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A niece becomes Daughter

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A man marry widow of his brother to get hold of propert that includes his daughter.

A year ago I was 28 and unmarried because I kept changing jobs. I belonged to a village but lived in a city. On my last visit to my parents I was informed that the only son of my elder uncle died three months ago. My family began to pressure me to marry his widowed wife. In my family, if a woman get widowed with children, she is married to a man from the family. This is so to protect her from other men and to protect the assets and children too. I was reluctant to this suggestion as the woman was five year older than me and slightly overweight, and she was already mother of two daughters, aged 16 and 12. My father told me about the financial benifits of this. He said that my cousin left a lot of land and requested to him before dying, “Take care of my wife and children please!” My father wanted to fulfill his last wish. My relationship to my cousin’s wife was very formal throughout her marriage. But sometimes I would look at her carefully. Her hips, ass and breasts, which were evident under the skirts and blouses, made me horny. They lived in a house a two streets away from us. But she used to come to our house often.

One can say that circumstance compelled me to accept this proposal. Finally a small ceremony was held in which I married her. Afterwards, when all guests left, women from family came to greet me. Among them was my mother and daughters of my wife. My mother said, “Come on son, don’t make your wife wait!” and then she whispered, “Give me a grandson soon!”. Hearing that, I involuntarily felt my dick harden. Yes, I was going to fuck and inseminate my wife. At that time, my wife’s eldest daughter Sophia was constantly looking at me. I was going to fuck her mother soon. I saw her biting her delicate lips. I have to admit, I’d rather fuck her instead of her mother. She was a beautiful girl of medium height, with a plump figure. Under the blue dress she was wearing, her breasts were very evident.
I will cut details of my first night sex with my wife. Her dress, make up and jewellery made her look very young and hot. I kissed and fucked her willingly. To my surprise she made a lot of noise during sex as if I was raping a virgin. In short, I fucked her like an animal. The sounds of our sex echoed throughout the room. After blewing my semen twice I felt tired. Both of us slept for sometime. I woke first and went inside the bathroom. A little later I heard a knock on my door. Outside was her little daughter, “Mom, mom?” she was pounding on the door. I ignored it but a little later heard the voice of her elder daughter Sophia. She was trying to take her little sister upstairs, saying to her, “Come on, you can come back later. Mom is busy right now. Come on!” she was saying.

While the girls were talking outside my wife came into the bathroom naked. We started to wash together. While we were soaping each other, my dick was starting to get up again. Her big and saggy breasts turned me on. I tried to knead her nipples but She stopped me by saying, “What are you doing, the children can come again anytime. You can do it at night!”
The way she was afraid of being caught by her daughters turned me on. I said to her, “Relax!” While she was talking, I turned her face to the wall and said, “Hold on to the wall! Hold on tight!”. she did as I said and clung to the wall, before she could understand what was happening, I opened her ass cheeks to the sides and stuck my dick from behind. This is how I started to fuck her again. Her big tits and ass cheeks kept bobbing as she gets pumped. Soon I ejaculated in her pussy, Whatever sperm I had in my body.
Later we changed and met my family and her daughters. While my wife was going to the kitchen for making tea, my mother leaned over my ear, “Well done son, I will pray for a grandson.”
“Stop it mom,” I requested.
“She is a good woman, she will make a good wife to you!” she said. These conversations were starting to piss me off.

After spending a few days at my home it was decided that I will shift to the house left by my cousin. The girls felt more comfortable that way. Not only the house but the affairs of the land came in my hand. There was no need to go back to city for a job now.
One day at night I came out of my room to smoke a cigarette. The cool air brought me to myself. I finished my cigarette and threw it out of the window. When I was going to the bathroom, I wanted to look at the girls’ room. Their room was at the end of the corridor.
The door of the room was slightly ajar. Two girls were lying on a bunk. Sophia was lying down side, facing the wall. At that moment, she rolled on her back on the bed and pulled her right leg towards her, and her nightgown opened up to her hips. Her white and full hips were eye-catching in the light of the street lamp. Her breasts, which looked like two mangos under her nightgown, rose and fell as she breathed. Her nipples were visible under her thin nightgown.

I could see now that she was carrying a treasure under her long and loose dresses. My dick was like a pole in an instant. I was only wearing underwear. I don’t know how long I stayed there. When I saw Sophia opening her eyes and turning towards me, I was very nervous.
Suddenly she was looking at me, and I was leaning on the door like a leaf with one hand, looking at her. I was wondering how she would react. But she just continued to stare at me. She knew that her hip was in the open, but she didn’t do anything to cover it up.

I quietly withdrew and went into the living room. I went into the bathroom. When I pissed and left, I saw Sophia in front of the bathroom door. Her thin white nightgown showed her body through. Her blond hair fell over her shoulders. Her nipples were clear, her white panties were visible underneath. Her body, which had not seen the sun, was white as cotton. At that moment, she was looking at my dick that was showing through my underwear. I couldn’t resist and took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen. She wasn’t responding at all.

When I entered the kitchen, I closed the door just enough to leave it ajar. Then I opened the collar of her nightgown and snuggled into her breasts. I was sucking and kissing them. Sophia was holding my head and stroking it. Her breasts were large and firm not doft like her mother’s. As I sucked on them, low moans began to come from Sophia. What I wouldn’t give to screw and fuck her right away! I got down on my knees and pulled up her nightgown. Pulling her panties down too, I found her fleshy fresh cunt in front of me. Her pussy was a little hairy. Her breathing quickened as I started to suck on her pussy lips. She was squeezing my head like a vise with her hands. I was kneading and squeezing both her breasts like dough with my hands. My tongue was in her cunt, her cunt was watery. We were both trying so hard not to make any noise. Sophia seemed to be out of breath, deep wheezing was coming from her mouth. I felt my body trembling. I was enjoying incredible pleasure as my hands were caressing her hips and legs with my tongue in her pussy. She had unripe hairs on hips and legs. It was lumpy in my hand as I stroked it. I had it leaning against the wall, emptying it while I was standing. I couldn’t fuck her because she was a virgin, I couldn’t even put my fingers in her cunt. However, I really wanted to get into it. I stood up.

Sophia was covered in sweat. There were beads of sweat on her cheeks and chest. I started kissing her lips. I was grabbing her ass with one hand, squeezing and kneading. She had no knowledge or experience of kissing on the lips. How could it be? With whom and when could she get this experience? she had light hairs on her lips and cheeks. When I kissed, sucked, they sink into my lips. My dick, like a pile in underwear, was touching her body. Then I took off my underwear. I took her hand and put it on my dick. She looked scared, and wanted to pull her hand back, but I wanted her to hold onto my hand tightly and lick my dick. She began to touch it slowly. Feeling her delicate fingers on my dick had taken me to the height of my pleasure. I was having a hard time controlling myself. I slowly brought the middle finger of my right hand, which was wandering around her ass cheeks, to her asshole. My finger slid in the mouth of the hole. I felt the hard and dense hairs at the mouth of the hole.
I began to slowly insert my middle finger into her asshole. Sophia said, “Haa aah!” she made a noise and seemed to be out of breath. But she wasn’t telling me to stop. Encouraged by this, I continued to slowly shove my finger up her ass. The narrow hole squeezed my finger like a vacuum, but gradually I managed to insert my finger deeper. Then my finger went deep into it. Sophia said, “Hugg, high!” she gasped, tensing herself. The tips of her breasts were hardened, her ass pinched her cheeks, her eyes squinted at the ceiling.

In the meantime, her arms were clinging tightly to my back. The more I shoved my finger up her ass, the more she pressed against my back, her nails were hitting as if they were going to pierce my flesh. At that moment, I put my other hand in his pussy and started to squeeze her pussy lips with my fingertips. Even though I couldn’t put my fingers in it, I was rubbing her cunt from the outside. I was fucking her with my toes. Sophia, on the other hand, was straightening up on her toes, wheezing and breathing as if she were going to catch her breath. I felt the power draining from her hands on my back. She swung her arms to both sides. I slowly pulled my finger out of her asshole. My finger was hurting. The hole clamped my finger like a vise. I slowly pushed her away from me. After a minute or so she seemed to come to herself. with her
improved breathing, she was staring into my eyes, unconsciously. Without saying anything, she picked up her panties from the floor and dressed. She fixed her hair and left. I put on my underwear and went into the bathroom, washing my hands thoroughly.

Fluids were coming out of my cock, I rubbed it and started shooting in the toilet paper. I didn’t want to throw it on the bathroom floor and wall. So that my wife or one of the girls can find. I flushed it in the toilet.
Two days later we were about to sleep when clouds gathered outside. After a few minutes we heard thunder and then the power went out. It made us blind with dark. “Uncle, Uncle?. I heard girls shouting from their room, I replied it’s ok, just rleax it’s only a little bit of a storm. I got up and brought candles from the kitchen. I went to put one in room of girls but they said they want to sleep near their mother. I brought them in my room. The little one clung to her mother on bed and elder started to lay a mattress on the floor. This meant no sex with wife.

I was about to lay on the other side of my wife when Sophia said that she put some cloths for drying on the roof. Her mother was angry and said, go get them quick or they might flew away with wind. Sophia was reluctant to go alone on top so I accompanied her.

We struggled to gether cloths and got soaked in rain. There was a small room at top. As we moved to it I said, lets drop our dresses. She was transfixed on my cock as I began to undress. she didn`t hesitate at all to drop her dress.

She stood in front of me looking up at me as she took hold of my cock and began to feel it al over, up and down the shaft and below to hold my balls in her hands. “Oh Uncle this feels good,” I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, lightly at first then as she loosened up a little a little harder. I opened her mouth with my tongue and explored her mouth and tongue. She was stroking my cock a little faster now and as I leaned back to watch her she knelt over and kissed it and flicked out her tongue and licked the head and shaft, I moaned as she began to take me in her mouth, first the head and a little more but she couldn`t manage to get much in but she was stroking it furiously.
I warned her I was about to cum, she took her mouth off me and looked up at me as I clenched my ass and legs and came all over her face and neck, she thought this was wonderful and giggled which made me the more excited. I didn`t stop cumming as she pumped me like a pro.
I came down and grabbed a towel from her room. I went to my room and said to my wife, I got soaked and will return after a shower. She was a bit sleepy so she just said ok.
In the bathroom of Sophia we washed each other.

“Uncle, do you think that you can to stick your thingy inside me, I am all wet down there and would love to see how that feels.”

“UMMMM… Uncle will do anything you like.”
I laid myself on bed with my hard cock towering straight up. she rolled on top of me and hugged me tight straddling me so her pink hot pussy was right between the shaft of my cock. She kissed me like I showed her and she began to rub herself up and down my cock. She was so wet still it was sliding quite easily. I grabbed her ass and put a little more pressure on her little steaming cunt, she leaned up a little and slipped the head into the tight little opening, she gasped as she sat straight up and lowered herself onto my cock. She lowered herself to her hymen and looked at me and said whats that Uncle its stopping.
It`s your hymen baby, this will hurt a little and there might be blood but it`s what doesn`t make you a virgin anymore so you have to break it but you do it when you feel ready ok you can ride uncles cock as long as you like and when you feel like breaking it just thrust your self down harder on my cock and you will break through it. My cock will go deeper in you but after a bit it will make you feel so wonderful.
Sophia looked at me and leaned down and kissed me again and thrust herself down and screamed in pleasure as she broke through and cried a little but bit her lip and began slowly moving back and forth as we were pressed together, just a little rotating her hips back and forth her ass slowly taking some cock in the releasing it. Then she sat up and placed her hands on my chest and began riding me for all she was worth, her tight cunt was so wet from the blood and her juices, she and I were in heaven as she fucked her step father faster and faster. I reached up and tweaked and pinched her nipples, she leaned over allowing me to suck them and lick them as she rode my hard cock. I looked at her and told her I was about to cum, she tightened her cunt muscles and held on as I came in her in a rush, I must have cum a bucket in her as she fucked me faster and faster – oh uncle oh uncle I love you I love youuuuuu,
-I love you too baby as I spent my load in her she felt me go soft and relaxed her muscles but still held me in her. She got off me and took my cock in her hand and kissed it and licked it, saying to me I love this cock uncle, it`s my cock and i will suck and fuck it forever. You can have me anytime you want uncle.

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