A sail from New York to San Francisco via Tierra del Fuego

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Sailing around the America’s was going to be so much fun, for the Jones family ,until the catamaran hit a reef off of Prisoners Island.

Colonel Santos walked into the room and gently kick the naked woman who was laying on the floor in the fetal position. ” Get up slut ” he said laughing , as he continued walking to the far wall of the room where Ray Jones hung by his wrist from two iron rings in the wall, his legs wide apart and attached to another set of rings on the floor .
He turned to face Tina Jones who had finally , with help from the metal bars at the end of the bed managed to stand up. “Come here slut” said Santos, and Tina gingelly began to walk across the room. She stood in front of Santos who again laughed and said,” hey gringo, your wife she done good for a first time don’t you think ” ? Ray Jones remained silent, the look on Colonel Santos face changed, he almost hissed out the words ” gringo,when I ask you a question you answer me , you understand “, and before Jones had time to answer he took his silver ended wooden army swagger stick and stuck Ray Jones across his flaccid cock.
Ray let out a huge scream, his head shook from side to side, “yes yes ” he blurted out , ” I understand I understand “. Santos looked at Tina and laughed, her hair was matted with sweat and cum, dried cum glistened on her face, on her huge tits ,and a down the inside of her legs. Santos laughed “hear that bitch” he said, “he say you done good, how many men you got fucked by ” he asked her . ” I don’t know said Tina Jones in a tiny hoarse voice, please where are my children , please can I see my children ” she pleaded with tears running down her face.
“You think your daughters want to see their whore mother while she is like this all covered in shit from having ten men fuck her “, Santos said laughing, he lent close to Tina and in a loud stage whisper he said, ” you know you would have had twelve men fuck you but two were fucking gay and they prefered sucking you husbands dick than fucking your ass or cunt.” Tina looked at Ray, he closed his eyes embarrassed at what had happened to him. Santos saw Rays eyes close and burst out laughing, ” twice they bought you off isn’t that right Gringo “, remembering to answer Ray murmured ” yes ” .
” Please where are my daughters Sir ” Tina sked Santos again, he turned to the guard standing outside by the door and shouted out something in Spanish. The guard came in and Santos told Tina to go with him to get cleaned up.
Slowly with a sore pussy and anus Tina followed the guard out of the room and down the hallway of what looked like an old school building but was now obviously some sort of prison.Like the room she had just left all the walls of the room facing the passage way had been removed and replaced by iron bars ,so as she walked by the rooms she could see inside each one.
The first two rooms down the corridor from her room were empty after turning a corner Tina looked into a room and saw a chubby naked older Latina woman spread eagled and tied to the bed She was moaning and what to Tina sounded like begging in Spanish .Two women in uniforms stood each side of another woman who was on her hands and knees and obviously licking the chubby womans pussy, her guard said something out loud and one of the women standing by the bed laughed and held up eight fingers , he laughed and looked at Tina. ” You like pussy licked ” he said to Tina, she was shocked at the way he simply asked her outright. ” Yes she ” said embarrassed to answer , he laughed, ” that woman on bed she not like pussy licked , one woman complain last night she not doing properly , today she having pussy licked maybe 15 maybe 20 times, she having to cum, I betting she like pussy licking now “, he said laughing.
He opened a door to the showers and pointed at the toilet and shower ,but he didn’t leave the room , after using the toilet Tina went and stood under the lukewarm water of one of the four showers , it felt so good ,her body hurt everywhere, and the guard seemed in no hurry for her to leave..
Coming out of the shower the guard made her stand naked while he seemed to inspected her. He spent a long time running his hands over her 40C tits ,before turning her around and bending her over, he made her squeal when he inserted his finger into her sore pussy. Slapping her butt he told her to ” stand up ”
” Them men who done you ” he said almost apologetically , they do you like 2 hours, yes” he said. “Yes” she said ,then thinking to herself as she closed her eyes “them fucking animals that spent two hours rapeing me in every orifice of my body ” but her thoughts were broken when the guard said
” them men were prisoners serving life sentences , but had been rewarded with the use of a woman for the first time in like 5 years, they helping stop big prisoners fighting so they given you and mister.”
“Oh”, said Tina, not quiet knowing what to say, “Do you know where my children are,” ? The guard, he looked at his watch, ” you, move, we go Colonel Santos he waiting ” he said half pushing her out the door, “we go fast.

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