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A Love Story Pt. 03

Suddenly Olivia’s memory came back as she turns to the right side of their bed, not seeing Jay there, got up, putting her robe on, and walk down the hallway toward the kitchen. Olivia saw Jay sitting at the table, having a cup of coffee, and reading the newspaper. Jay looked up, smiling at Olivia, saying, “Well, hello gorgeous.”

“Well, hello to you too. Do you have any coffee?” Olivia smiled at Jay.

“Sure, sit down, and I will get it for you.” as Jay smiled back and handing her coffee, and adding, “Last night, did you experience all of those satisfying moments of desire in making love?”

Taking a sip of coffee, smiling as Olivia answered, “Oh Jay, it was wonderful. Me cumming made me feel like I am a real woman. I cannot explain it, but I can feel deep inside my heart and body. For many years I have not cum like this.”

Jay looked at Olivia, smiled, and saying, “I am glad we made love. For me, I did relish in making love to you, and your pussy just kept cumming. Your pussy would cum, then slow down, and then you cum several times again. You never to stop cumming, even when I cum in your cunt too.”

Olivia listens to what Jay said. She leaned into Jay and whisper, in his ear, “I love sucking your firm, hard cock in my mouth. I want to deep throat your cock till you shoot deep in my mouth and throat. You would like me to do that, Jay?”

“Olive, my cock is already hard. I would like you to deep-throating my cock. I have not been deep-throating with my cock in a long time. Where did you learn to deep-throating a cock?” smiled at Olive.

Olive held her hand, sipping her coffee, saying, “You know that I was married, and my husband cock was about if not larger than eight inches. From sucking his cock I learned to take it deep into my throat. Over time I learned to hold my breath, and then I take my ex-husband down for ten minutes. I could rotate on his cock as it went deeper into my throat until he cums in my throat.”

“Oh wow, Olive, I never knew anyone who likes to deep-throating a cock till now. You could hold the length, thickness of my cock in way deep in your throat?

“You want to find out?” as Olive seductive smile at Jay.

“Right now?” as Jay looked at Olive.

“Why don’t you get on the couch and lay down. I want that for you. If you cum, let it happen, and do not pull me off your cock. I like to swallow your cum.” as Olive smiled at Jay.

Jay got up, walked toward his couch, lay down, and remove his robe, and said, “Am I fine in laying here?”

Olive stood there, remove her robe, and down on her knees, and held his cock her hand, saying, “Yor are perfect. Know to be patient and indulge yourself.” Olive took Jay’s cock-head into her wet mouth and slowly went halfway down his nine and a half inches. Olive kept making his cock get wetter with her saliva. Olive kept working on his cock with her tongue, teasing him as she went down further on Jay’s cock.

“Oh, fuck, that feels incredible with each stroke you make. Yes, keep sucking my cock, Olive.” as Jay watched Olive take more and more of his cock into her soaking wet mouth.

Olive kept sucking his cock, and with the other hand, she let it drift onto Jay’s anal opening. She got her finger wet and rotated around on Jay’s anal opening as she continues to suck Jay’s cock deeper into her drenched wet mouth. Olive kept going up down several times as she thought, I love sucking his hard cock. I can feel each of his veiny cock as it gets thicker as I go down further on Jay’s cock. I can sense he likes being sexually exciting. Jay is going to feel me as my mouth goes further down on Jay’s large, thick cock till I have deep throating his cock.

Jay saw Olive go all the way down to the base of his cock. His mind was going crazy inside as Olive rotated on his cock shaft and his cock-head. Bury as deep it goes, he could feel her tongue lapping on the side of his cock shaft. Jay did not know how long Olive had been sucking on his cock, and Jay did not stop her. Several times he felt his cock got a little thicker, and she would stop slow down in her throat. On several occasions, Olive would almost pull out of cock, and suddenly go deep into her throat again.

Jay hollered out loudly, “Stop, please. I can’t stop cum in your throat. Yes, keep going. I need you to suck my cock, Olive. Yes, suck my cock, you whoring bitch. I need your suck all my cum.”, screaming out more, gripping the couch as Jay kept cum more times than he is ever known before.

Olive let Jay’s subsided and went limp in her throat, and eventual out her mouth, wiping her mouth, as Olive said, “I know you liked it.”

“Oh, Olive, I never had my cock into a throat like yours, and no one has gone as long as you did when I cum. Please do it again, anytime you want to.” as Jay loving smiled at Olive and kissed her.

“Now how about doing my pussy shaving, that you promised?” as Olive seducingly seduce Jay again.

Look down at his limp cock, as he stroke, several times, got up, got them both coffee, came back and hugged and kissed Olive, and explained everything to Olive as he said, “I think we both need a shower. I will soap you down everywhere, including your pussy hairs and your anus. When done with our shower, I will take you to the massage room and shave your pussy.”

“I would like to be washed all over my body, Jay. I want to tell you something. I am beginning to love you very much. It just built up in me after we made love. Does that bother you?” as Olive said with which showed in her voice.

“No, it does not bother me at all. I was going to tell you the same thing. Now, how about the shower?” as Jay got up, held his hand out for Olive.

When both of them finish the shower, putting on their robes, and Jay said, “We will go to the massage room, and then I want you to lay down, and I will cover your body with a blanket. After you are comfortable, I will leave cause I need my shaving cream. OK.”

“I will do whatever you want me to do.”, as Olive smiled at Jay.

When Jay came back to the massaging room, look at Olive, smiled as he said, “I am going to putt a hot washcloth on your pubic hair, and make them nice and smooth before I put the shaving cream on you. Just relax, and fall asleep if you want, and let me do this.”

Jay took the washcloth off, ran his hands through her pubic hair, trim all the long pussy hairs off, and got the shaving cream. He smothers her pubic hair with shaving cream and grabs his brand new razor blades for this. It had been more than twenty minutes when Jay washes the cream off Olive pussy. Standing back, looking at Olive’s clean shave pussy, thinking she will like this. Jay said, “I want you to sit on the edge of the table to see you with a shaved pussy,” and handed a mirror to Olive.

Olive put the mirror down to look at her shave pussy. For several moments she did not say a word before running a hand down to her pussy, felt it as she moved her hand up down her smooth shaved pussy, as she said, “Oh Jay, it looks alluring and appealing as look at my pussy. Would I shave every day, or would you do it for me?”

“I am glad you like your shave pussy. You can do it every day. It will make it easier when we get together for a weekend. Yeah, that it keeps rubbing your pussy, and you’ll wear it out.” Jay leaned into Olive and kissed her.

“Oh, Jay, you are such a devil with me. Can we go to bed, so you make love with my bare, naked pussy?” as Olive moaned out.

They hurried to the bedroom chamber. Olive felt on the bed and snuggle up next to Jay, “Come over here, Olive. I want to kiss you and let my tongue eat your shave pussy. Have you ever had any man make love with your pussy?”

“No, most men do not lick my pussy. Hope I cum after you eat my pussy. You are going to make me feel very good with your mouth. I know you can make love to me, but I know it will be different. Go ahead, darling.”

Jay kissed Olive passionately on Olive lips, letting his hand ran down to Olive’s large breasts, and he caressed her nipples. Jay eased up, went to her large breasts, and started to bit into her nipple and made them wet with his tongue. Jay could hear Olive moan out as he went further down to her belly button and buried tongue deep into her belly button. Olive moaned out loudly, as Jay licks all around her belly button. Jay could sense that Olive like what he was doing to her belly button, and let his finger drift down and across Olive’s shave pussy. Jay finger probe around her wet clitoris, looked up, saying, “Give me a pillow so I can make you feel better.”

“OK, here you go.”, as Olive moaned out, adding, “Please eat my cunt. My cunt is soaking wet, and I need you to try and make me cum.”

“I can see you are soaking wet in and around on your cunt, but I want you to take your hands and put in and around the outer walls of your pussy, and play with them as eat and taste your cunt.” as Jay said and went down on Olive’s wet outer lips nibbling them between his mouth lips. Jay could feel Olive’s fingers with his tongue as he rotated around and around her hard clit and ease two fingers into her dripping, moist pussy. His other hand spread her legs wider. Jay went deeper into her sticky, sweet pussy with his tongue. Jay could feel his tongue being massage by Oliva’s fingers, and he could go deeper into her pussy with his tongue and fingers make it feel better as his finger and tongue rotating deep into Olive pussy.

Oliva screamed out, “Oh, fuck. I never had anyone do that before. I have never played with pussy when being eaten. I love doing it as you put your tongue and finger into my pussy. Jay keeps doing it. My pussy now is drenched in my juices. Oh, Jay keeps doing it to me.” as Oliva holler and moaned out loudly.

Jay sensed that Oliva’s hand never had her pussy eating like this, and love doing this to Olive. Jay’s large finger is inserted deep into Oliva pussy, and he could feel Oliva’s “J” spot and thought I am beginning to love her very much.

Oliva lost control as Jay rubbed her “J” spot intensely, and she undulated her body onto Jay’s finger, and felt his tongue on her clit, and yelled out, “Oh Jay’s tongue fuck me. Yes, just like that. Jay, do not stop eating me like this, you pussy eating slut.” as Olive said it. She kept massaging her pussy lips and could feel his tongue deep into her pussy walls. Thinking, I have never got eaten like this. The way my hands roam around my out lips of my cunt. Oh, it feels so great when I rub my clit, as Jay’s tongue goes way deep in my cunt. Oh, fuck, I love him very much. I am about to explode all of my cum onto Jay’s mouth. “Oh, Jay, I do not know what you are doing to me, but I am about cum all over you. Take all of my cum, and do not stop. I want you to make cum a lot. Oh, Fuck.”

Jay glanced up at Olive, and could the look of passion lust in her eyes, drove more of his long tongue into Olive’s cunt. He could sense the pressure of her cunt lips against his warm wet lips as her cunt started gushed forward with Olive’s pussy juices. Jay keeps licking Olive cum into his swallow mouth. Jay held onto Olive hips, as he did not want her to get out away from Jay. Thinking, Oh baby, cum on me, you a loving bitch. You came on my cock, now cum on my mouth. I can sense how your body as it ripples over you. That is, keep cumming. Don’t stop me, baby. I want all of your cum in my mouth.

Jay reaches out, grabbed her hands, and pulled her body into his wet mouth, as he kept lapping and licking her cunt juices. Jay held her hands so she could rip away from eating her cunt. Olive tried to pull away from Jay’s, but could not, and her leg’s, held Jay’s head down on her pussy, and he could not move either.

“Oh, Jay, do not stop. I am losing control of myself. Oh, fuck, you keep making me cum, as you did with your huge cock in my cunt. Fuck, that feels great as I cum.” Olive scream and hollered out as she kept cumming. Suddenly without realizing that Olive collapsed on the bed, with hands and legs laid flat onto the bed, Olive tried to catch her breath.

Jay felt Olive go limp in exhaustion as she lay flat on the bed. He wiped off her cum on his lips, and slowly move forward, and kissed her passionately on her warm lips, and said, “Are you all right, Olive.”

“Yes, I am. I could not stand any longer after you tortured my pussy, and made me cum like this. Oh, Jay, I love you.” as Olive feels asleep in Jay’s arm.

I hope you enjoyed this. There will be more.

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