A Night with my 14 yo Son and my Husband

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My son coudn’t sleep so I let him sleep in my bed.

It was a warm summer day and a hot night.
Outside was a bad thunderstorm. My son knocked on my door at around 11 pm. He coudn’t sleep so i let him join my bed.

It was hot and thanks to that I was only wearing a long shirt in my sleep. My sweet son wore his nightwear. He kuddled himself against me and I let him. I felt weird because i was not wearing any pants but i was to tired to get some – and it was just too warm as well.


We talked a little until I fall asleep.

I woke up to some strange movements.

At first I had totaly forgotten that my son was in my bed but after some time I realized it again.

I felt this strange movement behind me again.
Was he masturbating?!

He is a boy so this is nothing unusual but next to me? I thought.

I felt his hand softly touching my butt. I got scared, what was he doing?


His hand was wandering over my thighs, down my leg until it hit my pussy.
I held my breath, he wasnt…

He poked my pussy, touched it and stroked it, but he didn’t put his finger inside.

I let him. I let him advance but only a little I told me. It would give him the shock of his life If I would tell him that I am awake. He is young, he only wants to explore the female body.

He moved closer, he grabbed me, he hugged me. Maybe he got tired, maybe he wants to sleep now.

I closed my eyes again.

After some minutes I heared his soft voice: Mom?, Mom are you awake? – he wispered.
I didn’t answer, I coudn’t I was frozen…


Suddenly I felt somthing hard, wet moving over my ass.

It was his litte cock, hard like hell and smearing pre-cum all over my butt and crotch.

He really tried to find my opening!

But he didn’t luc… he hit the spot….

But I was not wet enough and his angle was wrong. I knew what to do now! Do not let him ush inside me! This can’t be happening.
He grabbed me closer, hes body knew where he was.

I pressed my lips together, tried to avoid his cock to enter me.
He press against me with all his force.


I was pressing so hard that i felt my pee slowly running down my leg an butt. If i kept pressing I would definitly pee in my bed. But this is better then getting fucked by your son in your sleep – i said to myself.

I realized that this wasn’t pee what was running down my leg, it was my liquid. I was getting wett … NO I was wett. Dripping wett! My own body was playing against me.

This hot tingeling between my legs got more intens, I was getting hot. I was aroused.

So much liquid was running down my leg now, was is pee?

I didn’t care. my will got weak i coudn’t take it anymore, i relaxed everything.

In the same secound I felt his cock moving inside me. My vagina ambracing him.


A sloppy wett sound.

He was inside me now. He was really inside me now.

He moved, a little thurst. he was not big.

I cant let this happen i thought.

Another thrust inside me.

Okay I have to stop this now, I tell him to stop.


Another thrust.

Is he moaning…? I just turn around and end it.



Did he stop?

My son stopped his movement. I exhaled. Was it over?

I was feeling weired now, something was different… I felt so warm and… wett…


Oh my … he came… he came inside me, thats why he stopped.

I felt his cock now pumping and twitching. I felt the warmth of his cum floading inside me, I felt his seed filling my womb….

I was shocked. I coudn’t move. And I was horny as hell!.

I didn’t move. My son left after some minutes.

I just lay there…

After some time I started to touch mc clit. I masturbated. I didn’t put a finger inside, I just enjoyed the deeling of his cum inside me and his cum dripping down my butt and thigh.


I didn’t let myself cum.

After 20 minutes I heared steps. My husband.

He went into bed. He was quiet, didn’t want to wake me.

I rolled over to him, put my wet fingery , coverd in my liquid and our sons cum, in his mouth. He was startled. I kissed him and told him that I was wett for him, that i waited for him.

He got excited, I his hand between my legs, onto my cum filled pussy. He was overhelmed.
“You are completly soaked honey!! Oh my god you are so wet”.

I licked his fingers clean, turned around and told him to fuck me like that.


He came closer, pulled out his hard cock and rammed it inside of me.
The intense smell of cum was in the air as he pushed his cock into my cum filled pussy. He pushed the cum of your son deeper inside, made my pussy overflow and leak our sons cum everywhere.

He told me that i felt amzing that I was never so wett and that he loves me.

He came after 5 thrusts, pumping his seed in my full vagina, mixing his seed with the seed of his son.

I came.

I came and I lost the controll over my body. I started to pee while I came.
He thought that I was squirting.

Completly done, he told me thath I was smelling like a hooker but he likes it.


A mixture of 2 different type of cum, pee sweat and pussy liquid.

I was happy.

I cleaned his cock, made him cum again – this time over my face and fell back into my bed.

He was perplex. He told me that he doesn’t know what happened but he loved it and that this was the best sex in his life.

I told him that he is right.

I slowly fell asleep, while cum and pee was stil slightly dripping out of me.


My husband wanted to fuck me again in the morning but i was to dirty and smelly for him.

I cleand myself and cleand the whole bed for about 2 hours.

This was the most intense sex in my life.

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