A Roll In The Hay

I wished that Simon would see me as more than just the boss’s daughter. He’d come to work for my dad when I was sixteen, and for the last two years, I’d lusted for him from afar. 

We’d spent the last eight months on the road hosting fairs across the States and were finally at our closing town of this season. I knew that he was going back to Tucson during the off-season, and I’d be with dad in Phoenix. The drive between the two could be made in just an hour, but first, I needed him to see me as a woman.


Simon was the sexiest man I’d ever seen. Once as we had set up, I couldn’t help but sit back and watch him. His taut muscles glistened in the sun. He removed his t-shirt and wiped the sweat off of his brow and torso. He took a long gulp from a bottle of water before he dumped the rest over his head. I could feel my pussy twitch with need.

I had made the decision that today would be the day. I made sure we worked in the same area. It was hot as hell again, and I wore my shortest denim shorts and a halter top to show off my lean body and firm tits. 

Men had been flocked around my booth, and I was positive it wasn’t for the giant snakes unless they thought their snake would also be serviced. I caught Simon’s eye once, and he had a scowl on his face when he heard one of the guys ask when my next break was.   

Most of the men who worked with us saw me as a daughter or little sister and would step in if things got out of control. I hoped Simon heard how many guys flirted with me. Maybe he’d become just a little jealous of them. 

Finally, it was time to shut down for a midday break. I cleaned up the booth and took today’s take to Dad. As I walked out of the RV, I tripped over something and stumbled to the ground. I slowly looked up and met Simon’s green eyes staring back at me. 

He hauled me to my feet and brusquely said, “Wait for me.”      

I wondered who he thought he was ordering about. After a minute, I began to walk away. Before I knew what happened, Simon was back at my side. He grabbed my arm and led me into a building. It was empty except a few animals that were resting in their pens. 

Simon found the hay stall and pulled me inside. There was no door, just bales of hay. I met his eyes just before he leaned down and kissed me hard. I melted into his arms as our tongues met.

“What am I going to do with you?” He growled in my ear. “You flaunt your body in front of all those men, and I just want to massacre them. I have fought this battle inside for too long.”

“Wha… What battle?” I asked.

“Don’t you know what you do to me? I fight the urge to kill every time a man looks at you and sees what only I should see. I’ve seen you watch me and flutter those baby blues at me. I didn’t want to feel this, but I can no longer fight.”

I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair as I stood on my toes till our lips met. I put all the passion that had built inside me into that one kiss. Simon cradled my ass as he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him against me. 

“Brookie, I didn’t want to do this here, but baby, I need to feel you. There’s a fire inside that’s consumed me for so long that only you can extinguish it.”

“Oh, Simon, I’ve waited so long to hear those words. I need you before anyone comes in.”

I pulled his t-shirt off as we kissed frantically. Simon slid his hands under my halter top and cupped my breasts. In seconds our clothes were off and strewn everywhere. 

He placed me on my back and knelt between my thighs, drinking in the sight of my body with avid eyes. “Brooke, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

He spread my thighs and placed himself between them. 

He leaned over as his hardness pressed against me and nibbled at my pebble-hard nipples, causing my pussy to flood with desire. Then, sliding down my body, I felt his tongue part my nether lips and lick my pussy lips before he thrust it deep into me.

“Brooke, you’re sopping wet.”

“I know I moaned. You do that to me. Please, I need you now. Make me a woman, Simon.”

I spread my thighs, and he pushed in. When he felt a barrier, he stopped. “You’re a virgin?”

“Yes, but not for long,” I said, thrusting my hips up and forcing him into the depths of my pussy.”

He kissed me hard and thrust in deeply, claiming my innocence.

I must have moaned, for he placed his hand over my mouth to quiet me. 

I gave him a push to switch positions. Once I was on top, I pressed my hips down. My pussy clenched around him. He was deliciously large and filled me completely. I could feel his cock throb as I rode him, feeling each inch massaging my inner walls.

He reached up and pinched my engorged nubs, sending me cascading into orgasmic bliss. As I clenched down on him, I felt the warmth of his spunk filling me.

My exclamation of joy rang out loud and clear.

“That’s it let everyone know. I don’t care. You are now my girl.”

I finally rolled to the side, and we remained coupled. Both of us giggling like mad. 

“Shush, darling, someone will hear us.”

“I don’t care, my love.”

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