A Homecoming. Chapter 8.

After leaving Ben, Erika went to complete a few tasks. While she set the tables for dinner, she thought about her developing relationship with Ben.

His wish to photograph her and to have pictures of her on his IPad pleased Erika. To pose for Ben in the lascivious underwear she had bought with and for him greatly excited her. So was the idea that Ben would frequently look at her raunchy likeness on his Pad. Erika decided, therefore, to text Ben tonight and make a date for their photoshoot.


For the moment, Erika did not want to think about what her sexy image would be for Ben. Would it be merely a souvenir or become a reminder that would keep their ongoing digital relationship of what they no longer could share in the flesh alive? There were only two weeks left until Ben would leave for Germany. Would that be the end of their relationship, or would they stay in intimate touch by mails and texts as he seemed to want?

Unlike Ben’s wish to photograph her, the sexting aspect continued to engage Erika’s mind. In suggesting it, Ben talked about the lonely nights to come and his wish to keep their so intensely sexual love through sexting alive. How would this work out with her present sharing-all with Christine? It forced Erika to face the questions the sisters had so far jokingly glossed over.

Erika had, of course, read Christine’s suggestive texts to Ben on their shared Pad. So far, Erika was only mildly disturbed by Christine’s more than flirty behaviour with Ben. They had, after all, a shared past. They had also bought the IPad jointly to pursue shared sexual interests. But now, did Christine expect that they would share Ben as a lover?

Erika had to admit that Christine had made her expectations clear with her sexting. If Erika now objected, they were going to be in hostile competition. If Erika agreed, would they be in a full-on sexual Threesome? And what would be Ben’s reaction?

The idea that this would eventuate put Erika’s mind in a spin. Their delving into porn sites on their IPad had left neither Erika nor Christine uninformed. The idea of a sisterly Threesomes neither revolted nor strongly attracted them. If the opportunity for one had arisen with a hotel guest attractive to both, it could well have become no more than a brief, challengingly interesting diversion. On such an occasion, their shared sexting would have only added spice to a short-term, full-on Threesome episodic adventure.

The complicating issue in what developed now, was that Ben was not a stranger and that their relationship with him was not short-term. For both Erika and Christine, Ben had been their first, by circumstances unfulfilled, love. Erika and Ben had left it unconsummated. With sixteen-year-old Christine, her passion – while as strong and genuine as Erika’s – was then only half-known by herself.

Now, twenty-five years later, as mature married women, the sisters and Ben had met again. Their sexual desire for Ben arose not from a wish for an opportunistic fuck, but for a sexual relation charged with the glow of long-time emotions. For Erika and Christine, it was not the porn scenario of sexually frustrated housewives searching for larger cocks. It was the bursting of a long-time emotional smoulder into a fire. Like once before, it was again unlikely to extinguish with Ben’s departure.

The problem was, for Erika, a peculiar one. Erika was neither surprised by nor exceedingly jealous of the likelihood of Christine and Ben becoming lovers. What put Erika’s mind in turmoil was the shared IPad.

If she joined Christine in sexting Ben, it would indicate her willingness to share Ben not only for an occasional one-on-one between him and Christine. Through shared sexting, theirs would become a lasting relationship of unreserved intimacy. And as Christine’s sexual interest in Ben rested as much as Erika’s in long-held emotions, she would expect such a permanent connection with Ben. The prospect of such a Threesome intimidated and scared Erika.

She also knew that she could not avoid a decision. Christine would see any unwillingness to continue to share as a betrayal. It would destroy, for sure, the closeness of their relationship.

Erika also realised that the unusual nature of a full-on Threesome between them suited their circumstances!

Erika and Christine were in marriages that had left them sexually unfulfilled and emotionally unattached to their husbands. They were not, however, on the lookout for an alternative, monogamous relationship. They were modern, clear-thinking women whose disaffection was as much with marriage as such as with the men they had married.

Erika and Heinz had, in the twenty years of their marriage, grown more and more apart. Starting without a particular strong sexual bond between them, it never developed within their marriage. From its beginning, Heinz’ career made ever-increasing demands on his time. Nothing in his work, in his task-centred social circle, and his highly specialised interests could be shared by Erika. Heinz’s professional success secured him and his family a high status in their community as well as financial rewards. But, as a husband and man, Heinz always had too little time or attention left over for Erika.

Theirs, therefore, was never a life together. Erika accepted it as a given, neither blaming him nor herself. Erika had no desire to change or upset her life, with no hostility in their relationship, a settled, almost comfortable living occasionally side-by-side, and an almost grown-up son. She wanted to stay married to Heinz.

Christine’s marriage to Gerd differed in that it had, for both, never been more than a convenient arrangement. They had known each other for years. Gerd was the son of the elderly owners of the hotel for whom Christine not only worked, but had, eventually, managed and modernised their property. With frequent contact over more than ten years, Gerd and Christine, both single and of similar age, could have developed a romantic interest in each other. It did not happen.

When Gerd, a professional soldier, became the reluctant and unprepared heir and owner of the hotel, he continued to rely upon Christine as manager, even more so than his parents had done. While Gerd had no interest in the hotel business, he relied on the income it produced for his indulgences. His all-consuming interests were in the hunt he had inherited with the hotel. Gerd’s membership in the brotherhood of fellow hunters combined rather neatly with his love of cards, gambling, and heavy drinking.

Gerd was cunning enough to acknowledge Christine’s exceptional ability to run the hotel and, thereby, produce the means to finance his hobbies and interests. So, he proposed marriage. Christine, by then in her thirties and having invested all of her working life in the Hotel Diana, set some conditions and accepted Gerd’s proposal.

In speaking with Erika about her marriage to Gerd, Christine was unapologetically blunt. There was no love, no buzz of sex involved in her decision, she said. She and Gerd had known each other for ages. It was for her an advantageous contractual arrangement that made her part-owner and sole manager of the hotel.

Regarding Gerd’s ‘marital rights’, Christine shrugged her shoulder, saying that, after all, she had had sex with men she didn’t love before. Gerd was neither physically repulsive nor an objectionable bully. Occasional sex with him was not an issue for her. Besides, he had never been sexually interested in her, and marriage did not change this. Gerd’s almost nightly absences, his alcoholism, and his deteriorating health were additional factors. She suspected, Christine said in finishing off the topic with Erika, that Gerd’s sex drive was already too low to make her disinterest in sex with him a problem.

Christine had, unlike Erika, no affection or respect for her husband. But she also had no wish to end her marriage and to risk losing what she had gained.

And both sisters were, within their small-town social environment, widely known, watched, scrutinised, and threatened by gossip. Christine was a hotelier, and Erika, the wife of a local legend. Being suspected of or getting caught in an extramarital affair was for both an unacceptable risk.

It was this very fact that made their joint affair with Ben additionally attractive. Firstly, of course, there was Erika and Christine’s shared and long-standing emotional attachment to Ben. Then, paradoxically, he had re-entered their life as a foreign guest in their hotel. For the short time of his visit and him a stranger to any possible scrutineer, they could have with Ben a sexual relationship that neither threatened their marriage nor reputation. And remaining in a powerfully sensual relationship via regular emails and texts would be most attractive to both for the same reason.

What finally made up Erika’s mind was that remaining in a shared digital Threesome – and thereby a fully sexual one when together – may well be the means to draw Ben back for more visits.

A one-on-one between her and Ben would be more problematic. It would probably end her relationship with Christine and her continuing engagement in the hotel. The chance of her solo relationship with Ben becoming known would increase manifold. Heinz could easily stumble on the IPad she would have to get, and find out about her affair. If Ben returned for a visit, any of their meetings – without the safe shelter of Christine’s hotel – could easily be exposed.

Erika decided, therefore, there and then, that she would full-on join in the threesome sexting and wait for what developed. She would not raise what bothered her with Christine face-to-face. In the quick exchange of words, things are often wrongly said, and answers too promptly given. The shared sexting would bring between her and Ben and Christine, Erika hoped, a step-by-step emerging arrangement. But with Ben she would need to resolve what was going to happen between them once they engaged in actual threesome sex.

Before going home, Erika joined Christine in the office for a chat about work. So far, they had not talked about Ben and what they expected to develop. So, Erika smiled at Christine and just asked for the IPad. Christine smiled knowingly, unlocked a drawer, and handed it to her. Erika put it on the desk and typed in her text:

To Ben: – “Will pose for you in my sexy undies whenever my boss gives me an hour off tomorrow. I think she will text you. If not, text her! All excited!! Love, E.”

Leaving the Pad on the desk, Erika gave Christine a quick hug and left.


After dinner, Gerd joined Ben for a chat over coffee and cognac in the lounge. Gerd continued talking about his plans for a hunting lodge. In its connection, he asked Ben if he was interested in having a look at the new ski-village in one of the side-valleys higher up the mountains.

Gerd could not fully remember how much he had said last time to Ben about his plans. He told him again that a hut he owned happened to be in this valley with a conspiratorial wink and that it was close to the forest and hunting grounds that had been in his family for generations. Now, with ski-lifts and resort facilities opening next season, Gerd had secured a permit to convert the hut into a café and bar with – and here he grinned – accommodation for staff. On Saturday, he, the builder, and two of his friends would drive up to do some preliminary measuring and planning for the rebuilding. They would stay overnight, and Ben was welcome to join their party.

Ben knew the valley from hiking and skiing there in his youth. With nothing else planned, he accepted Gerd’s invitation.

Ben, on account of Christine, had misgivings about Gerd’s plans for the hotel’s future. Therefore, Ben intended to tell Christine about his weekend excursion. It would, he hoped, alert her about Gerd’s plans without it becoming a meddling involvement on his part.

When Ben went up to his room, Christine was in the office. She saw him coming through the glass and waved him in with a smile and a lifting of a coffee cup. He declined the offer but sat down and told her about his invitation to accompany Gerd’s working party to the hut in the valley.

From Christine’s reaction and wanting to know what sort – she jokingly stressed – of ‘work’ the ‘boys’ planned to do, it was clear to Ben that she knew nothing about Gerd’s scheme. Ben decided against telling Christine more. He wished her good night and went to his room.

There he read Erika’s texting and was pleased and excited about what it promised for tomorrow. No approval from Christine for Erika’s time-off had arrived. He decided quickly not to make it a test of whose patience would crack first. So, he sent off a brief text:

To Christine: – “Well, Boss, may E. have an hour off, please? B.”

As he pressed ‘Send’, Ben grinned. It suddenly had occurred to him how true the Boss designation in their sexting-threesome had become for Christine. The kid-sister of their shared past now made sure that she could be overlooked no longer!

The following day over breakfast, Erika looked questioningly at Ben. He told her that Christine had not answered. After breakfast, Ben went out to a nearby store to buy a spotlight globe, just in case the afternoon light through the window would not suffice for the photoshoot. When he returned to his room, the waited for text had arrived. It stuck to the tone set in their banter:

To Ben: – “If it suits, E. can have time off btw 3&4 pm. As this taking-of-pictures is on company time, I expect immediate sample copies downloaded to ‘company’s’ IPad. Text agreement. C.”

Ben did as asked. Christine’s following text informed him that Erika had already given her consent. Ben could just see the two: sitting in the office, smirking down at what they typed on the screen, and passing the Pad between them over the desk.

At three o’clock, the autumn sun streaming in through the window was just perfect for taking properly lit photos. And the model was to the minute on time. Erika entered with a smile and “Hello, Ben!” As always, she turned to the bathroom. This time, Ben stopped her before she reached the door. He stepped up to her and took her in his arms. As he hugged Erika, he felt her shiver and her face, as she looked up at him, showed her pent-up excitement about what they had planned.

Ben, with his voice low but insistent, asked, “Why do you want to undress in the bathroom?” Not waiting for an answer, he continued, “I’ve known since the shop in Salzburg what an exhibitionist you are. Now you can turn on the photographer with a striptease. Show him how sexy you want to be in the pictures he has to take!”

Erika laughed, and her flashing eyes and a suggestion of a blush showed Ben how much she liked the idea. But, stepping back, out of their embrace, she looked down at herself, spread her arms and said, “Look at me; I’m in my working clothes. Not ideal for stripping. All it will be today is undress and change. I let you watch, but it won’t be very sexy.”

She burst into a giggle and pointed to the bed, “Sit there! No IPad yet; leave it on the table. I’ll let you video me stripping some other time after I’ve practised before a mirror at home!”

To Ben’s delight, it became immediately apparent that Erika would not pretend that she was not watched. While improvised, she turned her ‘just undress and change’ into a sexily charged performance.

After placing her bag on the chair, Erika took out a pair of high-heel shoes and put them on the desk as if to display. Turning to front Ben, Erika loosened the zip on her black dress trousers and pulled out her blouse. Then, as if deep in thought, she began to undo the buttons, only to stop before the last two. As she bent forward to reach into the bag, her blouse just happened to fall open to show Ben her bra-covered breasts.

The first item Erika took from the bag was the bra she was to wear. She stretched it between her hands, and her thumbs quite accidentally slipped through the openings left in the bra’s scant material for her nipples. Erika smiled as she placed it on the desk.

The next item Erika retrieved from the bag, even flimsier than the bra, was the matching thong. She put it immediately on the desk as if it had provided an answer to what she was to do.

She stood up, slipped out of her shoes. Turning her back on Ben, Erika began to wriggle out of her trousers. She made them slide slowly down, first, revealing her ass in brief cotton panties, then the dark embroidery inset of the tops of the stockings. These highlighted her shapely thighs and the length of her legs. Then Erika reached for the bag, put it on the floor, stepped out of her trousers, and flicked them aside.

Erika turned to face Ben full-on. Her eyes challenged him and let him know that she would give him everything he expected. Erika sat down in the chair and reached for one of the high heels on the desk. Leaning back, she not only brought up her leg to put on the shoe. When she had fastened the straps, she stretched out her now fittingly attired leg in approval. Unhurried, Erika repeated it with the other, deliberately spreading her legs before Ben’s eyes.

And then she stood up. Poised on her high heels, swaying from her hips, Erika pulled her panties down. As she stepped out of them, she bent down to pick them up, giving Ben a generous look at her ass and the enticing shape of her pussy mound between her not pressed together thighs. Fronting Ben, Erika stepped into the thong. Pulling it slowly up, she stroked it in place until it surrounded – or highlighted – her pussy.

Looking at Ben, her lips breathily open as a smile played over her face, Erika paused. Her display and how much she loved being watched had transfixed him! She now made her fingers glide over the thong and then up over her taut stomach. Erika’s blouse had slid from one shoulder. She undid the last two buttons to let it slip off. Without hesitating, she unhooked the shape-hugging bra and tossed it aside.

Erika picked up the glamour bra. Showing it to Ben before letting it drop on the desk, she said, “I tried it on this morning. I so badly wanted to wear it all day. But God! How this bra pushed my nipples against my uniform-blouse! Christine would have sacked me.”

While she talked, her hands were cupping and gripping and rubbing her boobs. When Erika finally slipped on and fastened the pretence of a bra, her hard, pointy nipples were perkily displayed. Then, throwing back her shoulders and head, with her face flushed, she grinned at Ben and asked, “Well, photographer, will I pass muster?”

The strip had teased both Erika and Ben into a high state of arousal. Instead of making love, they poured now all the emotion and verve into the shoot. Ben took fifty or so photos on his IPad. Not once did he have to improve on Erika’s posing or ask her for a livelier, more genuine expression of her desires and arousal. And Ben responded and took it as the special gift Erika gave him!

When he was finished, he took her in his arms. Erika was shaking, totally spent. All Ben could do was tell her that she was a beautiful and stunningly sexy woman. He hoped that every picture he had taken would reflect the magic of what he saw in her and what she meant to him.

Erika quickly got dressed. There was no time for her and Ben to look at the photos taken. He asked her if she agreed that he would select only three or four pictures for transfer to their Pad. Ben laughed, “We have to keep our partner in crime satisfied. And you do want Christine to see how beautiful you are, don’t you?”

Erika just smiled, but then she said, “You forget that I haven’t seen either how beautiful or depraved you made me look. I may be embarrassed. Are you sending the photos before six o’clock tonight?”

Ben promised to do so, and Erika left.

Ben immediately sat down to view all the shots he had taken. In leaving only the very best, he still finished with fourteen photos that, he felt, vibrated with Erika’s sensual beauty. Selecting the four he would transfer tonight was a difficult choice.

In one, Ben had captured Erika stepping out of the bathroom. Framed in the doorway, the room dark behind her, her head raised, she laughed in sheer joy. Her body, in full frontal, was all in motion as if ready to rush into the viewer’s arms. And the natural light had, at that moment, played over Erika’s body. It gave her skin and contours a third, almost touchable dimension. The token cover of dark lace over her tits and pussy added, Ben thought, an irresistible sexy touch.

In the second picture, Ben had selected, Erika looked over her shoulder while standing with one hand on the chair. It showed the beautiful line of her back, from her shoulder down to her heels. The dark embroidered band of her stockings on her thighs, the black strings of her bra across her back and the triangle of the strands of the thong across Erika’s shapely ass all accentuated her enticing nakedness and beauty.

The final two – Ben was uncertain about their inclusion – were close-ups. Ben had knelt before Erika to photograph her pubes and her black lace- and net-encased pussy at the height of the shoot. Erika’s hands had instinctively shot down to cross over her privates.

But then her mind and the desire to show all took control. She put her hands, fingers spreading down to the rim of her stockings, onto her lightly spread thighs, to offer Ben the perfect shot. Ben was struck by the striking beauty of Erika’s hands in the picture before him on the screen, especially as they were not idle hands, unmarked by life. As such, they complemented yet contrasted with the sexual allure of her lace-enhanced pussy.

Later again, when Ben shot the close-up of her breasts, Erika had put her open hands below the revealing brassiere on her tautly stretched midriff. Her proud boobs required no pushing up. But her hands seemed to squeeze her perky nipples out of the constraint of the bra. It powerfully suggested Erika’s lustful arousal. For Ben, it was the sexiest image Erika had given him.

It was well before six. In his mail, addressed to Erika and Christine, to the brief request, “Await your critical comments. B.” Ben added the four chosen images of Erika as Downloads. 

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