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A New Experiment

Captain James Stewart reached out and grabbed his wife’s arm as she floated by.

“I’ve got a new assignment for you. Meet me on B Deck at 16:00.”

“What is it? I’ve already got a hundred experiments to track during this flight.”

“An important one, but it won’t interfere with your other experiments. Trust me.”

“Okay.” With that, Susanna Busch Stewart pushed off from the command console and floated down the corridor toward the lab.

James and Susanna were the first married couple to fly aboard the Space Shuttle at the same time. He was a captain in the Air force and the commander of this mission. This was his fifth space flight. Susanna was on her second flight as a payload specialist.

At 15:58, Susanna pushed her way through the airlock onto the B Deck. Among the areas on this level were the sleeping quarters for the crew.

“What’s up, Commander?” she teased James.

“Well, being the commander, I get to make the schedule for the crew. Right now, Hanson and Watts are doing outside measurements and Greene and Nywen are supporting that effort. That leaves Stewart and Stewart on Scheduled Relaxation. The others are all elsewhere in the bird or outside it. Remember all of the jokes about us flying together? I’m assigning the two of us a new experiment.”

“You’re not serious!”

“Oh, yes, I am,” James answered with a smile.

Susanna pushed off the floor and floated over to him. He caught her and hauled her in for a hug.

“How much time do we have?”

“They’re scheduled to be out there for at least another two hours,” answered the commander. Then he leaned his head down and kissed Payload Specialist Stewart.

They tried to stay connected as they each worked the other out of their jumpsuits. Each was wearing NASA logoed shorts and t-shirts under the jumpsuits. James pulled Susanna’s shirt out from her waistband, and the bottom floated up to reveal her breasts.

“No bra?”

“No need, silly. Boobs don’t sag in anti-gravity. I bet Erin Watts isn’t wearing one either.”

“I hadn’t thought of that benefit,” he said as he latched his mouth onto one of the naturally supported breasts.

Susanna pulled his shirt over his head and let it float away. Then she pulled down his shorts and underwear; they floated off in a new direction.

“We’re going to have trouble dressing again,” she said with a laugh.

She reached out and grabbed a hold of his penis, and pulled him closer to her. He slid her shorts and panties off and began to finger her as they floated through the sleeping quarters. With his hands, he walked his way down Susanna’s body and planted his mouth on her pussy. He licked her until she was good and wet, though she had plenty of natural lubrication due to her excitement. He walked his hands back up to her shoulders and then, hugging her with one arm, manually placed his now erect penis inside her. It was hard to move in and out without coming all the way out. They soon discovered that if she were to squeeze down as he pulled out he wouldn’t come all the way out. It took much longer than usual for him to climax since he wasn’t pushing against anything. After that, they wiggled their way over to the side of the hull, and he pushed her against it. With this behind them, she was able to get the support needed for her to climax as well. Once that occurred, they held each other tight as they floated through the area.

“I love you, Commander.”

“I love you too, P.L.S. Stewart.”

They swam around, retrieving their clothing and redressing as their Scheduled Relaxation ended.

“I want you to write up that experiment as well as the others.”

“Sure, Commander! Maybe they’ll give us honorary doctorates from whatever school Dr. Ruth went to.”

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