A sexual awakening

My name is Bruce Burnett, I’m the son of one of the richest families in California. I’m a fantastic-looking guy with a great sense of fashion. And I’m also great in bed.

Back in high school, I was a total jerk. I even videotaped a classmate having sex in the men’s rooms with another guy and threatened to tell the school about it. Four years on, I still have that video on my phone. I jerk off to it sometimes, imagining pretty golden boy, Todd Bittle, bending over and I’m shoving my rock-hard cock in his ass.

One night while laying on my bed I connected my phone to my large flat TV screen and watched Todd’s sex video that was five minutes long. My left hand went inside my boxers and pulled out my cock and it began twitching, coming to life as I listened to the moans of pleasure. My hand moved faster when I heard Todd say, “Go deeper.”

There was a loud smacking sound as my left moved vigorously on my cock. I began moaning with pleasure feeling my body burning hot inside. I feel orgasm building up.

“Oh, shit!” I cried out as I ejaculated all over my hand. My body twitched.

One day, I was out driving and saw Todd Bittle walking on the side of the road. I drove up to him in my shiny black Porsche.



Todd was tall, gorgeous with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He turned to me looking surprised.

“Bruce Burnett?”

“Hey, dude, let’s go grab a drink together?” I suggested, my eyes lingered down to his crotch area and thought of sucking his cock.

“Sure,” he replied. Todd stepped into my car and I drove us away back to my rich house.

An hour later, Todd and I sat around the pool drinking bottles of beer as we enjoyed the hot weather.


“God, it’s hot today,” I commented and took my t-shirt off. I noticed Todd was watching and I grinned. “Would you like a taste, Bittle?”

“Excuse me?” Todd asked.

“Of my cock. Would you like a taste?”

“God, you’re still vulgar as ever, Bruce,” he said. Todd leaned back against the deck chair.

“You say that, Bittle, but your body is telling something else,” I said.

Todd glanced down at his erection in his shorts.


“Would you like to suck it?”

He looked at me and his blue eyes widened in shock then desire as he watched me pull down my shorts and stared at my cock.

“I remember how much you love cock,” I said grinning. I walked over to him.

Todd didn’t know what to do so I grabbed the back of his head and shoved my hard cock in his face.

“Be a good boy and suck it good. I know you want it.”

He opened his mouth and began sucking it like a lollypop.


I moaned out loudly with pleasure at how good it felt. My hands were still at the back of his head and pushed gently so go deeper on my cock.

“That’s it, good boy, Bittle,” I say. “I’m coming!” My body went into overdrive and came deep in his mouth. I pulled out. “Want me to suck you now, Bittle?”

Todd pulled down his shorts and let his rock-hard cock out into the air. He moaned with pleasure as my mouth moved up and down on his cock. A few moments later he came into my mouth.

“Oh, Toddy, you naughty boy,” I said. I grabbed him and turned him over onto his front and then knelt down and guided my cock to his ass and shoved it in.

We both groaned and moaned with pleasure as we fucked hard on the deckchair that moved up down on the concrete. I slapped Todd’s ass as I fucked him.

“You feel so good pretty boy around my cock,” I say. “I kept that porn video you did back in high school and jerk off to it when I’m horny.”


We fucked harder and faster until our bodies trembled and we cried out in an ecstasy of pure pleasure. I fell on top of Todd still inside. The feeling of my cock being in Todd Bittle’s ass made me hard again so I began to fuck him again harder this time.

“Like that, Toddy? Say that you like it.”

“I love it!” Todd cried, moaning in pleasure.

I fucked harder and harder in his ass under I came deep inside him. That was incredible!

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