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A sail from New York via Tierra del Fuego (Part tTwo)

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When there boat sinks, the Jones family paddle to an island, home of a prison for both sex’s, and a club for the wealthy perverts of the world .

During her shower Tina Jones mind was all fuckd up as she tried to work out what had happened in the last few hours. Between deep sobs she tried to grasp the situation, one minute they were sailing the catamaran in a nice stiff breeze and a few days later she was being fucked by 10 or 12 prisoners with big stiff cocks, in every single hole of her body.
Standing under the warm water she tried to cup handfuls to wash the inside of her pussy, she was so sore down there even just touching her cunt lips made her wince. She closed her eyes and began to cry, everything was going wonderfully well , sailing from New York to their new home in San Francisco around the southern tip of South America, then when the boat hit a reef that was not on the charts and began taking in water immediately ,that was when everyone of her dreams began to fade oh so quickly.
Within minutes Ray was launching the inflatable dinghy and they piled in with just the clothes they had quickly put on over their swimwear and the lock box they kept their passports, credit cards and cash in, and as they rowed away they watched their dream boat sink between the waves..
Rowing to the Island they were greeted by a sign in several languages forbidding landing on the Island ,but her husband ignored it telling Tina and her two 15 year old daughters ” that under the circumstances it was fine,” but they had only been standing on the beach for 2 minutes hugging and kissing and crying when they were surrounded by 6 or 7 heavily armed guards and marched up the beach to a large low brick building,where they were housed in what appeared to be a small infirmary, with locked doors and windows.
For two days they spent their time looking out of the window making plans to fly to San Francisco trying to speak with the guards who bought them there food but who appeared to speak no English. By the third morning Ray was an angry man, around mid afternoon several guards arrived to take Ray and Tina Jones to see a certain Colonel Santo, who one of the guards tried to explain in pigeon English had just returned from being away ,but who knew where he didn’t know or care. ?
Colonel Santo turned out to be a large man,well over 6 ft tall who seemed quiet friendly when they first met him, but when Ray Jones kept insisting on he contact the US Consulate, and then when he finally screamed at the Colonel to fucking do it because they were American citizens, and Colonel Shit Face better not forget it so do it fucking NOW,things changed in a heartbeat.
The Colonel rose from behind his desk, nodded at the guard standing behind Ray who promptly hit Ray Jones over his head with his rifle butt sending Tina’s husband crashing unconscious to the floor.
Tina began screaming , and bent down to try and help her husband but two guards grabbed her under her arms,pulled her up and held her tight . Santo walked around from behind his desk stood in front of Tina and ripped the blouse she was wearing in half, her big breast spilled out into view, having no time to put a bra on when the boat sank. She closed her eyes as Santo grabbed her nipples and twisted them causing Tina Jones to scream out in pain and as the guards let her go Santo slowly pulled her nipples towards the floor, finally pushing her to her knees .
He spoke in Spanish to the guards, one of the guards put his rifle to Ray Jones head,. ” Do you want to say goodbye to your husband before he kill him ” the Colonel said twisting her nipples again and making her scream in pain. ” NO ,NO ,NO , don’t , don’t, DON’T ” she screamed forgetting the pain in her breast’s , ” he didn’t mean it ,he is just worried please please don’t kill him” she begged looking Colonel Sano’s straight in the eyes, shaking with fear she wanted to be sick.
Santo let go of her breasts, ” get up bitch and get your clothes off ” he said, as she got up rubbing her sore nipples. Watching her trying to take her skirt off before she had even stood up properly and almost falling, she half fell into one of the guards , caught herself ,stood up and pulled her panties off, holding her panties and dress in her hand Santos nodded at the guard who took them,and promptly threw them into the trash bin by the desk. Santo told her to bend over his desk, which she did with tears in her eyes ,he was going to rape her she just knew it..
Standing behind her he tapped her right ankle several times with his boot each time saying “wider,wider” as she opened her legs until her feet were as wide apart as she could get them. He walked around and sat at his desk, ” were going to play a game he said, if you move we shoot your husband, if you don’t then he lives, do you want to play ” he asked her smiling.
“Yes yes I do ” she said quickly ,her hips and thighs hurt having her feet spread so far apart.” Now don’t move or else ” he said still smiling, and in Spanish spoke to the guards. Holding her hands he felt them clench his as she felt something cold touch her cunt lips, and then begin to enter her love canal . Colonel Santos laughed out loud , “ever been fucked by a Russian” he said, and she whispered ” no” . She didn’t know what was going into her other than it was hard metal and cold .Colonel Santo laughed again, ” it’s your first Russian lover , single barrel MTs225 shotgun, do you like it in your cunt big tits ,is it nice ” he asked as she squealed as something began rubbing painfully against the soft flesh of the inside of her cunt. ” Don’t worry” he said ” it’s only the sites rubbing your g spot,” she squealed again,” Oh God it hurts bad” she said , and he laughed.
” Hey big tits does that useless shit of a husband fuck you in the ass as well as your pussy ” the Colonel asked . Scared for her life and her husband’s she said softly “not often “. ” What’s not often” the Colonel asked , ” like special occasions, his Birthday , when we sometimes drink too much ” she said her face burning red. She felt two hands pulling her butt cheeks apart, she guessed it was the cold barrel of another shotgun touching the soft pink rose of her bottom. ” Please don’t, please don’t” she said softly, she began to say ” I am sorry for my husbands stupidity” but with tears running down her cheeks and falling to the desk she only said “I am sorrr,” before the guard brutally pushed the shotgun barrel deep into her ass making her scream and as she pulled her hands away from Santos hands as she tried to grab the barrel of the gun behind her.
CUNT, screamed the Colonel , you lose, you lose, cunt you fucking moved, shoot her husband and shoot her up the ass” he screamed at the top of his voice. Tina Jones tried to move she was covered in sweat trapped with a shotgun barrel in her cunt and another in her ass, she was screaming at the top of her voice for Santo to leave her husband alone, banging her hands and her head on the desk.
She passed out when Colonel Santo grabbed her hair and banged her head on his desk top she woke up in a daze , being carried up a dark corridor to a large room that reminded her of a school room, only the side of the room that opened up to the corridor was nothing but steel bars.
She felt herself being lowered onto a bed, and she laid there scared to open her eyes until she heard the door slam shut and the key turn in the lock. She opened her eyes slowly to see Ray her husband inches away from her and looking at her. “He whispered “are you OK” and she burst into tears sobbing she said ” your alive ,your alive thank God ” and she closed her eyes and cried and cried hugging him so tight he had trouble breathing.
It was later that evening when the guards came back to the room, placing metal wrist and ankle cuffs on Ray they chained him to rings already placed in the wall and floor, before pushing Tina on her back onto the bed .She laid there looking at the guards who were all laughing and chatting ,when a line of naked men filed into the room and lined up along the side of the bed. The guards who had chained Ray to the wall left, and in Spanish the officer in charge of the group of naked men said ” two hours, do what you like to her ,do not I repeat DO NOT permanently damage either her or him, now fuck her .
As the men climbed all over her forcing there cocks into her cunt ,ass mouth her hands and even one in her ear she could hear Ray screaming at the top of his voice telling the world he would kill every fucking one of them when he got lose, but after a while she could no longer hear him or feel anything buy pain as they fucked her sometimes three or four at a time,bitting her titshoting at her to suck or fuck harder, and made her swallow load after load of their disgusting stinking cum.
Leaving the shower she walked down a corridor with barred rooms on each side,she need to see her daughters she had asked the guard a hundred times where he daughters were but he didn’t seem to know,just said Colonel he know.
Stopping at one of the occupied rooms Tina’s guard stopped to talk to a guard who was standing outside the door smoking a cigarette . Inside the well lit room it looked like a family was having a gentile evening at home, two children a boy and a girl in their early teens ,a Mother and Father were all sitting in armchairs drinking and eating food placed on a food trolly while a chubby older woman who toTina looked to be in her late forties laid over a large school vaulting horse . Her wrists chained to the legs of the horse, and a large belt over her back held her securely in place. Her long black hair had been gathered and tied into a pony tail and then a rope held her head up so her tear stained face could be seen by anyone in the corridor .
The young boy seeing he had an audience got up and walked to the woman, he slapped her face to the amusement of the watching family ,grabbing her hanging breasts he pretended to be milking a cow,which made the family laugh even more.. The boy stood behind her and started to undo his belt, wrapping the buckle end around his hand he slowly began to whip her butt, not hard but hard enough to make her squeal a kind of half closed muffled crie.
His Mother got up and walked over to the boy, she was running hr hand over the womans ass, said something to the boy, and both of them stepped away, before the boy tuned and with all his might struck the tied woman across her ass with his belt. Tina lost count somewhere around 9 or 10 she didn’t want to watch any more, but her guard grabbed her hair and made her watch the remaining 10 or 12 strokes the boy laid brutally across the older woman’s hind quarters, leaving her crying and sobbing and obviously begging for mercy .
Her screams made Tina cry, the poor woman’s bottom was being skinned ,her screams must have been heard all the way around the building, and by the time the boy stopped whipping her the family were clapping and cheering, it somehow reminded Tina of something from the Roman Colosseum .
Tina’s guard slapped her butt lightly, “go” he said pointing down the hallway, and as she began to walk she said “what woman do “? ” Old woman ” said the guard smiling ? “She wife of old President’s staff they, escape when Revolution come , they hiding in village we bring back, now he and her having punishment for running, and he laughed. ” Who were other people ” asked Tina.? He shrugged ,”they paying wanting whip woman maybe , and he stopped outside a door, the gold name plate read Colonel J Santo, the guard took a deep breath, knocked on the door, and half pushed Tina inside before him.

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