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man blackmails wife into a life of wild sex

I t was a typical night in our house, I was in the den watching the TV and my wife Kim Lee was in the living room watching Chinese programs on that TV. Kim Lee is a beautiful little Asian woman with a tight body in her early forties. Her shiny black shoulder length hair framed her face in perfectly and made her big brown eyes look soft and inviting. For a woman her age she had a slender well shaped body that was 5 feet 4 inches tall and she weighed 102 pounds. Her firm 34 B breasts and hard tight little ass made her body look almost like a teenaged girl. She was not into sex at all and never wanted to try anything new or exciting.

With her it was always missionary position in bed with the lights out. With the same old thing for 15 years sex between us had gotten boring and rare. I still loved her but wasn’t as excited about sex with her as I was in our early years together. Some of my friends commented often about how good she looked. My best friend Jim even said that he would like to trade wives with me for a few hours. His wife was a hot looking little blond that I had wanted to fuck for a long time. I thought about how much fun swinging with them would be but I didn’t mention it to my wife. I knew she would get pissed off and we would have a big fight if she knew how I felt. In the end she still wouldn’t change or do anything new and I would never hear the end of her complaining about it.

One day when Jim and I were talking, he brought up the idea of the four of us getting together for a night of drinking, fun and wild sex. I laughed and told him again how boring my sex life with her was and that she seldom drank.
He laughed and said “Too bad we can’t do something about that. The four of us could have a lot of fun together”. He mentioned some things that he would like to do to my wife. I didn’t say anything about him and the things he wanted do to Kim Lee because I was thinking about doing many of the same things to his wife.

Over the next several weeks Jim and I talked more and more about getting together for a night of wild sex and how much fun we could have. The more we talked about it the more we wanted it. One day while we were talking I mentioned that my wife was so conservative that we couldn’t even blackmail her into doing anything fun.

“Too bad we can’t get some pictures to blackmail her with” Jim said.
“I have some pictures of her naked in the bedroom, but nothing we could use. She would recognize the pictures and she would know that I gave them to someone. The blackmail wouldn’t work and she would divorce me for sure” I told him.
“Can I see them” Jim asked?

“No, I shouldn’t have even told you about them” I told him.
“Please, I won’t tell her. She is one sexy little lady and I will show you some pictures of my old lady” he begged.

We continued to talk about it and he continued to beg, but I wouldn’t give in. For a week and a half he continued to beg and come up with reasons for me to show him the pictures I had, he even showed me some pictures of his wife Mary. Finely I had herd enough begging and I must admit that I wanted to see allot more of Mary. It was Saturday and my wife was going to the store to get some food for another Bar B Q. Jim was helping me do some work around the house so we invited Jim and Mary to stay for a cook out. After my wife had left I told Jim to come with me. I took him into the house and into my den. He got so excited when I told him what I was going to show him as I turned my computer on. I took a CD out of my hiding place and slipped it into the drive. A file icon popped up on the screen, I motioned for him to take the mouse.

“Go ahead, open the file and enjoy yourself” I told him.
He went through the pictures in one sub file and then another. The more pictures he saw the bigger the smile on his face got.
“She is hotter than I thought” Jim said with a smile. “I can’t believe how firm her tits look” he said. Then his smile turned into a sly sneaky grin. “You know Bob. I have a good graphics program on my computer. I could take some of these pictures and make it look like she was doing anything we wanted anywhere we wanted” he said.

“What good would that be” I asked?
“You mentioned blackmailing her about a week ago. With what I could do with these pictures we could blackmail her into doing anything we want” Jim said.
“As soon as she saw the pictures she would know that they were fake. She would know that she had never posed for the pictures” I replied.
“Don’t worry Bob, we can work something out. Maybe we could get her drunk or something” Jim suggested.

“How? Where? She don’t normally drink” I told him.
“I will talk to Mary, maybe we can invite you and your wife to go out with us some night. When she isn’t looking I have a little pill to put into her drink. Even if she don’t drink enough to get really drunk the pill will mess her up enough so she wont remember what happened” Jim told me.
“You plan on telling your wife about what we want to do to my wife? Are you crazy” I asked sarcastically?

“My wife and I are in to swinging. What I didn’t tell you is that Mary is bisexual and enjoys a good mouth full of pussy when she can get it. That’s not something you tell everyone you know. She has told me several times that she would like to spend some quality time in bed with Kim Lee Jim said.

“I don’t know Jim. I will have to think long and hard about it. I love my wife and I really don’t want to hurt her”.

“Ok Bob, the pills wont hurt her, they will only make her real drunk fast. Just let me know so I can work on the photos” Jim said with a grin.
I told him that I would think about it but he couldn’t take any of the pictures home with him now. He looked disappointed but agreed as I turned off the computer and we went back to work.

My wife came home from the store with three bags of groceries. I took the bags into the house for her. Before I could put the bags down she started bitching and complaining about everything. I put the bags down and walked out of the house and went back to work. Soon Mary came over and helped my wife with the cooking. About 5:30 pm we were sitting down to eat and by 6:30 pm we were cleaning up after the meal. After Jim and Mary left my wife began complaining again. Nothing was ever good enough. When we got into bed I tried getting close to her to give her a hug and a good night kiss but she just pushed me away and complained even more.

I was getting tired of all her bitching and complaining. The next day when Jim asked me about the pictures and our idea to blackmail my wife I was ready to do something.
“Ok Jim, I will give you a copy of the disk with all the pictures when Kim Lee leaves for work tomorrow. How long will it take you to get them done” I asked?

“I don’t know, I will have to talk to Mary first and have her invite you and Kim Lee out. After a few drinks we will take some background pictures.” Jim continued to explain what he would do to the pictures and how his wife Mary could help set everything up.

“Are you sure that Mary will help and not tell my wife what we are going to do” I asked? I was concerned.
“Of course she will help. They are friends but Mary would love to have some fun with your wife’s sexy little body” Jim replied.
I felt bad, but I was tired of all her bitching and complaining. Sex was rare and always the same old thing. I still loved my wife but I felt like I had to do something to make a big change in our marriage.

Three days later when Kim Lee came home from work, she looked at me and asked me what I had planned for Saturday night. I was surprised because she usually told me what she wanted me to do and then we would argue about it. I told her that I didn’t have any plans. She told me that Jim’s wife Mary had invited us out to dinner and drinks Saturday evening.

She also told me that Jim had gotten his tax return check and they had decided to celebrate with us. I told her that I really didn’t want to go out. I knew if I said no she would want to go even more. I knew what was planned and I wanted to go but I didn’t want her to change her mind if I gave in too easy. I told her that I would think about it while I was getting the bills ready for mailing. After dinner I told her again that I really didn’t want to go but if she really wanted to go I would go. My wife said ok, I will tell Mary when I see her tomorrow.

I tried to sound a little disappointed as I told Kim Lee Ok. I went back to the den and turned on the TV. I turned the volume up so my wife wouldn’t hear me. I called Jim and told him that my wife fell into our little trap and she would be talking to Mary tomorrow. We talked a little longer before we hung up. I was all excited for the next few days as the weekend got closer. I had to be careful around my wife so she wouldn’t suspect anything.
Saturday evening came and at 5:00 pm Kim Lee and I were standing on Jim and Mary’s doorstep. Jim opened the door and welcomed us.
Mary came into the room smiling, “hi Bill and Kim Lee, are you ready to go yet Jim” she asked as she picked up her purse?

We all agreed that we were ready then went out and got into Jim’s car. Jim drove and within a half hour we were walking into a nice seafood restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner, then we loaded back into Jims car for a short drive to a local club. I paid the cover charge and a cute young waitress in a short black skirt lead us to a table near the dance floor. She took our drink orders and disappeared in the crowd by the bar. My wife only ordered a coke and we got concerned that our plan would fall apart if she didn’t drink something stronger. My wife and I danced one dance then Mary asked me if she could dance with me while Jim danced with Kim Lee. My wife and I looked at each other then I said I would love to dance. Jim led Kim Lee out onto the dance floor and Mary and I moved to an open spot that was near the table. About half way through the dance Mary led me back to the table where the waitress was walking by. Mary ordered another round of drinks but this time she ordered a rum and coke for my wife. When Jim and Kim Lee came back to the table the drinks were just being delivered. My wife sat down and took a drink.

“Wow, I hadn’t planned on drinking tonight but that is good” Kim Lee said. Jim and I were drinking Beer, my wife was now drinking rum and coke and Mary was our designated driver so she was drinking coke. Between us we kept my wife drinking. She was drinking two rum and cokes to one of our beers. When Kim Lee was done her third rum and coke she excused herself. She had to go pee so Mary also excused herself and they went to the ladies room together. Jim ordered another rum and coke for my wife as soon as they left. When the ladies returned to the table my wife had a fresh drink in front of her. Jim looked at her and asked her to dance again and without hesitation she accepted. As soon as they were out of sight on the crowded dance floor Mary reached into her purse and pulled out a small camera and a small white pill.

Mary winked at me and stood up. She walked around the table and stood where my wife had been sitting. I watched closely as Mary backed up to the edge of the table. She used one hand to take some pictures and with the other hand she dropped the little white pill into my wife’s drink. She continued to move around and take pictures.
After one more drink my wife was beginning to appear intoxicated. Mary took the camera fro

m her purse again and handed it to me.
“Here, take this and get a bunch of pictures in the men’s restroom” Mary instructed in a whisper.

I didn’t know why they wanted me to take pictures in the men’s room but I excused myself and went to the bathroom. There were two men inside when I got there so I took my time. I carefully snuck a few pictures of them and when they were gone I took the camera and began taking pictures of everything. I took pictures of everything I could think of and from every angle I could. When I was done taking pictures I put the camera away and went back to the table. Kim Lee was looking vary drunk by now and we decided to go home. I handed the camera back to Mary.
“Come on Kim Lee, lets go to the bathroom before we go home” Mary said to my wife as she looked at me and winked.

In a heavily slurred and week voice my wife said “Ok, I’ve got to pee again anyway”. Kim Lee stood up and almost fell down. Mary guided her through the crowd and into the bathroom. When they returned Jim had paid the bill and we left the club.

When we got home Jim and Mary helped me take my wife into the house. Kim Lee was so drunk that she was passed out half the time. We decided to try to get some more pictures of her. We took her into the bedroom and put her on the bed. She was passed out and only woke up for a few seconds at a time but she was so far gone that she wouldn’t remember anything. Jim took the camera and began to take more pictures as Mary and I stripped my wife. I stood on the bed with one foot on each side of Kim Lee. I reached down, grabbed her wrists and pulled her up into a sitting position, then held her arms up over her head. Mary moved in behind her and pulled her shirt up over her head. Before we took it off Mary also unfastened Kim Lees white lace bra and pulled it up to her shirt. Carefully we pulled the shirt and bra off and laid her back down on the bed. I could see Jim out of the corner of my eye. He was constantly moving and taking pictures of my wife’s bare breasts form many different angles and even some close ups. Mary moved beside Kim Lee and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.

I bent down, grabbed her ankles and pulled my wife’s legs up and back over her head to roll her hips up off the bed. Mary waited until Jim was in a good position to take pictures then hooked her hands into the waistband of Kim Lees Jeans and panties. Mary wiggled and pulled until Kim Lee’s jeans and panties slid up around her knees. I let her legs down and gave control of them to Mary. Mary finished pulling the jeans and panties off, then spread Kim Lee’s legs wide open. My wife was laying there completely naked with her legs spread wide open. My cock got so hard as I stood there and watched my completely naked wife being photographed and touched by our friends.

Mary stepped back and again Jim moved in and took picture after picture of my wife’s naked body. He got some real close pictures of her closed shaved crack, before Mary stepped up and kneeled between her legs. Mary reached out and spread my wife’s soft pussy lips open. Jim changed position and kept taking pictures as Mary slid one and then two fingers into my wife’s cunt.

During the next hour Mary had licked Kim Lee’s pussy and sucked on her nipples. Mary also pulled her skirt up, slipped her panties off and squatted down over my wife’s face to make it look like my wife was licking her pussy.

Then Jim took his turn while Mary took pictures. At one time we were all naked and Jim and I were in poses that made my wife look like a willing participant. Mary handed me the camera so she could get back into the action. I stood there and watched as Jim lifted and spread my wife’s legs wide apart. At first I was mesmerized by the sight of Jim’s 9 inch cock as it pushed and forced it’s way into my wife’s tight pussy. Then I regained my senses and began to take more pictures.

By the end of the night Jim and I had each fucked her twice and Mary had climaxed on her face four times after masturbating. Mary made sure to cover Kim Lee’s hand and face with pussy juice to make it look suspicious. When we were done my wife had two loads of cum leaking out of her cunt, one out of her asshole and one in her mouth.

Mary and I got my wife dressed in the same clothes she wore to the club and we gave her face a quick wash. We didn’t give her face a good washing because we wanted her to wake up wandering what had happened. When we were all done with her we laid her on the couch and covered her up with a blanket to make it look like she had passed out there. We had been using Jim’s digital camera and to our surprise we had taken over three hundred pictures that night. We said good night and Jim and Mary went home.

When my wife woke up the next day it was almost noon.
“I feel so sick. What happened last night” she asked?
Before I could answer she stood up and ran to the bathroom. I could hear her throwing up from the living room. I really felt bad that she was so sick and I almost called the blackmail off. When she came out of the bathroom and started complaining because I left her on the couch instead of putting her in bed I changed my mind again. She didn’t see me watching her when she went into the bathroom to shower. I was peeking around the door and watched her take her clothes off. When she pulled her panties down she found the large stain of semi dry cum in the crotch and all over the front. She slowly and cautiously ran her hand down over her belly and in between her legs.

I could see her face cringe in a mirror when her fingers made contact with her sore swollen pussy. A vary scared look spread across her face as she carefully rubbed her sore pussy. When she pulled her hand out from between her legs I could see the cum that was covering her fingers. I watched the shocked look on her face change to terror as she began to wonder what had happened the night before. I stepped back when she began to move to the mirror. I was still hiding when she looked into the mirror and saw more stuff crusted on her face around her lips. She looked at the crust on her face then looked at the cum that covered her hand. I could see her entire body begin to shake with fear. She quickly turned and walked as fast as she could to the shower. Cum was still leaking out of her cunt and now it was running down her leg with every step she took. I know the water was cold when she first turned it on but she didn’t hesitate as she stepped in and began to wash herself.

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