater? Which way, conservative or sexy? I couldn’t make up my mind so I eventually choose a little bit of both. I put on my tan mini skirt, my black knee length booth, and a black button up top that showed off just a little cleavage. To top it all off I was wearing my red lace bra and matching thong. They always made me feel sexy. On my way out the door I saw myself in the mirror and had to admit it, I looked hot. Poor Steve, he didn’t he a chance.

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